Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Lainey Blind Item

Casting Couch
It was mystifying several years ago why she was hyped the way she was hyped. Just another starlet with no real significant starring vehicles somehow ending up with a prestigious magazine cover proclaiming her as the next It. Well It never happened. And after all this time and a string of failures, she’s been trying to change the course. So she’s gone back to the major player who tried to make it happen for her the first time. There was an arrangement back then – her sexual services for his professional services – and apparently the same arrangement was resurrected recently in the hopes that she’ll finally confirm a juicy role to kickstart a stagnant career.

Never mind that he’s married. His wife benefits handsomely from his generosity and while he may not fulfill her with fidelity, he certainly makes up for it through client exchange. Probably better that way. And given what he looks like, it totally makes sense. But he is a legend in the business both for his accomplishments and for the way he leads these ladies to their accomplishments, counting a couple of award winners and a few box office heavyweights on his resumé…which is why he quickly tired of our poor girl and discarded her.

But not before drying her out. One day late summer, they were joined in a hotel suite by a third gentleman (identity insignificant), both of them enjoying her as she allowed herself to be taken, and, um, decorated appropriately, all for a reward at the end of the session – the privilege of simply looking at a script, no promise, no confirmation…just an advance read. And a suggestion to show up at a premiere for a few introductions. She is so desperate, it’s been so meagre, she submitted to the humiliation although gamely seems to have enjoyed it. An actor after all, obviously able to shut out her husband and child waiting for her back at home.

And then he just cut it off. Told her he could no longer help her. That her body in his bed was no longer required. Which of course only added to her degradation. She tried and tried to offer up more, willing to engage in further depravity, but was only met with rejection. Because he’s moved on. He’s hunting his next target. A young, nubile, blonde babe with a large profile and a perky rack who so far has been able to resist his advances but is trying to graduate from supporting roles in film, as the fact that she’s a headliner on the small screen has not helped with the quality of scripts she’s being offered, or with many of her auditions so far. She’s currently waiting on a big break and he’s trying to make sure it doesn’t happen, so that in her disappointment, she’ll come running to him, ready to wheel and deal.

Note: there are 4 famous names at play – the reject, the replacement, the power player, and his wife.

ANSWERS: Definitely Harvey Weinstein and his wife- the Marchesa women. Lainey definitely talks about him passing off his clients on her. The reject has to be Jessica Alba- I'm pretty certain of that. The only one I'm confused about is the replacement- I'm thinking Evangeline Lilly

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Video of the Day

Here is my imaginary boyfriend singing about how much he loves Glee...and in the process is making me love him even more!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Video of the Day

This video is amazing. Absolutely amazing! I heart the Muppets- anytime, anyplace.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Screw him if he thinks he's taking the Diana Ross part from me!! I heart Kurt. Always.

EVE DONOVAN!!! EVE DONOVAN!!! Eve is Quinn's mother- this is AMAZING!!! Again- EVE DONOVAN!! Remember when her face was sliced by the rapist- totally inspired Kelly Taylor being burned.

JESUS CHRIST!!! Now Finn is singing I'll stand by you- is this episode written specifically for me?!!? Thank you Glee writers!

Hopefully Finn's mother teaches him what sex is and how you get a girl pregnant.

He's cheating off a girl who thinks the square root of 4 is rainbows- Again Kurt I love you. You are replacing Ricky as the gay best friend of my dreams

I think I'd fall off my chair if a man sang to me the way Mr. Shue is to Rachel- even if he is telling me I'm a psycho. I'll live with it...it's been too long! Why is it so hard to find a man who sings like this and is straight?!?!?

I would definitely rather have Puck as my baby daddy- that boy is getting sexier by the episode. I am able to look past the hair to the sexy beast beneath it

Yeah I'd definitely pick Puck. I mean to tell my parents I'm pregnant through a lame ass Paul Anka song- lame. I can't believe my parents danced to his lame music at their wedding

Timer on the microwave- that is what my parents always did!

Loving how much Artie is singing lately! Kurt doing his little shake in the background- amazing!! And puck you sexy beast. Love Kurt's little call me

America's Next Top Model

Of course it was Nicole- that was a no brainer. She was the clear winner the whole season. THe bigger question though is- Is the Show Bankrupt?

Think about it- first they dumped Paulina because they couldn't afford her. Then they had Nigel and Tyra as the photographers for most of the season. Then they couldn't afford real models for their "fashion" show so they brought back the girls who had already been eliminated....who were already in Hawaii so they didn't have to pay to fly anyone else in! Oh- and I"m sure Eddie Murphy did some bargaining to get his daughter the gig- like agree to be in the audience

I hope the show isn't cancelled. As hideously annoying and narcissistic as Tyra is with her goddamn smizing I still love this show!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Dancing with the Stars

Chuck Liddell- I actually really like him. He is obviously not the best dancer and can look awkward but I enjoy him. He is genuinely trying and not embarrassed to be out of his comfort zone. He is also neither arrogant nor annoying which makes me like him a lot more than most of these men.

Melissa Joan Hart- I find her annoying....it could be her partner though because he has a tendency to make everything really cheesy. I strongly dislike him and his cutesy partners. Ok the whimsical dance- not doing it for me. She needed a partner like Max to bring out the sexy. She seems very flustered with this cance- I think it is too much for her- she keeps messing up and it is showing on her face. Well I definitely didn't see what the judges saw

Natalie Coughlan- Well they decided to dress her like Edyta and gie her no clothes. She is still quite stiff- she needs to let go a bit and she would be really good since she has the flexibility

Aaron Carter- Oh god the blonde hair looks awful on Karina- especially with the black eyebrows. Ew Aaron Carter as sexy...yuck! Methface is not attractive. For the love of god please do up your shirt!! And is pretty much tomato coloured- she is even darker than a tangerine.

Mark- He's good but he doesn't thrill me. Next

Kelly Osbourne- I hae always loved the Osbournes. I wish she would have a bit more confidence- it would make her steps much more precise. And when she messes up she shows it on her face. Oh I definitely think that was better than Melissa Joan Hart

Joanna Krupa- I seriously dislike this girl. Ok I know I sy they should all wear a shirt but my.god. Derek hs a beautiful body. What a pretty little Mormon! She looks lost when she is waiting for the next move- there is no flow. Ew I think this girl is trying to get Lisa Rinna lips- they are much bigger now than they have ever been

Donnie- why oh why do these Osmonds have to be around?!!? They are so freakin annoying. God this boy just loves to dance and flail around- too bad Mormons can't be gay. He would probably be much happier if he could be free...then maybe he wouldn't be so insufferable on my tv

Michael- I don't like this guy at all. He is annoying and doesn't stop talking- not my type of dancer. He is the one that I think should go home.

Louie ito- Again with the does nothing for me. This guy is just a stoner with bad hair to me. I can't handle people who are good times. He is literally just walking around the dance floor- boring. I used to work with a guy who would always have me up Two Stepping and let me tell you it was a workout- he was just a moving. This guy looks like he could fall asleep. She is doing absolutely everything. He should go home too

Mya- still don't like her. She is in a category of her own though- you can tell she has had a lot of dance training. It is actually unfair- no one else compares.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

What the Hell...

Did Courtney Cox do to her face?!?!!? Seriously- WHAT THE HELL!!?!? I am watching the Dancing with the Stars results show and my god she looks AWFUL!! She is so full of botox nothing is moving. But the worst part is the lips- the lips! This woman never had full lips- now she has horrible plumped up ones. She looks nasty!


I have been looking forward to this show all week- I LOVE IT!!

SINGLE LADIES!! I still love this song- I have seen this dance a billion times and it still gives me joy. I love Kurt!

Oh Jane Lynch you kill me- Caning! I have always wanted to go to Singapore since I was young- anywhere that bans gum is amazing to me.

I TOTALLY understand why she is upset not being Maria- it is VERY UNFAIR being Anita when you are the Soprano. Just because you are taller than the balding 40 year old playing Tony does NOT mean you deserve the Alto part....ok I may be personalizing this...

He will be auditioning for the role of kicker- I LOVE THIS KID! Look at him dancing- YAY Kurt!!

A prolittering state! HAHA!!

There are so many one liners and just not the time to type them all out

4 words- Liza Minelli Celine Dion- HAHA

God I hope they don't make Quinn pregnant from a hottub- I mean the show is quirky but that is just too much!

Ah she is pregnant but at least she had sex.

See dancing does make everything better- love seeing a football team dancing!

All you wanted with your birthday is a pair of sensitive heels- HAHA

Next week Pimento Digby will be on the show- PIMENTO DIGBY!!!! God I love Kristin Chenowith! This show just keeps getting more and more spectacular!!

Dancing with the Stars

Debi Mazar- well all that really matters is that she is paired with Maks...god he's a sexy beast. Although a little mystery is always nice- i wish he would do up his shirt sometimes.

Melissa Joan-Hart- That was OK. I've said it before and I'll say it again- I HATE the waltz. I always get so bored.

Mya- there has always been something about her that has bothered me...she just annoys me. Maybe it was that damn song with Brandi- ruined my life that summer! She did well in that dance- she was very relaxed

Is it just me or do the fabrics seem extra cheap this season!? All of the women's dresses are incredibly sheer and poorly made. I mean they were nothing to brag about before but there is almost VPL in them

Kathy Ireland- I never liked her simply because her eyebrows were always too much. But they are much better now. She is someone who definitely looks overwhelmed and is staring at her partner for direction. SHE BROUGHT UP GOD!!!!!! URG!!! Now she'll stay

Natalie Coughlin- While she's stiff she is actually ok at shaking her hips- it is like clubbing dancing.

Macy Gray- she is going to be awful. Girl has to lay off the pot during this- she is too stoned to do this. She is actually better than I thought she would be.

Joanna Krupa- I can't STAND this girl! She truly feels she's amazing- and who the hell even knows who she is??! Model my ass- I've never seen this girl except for that horrible show the Superstars. Where she was completely arrogant too. Oh god the fringe pants- how are those a good idea. Ok she is actually ok at this- she needs to work on her extension but she's ok.

Kelly Osbourne- I have to admit that I was surprised that she was going to be on this show. She has great posture and a good hold pose. Wait wasn't that a lift?!?!?! Is that allowed?! Love Sharon but she looks like she has put on a bit of weight.

WHAT THE HELL IS LATOYA DOING THERE!?!??! Why are the Jacksons there!??!?!?! And stop showing the Osmonds- they are so scary!?

Monday, September 21, 2009

Dancing With The Stars

Well I' pretty sure that Tom Delay will be the first one eliminated- I mean really? This is where your career went?! Seriously?!?! Well maybe not- there are a LOT of no names on this show

Oh and what happened with Maks and Karina?! Did it involve ario Lopez?! I need to know!

Oh and Kelly Osbourne- seriously?! It has come to this!?!

Oh god Donnie Osmond- does this mean we will have to see Marie?! YUCK!!

Oh Aaron Carter what the hell happened to your face?!!? You were so cute- kids this is what drugs do to your face. It's a bad scene. Oh maybe Aaron broke up her and Maks. What the hell is up with her top!?!? Seriously!??! And the dumbass fringe pants. I actually thin that he has an unfair advantage- he obviously already has a lot of previous dance training. Ok I'm going to say it- when the hell did Nick Carter get so hot?!

Chuck Liddell- ugh a UFC guy. There is very little that is more repulsive to me than UFC- it's disgusting. It just reinds e of friends. And tattoos on the head- lovely....Actually I guess you can grow out your hair and hid it. I am liking Anna's hair colour- I have had my natural hair colour for WAY too long and I am sick of pulling out these damn gray hairs that grow in an area near the front. Anyways, back to the dancing. He's a normal athlete guy- stiff and awkward. I mean good for him for trying but it's pretty painful.

Seriously- they are letting the guy in who screams the ingredients on Iron Chef?!!? Who the hell knows this guys name?! Ok I will concede that boy can shake his hips- must be the martial arts training. What the hell does her outfit have to do with Kung Fu fighting?!!? Wood it have illed her to have worn a mandarin collared shirt?

Ashley Hamilton- actor and comedian?!?! Singer?!??! WHAT THE HELL HAS HE EVER DONE?!? I mean other than marrying Shannon Doherty. What the hell else has he done- well I guess copious amounts of cocaine. I mean he is RIDICULOUSLY hot- minus the dirtbag tats. But the idiocy and underlying dirtbag tones are overwhelming. Whatever- I'll never meet him. As long as the tats are covered I am just going to enjoy looking at him because he is one of the best looking guys that I have ever seen!

Donnie Osmond. I just can't. WHAT THE HELL IS JERMAINE JACKSON DOING THERE!?!! Why won't he go away!?!? And what the hell is up with his plastic toupee?!

Louie Vito- I have no idea who this kid is. He obviously has some sever hair issues. This guy reminds me of Jesse from the bachelor- are all snowboarders short with bad hair and an obvious love of the chronic? A little dancing hobbit- HAHAHA!!

All these football players are all the same to me- they really do nothing for me. Granted I don't know who any of them are

Oh god Tom Delay I am SOOO embarrassed for you! How the hell did it get to this?! Ok the hip shaking is mortifying. But he's not horrible- he is much much better than Chuck Liddell

Sunday, September 20, 2009


God I miss the e network- there was NO red carpet tonight!! THAT IS CRAZY!! Why the hell isn't Star Network airing it??!! Someone is just trying to piss me off

God when the hell did Neil Patrick Harris become such a sexy beast?! I want him to be my best friend

Ok Tina Fey may compete with him to be my best friend

What is up with the weird glasses?!??!! Ok I do like that they all did it- Vanessa Williams looked like a bitch not doing it. GO KRISTIN CHENOWITH!! All hail Pimento Digby!! SHE WON!!! SHE WON!!! GO PUSHING DAISIES!!! PIMENTO DIGBY!!!! Her speech is awesome! God I miss that show- that is one that I would love on DVD

Go 30 Rock! That show is freakin amazing- it definitely deserves writing awards

Amy Poehler you can also join the contest to become my best friend- I love you too! And bring Gob with you!

Go go go NPH!! Oh I also love Jack McBrayer! And Tracy Morgan! This is a tough category. Just no Dwight- he's overrated. Jon Cryer!?!?!? WHAT?!?! Don't get my wrong- I love me some Duckie- but seriously?! Over the other 3?!?!!?

Go Tina Fey!! Toni Collette- well I do enjoy her. I usually like everything she does but this show was awful. I absolutely hated it...and it was much more of a drama than a comedy

Why the hell is Blake Lively gorgeous and Leighton Meester is vivacious!?!?!? Blake Lively is HIGHLY overrated!! The squinting, the whining...can't stand her!

Tina Fey- totally deserved. Your Sarah Palin was amazing. And I do like Justin Timberlake on that show- but he is NO Steve Martin!

Ok Alec Baldwin is amazing on that show...But so is Steve Carell. But GO JIM PARSONS!! The dialogue he does is AMAZING!! LOVE the big bang theory! Go Alec Baldwin!

Ok that Family Guy sketch was so not needed. It was horrible actually. I HATE family guy- it is just retarded and overrated. Why on earth did we have to just see that neverending violence?

Oh no they just showed Jessie on the Emmy's- his head is already big enough

Oh Max you sexy beast! I would love to know why you guys broke up! Wasit all just a publicity stunt to begin with?

Best host should be Phil- he is spectacular? Although I do like Tom Bergeron- he has some good one liners

Hayden Panettiere is once again dressed once again like a 55 year old socialite! This girl can't dress to save her life- that red lipstick with the red dress is atrocious

I love that all of the idol clips have Adam Lambert- he was spectacular and should have won! Dumb americans

Of course it's the amazing race- it's always the amazing race! It's the best show by far- I would KILL to be on that show!

God Kevin Bacon still looks FANTASTIC!! FANTASTIC!!

I love me some Chandra Wilson but too much dress- she's too short for that

Whenever I see Jessica Lange I just get sad. The woman was gorgeous and look what she did to her face. Aging would be better than this! I mean it has settled but those eyebrows are still soooo scary!

Motherlover was nominated- ok that is pretty cool! It should have won

Ricky Gervais is amazing! He should host all of the award shows...well no I do like NPH- but he would be great for the Oscars. Especially since he doesn't give a rats ass

Michael Emerson deserves this- he is amazingly crepy on Lost

Oh Jesus Christ- they have brought Sarah McLaughlin out to sing I will Remember You. I cry everytime I hear this song and everytime they do an In Memoriam. This is going to be awful! Bea Arthur I love you!

Why don't we ever see Carol Burnett?!? I heart her- she needs to work more!

And Malcolm's dad wins again! Don't get me wrong- I will always go for my sexy beast Dexter. But I will always love him for his performance on roller skates on Malcolm in the Middle

Ok best comedy should be 30Rock. And it is! They didn't show her kiss Bob Newhart! What kind of editing was that?!

They keep bringing Sigourney Weaver out at these events- she hasn't really been doing much except award shows

I have got to give Mad Men another shot- they keep winning and it has to be for a reason


This has been sitting on my PVR for weeks just waiting for me to take the time it deserves to watch it properly

First- it starts off with cheerleaders. CHEERLEADERS!! It knows how to lure me into the fold- I heart Bring it On

Then we have someone singing Where is Love- that is one of the first songs I ever sang!

Oh and then a bunch of outsiders who have fantastic voices singing...On my Own!! Where the hell was this show when I was in high school!??! THis shit rocks!

And Jane Lynch- I LOVE HER! She is by far one of the funniest women ever- she is always amazing! Her high school hierachy was true. Jocks vs. the rest of them. Go drama kids!!

OH A POWER BALLAD!!! A POWER BALLAD!!! By a good looking guy none the less...amazing!! I can't fight this feeling anymore!

This show definitely has a similar feeling to Election which is an amazing movie. Love the mullet singing lawncare guy

I'm a Beyonce I ain't no Kelly Rowland!

Awesome- there is a celibacy club!! That is my most favorite platform! It's like Addicted To Jesus

My god I would have murdered to go to a high schhol like Carmel- except when I was in high school the girls weren't confident enough to dance like this- we were just arrogant about our voices....well we did rock. Oh and there were no boys who would have done this.

The lead girl is such a broadway girl- she has the broadway voice

The lead jock admitting they are all losers- why couldn't anyone in my hometown ever admit it!?

OMG! DON"T STOP BELIEVING!!! How the fuck did it take me so long to watch this! She's like a young Idina Menzel!

This show is going to do One Day More one day this season and I will have an aneurysm!

Ok second episode- time to do a marathon

One day they will all work for you smart well dressed guy. Jocks are retards

Island of misfit toys- I've been trying to remember that forever

I agree- a mother needs her craft room!

This is where our daughter or gay son will sleep- hehe!

Ok someone give the teacher my phone number immediately. Seriously- call me. I'll let him go all Kanye on my ass anytime!

AMAZING!!! Singing All By Myself in the car in the rain- it's like my trips up to Kirkland!

Oh no I don't want the teacher to cheat on his wife! I mean she's a worthless crackpot complaining about money while working as a salesperson. But leave her before cheating

PUSH IT!! My god it's like the Franklin- is this show set in KIrkland Lake!!? Awesome! OMG the simulated sex is amazing!! That's hysterical!

An elementary school production of Hair- haha! Your students should be put in foster care- Jany Lynch is amazing

I haven't seen them this excited since Tiffany performed at the mall

Anytime people emote through singing- amazing!!

VICTOR GARBER!!! Victor Garber is on this show!! It just keeps getting better and better!!

The understudy to the candelabra- haha!

HAHA they made a boyband!!! That is fantastic!

BELL BIV DEVOE!!! Amazing!! This show just gets better and better!!

Who is Josh Groban kill yourself- hehe!

Now Mercy- they are just picking amazing songs! Why am I now too old to do this stuff?! That sucks!

Oh my god it's Jacob from Nightmare on Elm Street!!!!! He grew up to be on this amazing show!

COLOUR ME BADD!!!! Jesus this is amazing!! Again- someone give the teacher my phone number- IMMEDIATELY!!

And they got Josh Groban- he must see how great the show is

Friday, September 18, 2009

Dear Steve Martin

I miss you! Why don't you come out and play more often? I just saw you on 30Rock and you were so fantastic! Please come and make me laugh more often- most younger comedians are tools. I promise to pick out a thermos just for you

Love ya,

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

My First TIFF!

Tonight I went to my first ever Toronto International Film Festival screening- and to a gala no less! My friend Kacia works as a publicist and had free tickets- WOOHOO!!! I got the call at 4:59pm as I was rushing out to catch my train- of course I went to the screening instead.

I went to see the Boys are Back starring Clive Owen. I get it. I totally get it now. I have never found him particularly attractive but now I see it. He's tall- well over 6 feet because I was in heels and he was taller than me. He also was wearing the hell out of a fine cut suit. He was dashing!

I love that at the beginning the whole cast and crew that were there went on stage. The director previously made Shine- which I loved- and Snow Falling on Cedars- probably the WORST movie I've ever seen in a theater

This movie was actually pretty cute. A bit too much with the precocious child- we all know that I hate children and child actors. But it was good- I would recommend it

I will post pics tomorrow that I took at the screening

Big Brother

So sad- I can't believe that it is the finale! I freakin love this show and will definitely miss it!

I think Jordan has it right...she does have to take Natalie to the finale. I mean I do love Kevin and think he is by far the best player- no doubt! I don't think either can win against him- he's fantastic. But if Jordan can pull out this HOH she deserves it- especially over the troll that is Natalie

My god is Jeff ever tanned! He was outside all summer but now he's so dark!

Love Michelle's green dress- she looks very cute!

Why the hell was Jessie so excited seeing Michelle- why!? I still don't get it

I CANNOT believe that I used to like Lydia- the girl is a raging tool. I do like that Jeff keeps calling her a puppet

I kind of believe Russell that he played a character of sorts in the house- he was super quiet just now during the housemate debate. Instead we had to hear that tool Lydia

Wow Jordan won! GOOD FOR HER!!! I am sad for Kevin because he deserves it. But she will win over Natalie!

I hope that Kevin gives Jordan his vote as she won against him! I can't believe though that Natalie is there instead of him- she does NOT deserve it!

Russell I do like you but for the love of good do up your shirt!

Lydia you are completely repulsive in every way. The exterior is obviously disgusting but I can't believe I thought you were a nice person. How is Jordan a witch!!?!!? I can't wait til the backlash hits you you complete and total tool

I really hope Jordan wins

NATALIE YOU ARE SUCH A LIAR!!! You are just trying to suck up to Lydia!!


Chima was a mentally strong competitor?!!?! The girl was completely certifiable

I have to say- I wish they had practiced their final speeches more. They weren't terribly eloquent and I mean what the hell else did they do

Um hello Natalie- yes you did betray Kevin!!!

Of course Jessie is going to vote for Natalie- but Hakuna Matada doesn't make much sense

I think Jordan can win this- I am so nervous! I get so emotionally invested in this!

Jeff is SOOO going to get some!

I think we just saw Kevin's key and it was Jordan

Yuck i need no reminders of Ronnie- he was completely repulsive- the guy is a waste of space. Nice outfit loser

Well duh Jeff of course is going to win favorite houseguest!

America's vote will go to Jordan

JESSIE VOTED FOR JORDAN!?!?!?! WHAT!?!??! He really did do Hakuna Matada- no worries


I'm surprised Russell voted for Natalie- I would think he would have picked Jordan

Monday, September 14, 2009

RIP Patrick Swayze

I'll be honest I was never a huge fan...although I did enjoy him in To Wong Foo. But it is always sad when someone dies so young from Pancreatic Cancer...it always gets to me. I also have a special place in my heart for him because my friend Trudy had a cardboard cutout of him that always made me laugh


Yuck. Seriously Madonna- this is your speech about Michael Jackson? We have to still go on and on about that whole not having a childhood crap. CRAP!! That's right- GET OVER IT!! There are MANY people out there who have really craptastic childhoods. Lots of people have crappy childhoods....ESPECIALLY outside of the western hemisphere. He had shitloads of money and experiences no one else had. Just shut the fuck up about it already. It does not excuse inappropriate behaviour- he had serious freakin issues.

Not a MJ fan- fastforwarding through tribute. Except have to say- Janet looks great. Of course the hair and outfit are atrocious but she looks nice and fit

Russell Brand- love you! Love how inappropriate you are! LOVE THE UNIVERSAL HEALTH CARE PLUG!! Make those ignorant Americans who believe that Universal Health Care is wrong look like idiots

Kanye you are such a douche. I mean the hair alone- nice stupid pattern shaved into it. You got a slight reprieve for a little while due to the loss of your mother. It's over. You truly are not that talented. You are wee and unattractive. Then you have to steal the spotlight from an EIGHTEEN year old and embarrass her. You are disgusting. And a godawful human being- I wonder what your god thinks of you now

Pete Wentz is a pocket man- my god he's small

Look at Taylor Swift come back from it and be able to perform that well- all at 18. She's fantastic! I love that song- it's so much fuN! I couldn't stop singing and dancing to it last weekend in KL. Love it. Far superior to anything that douche ever released.

Jack Black that was cute- I love anyone who brings up lord Satan in front of all the dumbasses who love to thank Jesus for awards

Kristin Cavalleri- who did she blow to get to present here!? She looks like Ashlee Simpson with that black eyeliner. Lainey is right- they do all look alike.

What the hell is wrong with Lady Gaga?!?! I mean the girl can sing- no doubt. But this popart showcase has got to stop. I appreciate that she doesn't lipsynch. And I do see that she isn't conventionally pretty- she probably feels she needs the gimmick to get famous. And she does get a lot of press. But the retard costumes are just a bit too much. And the weird Phantom crap, the wheelchair and crutch- all ridiculous. And what the hell do we need all the blood for?!!? And hanging yourself!?!? Then the retard red outfit. It's all too much...you should just let your talent speak for itself.

Now this is more like it- Greenday I freakin heart you! I don't think they have ever released a song that I do not enjoy

Kristin Stewart you fixed the hair!! THANK GOD!!! THANK GOD! She finally got rid of the ratty nasty mullet! Oh god Twilight- I need a good comedy. Hopefully it is released soon- I need a good laugh. The acting looks just as stellar- amazing. Alice looks like she gives an outstanding performace- one that Mischa Barton would be proud of.

Yay Single Ladies! Love this song! Wish it had been out when I went to see her- would have made the concert way more fun.

P. Diddy and Jamie Lynn Sigler!?!?! Is this 1997?!!?! How the HELL are these two relevant?!?! Seriously- who booked these people- it's like they are scraping the bottom of the barrel

People are just getting excited for Muse now?!!? This is their first television performance in the States?! Seriously- they've been around forever

Again- did I go in a time machine?!!? Jennifer Lopez?! Did she get a nose job- her face looks different

What exactly did Eminem do to his face- what plastic surgery did he get. He obviously looks different- almost more feminine. But what did he do. Something around the forehead I think. Maybe a nose job- flattening the bridge? I can't tell

If I was sitting behind Lady Gaga with that dumbass head thing I would be pissed...even Eminem doesn't know what to do with her. Of course it's your first moon man- you are a new artist! Ok at least she took that shit off her face...and I do like the swearing

Ok my PVR just cut out but I saw a clip of Beyonce giving her speech over to Taylor Swift- now that was just too cute.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

New Celeb Baby Name

Sparrow James Midnight Madden. Born to Nicole Richie and Joel Madden.

WHAT THE HELL KIND OF NAME IS THAT?!??! I don't care if she's a celeb- that is HORRIBLE and CRUEL! What kind of nickname do you give? What does he do when he's older!? And the fact that it rhymes with his sister Harlow's name? Ridiculous

Vampire Diaries

So I just watched the Vampire Diaries. Not as lame as Twilight yet it is a blatant rip-off. Yet another dumbass loser vampire who doesn't feed on humans that is obsessed with a teenage girl. At least we have a badass brother played by Boone from lost who is going to kill people. And a flying vampire at that- so Lost Boys! He will make this show for me.

Actually in general it is 1000x better than Twilight. The acting is much better- granted the bar was set quite low. And I did like the female protagonist more- at least she's not a whiny bitch. Granted of course they had to make her fall right away when she tried to run. But she still kicks Bella's ass.

Ok the male lead- he is like the new James Van Der Beek....Kevin Williamson definitely has a type. Bushy eyebrows, long face, not terribly attractive. But Boone...oh Boone! I heart you!

Somebody, anybody, bring back Buffy reruns!!! Show them how it's done!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Big Brother

I don't even know if I want to keep watching after seeing Jeff make one of the dumbest moves in big brother history. What the hell is wrong with these people?!? If they have a solid alliance til the final four...TAKE IT!! Realize that people will say anything!

Jeff has gotten WAY too arrogant and made a completely idiotic move

Why has Jordan turned on Michelle too? I mean the girl is a raging idiot but I thought she was a nice person

Russell actually put a really nice offer before Kevin- he really should consider it.

Instead of exploding Russell needed to really play up that Jeff was a liar who backed out of his deals and he is untrustworthy. And he should say that in a calm matter

WHAT THE HELL IS UP WITH THOSE PANTS!??!!??! Who the hell wears red spandex with stars?!?!

I had my highs and my downs!? Natalie is an idiot

Obviously Russell won't do it but he should have kept Russell- Natalie is freakin useless

I will definitely miss Russell- I didn't enjoy him at the beginning but he is definitely one of my favorites

And look how he went out- he was really gracious and said it was a game and hugged them all. Jordan was still a retard

I think that Michelle and Kevin have the best chance with this. Natalie is too impatient and Jordan is a tool

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Big Brother

I am surprised to see Chima in the opening credits- I thought for sure they would get rid of all traces of that retard.

Speaking of retards- what the hell is up with Natalie's headband!?!!? Why is she wearing it like that?!? I have a ton of those too- they are to hold your hair back when you are exercising- not to go across your forehead in a budget Karate Kid way

Lydia you would like to feel safe?! Then don't act like a complete asshole- maybe they won't put you up if you weren't a complete ass.

HAHA! Now they are going to show Lydia and Jessie hooking up! HAHA! I can't believe that Natalie didn't know they had hooked up. And now they are turning against Jessie- HAHA! These girls are crazy!

Oh god Jeff are you seriously listening to Kevin?!!? What the hell!? You have to be smarter than this

Natalie wants a call from her boyfriend!? I don't think he'll be pleased having seen her cuddling with Jessie!

Yay! The veto is down to Jordan or Michelle- amazing! Aurevoir hopefully Lydia- can't handle you!

Wow Jordan won a competition involving memory- congrats Jordan! God I hope Jeff didn't listen to Kevin! OMG! Why is he in a room with Kevin!? What the hell is he thinking?! Is he seriously going to get rid of Russell!?!?! Oh god this is troubling!

YAY!! She didn't use it! EXCELLENT! Thank GOD!

And Lydia leaves like the complete cow that she is. There is nothing amusing about her- she's horrid

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Big Brother!

Ding dong the witch is dead! Chima you are an ungrateful cow who is worthless- I despise when useless pieces of shit act like divas. Aurevoir! Thank god we never have to see her again!

Lydia what the hell is wrong with you!?!? Evil prevails?! They took you off the block my dear- Jessie evicted you honey! You are sooo ungrateful!

Be a puppet?!!? I can't believe I first liked Lydia- she is a completely horrid gross person with incredibly low self esteem. Kevin- really- you can do better!

I find nothing amusing about Lydia- she is just repulsive and annoying to me now. You can make as many Pretty in Pink references as you'd like- you will still be dead to me

Natalie also repulses me- she looked like Shrek. The way her mouth moves when she talks just grosses me out- plus the fact that she is a raging idiot altogether just makes her disgusting.

Kevin- time to switch sides

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Video of the Day

Ok this totally just MADE MY DAY!! Look at the video that Nas found- not only does it feature the best birthday song EVER it is a tribute to one smoking hot Mr. Jordan Knight! Happy Birthday to me!!

Seriously- he was sooooo attractive! Someone hide his food- I like him gaunt

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Big Brother

Ok Jeff you have to use the coup d'etat!!! USE IT! Don't waste the power! Put up Jessie and Natalie!

Ok Jessie I had stopped hating you as much until you going into the room right now- god you are such an arrogant prick!!!

Oh god Chima's laugh is grating on my last nerve! LAST NERVE! I can't emotionally handle her! She is a raging idiot

YES JEFF IS STANDING!!!!!! USE IT USE IT!!! I love Jessie's face!! GO JEFF!!! Oh no- I didn't realize that Chima could now compete- boo!

YES NATALIE!! YES!! YES!!! AMAZING!!! HOLY SHIT!! Why the hell did he take off his shirt?!!? AMAZING!!

Jessie is sooo bad when he has to speak spontaneously

Aurevoir Jessie- I actually can't believe that he lasted this long!

What the hell!? Why was he so rude to Kevin?! He is such a closeted horrible little man!

Chima you are such a horrid little person- horrid. There is nothing redeeming about you

Ugh Kevin why the hell are you listening to She-man Chima?!

Oh yuck Michelle or Kevin- they will follow what Chima wants. Yuck

She will put Russell and Jeff up

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Posh on Idol!!

I was just driving to Burlington and heard the best news- Posh has replaced Paula on American Idol!! That is amazing!! I LOATHED Paula Abdul. She was quite simply a retard. A simpleton. Nothing that she said was insightful. She wasn't helpful, she didn't add to the show. And I HATED her banter with Simon- I despised when she interrupted him. And god help us when she tried to be funny. The only time is was funny was when she was so stoned off her tree that she could hardly talk.

When I heard she was off the show because they wouldn't pay her what she was demanding I died laughing. What a retard- know your worth. You can't go from 2 million a year to 20 million- you so aren't worth it. You were marginally talented as a dancer and a mediocre to average singer at best. Don't get me wrong- for 2 years I did love to dance to her songs for a few years. But anyone could have done her songs. I couldn't believe that people were upset that she was leaving and threatened to boycott- god I hate people. Supporting mediocrity at best.

But now- now we have my Posh! POSH!! As most of you I worship at the Posh altar. When I went to the Spice Girls I completely lost my shit. And she is FUNNY- anyone who watched her reality shows/documentaries can tell you that. If you haven't I highly recommend them- she's amazing. And I cannot WAIT to see what she'll wear. Go POSH!

Team Posh Forever

Friday, July 31, 2009

The Duggars Heart Me

I knew they loved me back!! They are naming their child after me! They just announced today that they will name their child Mackynzie Renee- with an accent!! How many people have the nickname Renee- WITH an accent?! It's totally after me!
I heart you too Duggars!

Monday, July 27, 2009

The Bachelorette

Ok Jillian this is it. It's time to redeem yoursel and make up for all of your embarrassing dumbass moves during this season.

There is something about Ed that I have never warmed up to- he just seems so stiff.

I cannot believe how overly affectionate Jillian is in front of her parents- that was a lot of PDA

I think at this point she will pick Ed but I prefer Kypton

I can't believe how much she makes out with these guys but then plans on getting engaged to only one in a few days- it is all so sketchy. yes I know that's the show but it's still odd

I love how she reassures us that her and Ed still have sexual chemistry then they show the volcano erupting- that was some quality editing

I think she will pick Ed. They are really setting it up that Kypton is perfect and the best catch- therefore I think that it will be Ed.

Why is it that the girl is always supposed to move for the guy? Why is it that his life is always more important, his career the priority

I love that they flew in Neil Lane and he said he designed rings for Jillian- uh huh...

I love the ring Kypton picked- so pretty! But not my favorite. I liked the big emerald cut with a thin band. No pear shapped! Ew- heart shaped? Go with Kypton- it's a better ring

I love how they pose them all to look contemplative- haha.

I hate the dress- it cuts her wrong at the hips. They really need better stylists on this show

This is the first bachelorette that I am watching that I don't really know the end. I haven't read any spoilers- mainly due to how busy I've been. So I'm intrigued.

Yup- she picked Ed. I can't believe she didn't pick Kypton- he is the better catch

She should have stopped him before he kept going- she should have cut him off before he said he loved her

I totally think that Ed is going to dump her and say no. Last week she said you have to watch the last 7 minutes so we'll see.

I love that they had Reid pull up in a taxi right in between the guys- they couldn't have done this before this ceremony thing started?

And now Reid is here- so sending him home was harder than sending Kypton home? I thought she loved Kypton? This girl is odd. If she wants to be with Ed she should let him go and tell him to stop talking so he doesn't embarass himself- I swear she is just selfish and wants them all to love her.

I like Reid way better than Ed- she should not have let him do all that. She should have stopped him- I strongly dislike this girl

She's been waiting to tell him she loved him for a long time- they have only known each other for like a month!

Friday, July 24, 2009


Julie and Becca start practicing your moves

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Big Brother

Ronnie is an epic tool. He may be head of household this week but he has completely screwed himself. He is throwing Michelle under the bus like a retard. And playing both sides- dude you have to nominate people this week. You are going to have to piss off someone

Jeff isn't rampaging- why is Ronnie lying so much so early?!

Moustacha is on to you Ronnie- you had better be careful

I love how Jessie wouldn't shake his hand- he clearly doesn't understand that it's a game

What the hell is wrong with Chima?!?! Who the hell thinks they are so superior that they can say something like that?! Especially when they're an idiot!

OMG Ronnie in a gold bikini is making me nauseous!! He is so repulsive!

Again- yet another reason to hate Russell. Bashing Musicals- you're a douche!!

Chima you are the c word. I try not to use that but it applies here. She is so self entitled for someone who has massacred her face and is a tool

I cannot believe that Ronnie is married- so gross

He is going to put up Laura and Casey and claim that he will backdoor an athlete just to try to appease both groups

A genuine honest person- he's a tool

I love that Kevin is wearing Jelly bracelets- that's amazing!

Ok it's Jeff instead of Casey. I'm giving you the chance to play POV to show how much you want to be in the house!? Like it's an honour?! Loser

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

I just walked out of the movie 1/2 an hour ago so it is incredibly fresh in my mind. I LOVED IT!!! I LOVED IT!!! I HEART HARRY POTTER!

Have I mentioned I enjoyed it!?!?

I feel like this franchise has really found it's niche. The first three weren't always consistent- well I blame the weird ass "artsy" director they got for the 3rd. But we now know all these characters and all the supporting cast- it is so familiar and comforting.

LOVED the humour in this movie. Ron as always was brilliant but Harry was funny too. Daniel Radcliffe definitely gets better with every movie. And Lavender- YOU ROCKED!! Luna- I can never get enough of you.

And Slughorn. Slughorn. You deserve the freakin academy award for this- what a character!! HE WAS AMAZING!! And surprisingly similar to an eccentric oncologist that I work with. I have always loved Jim Broadbent and he just is amazing here.

So with that of course the casting was amazing- with a few notable exceptions. I've never liked Lupin- he is always so angry. Always. Of course he was hired by the aforementioned artsy 3rd movie director so that explains it. And I HATED Narcissa. She was the WORST Narcissa EVER! She looked like she was 60 years old. And what the hell is with the Skunked hair??!?! She is supposed to be pale and blonde like Draco and Lucius. WHAT THE HELL!?!

And Tonks- why the hell does Tonks have a mullet?!!? She is supposed to be young and hip- what the hell is up with that hair?!

As always Helena Bonham Carter was brilliant as Bellatrix. Perfect casting. So I understand why they try to use her in all Death Eater scenes.

This leads me to the big argument- I've heard people complain that it is different from the book. They all are! That is nothing new. Again to the Prizoner of Azkaban- that was the worst! This is by no means the worst. I try to go into these now and just watch them as a movie and not get offended by the differences. If JK Rowling approved the changes then I have to accept them. Only one thing pissed me off- the cornfield scene and end of that scene. How the hell could that have happened?!!? Where were the ministry protections?! Not a spoiler- it's in the promos.

I've never really liked the new Dumbledore- I much prefered Richard Harris. THis one just took it all too seriously- I've said it before but he came on during the 3rd artsy movie. He was so severe. Dumbledore is supposed to be lighthearted, with a twinkle in his eye, doesn't take himself seriously...this guy was always so stern. But at the end of this he redeemed himself.

And the end....they fought the dark with the light....and I cried like a baby.

I cannot WAIT til the next one. Two words- Albus Severus. I'll be inconsolable.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Emmy Nominations

Where the hell is Pushing Daisies?!!?!? It was the best show of the year by far!! Ok here goes my breakdown of the nominations:

Family Guy
Flight of the Conchords
How I Met Your Mother
The Office
30 Rock

Go 30Rock- that show just keeps getting better and better! I also of course love The Office and it had some great moments. But Family Guy!? Seriously?! That show is NOT funny- I have tried to watch it twenty thousand times and it is just retarded.

Alec Baldwin, 30 Rock
Steve Carell, The Office
Jemaine Clement, Flight of the Conchords
Jim Parsons, The Big Bang Theory
Tony Shalhoub, Monk
Charlie Sheen, Two and a Half Men

JIM PARSONS!!! I have just really starting getting into this show and this guy is freakin amazing! He is SOOO good on that show- Sheldon rocks! I also love Alec Baldwin and of course Steve Carell. Side note- I really have to watch Flight of the Conchords to see what the fuss is about

Christina Applegate, Samantha Who?
Toni Collette, United States of Tara
Julia Louis-Dreyfus, The New Adventures of Old Christine
Tina Fey, 30 Rock
Mary-Louise Parker, Weeds
Sarah Silverman, The Sarah Silverman Program

I watched the United States of Tara in Cuba- it was NOT funny. At all. But I do love Toni Collette for her piano scene in About a Boy. I also love Sarah Silverman but let's be honest- it's all about Tina Fey. Bitch is the new black!

Jon Cryer, Two and a Half Men
Kevin Dillon, Entourage
Neil Patrick Harris, How I Met Your Mother
Jack McBrayer, 30 Rock
Tracy Morgan, 30 Rock
Rainn Wilson, The Office

Ok I'm torn. I love me some Doogie- Barney makes that show for me. Him doing the naked man was freaking amazing. But Jack McBrayer is amazing as Kenneth. I have to go with NPH though. Oh- and Rainn Wilson is the worst of all the supporting characters. Ok I just don't like Dwight.

Kristin Chenoweth, Pushing Daisies
Jane Krakowski, 30 Rock
Elizabeth Perkins, Weeds
Amy Poehler, Saturday Night Live
Kristin Wiig, Saturday Night Live
Vanessa Williams, Ugly Betty

PIMENTO DIGBY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PIMENTO DIGBY!!!!!!! Obviously Kristin Chenoweth!!!! I love a lot of these other ladies but there is no question here. Go Olive!

Alan Alda, 30 Rock
Beau Bridges, Desperate Housewives
Jon Hamm, 30 Rock
Steve Martin, 30 Rock
Justin Timberlake, Saturday Night Live

While Justin Timberlake is pretty funny on SNL I have to give this to my Steve Martin. Steve if you win I'll pick out a thermos for you

Jennifer Aniston, 30 Rock
Christine Baranski, The Big Bang Theory
Tina Fey, Saturday Night Live
Gena Rowlands, Monk
Elaine Stritch, 30 Rock
Betty White, My Name Is Earl

This HAS to go to Elaine Stritch- she is fabulous on 30 Rock. But then again Tina Fey as Sarah Palin is now classic.

Big Love
Breaking Bad
Mad Men

Ok this is tough- there are quite a few shows that I love. LOVE Dexter. LOVE Big Love. And I do watch Lost although...I'm going to say it...it's disjointed and a bit overrated. I also watched one episode of Mad Men but couldn't get into it- I'll have to try again. I'm going with Big Love. But it should have been Pushing Daisies

Simon Baker, The Mentalist
Gabriel Byrne, In Treatment
Bryan Cranston, Breaking Bad
Michael C. Hall, Dexter
Jon Hamm, Mad Men
Hugh Laurie, House

I'm going with my sexy beast Michael C. Hall. RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

Glenn Close, Damages
Sally Field, Brothers & Sisters
Mariska Hargitay, Law & Order: SVU
Holly Hunter, Saving Grace
Elisabeth Moss, Mad Men
Kyra Sedgwick, The Closer

I don't watch any of these shows. But I adore M'Lynn so am going with Sally Field

Christian Clemenson, Boston Legal
Michael Emerson, Lost
William Hurt, Damages
Aaron Paul, Breaking Bad
William Shatner, Boston Legal
John Slattery, Mad Men

Ok I have to go with Ben- he is fantastically creepy

Rose Byrne, Damages
Hope Davis, In Treatment
Cherry Jones, 24
Sandra Oh, Grey's Anatomy
Dianne Wiest, In Treatment
Chandra Wilson, Grey's Anatomy

Meh. Ok Dianne Wiest- go Lost Boys!

Edward Asner, CSI: NY
Ted Danson, Damages
Ernest Borgnine, ER
Michael J. Fox, Rescue Me
Jimmy Smits, Dexter

Ernest Borgnine was heartbreaking on ER but I have to go with Alex P. Keaton as he was my first ever future husband. First him, then Luke Skywalker, then Joe Labonte.

Brenda Blethyn, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
Carol Burnett, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
Ellen Burstyn, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
Sharon Lawrence, Grey's Anatomy
CCH Pounder, The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency



The Amazing Race
American Idol
Dancing With The Stars
Project Runway
Top Chef

Amazing Race- hands down! Although I do love Project Runway too

Tom Bergeron, Dancing With the Stars
Phil Keoghan, The Amazing Race
Heidi Klum, Project Runway
Padma Lakshmi (Host) and Tom Colicchio (Co-Host), Top Chef
Jeff Probst, Survivor
Ryan Seacrest, American Idol

Go Phil!!

Antiques Roadshow
Dirty Jobs
Dog Whisperer
Kathy Griffin: My Life On The D-List

I have a strange obsession with Kathy Griffin- I would drop everything to be one of her assistants

The Colbert Report
The Daily Show With Jon Stewart
Late Show With David Letterman
Real Time With Bill Maher
Saturday Night Live

I love Letterman but SNL has been fantastic this year.

Will Ferrell: You're Welcome America. A Final Night With George W. Bush
Ricky Gervais: Out of England
Kathy Griffin: She'll Cut a Bitch
The Kennedy Center Honors
Chris Rock: Kill the Messenger

Again- I love Kathy Griffin- be my friend!! I'm a jaded bitch I swear! But Will Ferrell making fun of Dubya and putting a ginormous penis on the screen- pretty amusing


Generation Kill
Little Dorrit

Coco Chanel
Grey Gardens
Into The Storm
Prayers For Bobby
Taking Chance

I HAVE to see Grey Gardens!

Kevin Bacon, Taking Chance
Kenneth Branagh, Wallander: One Step Behind
Kevin Kline, Cyrano de Bergerac (Great Performances)
Brendan Gleeson, Into the Storm
Sir Ian McKellen, King Lear (Great Performances)
Kiefer Sutherland, 24: Redemption

Drew Barrymore, Grey Gardens
Jessica Lange, Grey Gardens
Shirley MacLaine, Coco Chanel
Sigourney Weaver, Prayers For Bobby
Chandra Wilson, Accidental Friendship

Bow down to Weeza bitches!

Len Cariou, Into the Storm
Tom Courtenay, Little Dorrit
Ken Howard, Grey Gardens
Bob Newhart, The Librarian: Curse of the Judas Chalice
Andy Serkis, Little Dorrit

Shohreh Aghdashloo, House Of Saddam
Marcia Gay Harden, The Courageous Heart Of Irena Sendler (Hallmark Hall Of Fame Presentation)
Janet McTeer, Into The Storm
Jeanne Tripplehorn, Grey Gardens
Cicely Tyson, Relative Stranger

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Big Brother

Come on Lydia you have to win the veto! And you have to form a Danielle/Jason style alliance- you need to align with someone who is the complete opposite to you and you never socialize with. Go Lydia!!

The brains/athletes alliance will never last- you can't have big alliances like that- they never last.

Oh look the preview shows that Jeff is on the outs- Lydia go to him!!

Ronnie you should not be telling people that you are a national champion of anything- it is way too early!

Well Lydia has an advantage in this veto competition since most of the rest of them are tools and can't spell. God I don't want Chima to win.

What is taking them so long to get those letters out- go faster!

Love that Jesse can't spell- tool.

Russell spelled shotgun- god I hate him

My god they all tried so hard and in the end she only needed to beat 7 letters she should have remembered they are all morons. And who picks a word with a z?

Why on earth has russell decided to start a big fight?! What the hell is wrong with him?

Oh no Lydia don't start a fight so early!

I they did replace her with Braden it could be amazing

Oh no Ronnie what the hell are you thinking- why are you telling everyone!? I thought you had an alliance?

Ronnie you are officially an idiot- you are totally overplaying! This is what happens when you are smart but have no social skills

Yay they used the veto on Lydia!!! WOOHOO!!! Thank god people were idiots and played worse than her

I don't really care which one of these two go- I have no attachment to either. I'm just glad Lydia stayed!

Monday, July 13, 2009

The Bachelorette

ACH! THE FIRST HOUR DIDN"T RECORD!! Stupid Rogers PVR- I really have to switch over to Bell again.

Anyways, is it just me or do you find it creepy that Ed doesn't look at Jillian when he is opening up. And what the hell is wrong with her- she wants him to reprioritize his life immediately for a girl he just met? She is a loser! Oh god I hope he is the one with the erectile dysfunction and I didn't miss it!!

Why on earth are they not closing the door while they are taking off their clothes and are rubbing oil on each other!?!?!? Dudes- CLOSE THE DOOR

He did get stage fright- yes!! Well maybe she should have CLOSED THE DOOR so he wasn't so nervous

I hate that she is trying to force them to propose- how is that a nice way to get engaged- threaten them to do it! She is soooo odd and needy

She spent the night with all three- charming!

Did she get rid of Reid because he didn't guarantee her that he would propose? She's a retard. Dude you have to get to know someone- you don't have to get engaged right away you whackjob.

Big Brother

Why god why?!?!? Why Jessie?!?!?! Is this some sort of punishment for me- have I done something wrong?! I love that Kevin hates him- it makes me like him more!

Oh god he's already taken off his shirt- karma is out to get me- I just have to figure out what I did

Ronnie seems way too enthusiastic about this alliance and seems to think it's a sure thing- Jessie is definitely not that excited and is not really committing to him

Come on nerds how are you not figuring out the puzzle?! Yay offbeats!

Chima is a fucking loser- it's big brother. Shit is going to happen- deal with it.

It's funny how Jessie won't pay attention to Laura- hello the boy is probably gay from what I remember last year. Hence his love of Russell- anyone who reminds him of himself is hot in his world

Does Laura have a moustache!? There is a definite shadow there!!! Moustacha!

Oh god Braden is a retard- he is on a different thought plane?!? Yes- the one you reach after smoking copious amounts of weed

Laura is safe?!?! I though you didn't like her! Ok I agree with the Chima nomination- she is a low rate Lil Kim tool. But I LOVE Lydia!

Thursday, July 9, 2009


I don't even think it's possible for me explain how excited I am for this show- it is by FAR my favorite reality show! True story- I once dated a guy because my mom had just moved and didn't have cable and I needed a place to go watch Big Brother.

They say there is going to be a mystery guest- I will give anything to have it be Dr. Will! Dr. Will I heart you sooo much. Please don't let it be Kaysar- holy overrated batman. He was NOT a good player.

Ok based on that picture the pic could be Howie- god no! Or maybe James. A high school click- I'm sure I would have been an athlete! HAHA- I would have been thrown in the nerd pack in two seconds straight

I saw Ross Mathews interview with the house guests- that Jordan looks like a complete moron- she was bragging that she just got her boobs done 3 weeks ago- charming.

Is it just me or does Chima look like Lil Kim- she looks like she has had a LOT of work

Russell the love muscle!? Charming!

I think the fact that this dumbass calls sex booger is going to make me want to kill her.

What is with Kevin and all the "enese" talk- again, this may start to bother me soon.

Who the hell would choose to sleep on an inflatable bed? I would NOT be pleased.

I love the Kevin is calling out Natalie on her real age.

A days of our lives looking guy- haha Jordan is a tool

Russell is disgusting- I can't handle anyone who's neck is larger than his head. Plus the head itself is teeny tiny- it's like the guy from Beetlejuice

Oh they just said that we do know the extra person- PLEASE LET IT BE DR. WILL!!!

Ok I absolutely love you Lydia now for calling Kevin your Duckie! I love you now

OH NO! They need another offbeat person- does that mean Evil Dick? I did like him during his season but I need an attractive guy in there- WILL!!

Well at least Jordan can admit she isn't intelligent

I am having trouble looking at Chima's face- there has been a LOT of work there!! And I can't believe that she is a brain


OH GOD NOT COWBOY_ PLEASE NO!!! OH GOD MAKE IT STOP!!! What the hell!??!!? Why him- he was AWFUL!! AWFUL!!! There are WAY better people to bring in

NOT JESSICA!!! ACH!! I can't stand her voice!! Please no!! Her voice is awful!

BRIAN!??!!? He was there for like 12 seconds- who the hell cares about this guy!?/ Seriously- he was an awful player. Granted he is attractive


WHO THE HELL PICKED OUT THESE 4 PEOPLE!?!?! THEY ARE THE WORST CANDIDATES EVER!!!!! I am literllay upset right now- these are the WORST pics ever!!! I usually agree with what they do

I think i might puke watching any of these. I mean Brian and Jessica are the lesser of the evils. Just DON"T make it Jesse or Cowboy- they will ruin my season

Ok the brains are not doing well at all! LET THE OFFBEATS DROP!! NO COWBOY!!

Yes Jeff is out- send off Jesse!

Well there goes Brian- GO JESSICA! YES! NO COWBOY!!! YES!!


Jesse is going to nominate Lydia and Kevin because he's horrid. I HATE HIM SO MUCH!! This is sooo upsetting!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

New Celeb Baby Name

Tobey Maguire and his wife Jennifer Meyers had their second baby and didn't release the name for over a month. Now I wasn't holding out much hope since the name of their first child was Ruby Sweetheart- yuck. But this is a thousand times worse. Otis Tobias....OTIS!! What the hell!?!? Who the hell names their child Otis?! So bad!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Angels and Demons

I went to see Angels and Demons last night and actually did enjoy it. I went into it with some apprehension because I really disliked the Da Vinci Code but was pleasantly surprised. I have read both books and let's be honest- while the stories are definitely intriguing Dan Brown is not the strongest writer. But he writes in a manner that would make it really easy to make the story into a movie. I don't fully understand why the screenwriter changed the story- it flowed seemlessly before but the end product in both movies left lots of unanswered questions.

My first issue was the casting of Tom Hanks. I strongly disliked him as Robert Langdon in the first one but in this one it was fine. It seemed much more age appropriate (I"m going to pretend the speedo scene didn't happen).

I wish they hadn't changed the CERN story around- that whole seen at the beginning with the creation of the anti-matter so wasn't necessary. Using lots of science mumbo jumbo and explosions was not necessary. They should have just stuck with the original story.

But it was a good movie- I was excited to see the Vatican archives and the necropolis under St. Peters. That was the most exciting thing for me. I swear if I ever got a wish I would want to go and play in those archives- I can't even imagine the shit that they have down there. It would be amazing!

I also loved to watch all the sites across Rome- I so need to go back!

Monday, June 29, 2009

The Bachelorette

Watching this show now just makes me squirm- she is just so awkward with Wes! Why doesn't she see what a huge douche he is!!

I do like Reid but I still think that he is the one who will have some erectile dysfunction issues! I actually think that Reid is a bit too normal for Jillian- she likes the issues

Ok I don't think it's appropriate for Jillian to do so much PDA in front of his family- no one wants to do that in front of their parents! Especially when there are 4 other guys

I just don't think Mike is going to happen- she won't pick the Jesse. He is just too young and odd..but yet she is odd too so maybe she will like it.

That twin switch was not terribly difficult- even I could tell the difference and I'm not a big fan

I definitely think that Kipton is a front runner. His mom is a bit intense but she wasn't thrown off

Jesse- oh I do like him. He has been a favorite of mine for a while. The family band session was a bit odd

Wes- oh god this is so awkward. He is soooo gross!! I knew right away when I first saw this show that he was a douche- the nasty groomed facial hair was a dead give away.

Oh Jillian I can't believe how excited you are- so awkward! Why don't you get it!! I can't even imagine how embarrassed she is watching this right now

OH GOD NOT THIS SONG AGAIN!!! MAKE IT STOP!!!!!!!!! And now kissing- ew! Wes isn't a good liar...uh huh...I swear this guy thinks he's going to get an oscar from this

Jake I love you- but I can't handle the tucked in shirt into the high waisted pants. Other than that I love him

Oh she's in a hotel- I think this will be the scene where we see the guy get emotional over the railing- obviously Jillian is not going to believe him.

God Jake just say it- you are so socially awkward! Oh it's not the throwing over the railing scene- I was looking forward to that. Why didn't Jake tell her about him talking about his air time? That was also a douchebag sign

Oh no there is my railing scene- he really is way too emotional. So hot yet so awkward...call me

Is his family going to play into this? Or did he get some friends to act like his family?

I am looking at these people trying to figure out if they look like him...they also aren't doing any interviews with them...I am very suspicious right now

Now Ed is back?!!? WHAT THE HELL!? They actually kept a surprise on the bachelorette- I was not expecting him

Listening to Jillian's logic about believing Wes is just so ridiculous- this girl is just turning out to be super annoying.

Oh and Wes gets a Rose- interesting. I hope the last one goes to Jesse but I'm sure it'll be Wes just to piss me off.

Well let's see how Wes weasels his way out of this.

Thursday, June 25, 2009


I go to a movie and Michael Jackson dies?!?! I miss one of the biggest gossip stories ever only to read about it on Facebook!? He was only 50- what the hell?!!? I mean he has always looked frail and has wreaked absolute hell on his body but how the hell did he die??! He was training with the incredible hulk for his concerts- did that do something?

For the record I've never really been a Michael Jackson fan. Thriller terrified me- I much preferred Boy George. But I did like a few of his songs- Man in the Mirror was great. And the Jackson 5 was great. I don't want to kick a man down but he was creepy.

I feel so bad for his children- what the hell is going to happen to them? Will they go to their mother? Will they get to stop wearing masks? Do they have to pay his debts?

I actually feel bad for Farrah Fawcett- this may sound awful but she will totally be overshadowed.


My friend Michelle had a free ticket to go see the movie Sharkwater tonight at Square One tonight. I can't turn down a free ticket! And I am really glad I went- it was a fantastic documentary. Incredibly disturbing yet quite informative. It was all about the illegal poaching and long line catching of sharks.

I have always enjoyed watching shows about sharks- my dad and I always used to watch Shark Week. This movie was so depressing- it just showed how ignorant people are. And it made me hate people more than I already do- and that is saying something.

The shark population is down 90% and many species are on the verge of extinction. And why is that? So some asian cultures can enjoy shark fin soup. A soup that is "made" with shark fins. Shark fins have absolutely no flavour. They do nothing but add status to you. They pull these sharks up, cut off their fins then throw them back in the water unable to swim. It is HORRIFIC- and it is happening all over the world. I am sooo disturbed- again, I hate people. These are the same people who kill bears just for their paws and gall bladders and leave the rest.

Now don't get me wrong- I am not against fishing or hunting. Obviously. But only under controlled situations. And not involving endangered species...or threatening the populations. And I believe in using the whole product. And in quick painless kills. If you are going to fish sharks eat the whole goddamn thing. Assholes.

I highly recommend this documentary- but it is rather graphic. Don't be like the dumbass mother who brought a 2 year old to see this. We all had to listen to the child's screams as she was traumatized


RIP Farrah Fawcett

I just read on Dlisted that Farrah Fawcett died- it's just so sad! She was only 62. I watched the documentary she filmed a few weeks ago and was hysterical crying- she was just so young. Plus I loved Small Sacrifices when I was a kid- I watched that like a million times! After I Know My First Name is Steven it was my favorite dramatic made for tv movie!

Anyways- I hope this raises awareness and gets people to go out and get a colonoscopy...I mean it was a preventable cancer...people have to get over the retarded stereotype and just do it.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Freaky Facebook Continued

OK I just got home and got totally freaked out- Facebook how do you know so much about me!?!!?!?!? The person in the add a friend corner was a girl who I met in Europe 8 years ago....and she is from Canberra Australia!! AUSTRALIA! We have no friends in common and I knew her for 6 days- soooo scary! How the hell does facebook know that?!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Jon Minus Kate- Confirmed

Well it's confirmed...they filed for legal separation today. The whole thing is just sad- they really did sell themselves to the devil. Kate has lost her family, her husband- was the money worth it>?

Don't get me wrong- they are both to blame. When the show first started it just seemed like a normal family trying to make a go of it. Of course Jody has now revealed that everything was staged from the beginning and Kate just wanted to get everything paid for. But in the past two years it has been all about staged scenarios- there is nothing remotely authentic.

At the end of last season you saw that Jon wanted to work outside the home and not do the show anymore- Kate of course wanted to keep going. They now had a multimillion dollar home and she wanted money. He agreed to stay- he bought into it too. Instead of retreating to work on their relationship they kept going...and there went the relationship

Now Jon has been seen apartment hunting in NYC- what the hell!? You should live in the same place as your children even if you aren't in the same house. And I"m concerned about those two dogs- Kate hates them. I hope they don't just get rid of them.

I actually feel bad watching this show now. I used to love it- now I feel I'm just participating in the breakdown of a family.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Freaky Facebook

Now I love me some facebook- it was heartbreaking that it was banned at my work this week! I liked to get to work early and get caught up. And now it's banned!

But facebook is starting to totally freak me out. On the top right corner it suggests people that you should add as a friend. I've always assumed that it will suggest people who I share many friends with- and that is common. Usually it is someone from KL who I know but who I'm not necessarily friends with. But lately it is FREAKING ME OUT!!! It keeps suggesting ex's to me- and these are people who I share one or two friends with. And they keep popping up- I mean there must be queens people that I many of my friends have on their lists but they aren't coming up. Then today a girl popped up who I tutored back in PEI who lives in Labrador- we share NO friends and I forgot she exists. How on earth does facebook know that I tutored in 2004?! Freaky!!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Pushing Daisies

This is so depressing- watching the last new Pushing Daisies episode. I can't believe another channel didn't pick up this show- it's so bloody amazing. I really hope there is singing!!

This show is just visually amazing- there is nothing like it! Yes, yes I am getting upset that it's the last episode.

HAHA the aquadolls- it's Nina from Just shoot me!

I love them practicing their synchronicity- too funny.

IT"S RICKY!! Ricky from my so called life!!! He instilled one of my life long dreams in me- a gay best friend. I have always wanted to be a hag...have someone to go shopping with, help me be fabulous...

I love that Lily's list of demands is a vodka fountain- haha!

I never drink and dive- haha!

I can't believe how brave these women are for getting into bathing suits.

HAHA- the intrepid cow!! What a fantastic restaurant!

Ok I love that they are ending everyone's storyline even if it rushed. And I don't really care that we don't find out how Chuck and Ned end up- it doesn't really matter to me. I like that Emerson's daughter finds him.

And it all ended with Digby running in the flowers! Digby! We haven't seen him in ages- god I loved him!

Celebrity Divorce

For some reason this just upsets me- I thought they were two of the "normal" ones. I guess it's normal these days to get divorced so it shouldn't be terribly shocking. I just say on E that Bradley Whitford and Jane Kaczmarek have filed for divorce after 16 years of marriage. I adore her from Malcolm in the Middle- loved that show (well the first few years). And he always seemed like a nice guy on talk shows and what not. And they ran a fantastic charity together called Clothes off our Back where they would get celebrities to donate their outfits from award shows and red carpet events and auction them off for children's charities.

So sad.

Monday, June 15, 2009

The Bachelorette

Even though she and Michael seem to have fun together he is a bit too goofy....I say that though knowing that DeAnna chose Jesse when I never thought that would happen.

Oh god Wes you are so FREAKIN nasty- you are the quintessential douchebag. You had to bring up your CD that is coming out soon? And this would be good publicity? Well maybe not- your song SUCKS!

Wow Kipton is a genius- he could tell she was upset! What tipped him off- the fact that she said she was upset, or that she stormed off? I hate the hat- I hate hats

I would have a heartattack if I had to go up in a small plane to land on a glacier. For safety reasons shouldn't she be in her own seat? Safety first people!!

My ADD would not allow me sit at the top of a glacier- what the hell is there to do there? I'd rather be sitting in the hot springs in Banff looking at the mountains

I don't like that Jesse doesn't really make eye contact with her- it's kind of weird

That Ed situation was a bit odd...I mean I understand not being able to leave your job- trust me! But don't you think you would have had that all organized prior to going on the show?

Why the hell is Jillian in a gondola? Is this just to film her being upset?

This girl is so weird- she really wants a damaged guy. She doesn't like Jake because he is perfect? Send him over!

Interesting she doesn't want a cocktail party- isn't it best to spend as much time with them as possible? Especially since you are trying o find someone in a very short amount of time

What the hell is up with her dresses- she wears dresses that look like they come from Laura's or fairweather. It just looks so stiff- you would think she would have a bigger budget to get some amazing dresses

Tanner is super awkward and a bit spastic- every just accepting the rose he was all jumpy

Oh god keep Mark- he's hot!! NO!!! NOT WES!! HE'S NOT HOT!! The trimmed facial hair- EW!!! EW!!! The bad singing- EW!! EW!!

Goodbye Mark I'll miss you

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Video of the Day

This.is.amazing.!!! AMAZING!!

Mark Paul Gosselaar I heart you...and my god you look fantastic! You still look exactly the same! This whole skit was freakin genius- Kelly moved to another zip code, Stacy Korosi, the Zack attack! AMAZING!!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Tony Awards

That had to be one of the best opening numbers in award show history!! I mean the talent on the stage was amazing. First of all- POISON!? What the hell is Poison doing there- I must see this Rock of Ages show! I don't understand why Brett had to lipsynch but it was still great. Next- West Side Story- I have some fond memories of the trainwreck KL production that I was in. Then Dolly Parton- I LOVE DOLLY PARTON! She is campy goodness through and through! I have always wanted to go to Dollywood! And Liza- again, campy goodness. My inner gay man was just thrilled. Then to end it with Hair- my favorite musical of all time. With Elton, Niles Crane, etc...it was amazing! I would have KILLED to have been on that stage!

And now Doogie is on the stage- this show just keeps getting better and better! Who would have ever thought he would grow up to be so hot- his suit is fantastic.

Jane Fonda- I used to love you too. I remember being 8 and doing the Jane Fonda workout with my mom!

A bit too much of this Shrek song with the squeaky voices- this doesn't look terribly appealing to me

After seeing the movie I really really want to see Mamma Mia on stage

Susan Sarandon looks fantastic- I mean i'm sure she's had a little bit of nipping and tucking here and there but her eyebrows still move

Oh yuck I did really want to see Rock of Ages until Constantine Maroulis showed up- what gutter did they drag him out of?! Ok them going after Liza has made me want to see the show again. Oh and don't stop believing- I HAVE TO SEE THIS SHOW!!!

Liza! That's all

Carrie Fisher- my god you can hardly walk! That is so sad

Well Jessica Lange's face seems to be settling in- it's not as frightening...but still not great...

Oh god- now i'm crying during the in memoriam- TWO GOLDEN GIRLS!!! TWO!!!! God I loved them!

Ok I always love me some Hair- it's my favorite. But I'm a purist- I didn't love that performance- not enough belting- too much running around and joking around- I need it to be more of a power ballad

Oh those three boys from Billy Elliott are too cute for words- and my god they are talented. I am SOOO jealous of Becca and Simmie that they are going to see it

I had to put the video of Neil Patrick Harris doing the closing number here- it was FREAKIN fantastic! I love this guy!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Canada's Next Top Model

MAKEOVER DAY!! MY most favorite of all days!!

Linsay- Ok when they said Linda Evangelista I was like what the hell- this girl looks like a man and not LE. But let me say she does look way better with the makeover

Maryam- not a huge difference but she looks really pretty

Meaghan- I do like her hair- but it really isn't that big of a change. The bangs suit her

Nikita- BABY BANGS?!?!? WHAT THE HELL!?!?! No one has ever looked good with baby bangs- NO ONE!!! The are HORRIBLE!! This looks awful on her. She looks sooo harsh and manly- they needed to soften her

Ebony- she would not have been able to pull off a Halle Berry cut. The cut is super boring

Rebecca- She doesn't look like the same person. I hate that they didn't lightenn her eyebrows. She looks harsh

Rebecca- really a small change but she looks nice

Jill- they left the big black roots?!?! What the hell!?

Tara- there was NO change!! She looks exactly the same

In general there were very few changes all around

Nikita does look awful- I don't blame her for being upset. That is a HORRIBLE haircut

Oh H&M!! I heart that store! I have never seen it so empty!

My god the product placement on this show is just ridiculous- you never see it like this on the American one

I hate the makeup in this photoshoot- most of them look super rough.

In the picture Nikita does look good but the hair isn't good for every day life!


I think that Jill will be going home for sure. I am shocked that Rebecca is in the bottom two- I would have thought they would have liked that she did a modern Twiggy

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Jesus Camp

Holy f'ing Jesus this is TERRIFYING!! Who's scarier- a young muslim in Afghanistan going to a Taliban school or a Pentecostal child from Kansas?! Truly- it's a toss-up.

I am watching a Pentecostal Children's minister praising George W. Bush for being a man of god. And encouraging young children to speak in tongues. Oh god this is just soooo scary!!

I mean this woman seems like a nice woman- she's just bag shit crazy. These are evangelical's that believe you are only "saved" if you are "born-again". They just interviewed a young 12 year old boy with a mullet talking about getting saved at 5...so scary

Oh and now they are showing the propaganda they show young children to teach them creationism and dispel science. Oh god now the mullet boy's mother is home schooling him that global warming doesn't exist. Let's just keep breeding ignorance

"Science doesn't prove anything"

75% of homeschooled children are homeschooled...Question- what qualifies these parents to be teachers!?

Prayer got taken out of school and the schools fell apart...uh huh...

There are two kinds of people in the world...people who love jesus and people who don't...

These quotes are just killing me....soooo bone chilling...so scary...

I like this Christian radio guy who thinks evangelicals are just crazy...moderate Christians will probably listen to him over an atheist like me...but I agree with him

Watching the young girl pray over her bowling ball for Jesus to help her- it reminds me of me as a young Catholic girl. I used to always pray that I would land on Free Parking

OH GOD! They just showed this crackpot young girl saying god spoke to her and asked her to go speak to a woman and say that god wants to save her....She wants to be a manicurist so she can talk to people about the lord

I pledge allegiance to the Christian flag?!!?!? What the hell is the Christian flag?! They have some sort of weird flag...oh god!

Seriously Kirk Cameron- this is what you've become too?!

And now the pastor is doing tongues over the powerpoint presentation so Satan doesn't stop her from spreading the word...holy crazy batman

I have to remind myself that the Duggars are batshit crazy like this and I love them...so I could love these people too

Ok now it's time for me to throw down with these people- they have started the Harry Potter bashing and hysteria. My god these people are moronic and ignorant. Warlocks are the enemies of god? Does it say that in the bible? Or is it just propaganda going back to the witchtrials? Ignorance breeds hatred. Let's just stifle all brilliance and creativity shall we?

Oh now there is the crazy the little girl who knows what types of churchs god likes- he only likes the kind she goes to. She knows. Note to her parents- this child needs extreme counseling because she is a nutbar

Oh and mullet boy feels he is a mouthpiece for the holy spirit...this is one of the craziest documentaries I've ever seen

This is making me love the Catholic religion for it's sanity....let me tell you that takes a lot! The Catholics are nice and pretty- they aren't shaking and crying like these wack jobs

There is a little boy just shaking and crying because he doesn't always feel the spirit and doesn't feel god but everyone around him is making him feel inadequate. He is a sane little boy who fels he needs to become crazy like the rest of them

Oh and now they are declaring war against the government- charming

Oh now they are praying and doing tongues to a cardboard cutout of George W Bush...let's keep training a child army of crazies. These people must be freaking out over Barack

I love how they all speak with god and god speaks to them exclusively- these people really are quite lucky as they are the chosen ones

Oh and here comes the pro-life propaganda. Yay let's overturn abortion! yay! more children in foster care! Yay! Lives being ruined! Women dying in back alleys! Yay!

Oh yay now they are showing Ted Haggard! The gay druggie! LOVE HIM!! Oh he's preaching against homosexuality- hehe!! He talked to President Bush every week- AMAZING!! Love who that whack job had advising him- America nice choice for president.

Lovely- these children think the idea of dying for god and becoming a martyr is great. Again- what is the difference between these people and islamic extremists?! Are they not all SCARY!

Pushing Daisies

I am watching one of the last episodes of the show that they are just playing off...why oh why is good taste dead?! Why oh why is this show dead!? It is sooooo good!! By far the best written and most visually appealing show of the year

I heart Olive Snook and Digby...long live Pimento Digby!

And she's singing!! Hello....let me tell you. It takes a lot for someone to make me enjoy Lionel Richie.

I love the disguises- his wig and separate sideburns were awesome

I can't believe that we will never hear Audrey sing Suddenly Seymour. ABC- why are your executives such tools?? Why can't they see how absolutely amazing this show is! And it's a show that actually makes sense lost

Oh Olive is going to find love! She is going to end up with David Arquette- yay that is too cute!! She deserves happiness....Ned should realize that she is way better than Chuck- I mean Digby see it too...he is a superb judge of character!

Oh Ned's jealous!! Awesome!! Fight over Olive- I think it should be solved by a dance off

Keep At It Susan Boyle

Ok my Susan Boyle did not win Britain's got Talent- she just got second to some young dance troup who obviously got the young vote. I hope the poor lady is able to get a career out of this- she really is talented

About the dance troup- diversity. Really!? I sooooo soooo don't get it!! I don't see how that could possibly beat Susan Boyle....that was soooo not impressive to me....it was bad actually- highly highly overrated

Friday, May 29, 2009

Hailey Duff Surgery

I actually don't blame her for getting plastic surgery- her before looked like the kitchen witch that used to hang in our kitchen. But with the shaved down chin and nose she looks like Daisy de la Hoya from Rock of Love....and who the hell wants to look like that?!!!?! She needed a better surgeon


Damn You PC!!!

Damn you PC!! You come off as being cheap and reasonable but oh no- you trap me in your web and gauge at my wallet!

I have loved PC ice cream for years...Chocolate fudge chocolate crackle has always been sweet goodness to me. And it has had a similar container for YEARS. And a few years ago it was only $3.99 which is amazing...then it went up a bit..and up a bit more..and I still bought it because it was just so good.

Tonight I went for groceries and they have renamed and repackaged the ice cream. And it's up to $6.69- damn you PC!!! It's so expensive now!!

Ferris Bueller House

Julie wanted me to post about this- a home from one of my childhood classics is for sale. I guess Cameron Frye has gone to Egyptland because his house is up for sale. I always thought it was a cool house in the woods...I mean it would be a great buy. You can live outside Chicago which is a great city and live in the house. But I would ask that there be a red Ferrari included in the purchase.


Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Canada's Next Top Model

They found a top model in Rebecca? Really? I haven't seen her do anything!
Tara- seriously a girl from Quebec speaks like that?! Really!? Someone has to work on her vocabulary

Nigel! Nigel you sexy beast! God I love you!!

Oh god I think that is a black rat snake that Tara is modelling with- the snake that haunts my dreams that I was always scared to run into in Kingston

Oh that poor little bobcat- poor baby with the missing eye.

Alex is a bit odd looking and the pain thing is a bit sketchy.

Where is Andrea from Cycle 1 in the condo? They are treating her like Adrianne from the American show- they don't seem to love cycle 1 winners

They took them to PEI?!

Linsay looks like she is 40 years old

Why the hell oar the calling her lynn-say...it is the weirdest pronunciation I've ever seen.

Well it wasn't shocking that Tiffany is going home- they set her up that way

Monday, May 25, 2009

Video of the Day

Simply amazing. God I love 30Rock! When Elvis Costello says that you know it's serious because they are talking in the middle of the song. It reminds me of Shane and making fun of Boyz to Men in Grade 12 French Class...good times!!