Sunday, February 28, 2010

Closing Ceremonies

I have always enjoyed the olympics but I have to say I have enjoyed these games more than any other I've ever watched. I am just so proud to be Canadian and have been so emotionally involved in pretty much every event. The amount of red in the crowds and the absolute national pride has been amazing.

While it is moving that Joannie Rochette was chosen as the flag bearer I think it should have Charles Hamelin, Alex Bilodeau or Jon Montgomery. Charles because he had two gold medals, Alex because his was first and Jon because he was my absolute favorite. I loved him- his enthusiasm was infectious.

Look the cauldron only has the three arms up- I guess they will finish it off. Oh god a mime- please no! No mimes!! Ok this is a bit too much... Oh and they will let Catriona Lemay Doan light the cauldron.

Inward eye?!!? Who the hell is this!?!? Seriously they couldn't get a known band?!!?

Oh christ here come all the chiefs again. They seriously have to go out of their way to isolate these people!?!? Eye roll.

Where the hell is Obama?! He hasn't really acknowledged the Olympics.

WHAT THE HELL?!!?!? This is the national anthem!?!? Make it stop!!! Ok they started singing normally. It is too poppy for me still but not horrid. Why the hell can't they just sing it normally?!?!?!!? This is retarded. I hate this.

There is my Jon Montgomery- I adore him! Where is his sweater!? Where is men's hockey? They didn't march in the opening- are they not in the closing either?

Urg- again they couldn't get better talent than this?!!? Who the hell are these people!?? It's like they are pandering to the 12 year olds.

I had better see the grande fromage here- where the HELL is Celine!?!? Thank god I'm watching this on PVR I have no time for this crappy music.

I really like John Furlong- I have seen many interviews with him and he seems like a nice guy. Jesus why the hell are they making him speak French!?!? This is painful- I hate the crappy political correctness of this country. Let the guy speak English! Just translate it on the screen.

Now THIS is more like it- Neil Young!!! Finally genuine talent!!! Although I would like to see him Rocking in a Free World.

Ok bobsledders I thought you were funny before but pretending to sleep is just rude.

WILLIAM SHATNER!!! Now this is more like it!! Look at him he's tangerine!!

Catherine O'Hara- again AMAZING!!! This is more like it!!! Maybe she'll sing about terriers!!! Ok this is a bit awkward but I still like her.

ALEX P KEATON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU SOOOOO MUCH!!!!

And here is Mister Bubbles- I was wondering when they would bring him out.

Well here is an assembly of every single Canadian stereotype- it's pretty cute.

I so need those lighted moose antlers!! I mean hello- i can do moose calls!!

Oh and there is Nickelback...of course

Oh and here's Avril. Ok she is a big name- better than those earlier people. Oh and she's singing Girlfriend- I love that song. I actually really like her music- I'll own it. I mean as a person she seems completely vapid and can't seem to stop acting like a 12 year old but her music is good. I guess this is now just a concert since all the athletes are out of their seats

Oh and Alanis- ok finally the big guns! Now this is way better than the beginning. She looks so much better with her hair long. Does she have a big tat on her arm!? What the hell is that? Yuck. This isn't the best song- it should have been peppy and something they could have danced to

The athletes don't seem to really care about this concert- they are all just standing around and chatting more than anything

They ended this thing with chaos?!!? Seriously this is incredibly anticlimactic to me

Whatever- I will remember the events and how much I enjoyed them

Thursday, February 25, 2010


Oh Tom get back in everyone else's good book. I really like him

I love Rob's survivor strategy- it's true. Watch how people sleep. I'm sure Russell's wife wife isn't thrilled watching this

Russell really has to be careful. Yes he was really good on his season and I think when he filmed this he thought he was the winner in Samoa. But he has to be careful. I hope they do vote with Parvati

I'm not sure if I like Russell anymore- why the hell is he hiding the machete?! I know he likes conflict but it just gets retarded at one point.

Oh JT you have to be careful about the lying- you will get caught

They are really setting it up to look like Parvati and Candace are going home. Why the hell would you do challenges in tiny bikini bottoms. Isn't Parvati supposed to be a boxer? She went down. Loved seeing Tom take Russell out so quickly

Why the hell is coach screaming? He is insufferable? WOOHOO!! Go Rupert!! Haha Jerry was down in twelve seconds!! Does James have a tongue ring!?!? Men have those? Yay JT!!

And Tyson went for a kiss- haha!

James and Randy?! Who the hell planned this pairing?!

Holy implants and igly ruffled bikini bottoms Danielle! I have no idea who you were but you are trying to get noticed

I can't stand Parvati and her laugh- I've never liked her

Oh god here goes Coach with how honorable he is. I would love love love to see Parvati voted out but it will be Randy

Randy was useless but it should have been Parvati- she is way more of a threat and not a benefit to the challenges

American Idol- Results

I'm happy to see that Hailey made it through- I think she's fun and spunky and needs another chance.

I would have been ok with Siobhan or Michelle going home- they did nothing for me

Oh I like Katelyn- I'm glad she's safe.

Katey and Janelle- it will be Janelle going home. I'm ok with that. I appreciate that she chose Heart but it wasn't great.

Oh Yay Crystal is safe! URG Lacey is still there!! YUCK!! Ok it's Ashley and Didi- I really hope it's Ashley. She was retardedly annoying. I like Didi- I hope she stays. Yes it's Ashley! Thank god- I can't handle her. And she looks like a complete bitch right now. And I hate her jaw- it makes me squeamish looking at people with a protruding jaw. I know that sounds weird but it's true. Oh god I have to change the channel because I can't watch her again

Urg Todrick is still there- yuck. He is so annoying.

It's between Tim and Joe- it could be either. I feel bad for the Joe because he is not memorable. I like Tim and wanted him to get another chance. Oh and it is Joe- like I said before he is the eyebrow guy from last year.

Ok from this group I hope it is Jermaine who goes home. Yuck it's not. Oh it will be the young boy with the mullet. OMG Tyler?!!? What!?!? I loved him! What the hell!?

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Pic of the Day

Guess who this is? Seriously guess....

Two of us thought that it was Clive Owen. Nope it's the Latin lover himself Antonio Banderas!! Not a good luck for him!

American Idol

Alright time for the men

Todrick- yuck. I still don't enjoy him at all. It's never a good idea to start a song with Girl. You aren't going to do it for me. Oh god it's a horrid Bobby Brown version of a great Kelly Clarkson song. Yuck.

Aaron- oh poor Aaron looks so scared. He's young but he has a good voice- I think his nerves will get the best of him though. He should definitely stick with country- it will get the votes from the American public. He can definitely sing- he needs to just calm down and get used to this. I like him though he seems genuine

Jermaine- yuck. He is an ass- he called out the band and is an arsehole. Yuck- this is an awful key for him. The weird whispering breathy falsetto is just awful. And the runs- yuck. Next

Tim- I do like him but HATE the sideswept bangs. They are just awful!! I wouldn't be thrilled if the picture they are using of me had big pit stains! I like his voice and like his look- is it just me or is doing blue steele through this whole performance?! Ok bad song choice- I don't enjoy his falsetto at all- it's not strong enough. Every time he sings it's too late I cringe. I hope he goes through though and sings something better next week

Joe- I totally don't remember this guy. What the hell is going with this song?! Who is arranging these songs!?!? And who is controlling the levels- the band is sooo loud!! This song is just going to fast for him- it's like he can't catch up. He isn't memorable enough- I don't see him giong through very far. He's like the guy with the eyebrows last year who didn't make it far. Again- why is the band so bloody loud? They need to turn up the mike

Tyler- ok I do like him but I hope that he doesn't get annoying. Ok I like him- I like the bluesy style. Ok by far my favorite. I really like him. I mean he goes off a bit when he screams- he doesn't have the talent in his scream that Adam Lambert had. But he's still really good

Lee- Ok this is one of my favorite songs of all time...he doesn't need to sing all different notes to make it his own. Oh it's pitchy and it doesn't sound like the same song other than the band repeating the riff. I hate it- he is doing the same the same thing that Todrick did- changing the song too much. Not a fan.

John- I don't really remember his voice. What a HORRIBLE song choice!! It is old and boring and completely unmemorable. Yuck!!!! I think he'll go home because of it.

Big Mike- I thought he was booted off the show. I guess not! I think he will definitely get votes because he is incredibly lovable.

Alex- kid has a full blown mullet. It is very odd. I don't enjoy his tone- it is way too R&B. And he is super nervous so it a bit awkward. I think this guy will definitely go home.

Casey- oh god someone is singing for me to get me to take off my pants. It's working let me tell you. This is by far one of my favorite songs of all time!! Heaven- LOVE IT!! I used to play this on the piano all the time. I swear if he sings Warrant Heaven next week that's it- we'll be married. I really like him. I mean he could do up a button on his shirt but he's great. See this is what I like- a guy who just sings the bloody song. He doesn't change it, doesn't do retard runs. Just sings the notes. Awesome

Andrew- This guy doesn't sing my type of music but I can acknowledge that he is very good. I do like that some of these guys are singing with their guitars. When they get rid of the bad band and just sing- I appreciate it. I actually like him here- he is doing a good job. I prefer this then the Paula Abdul. He is quite good.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

American Idol

Paige- I don't remember this girl- did they ever show her? Her skirt is way too short and her hair is looking odd- it looks like she has bedhead. This was an awful song choice- she doesn't enunciate at all- it's a lot of vowel sounds. And the song is too big so all she does is scream- and rely on the background singers.

Why does Randy have a douche patch?! Just shave it all!!

Oh the Glee teases- why are they doing this to me!?

Ashley- poor song choice right away. You should sing peppy fun songs so people remember you. They don't care. Oh god this is SOOOO painful!! She is COMPLETELY off key! And she for some reason has watched too many Jessica Simpson videos because she is trying to look like her when she sings. It looks awful and painful! That was really really bad.

Janell- Heart. Now this is what I'm talking about! If you want to go slow do a Power Ballad- none of that crappity crap crap R&B shit. This is what sticks out. Although this song may be too big for her- she is a bit more Jewelish but ths song is so good. Ok she is going off. Oh and it's hurting her throat- I could hear the scratching

Lily- the Beatles. Well that is ambitious. Ok she for some reason decided to go quirky. Do you know the American public at all!? They don't like weird- they are boring. This is way too odd. And I can't hear her guitar- is it necessary for her to be playing? Oh and now she's doing annoying jazzy Bjork stuff. Urg. She's going home.

Katelyn- ok more Beatles. They are really liking the black leather this season. I don't mind this- a bit too jazzy for me personally but she can sing- when she goes up she isn't simply screaming. The girl is singing.

I agree Randy- stop it with the damn freakin runs. I hate them.

Hailey- I am looking forward to this one. I think she is super cute. I hope she sticks with the country/rock/rockabilly vibe. I want to hold your hand. Little know fact- I performed this when I was 11. This is interesting. And I like her little headband. She is always just so happy- I really like her. She seems genuine. By far my favorite. Did they work out a special deal with Paul McCartney- what is up with all the Beatles songs.

Lacey- I know this isn't her fault but this is one of my least favorite names ever. Yes that was a side note. Landslide...interesting....Oh god she started off key. And the pouting is unappealing. Well this is a horrible key for her. This is painful- she has a harsh sharp voice- it is not melodic at all. And there is no way this girl is younger than me- she looks to be my mothers age. That was painful. She also may be going home

Michelle- yet another one that I don't remember seeing before. I another song that I hate that will be full of runs. I like her nail polish- that's a plus. Ok she can sing but I'm bored- next.

Didi- that is a very odd throw rug that she wearing. Ok this song does suit her voice. I wish she would stop shaking her head so much. She is very Feisty. I like her though

Siobhan- what does being a dark horse mean!?!? Ok I didn't think it was possible for her to annoy me more. Who the hell picked this key for her?!?!!? It's horrid!! Those low notes are way too low. The chorus isn't bad though- she has a nice tone. What the hell is going on with that tattoo- never a good look! Ok I hate the verses but like the chorus. And the eyebrows are HORRID! She needs an esthetician asap!!

Crystal- she was my favorite going into this show so we'll see how this goes. I like her but I always despise dreadlocks. I always think people look they stink when they have them. And she broke out the harmonica again- love it! Oh she is sooooo good! I really really like her

Katie- oh my god she is Rachel from Glee. Does she leave a gold star after her name? She is dressed like a member of new directions! What a horrible horrible song. I despise crooning. Hate hate hate the song but she can sing.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Amazing Race 16

Alright let's see if Jordan can pull her weight again this leg. I mean she's slow but she did do the rope walking

I love the expression in it to win it. I swear I'm such a moron that I thought Jason made it up when we did City Chase. No- it's a famous saying

You can't hold spots in line- that is such poor form. I hate when people bud!

Oh no Jeff and Jordan teamed up with a pair that is stupider than them- not a great idea. This is a girl who says ondolay- not smart!! The only good thing is it is the two of them so at least they can compete against each other.

Well in the end they aren't at the very back- they are sooo lucky!!

I can't believe the cowboys are in the lead- who would have thought!?

What the hell is wrong with these people- have they never seen the race!? Jordan didn't get in shape to run!? People didn't learn how to drive stick?! Idiots

I would definitely do the llama challenge- it may be frustrating but I think it would definitely be faster. Yup definitely faster- especially when there are two of them to help each other.

Oh the flying isn't as bad as I thought- I thought they had to hit a target. All they have to do is jump in the water. Yeah that's fast- the slow down is having to change clothes

Well the brothers are helping the grandmother/granddaughter team. I don't think she should say she is the grandchild she admires the most- that will just hurt the others

Yeah the cowboy definitely knew how to milk a cow and he did well. I'm curious if anyone will be thrown off by the baker's dozen.

I am surprised that the grandmother/granddaughter were eliminated- they should have worked harder with their bus arrangements

Thursday, February 18, 2010


God I hope the commercials aren't right and Boston Rob doesn't go home

I love that he says he's on the buffoon tribe- he's such a good player!!

I can't believe how anorexic Courtney is looking right now- she will die on this tribe

Oh and here comes the hero music. Rupert says he loves a working tribe yet he is doing nothing

God I hope they get rid of Parvati soon- I hate her

What the hell is going on with Rob?!?! Oh please don't cry!!! Don't pull a Jake on me and start crying!! At least he's admitting it was crybabyitis

The heroes are proving to be useless again with puzzles. And Rupert isn't helping anyone by yelling at them. Stephanie is ruining everything as always- she is sooo overated and she sucks. PLEASE GET RID OF HER!!

I actually agree with James- Stephanie has to shut the fuck up. Colby why the hell did you line up with Stephanie? You too Tom- get rid of her!

There is no way Cirie will vote for Amanda! Have these people not watched this show? Cirie is too smart to join these people

COLBY SHUT UP!!! Don't stick up for Stephanie!! And TOM SHUT UP!!! Why are these people ruining their games for those eyebrows?!

Ding dong Stephanie is gone!! WOOHOO!!! HATE HER!!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

American Idol

I think Janelle is too similar to Didi

It is sooo easy to tell when they will be kicked off because the girls won't look up

I really like Tyler- I hope that he makes it through!!

I really like Crystal- I hope she goes through

I hope the cute little black cowgirl makes it through- I like her

I really like Thaddeus- he had a really fun personality. He was way better than Todrick or Jermaine

Of course the Paula Abdul guy will get through

Video of the Day

God I miss you Glee! Those sweaters make her look home schooled!!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

American Idol

Jermaine does nothing for me- but I'm not a fan of the runs

I do really like Casey- he has a great voice. And totally reminds me of Tyler Brand

Ok the second Jermaine doesn't do it for me either- the screeching to Micheal Jackson- not a fan. And he forgot the lyrics- and threw the band under the bus. Next

What the hell is Siobhan wearing?!!??! Who the hell brought back legwarmers?!?!

Crystal is probably my favorite this season- I really enjoy her. I don't think she'll do well because most people have horrid taste and would go for the crappy Jermaines but she is by far the best. And she brought out a harmonica!

Ok bringing out a ukelele will always bring me joy

Big Mike is so good- I hope the rumours aren't true. I heard that he was booted because his dad spilled the beans about him being top 24. I hope that's not true and it's not his fault

What is with Kara yelling and dancing- is she trying to channel Paula!? This Todrick guy is horrid.

Ok Thaddeus' mother is way too much!!

Mary is a bit too intense and I'm not sure if I like her after the group week

Hope is not a great singer- time to go home. A propos song

Shelby was also not great

The song choices of the women aren't great. This Ashley is just jerking all over the place- it's too much

I hope the cute little black cowgirl gets through

It's odd they have the judges sitting on the stage at the Kodak...I like how they just pointed out the new Vitamin water cups

I don't really understand why they do the rooms then do another cut with no performance in between. Why don't they just skip the room part?

Yes Mike got through- I like him

I really liked Didi too- I'd like her to go through

Oh Shelby is the girl with the face paralysis- I feel bad but I didn't love her. I don't think she's good enough

The girls are very obvious- they don't look up when a person doesn't make it- they can't make eye contact

I hope Casey goes through- I like him

Oh a Glee commercial- why are they taunting me!??! I miss it so much

I can't stand Todrick- too arrogant.

Monday, February 15, 2010

The Bachelor

Obviously Ally is still on the show- it shows her waking up and pondering life in a hotel room. Then it shows her on the bluff. This just seems SOOO staged- every season this show gets more and more produced with storylines written it. First it was Jason breaking up with Melissa and now this

Well I actually agree with Jake- you have to be able to travel with someone to make a relationship work

Oh god Jake stop the dancing- that is not a good look for you!! This is sooo awkward!!

Uh huh Gia you will wear that necklace on your arm forever my ass! I'd like to see your arm the day after he dumps you

I do really like Gia's headband- it's very cute

I am sooo sick of these girls who go into this and say oh I am scared to be hurt again. Well what the hell are you doing on the bachelor?!

Ok this is an even bigger pet peeve- when they pretend they don't know what the fantasy card is. SOOO annoying!!! Oh what could this be?!

Oh Gia we can all see that you are ready to go all the way...

And look the trail of clothing to the bathtub- that doesn't look staged at all...

Tenley makes WAY too big a deal about her stupid past...oh no you aren't a virgin!!

You can lead me in life and that's what I want...I just puked in my mouth

I just don't see any passion with Jake and Tenley- it looks completely boring

And there is tangerine Vienna- from the dress to the skin...

And here comes the music while they make out on the boat...on the wings of love...

They are talking about rings...that is really interesting...maybe she is the final one...

Oh look Ally is back...urg....Ally with the dead black eyes

Yet another tedious long drawn out conversation with Ally....just make this stop

I definitely think it's Gia that is going home

You took all the relationships to the next level...of course you did...

He looks sad when he looks at Tenley- maybe it is her...he is having trouble looking at her

Well I think the first rose will go to Vienna then it will be between the other two

I swear I thought he would say he would be the luckiest man on earth if he could marry all three!

Nope it's Tenley- so Gia is going home

Yup I was right- let's see how long it takes her to rip off the necklace from her wrist

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Amazing Race 16

I am taking a break in my non-stop Olympic watching to watch this...of course the Olympics are recording so I don't miss a thing!!

Oh god that Miss Teen USA girl is here- no, I will always think you are a dumbass...there is no way of changing that!!

Oh- Jeff and Jordan! Speaking of another dumb I love them!! I don't think they will make it to the end but we'll see

The 71 year old is a triathlon- ok she is going to kick ass hopefully

Of all the big brother pairs I have to admit I wish it was Will and Boogie- I miss them!

I am surprised by the size of some of the backpacks- the grandmother has a huge bag.

Ok I'm to love the gay brother- love that he's making fun of the pageant girl!

Oh god Jordan is going to have absolutely no geographical knowledge- Jeff make sure to do the puzzle challenges!!

Oh god Jordan asked for tickets to China- this could be a disaster!!

Oh not they got Brazilian money- that's a disaster!!

I would have a heart attack walking across a cable

Oh god this is going to be a season of people calling each other baby- I might go insane

And the models are showing they are morons- they are not using the funicular. I rode one in Italy- it is fun

Who the hell thought it was a good idea to let the big guy do the ropes- not a great idea

Those models just have such a vapid look in their eyes

Oh my god they walked into someone's house and started painting!! That's crazy!!!

Ok never mind the brothers are a nightmare- I don't think I will enjoy them!

I can't believe the cowboys are team 3- the other teams should feel COMPLETELY inept!

Well that team needed to go- they couldn't do the first challenge. And her moustache was really bothering me

Friday, February 12, 2010


I'm SOOOO excited for these Olympics!! i've been looking forward to them for YEARS!! I can't believe that I'm not in Vancouver for them- I've been harassing Nas for years that I would go and yet I'm here....if this wasn't a kick in the ass to budget I don't know what is...

Ok enough about the Debbie Downer- it's the OLYMPICS!!! I was actually on the ice curling until 8:58 and watched the first hour at the club- I'm late blogging. I didn't get to here any of the commentary really and am now on my couch watching Poland walk in. Some comments:

The National Anthem- URG!! Seriously- where the HELL was CELINE!?!? That was HORRIBLE?!!? She had an ok voice but she went all Mariah Carey on that- it was sooo painful! And not appropriate for the event. It should have been sung beautifully and straightforward.

The opening native sequence- again, URG!!! I expected way more ot the opening sequence- the whole thing was native. It acted like that represents all Canadians....and I don't care about the PC shit- IT DOESN"T!!! And why the hell are all those people in the box with the Prime Minister and Governor General? I mean none of us know who the hell they are. And since when are Vancouver AND whistler the territory of the natives!!?

There should have been more in the opening that represent ALL Canadians...ALL of the cultures!!!

Oh the Olympians are already entering- where is the rest of the opening?!

I love the countries that only have 1 athlete- they look SOOO excited!!!

I'm still trying to spot Nas and Sara in the crowd- wehre are you?!

I heard at curling that Gretzky was going to run the torch in then hand off to Terry Fox's mother who will give it to a hologram of Terry Fox who will light the torch. Honestly- I hate the idea of this. I love the beginning....EXCEPT Terry should then hand it off to someone to light it. It's such a HUGE honour that it would mean so much to someone living. And it should be an Olympian.

I'm SOOOO glad to hear Brian Williams announcing- I thought he was with the CBC and I was scared we wouldn't hear him. There is something about his voice that just screams Olympics to me

One of my guesses for a person running the torch was Catriona Lemay Doan- well she is announcing so I'm guessing that won't happen

Well there's Biden- where the hell is Barack?

There's Louie Vito from Dancing with the Stars

Oh I see Canada- I'm so excited!! I think I might cry...seriously...this stuff gets to me every time!! Wow we have 206 athletes- that's amazing!! \

Oh god look of the pictures in Afghanistan- they look like babies...i'm going to cry more!!

I hate the scarf Clara is wearing- it looks like the Bay blanket. I don't mind the one the athletes are wearing. Urg her hat has to represent the first nations too?!!? This is wayyyyy too much

Oh Bryan Adams!!! You look so skinny!! Nelly Furtado you are not the best lipsyncher. I'm not sure about Nelly Furtado doing the sexpot dance in that dress- it just seems odd

Oh and it's Donald Sutherland's voice- it's so soothing!!

Ok the ceiling is pretty cool

Ok this bear is pretty damn cool!!! I do enjoy that...Coca Cola must have paid for that! And I love the floor. Now this is more like it!! And the whales are pretty cool

Oh and there is Sarah McLachlan- that makes sense! I love her necklace. They are making her lipsynch too?! I appreciate all the ballet dancing- if they can keep throwing in other cultures I'll stop being so cranky

Ok and the fiddlers- again, I totally appreciate this!! My family was full of fiddlers...Is that Dawson dressed as a Viking in a boat?!?! Oh Dawson Leary what are you doing?!

Ok the maple leafs on the ground are pretty cool....I'm very much enjoying this section. I love the red floor. This is super cool! This might be my favorite part- I'm loving this...ok loved the fiddling! But the tapping is doing nothing for me- not my favorite style of dance...Oh and here comes Ashley MacIsaac- I used to love him! Ok it's back to being good again...And the flames- all taping should have flames!!

JONI MITCHELL!!!! Ok crying again- my mom loves this song. And I see Emma Thompson crying in Love Actually...god this gets me every time! Are they not going to show Joni? This aerial acrobat is really good.

This Rocky Mountain scene is very cool too! This lighted rollerskating is reminding me of Starlight Express- except this is much much better!

WHo the hell is this guy with the weird beard?!? Seriously- I can't look past the beard...actually I don't mind what he's saying. Oh and they made a maple leaf- I like it

Oh they are acknowledging the death of the athlete- that is really nice. I can't believe they aired that on tv- it was so disturbing. You would think these people would learn how to pronounce Bienvenue!!! Oh god they are translating on the big screen- we don't have to hear him struggle with French. And it saves time. Michaelle Jean appears to be asleep! Well she'd better wake up- she gets to open the games! Oh poor Harper!

Oh Jesus here comes the crying again!! Hallelujah!! I love this song! And I love kd lang's version!! Leonard Cohen should join her to make the place go mental. For some reason I think she might really be singing...the others all looked lipsynched but I don't know.

Oh and here comes the Olympic flag. There is Donald Sutherland- he looks so cool! Oh there is Terry Fox's mother- she is at the front. Jacques Villeneuve- I've heard of him but wouldn't have recognized him. Don't know the figure skater. Oh there's Anne Murray. Romeo Dallaire- heard of him. Oh Bobby Orr- that's more like it! Bring out the legends!! Oh a female astronaut- never heard of her. I'm glad to see Bobby Orr there- although he could have ran the torch.

OF COURSE Gretzky will be involved with the torch- we haven't seen him! I think Donovan Bailey will also be involved.

Oh and they will have an opera singer do the olympic song- excellent! Talent!! Meesha- my friend who went to university with you said you are a cow- but I'm ok with that. You should be a diva!

Wow they are really honoring the luge player- he is a huge part of this ceremony. Poor guy. Oh and they put the flags to half mast- that is so nice!

Oh they have Hailey Wickenheiser doing the oath- that makes sense. She has been in like a million olympics.

Who the hell is this French guy- where is Roch Voisine?!

Ok is this the torch finally- this is what I've been waiting for for months!! Oh it's the paraathlete Rick Hansen- that is very deserving. Oh it is Catriona Lemay doan- she left the broadcasting to do this- I didn't notice she wasn't talking anymore. Oh it's Steve Nash- isn't he against Canada? I thought I heard rumours about him but could be wrong.

Nancy Greene- now that is very very deserving. I'm glad they are bringing out the big guns

And there is Gretzky! Listen to the crowd. Of course he's involved! And they are all at different points- will they really give it to Terry Fox!? No one other than a Canadian will understand who he is. I am shaking all over in anticipation- seriously- this gets me everytime!!

Oh it just showed Nancy Greene crying- that is nice! Oh the hydraulics aren't working- that's what going on!! I was wondering what the hell the hold up was!! The cauldron is right in the middle of BC place? I guess there are no events there

Oh shit whoever is in charge here is going to be fired! This is awkward! Wait who lit it!?!? I didn't see one person light it?! I'm so confused!?!? Was it supposed to be Terry Fox and the whole thing got messed up!? Oh Wayne Gretzky is going to go outside to light it- maybe this is when they will involve Terry Fox

Will he be passing it off to others? This is super weird!

Oh they just said that Catriona Lemay Doan started the torch run- how many times does this woman have to do it?

This is one of the weirdest torch lighting scenes I've ever seen!!

Will this drunken crowd let Gretzky through!?

I said from the beginning it would be Gretzky doing this and it was...god I'm awesome

K that was great- and I love the design of the cauldron!

I'm so excited for these games!

Thursday, February 11, 2010


I am super excited about this season of survivor!! Granted I don't agree with all the choices but all in all it will be good. It would be perfect if Richard Hatch had been able to go, along with Yau Man! Yau Man- I loved you!

Urg I can't believe Parvati is back- she was awful. I have never liked her

But Rupert is back- I love him!

And Russell- it will be interesting to see what he is able to do this season since no one here saw his season and are not aware of his gameplay

And James- what the hell!?!? He never got far- he's a horrible castaway

NOO!! Not COACH!! He is SOOOOO horrible!!! And is so hard to watch

Yay Rob- love you! You were always great!

Colby- I always picture you spooning your mother in that Aztec- it just ruins it!

Yay Cirie- I wish Taj were there too

AAAHHHH Stephanie! I HATE HER!!! Why do they always bring her back!?!?

And Sandra- she was a lackluster winner- not deserving of being back

Coach is already being a douche flexing

Oh god Amanda again?!!? Who the hell did she sleep with to get here?!? She was always SOOOO boring!! There is nothing remotely all star about her

My cousin named his son Colby...seriously

Oh god Courtney you're a tool- you didn't gain any weight before going out here?!!? What the hell are you thinking

Who the hell is Danielle?! I cannot remember who the hell this girl is.

Candice?!!? How the hell is this girl one of the top of all time?!?!?!

Jerri is still an idiot- why would she call Randy without getting the bag out of the sand

And of course Coach is doing nothing. God he's a tool. I would vote him out first because he is sooooo annoying

Courtney doesn't have an eating disorder my ass


James is a freakin machine

Interesting that Russell is using the same strategy of talking to the different women...

I really don't like the way they are holding the chickens...

They are really profiling Rupert- it is either because he is so popular or he will be the first to go

EW!! Are Jerri and coach going to hook up!?

I love how Randy tried to stop Rob yet he did get he just looks like an ass

I STILL love Boston Rob- he's fantastic. Other than the chain...I can't handle the chain

Oh Rupert you have to do something or you are going to be voted off!!

Oh Coach you are such a tool- I love that Rob has him climbing the tree

Ok Sugar keep annoying everyone- I want to see Rupert stay

I think Villains are still in this- Rob was quietly watching them

Rupert does not seem to be doing anything. Sugar and Rupert appear to be completely useless

Again- who is Danielle?!?!

Time to get rid of Sugar!!!

Sugar went up to Cirie and said it should be Amanda?!!? This girl is a complete and total tool

Tom is right- Cirie is a brilliant strategist. Oh no they are thinking Tom- I really like him. I'd rather see Stephany go

I wish Cirie didn't have that huge dirtbag tat on her just looks atrocious

I think it was a lot of talk but in the end they'll all vote Sugar because they don't want to rock the boat yet

Oh god I forgot how much Stephenie's eyebrows give me the heebie jeebies...they are going to haunt my dreams...

Thank god it's Sugar- she is too annoying for words

Ok this is going to be an awesome season- I'm excited!


Will I ever understand what is going on with this show? Will they ever stop introducing characters to confuse me? And what is with this what if the crash had never happened storyline- so confusing!!

Six seasons of Jack's holier than thou attitude is getting to be too much...he is one of my least favorite characters

Ok so in the alternate universe there is no plane crash....and no island...and Ethan is a doctor in LA...

God I hate Jack- he's an arsehole...a pompous sanctimonious ass

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

American Idol

I am watching both nights of American Idol tonight- this is actually one of my favorite parts. I always love Hollywood week. Except I am totally against the team challenge- it is completely unfair. These people are being groomed to be soloists- and to have to rely on other douches is just not fair

I still think that those who have been profiled have a much better chance when it comes time for the public to vote

Oh Christ Skibo is there- I didn't enjoy him the first time and we'll see if I enjoy him. I don't love his tone but he's not as bad as I remember. Oh god leave....he's freakin annoying

Oh I hope the country girl does well- I really liked her. I feel so bad for her- she is like so many girls I know who just don't feel like they have anywhere to go.

I don't love Andrew's style of music but I can appreciate what he is doing with Straight Up- he is pretty good

I hope Vanessa can take control and stop being so nervous. What a weird weird song to chose....I think she should have stuck with country. Oh poor Vanessa- she was cute but she chose such a bad song. It was a horrible song

I'm not sure why some of these people use an instrument- they just just focus on the vocals. That is what they are looking at. Oh poor Amadeo- I did like him

Oh little Hailey put away the's not worth it. Just focus on your voice. She is a little cutie and I think she can go far

I like the rocker mom too- she is someone who would sing music that I enjoy

Oh for the love of god not the beatboxer- I HATE BEATBOXING!! Thank god they don't enjoy it

I do like Big Mike because he is super charismatic. I'm pretty sure he is booted from the show though because his father leaks that he is a finalist

Oh I really liked Tim- he has a good voice

God I despise crooners...and unnecessary runs...urg.

Oh shocking the sisters are is the dominatrix...

Have these people never watched this show? Why the hell do they pick weird obscure songs? Sing something easy that you can do an amazing job on

I really like Didi- I like this audition much better than the last time we saw her

Oh Crystal is really good too- needs a makeover but girl can sing.

These groups are always a trainwreck- to me this is a waste. Although I do like that the are singing Lady Gaga Bad Romance.

Wow the punk ass mother is becoming a huge ass bitch

Didn't love the first group doing to the left- I thought they were super sharp

The one guy in team awesome didn't seem to sing.

Oh god the rival Bad Romance team Destiny's Wild are a bunch of douche divas. Oh god that ending was ATROCIOUS!! Totally off key!! The are just horrid

Moorea- is a complete crackpot- I would not have wanted have bene in her group. People are cheering because this Jermaine screamed off key? Seriously- i don't understand the chilluns

Ok there is something that I hate as much beatboxing- and that would be scatting

Glee News

Molly Shannon is joining a nemesis for my role model Sue! How fantastic is that!?!? God this show is just getting more and more amazing!


Monday, February 8, 2010

The Bachelor

I can't wait to see the drama that awaits me with tonight's episode!

Ok kissing pictures are retarded- truly no one but you wants to see that

I just don't see him with Gia- he is affectionate with her but I don't see it...

Ok this thing with Ally and her grandmother is way too much for me. She knew about him? He was welcomed into the family by going into her house? And she had tears- way way too much

Urg Tenley- she drives me nuts. I hate her voice SOOO much- but I think she is the best for him. Jesus Christ she is going to dance!?!? THE DANCE THAT IS IN HER HEART!?!? Someone get the shovel- I need to beat her upside the head. OH CHRIST- Pachelbel's canon!??!!?!? Could this BE any cheesier!>?!!?

WHY IS HER MOM CRYING?!?!?!!? This is too much for me- I'm feeling violent. This family is way too much for me! All the crying is ridiculous! Is that the first time that Jake asked from permission? I think it is

Vienna- your guy didn't really know the guy you were with for 4 years?! That is weird. Oh god another family that is crying- what the hell is wrong with these people/!?!

So he is scared by what he feels for Vienna? But he asked Tenley's dad for permission...interesting

Oh and Alli's at the door- I'm guessing she is going to say she's going home. Oh god another work thing- her and Ed....didn't she book the time off?! Wasn't she prepared?!?! Is she going to pull an Ed and leave and hope absence makes the heart grow fonder. Her crying doesn't seem genuine at all. My friend Courtney just said it's her way of trying to get him to say he wants her to stay and be the one and I agree with her

Loving the collapse in the hall- haha!! Love the melodrama...and looking to make sure the camera caught it all...someone wants to be the next bachelorette...

Ok Alli's pouting is way too much! Melanie pointed out how she hates how huge her bottom lip is with no top lip....I can't stand her black beady eyes. People with super dark eyes like that that have no emotion bother me

What the hell does this girl do for a living that is so important?! And why didn't she book the time off? There is only like a week left

Thank god that's over- that was way too melodramatic. And look- he's hanging over a railing again

I wonder who he would have eliminated...I'm guessing Gia

Saturday, February 6, 2010

A Thousand Splendid Suns

This book was highly recommended to me by a friend of my mother's who said she read this in a few days. I have to say all in all it was a good book. It was well written and it was a very compelling story. But I have to say- it was a tough read for me. It chronicles the life of women in Afghanistan over the past 50 years. And as we all know the oppression of the Taliban was atrocious. But there is so much more that has happened there and that is still happening. I found it super hard to read at times- especially when it involved excessive brutality. I have no problem reading historical novels and the violence does not normally affect me. But there is a reason- it is the past. It is not happening now- there is nothing I can do to change history. But when I know it is happening right now as we sepak- it just way too disturbing to me. It makes me hate people. And it strenghthens my hatred of religion- because let's be honest almost all this shit happens in the name of religion
Allright enough with the sidebars- I do recommend this book. But you definitely need to be in the right state of mind for it

Thursday, February 4, 2010

RIP Alice Horton

Oh Alice were a huge part of my childhood. I looked forward to the Horton family Christmas every year! The fact that you have been still going on the show was comforting. RIP- and say hello to Macdonald Carey for me.

New Celebrity Baby Name

Now Will Ferrell you know I love you...and it pains me to insult you...but this...this's truly unacceptable...

Axel. Seriously- unless you are the lead singer of the best band EVER it is unacceptable. I know that your other children are Magnus and Mattias and your wife is Swedish but still...Axel is not ok!! It's one of the reasons I have some issues with the Middle- hate the name so much!

Monday, February 1, 2010

The Bachelor

Ok Jake is looking really good in the opening shot in his leather jacket. I can't get over how desperate someone that good looking is

Is it just me or is Tenley getting blonder with each episode. She is such a tool but does seem nice...just not necessarily intelligent

Well I think Corey is for sure the next one going home- he hasn't really connected with her

HAHA of course the group date is Ally and Vienna- the producers are good. Ok Corey is a bitch...well her and Ally- Ally reacted so badly. Ally you are such a freakin cow.

I'm not sure what it is about Tenley that makes my blood might be the similarities to Trista and the soft talking...

Vienna should definitely not be saying all these things in front of Gia- the girl is not showing great judgment skills

Vienna what the hell are you doing trying to find them!? Leave them alone!

I don't really see any sparks between Vienna and Jake anymore. He just looks apprehensive and tense. Oh there is definitely more chemistry with him and Gia. Oh god Vienna is proving to be a stalker

I think Jake and Corey are awkward- I mean the Vienna thing was bad but he does now her a little bit more than he knows Corey.

I'm not sure if I would lie on top of a guy like that in the middle of the day in a big open space- not sure how appropriate that is...

Yup it's down to Vienna and Corey- not surprising. And of course it's Corey- there was nothing there between them during the date