Sunday, January 31, 2010

Grammy Awards

I do like Lady Gaga with the straight hair but is there a reason why her outfit needs to be that high cut- it's a bit much. Oh there is Elton John- he loves these appearances

HAHA- industry saved by 48 year old cat lady!! Ok Stephen Colbert was pretty amusing

I just saw Weird Al- yay weird al! He had better be a part of the Michael Jackson He is the only reason I enjoyed some MJ songs

Ok Single Ladies does deserve Song of the Year- love it!!

Yay Green Day!! LOVE THEM!! They deserve a better introduction by someone better than JLo. Oh 21 guns- LOVE THIS SONG!!!!!!!!!!! I really need to see them live- they are amazing

Veronica Mars- that dress is NOT flattering. I HATE the neck!

Loving Nicole Kidman's hair. God I want to love her again- please please lay off the botox

Beyonce is really rocking the spanks- her waist looks super small. Ew I hate this boy song...why the hell did she grab her crotch>?! That was odd. Ok now she is doing Alanis- where the hell is the Single Ladies?!

Ok I love Hallelujah but Leonard Cohen can't sing!! I just don't get it

Oh it's Pink- that was such a fun concert! Ok she is now naked. I don't like the choice of a slow song- but it's funny she decided to get naked. Ew the water coming off of her- if I was in the audience I would be so grossed out

The ting tings were nominated for best new artist?!? They were horrid in concert- it's just an 80s synthesizer and the same lyric over and over

Ok I've never heard of this best new artist. Ever.

Ok Will I am is wearing a weird dominatrix mask...this is odd

While I enjoy Stephen Colbert I would have liked to see Kathy Griffin win- she kills me. Plus she would have had a kick ass speech

Oh Record of the Year makes sense- Use Somebody is a fantastic song

I enjoy Robert Downey Jr.'s tux

Slash- seriously has it come to this?!?!! Playing with Jamie Foxx!?!?! Seriously- just make up with Axl already and go back to playing kickass music!!

I know Lainey says she loved Katy Perry's dress but I HATE It...granted it could be the baby bangs that are infuriating me!

Yay Green Day winning! Love 21 guns

Who the hell let Ryan Seacrest on the stage!?

Taylor Swift has to work on her voice- it isn't very strong in this environment. She needs training. And now she is off key. Maybe she should stick with the fun poppy songs for live performances. And here comes Stevie Nicks to show her how to do it. Now that is someone who can perform! And Stevie just grabbed her tamborine- I hope she starts spinning!

Not really understanding why this is 3D...I mean fun for people there but what about us at home? Oh look the little girl is Lionel Richie's daughter- some parent pimping there. It just looks all blurry. Ok have to fast forward this- can't handle the music. It is a really random group of people. Carrie Underwood? Loving Celine dancing...ok need to slow it down to watch that.

I love the cousins on stage with Prince and Paris- they definitely look related...HAHA!! God the girl is the spitting image of Debbie Rowe...well a prettier version

Oh it's Bon! I always think of Nas..and now some Livin' on a Prayer...not exactly shocking!

Oh I just figured out who the kid is- it's Solange's baby

Oh look it's Celine and Rene- he's bald! FINALLY!

Seriously Andrea you can do better- where the hell is Celine?! I can't handle Mary J Blige...holy takes herself too seriously batman. Plus she is always sharp and just never hits the notes...I don't understand the hype

Another band I can't handle- Dave Matthews band. They ALWAYS sound constipated.

I can't believe this Drake guy is a big rapper- I always just see him as the kid in the wheelchair on Degrassi. Ok everyone seems to know this song- never heard it in my life

Lady Gaga looks like she is going to puke when they are announcing album of the year

Taylor Swift won over Lady Gaga?! That is shocking!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Mortal Instruments Series

I've been trying to think of ways to revive this blog since I just don't seem to take the time to write on it very often. So I decided to write up some book reviews on here. For one I love talking about books- I am thrilled whenever anyone will talk about books with me. Plus this new Twilight era scares the bejeesus out of me- the fact that people actually enjoy that crap is truly frightning. There are soo many good books out there that people need to read.

So the first books I'm going to talk about are the Mortal Instruments series- City of Bones, City of Ashes and City of Glass by Cassandra Clare. Let me tell you- they are amazing!!! It is Teen Lit but highly recommend to everyone

I like to say that they are a mix of the Harry Potter world and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. The author flawlessly creates a magical world that exists all around us humans that we cannot see- a la Harry Potter. It is inhabited by Shadowhunters who protect all the magical creatures from Demons- a la Buffy.

It is just a super fun read. It can get violent but in this genre it is a must- no retardly lame vegetarian vampires here. I could not put these books down and cannot WAIT for the next one to come out

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

American Idol

PIMENTO DIGBY!!!! PIMENTO DIGBY!!!!! I heart Kristin Chenowith


Ok Idol are you trying to win me over? It's working

Oh he's a swirler- he should be on Top Model. I can't believe he spent the time glueing those mirrors. It's rare to hear such a speech impediment when someone is singing.

Side note- loving Kara's dress

Ok back it up- he has an assistant?!?!?!

Oh they are really building up the guy with the autistic son

I need to learn how to do a smoky eye like Kristin Chenowith- I need to play more.

Well Shelby good for you- this is very brave. I'm impressed that she sings so well with only using the one side of her mouth

Where the hell is Pimento Digby?!!? She isn't there the second day?! What the hell?!

Oh god is someone trying to raise my blood pressure. First no Kristin and then this horrific beat boxing. I HATE BEAT BOXING!!! Oh God Randy let him through- I have to hear this again!?!?

OMG I can't believe that guy just jumped down like that and split his pants so severely

Ok I need to administer a beat-down to the sisters. The hair, the makeup- the handholding, the clothes. IT"S SO BAD!! And I hate when people this tan don't wear lipstick- the nude makes them look weird!

Someone just got arrested- amazing!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

American Idol

Quick comments on last week- while I love Posh she was boring on here. I wish she had been the bitchy Posh that I adore. A nice Posh is not appealing. And as for Mary J Blige- yuck. I've never liked her, don't think she can sing, and didn't enjoy her on here.

Shania- oh it's the Northern Ontario girl herself. And she was discovered by a woman from KL!

Ok first girl- I do like her. I wish she'd wear some hair product but she's pretty and sings well

Ok this girl who dreams about Ryan is amusing- I like her personality. I hope she can sing! Why the hell did she do the fainting thing!?!? Ok she wants to be an actress and be discovered from this

Why on earth would you want to make yourself known and be funny?!!? Am I the only one who has ever seen this show?

I have to wonder if the people that they profile have an advantage over those that are shown in the auditions. They are in your head and then you keep an eye out for them

UGH- Summertime! I HATE THIS SONG!!! HATE IT!!

Oh god this Angela seems like a trainwreck- I don't think it's going to happen

I don't even know what to do with Big Tim here.

Monday, January 18, 2010

The Bachelor

Last season I adored Jake at the beginning- I mean boy is ridiculously good looking and a nice guy. Then episode after episode he got lamer and lamer- the nice guys finish last thing gets old. Then he cried....and it died for me. I can't handle the crying. When I found out he was the bachelor I was disappointed because boy is lame...but he's good looking so at least it is nice watching him. Not like that loser Jason who was unappealing in every way

Vienna....she isn't as annoying as I thought she'd be. I thought she would be like that loser on Lorenzo's season who wore a tiara. But she's ok. I have to say though I would kill a guy who tried to get me into a helicopter and bungee jumping- conquering fears my ass. Would.not.happen.

I've heard recently that Jake is a dork with no social skills living in a super good looking body- I think that assessment is correct.

I can't believe how many people are bashing Vienna's looks. I mean I don't necessarily disagree but I would never say that on television- they are all catty bitches who do not come off well

And crazy runs out first to get a hug...soooo crazy!!

Yay Jon Lovitz- finally someone with personality on the show!! This comedy is going to be PAINFUL though!!

Oh now crazy is talking about having a baby...crazy!! Yes crazy asking to kiss is crazy. Oh and now crazy is leaving. HAHA people felt that she was the curb- yes, the voices in her head. I can't believe I was kicked to the curb...especially when she said she was leaving!!

OH GOD NOT ANOTHER CHILD!!!! Why the hell do they bring children on the bachelor?!?!?! YUCK!!!

Oh christ here is the damn no kissing girl again. I HATE HER!! She can't stop touching him and wants to play these retard games.

Elizabeth is a COMPLETE crackpot!!! Her little retard motives just make her look like such a complete tard

Well Vienna is getting one on one time because she went up to him- all you other dumb bitches are just sitting there waiting for him. OMG THIS CONVERSATION IS SO PAINFUL!!! THIS GIRL IS A COMPLETE LOSER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I CAN"T HANDLE IT!!

Corey looks like a drag queen

Oh the Canadian girl is still there- she hasn't really done much but apparently has made an impression.

Who the hell is the brunette in the final two- I have never seen her before! Yay he got rid of the crazy and the noname!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Golden Globes

GO GLEE!!!!!!!! GLEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!

Ok I had to start with that!

Oh Ricky Gervais cut them ALL to shreds- get a drink and just go to town!!

Some of the great work by cosmetic surgeons!

Why can I see Nicole Kidman's nipple so clearly?!!? Why?!!? Why would you want to show that?!

Best Supporting Actress: I love how we just jump into it. I would like it to be Monique because of the speech but it will be Anna Kendrick. Nope Monique got it

Best Actress in a Comedy- I hated the United States of Tara. Not Courtney Cox. Yay Tina Fey! GO LEA MICHELE!!!!!!!!!! GLEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yuck Toni Collette- that is an AWFUL show!! I love her but HATE the show! How on earth can she beat Glee?!?! I do love the dress though. Oh and plus- her show is NOT a comedy!!

Lauren Graham what the hell is up with your dress!?!? Why is it so big- you aren't even nominated!?!?

Um miss Golden Globes your dress is see-through!!

Best Supporting actor- oh ben you rock. BARNEY!! Go Neil Patrick Harris! Jon Lithgow- I adore you!! YUCK- Jeremy Piven is still nominated for these things?!!? YAY Jon Lithgow!! I would have been happy with Barney too

Oh look at Michael C Hall in his hat- he looks so sick. I now want to cry

Paul McCartney- get to your feet people. Respect the legend!

Best Animated movie- I haven't seen any of these. Animation is also for adults who take drugs

I hate Kate Hudson's dress- it looks old. Susan Sarandon would look great in it. It's just too stiff

Are the desperate housewives still relevant?! Do people even watch that show anymore? Ok Felicity Huffman this dress is not flattering- you are a bit too old to have such a keyhole- and she is too skinny and bony.

Best Actor Drama- GO DEXTER!!! Or Bill Paxton- I like that show too. It is him! GO Dexter!!

Best Actress Tv Drama- they couldn't get new presenters!? I have no favorites- I don't watch any of these shows

Harrison Ford- seriously you can do better. You should hook up with Susan Sarandon now that she is single

CHER!! CHER I LOVE YOU!!! Christina Aguilera it looks like your boob is hanging out.

Why the hell is the whole cast of Grey Gardens going up!?! This is not a major award. Jessica Lange you scare the bejeesus out of me with those eyebrows. KICK THEM OFF THE STAGE

I pray Meryl Streep wins just for her speech

Best Actress comedy- it has to be Meryl in Julie/ Julia. I hope she didn't split the vote with her other movie. Julia Roberts looks hammered. GO MERYL!! Well deserved- she was awesome in that movie. She is perfection to me- they would never dare cut her off. She is amazing

And now Helen Mirren- another amazing woman I love.

Kevin Bacon still looks like a teenager! It's crazy!! He is what Tom Cruise aspires to be

OH god not Drew Barrymore- I can't handle her. I can't imagine how annoying her speech will be. Let's see if they show Cameron Diaz- they used to be Bff.

Holy leg slit Jennifer Aniston. I'd like to see Jason Reitman win for writing- good Canadian boy!

MR SHUE!!!! MR SHUE!!!!! Go Matthew Morrison!!! Oh Alec Baldwin won- he is really good on that show. But where the hell is the glee love.

Ok yes Sophia Loren is a movie star. They need to get some of the crazy out of Liz Taylor and bring her out every now and then because she is a legend.

Best Series Drama- Oh Dexter!!! I also love Big Love. I really need to watch True Blood

Oh look cast of Grey Gardens- the whole MadMen cast didn't rush the stage and hold up the speeches. They started the speech before they got up there.

Yuck Taylor Lautner- why the hell is he there?!?! He is undeserving- GET OFF THE STAGE!!

Joseph Gordon- Levitt- back to my 3rd rock from the sun request- I love him!!

Chase Crawford- seriously who is letting in the riff raff.

Best Supporting Actress- SUE!!!!!!!!!! SUE!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please let this be how Sue sees it!! GO GLEE!!!!!!!!! For the love of god SUE!!!!! Chloe Sevigny- WHAT THE HELL!!?!?!? Seriously- this is retarded!! How on earth could she win over my Sue?!!?
Chloe Sevigny just ignored Tom Hanks- so undeservering.

Supporting Actor in a motion picture. I'd love to see Woody Harrelson for the speech. Wait wait back it up- it's Captain Von Trapp!! Well that was a surprise win- I don't know who this guy is

I love Martin Scorcese- he is too cute.

And there was a shot of Brendan Fraser hammered

I think I might need a moment- I'm remembering Leonardo the way I love him- 30 pounds lighter, clean shaven and wet...

Jodie Foster- it's been a while since she has been at an awards ceremony

Ok that introduction of Mel Gibson was awesome!! Oh Ricky that was amazing!!

I would love to see Quentin Tarantino win best actor solely for his acceptance speech.

GO GLEE!!!! FOR THE LOVE OF GOD GLEE!!! I also love Modern Family but come on! Glee! YES!!!!!!!!!! And they played Don't Stop believing!!

Yay the Hangover!! And they brought Mike Tyson!!

Best Comedy has to be The Hangover- it was retardedly funnY! YES!!! Richly deserved!!!

I think Arnold has also had a little bit of botox. But I don't care- I adore him. Seriously- he reminds me of my childhood

Motion picture drama has to go to Precious- it would be sooooo nice if she won!! Dammit I wanted precious to win

Well the girl from Happy go Lucky still hasn't eaten anything since last year. Best Actor comedy- Daniel Day Lewis is a sexy beast. I love Joseph Gordon Levit. And RDJ is always fantastic.

Best Actor- I think Jeff Bridges has this locked. But Clooney could sneak in. Oh Colin Firth you sexy beast. Ok I totally just fell in love with Jeff Bridges- he seems like a ridiculously cool guy

Avatar won!?!? Really!? Ok I have to see this thing

Golden Globe Pre-Show

Yay a red carpet!! Unfortunately I no longer get E so I have to watch the one hour Access Hollywood coverage- yuck! I miss the full red carpet

Ok Kristen Bell- Love the white dress and her hair looks fantastic!

Also love Jane Krakowski's hair- I adore the loose knots

Oh look at George Clooney just going to the fans in the rain. I don't like the beard though.

Love the girl from Precious- she is too cute for words.

I really like Fergie's dress- it's a cute cut.

Oh Tracy Morgan every year I love you more and more.

I love January Jones' headband- it's quite cute

Bradley Cooper- bonjour!!! The man can wear a suit and he can wear it well!! I used to watch Alias and he did nothing for me. Suddenly I watched the hangover and he put on a suit and bam- he became a sexy beast!

I'm not enjoying Chloe Sevigny's dress- don't enjoy the colour. I agree with her though- why didn't they put up a tarp?

I think Courtney Cox had her lips plumped up for the event.

God lord Billy Bush is so ridiculously awkward

Oh Colin Firth- bonjour!!

Man Calista Flockhart is looking particularly plastic and waxy right now- someone had some recent injections

I do not enjoy the groomed facial hair on Robert Downey Jr. I HATE groomed facial hair!

Paul McCartney- what the hell is up with his suit!?!

Jon Lithgow I heart you. Why aren't there 3rd rock from the sun reruns- that show was amazing!!!!

Ok who the hell is editing this show?!?!! All of a sudden they will put in a montage of certain actors but it makes no sense

Mickey Rourke has had many new fillers this year- his skin is not quite as lumpy as it was last year

Oh god what the hell is Mariah Carey doing there?!?! Hopefully she gets drunk

Sandra Bullock's forehead is looking quite static- someone else have some botox perhaps!?

Penelope Cruz is wearing like the same dress as she did last year but in black- she really likes horizontal stripes. I am not brave enough to do that

Well Julia Roberts looks like she might be drunk!

Colin Farrell- my god I can't believe his girlfriend has recently had a baby- my god that woman is skinny.

Oh look Monique showed up at the awards show- I'm sure that Oprah threatened the woman with certain death if she didn't go

Ok however is directing this show is awful- I could do this better! The live shots and the switches between hosts are atrocious

Oh Tina Fey- haha!! God crying for NBC!! I adore you! Go get drunk!