Monday, October 12, 2009

Dancing with the Stars

Chuck Liddell- I actually really like him. He is obviously not the best dancer and can look awkward but I enjoy him. He is genuinely trying and not embarrassed to be out of his comfort zone. He is also neither arrogant nor annoying which makes me like him a lot more than most of these men.

Melissa Joan Hart- I find her could be her partner though because he has a tendency to make everything really cheesy. I strongly dislike him and his cutesy partners. Ok the whimsical dance- not doing it for me. She needed a partner like Max to bring out the sexy. She seems very flustered with this cance- I think it is too much for her- she keeps messing up and it is showing on her face. Well I definitely didn't see what the judges saw

Natalie Coughlan- Well they decided to dress her like Edyta and gie her no clothes. She is still quite stiff- she needs to let go a bit and she would be really good since she has the flexibility

Aaron Carter- Oh god the blonde hair looks awful on Karina- especially with the black eyebrows. Ew Aaron Carter as sexy...yuck! Methface is not attractive. For the love of god please do up your shirt!! And is pretty much tomato coloured- she is even darker than a tangerine.

Mark- He's good but he doesn't thrill me. Next

Kelly Osbourne- I hae always loved the Osbournes. I wish she would have a bit more confidence- it would make her steps much more precise. And when she messes up she shows it on her face. Oh I definitely think that was better than Melissa Joan Hart

Joanna Krupa- I seriously dislike this girl. Ok I know I sy they should all wear a shirt but my.god. Derek hs a beautiful body. What a pretty little Mormon! She looks lost when she is waiting for the next move- there is no flow. Ew I think this girl is trying to get Lisa Rinna lips- they are much bigger now than they have ever been

Donnie- why oh why do these Osmonds have to be around?!!? They are so freakin annoying. God this boy just loves to dance and flail around- too bad Mormons can't be gay. He would probably be much happier if he could be free...then maybe he wouldn't be so insufferable on my tv

Michael- I don't like this guy at all. He is annoying and doesn't stop talking- not my type of dancer. He is the one that I think should go home.

Louie ito- Again with the does nothing for me. This guy is just a stoner with bad hair to me. I can't handle people who are good times. He is literally just walking around the dance floor- boring. I used to work with a guy who would always have me up Two Stepping and let me tell you it was a workout- he was just a moving. This guy looks like he could fall asleep. She is doing absolutely everything. He should go home too

Mya- still don't like her. She is in a category of her own though- you can tell she has had a lot of dance training. It is actually unfair- no one else compares.