Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Attention Span of a Flea

This is an interview between Ryan Seacrest and Britney Spears this is quite telling. The girl cannot string together a coherent sentence, needs two friends there with her to conduct the interview and leaves to go jump in the shower halfway through the interview. Very professional

This girl obviously has serious issues- I truly don't understand why the people around her aren't helping her. It's just sad.

Click here to listen to the interview

Lance and Ashley

Erica this one is for your. Supposedly Lance Armstrong and Ashley Olson were making out on Monday at a bar. He is 36, she is 21...nasty...

Scariest Mask Ever!

Oh wait- it's just Meg Ryan after a ridiculous amount of plastic surgery. Her mouth reminds me of Jack Nicholson's in Batman after he feel in the scary...I mean I was never a big Meg Ryan fan as most of you know but she used to look a hell of a lot better than this!


America's Next Top Model

Ok this is infuriating. I have been waiting forward to this show ALL day!! And what do I get- a STUPID recap show! ACH!! SO MAD!!


Happy Halloween everyone!! Unfortunately no pics were taken this weekend of my kickass Princess Leia costume (stupid batteries) so instead I send you Halloween greetings as She-ra- because that also was an amazing costume!!

For the Honour of Grayskull!!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Dancing with the Stars- elimination

I just turned to watch the end of dancing with the stars and while they frightened me again with Barry Manilow the did have a "shocking" elimination. Tom Bergeron was hinting that it would be a shocking one so I knew it had to be a judges' favorite. And it was- while I wasn't a huge fan of the Cheetah girl she was way more talented than 1/2 those people.

Office Spinoff

So rumour has it they are going to start introducing new characters for an office spinoff- have they learned nothing- look at Private Practice. Spinoffs aren't necessarily a good thing. I mean other than Just the Ten of Us they don't usually offer anything!!

Britney- why bother?!

So after yet another custody hearing BritBrit still doesn't have custody of her children. She can have to visits from 12-7pm and one overnight visit- all supervised by a court appointed monitor. The parenting coach said that she hardly paid attention to her children when they were there- she was more concerned with changing clothes. And that the mood in the house was chaotic or sombre with little communication. And that "The problem is that unless Ms. Spears realizes the consequences of her behavior and the impact that it has [on] her children, nothing is going to be successful." Also, Britney requested that the drug testing be stopped.

Why does she even bother? The girl obviously doesn't care about her children- why doesn't she just give up? She cares more about the drug tests...I truly think this girl has serious mental illness issues that need to be dealt with- she doesn't seem to care for her children at all

Goodbye Robert Goulet

Robert Goulet died today at age 73 of pulmonary fibrosis. I have non idea why but this saddens me- I always liked Robert Goulet...he was just so campy and cheesy and great. I mean he always made me happy with his sesame street appearances- and Will Ferrell's impersonation of him might be one of my top SNL skits ever!

The Tudors

God I hope we never have to see Henry Fitzroy again- child actors ruin my experience with this- this is supposed to be more soft core porn, less kids...hehe

Oh the poor little musician- he is so going to fall...he really likes the period pieces- he was in the Elizabeth movie also.

I do love that they are showing Henry getting crazier and crazier...I can't wait to see how far this series doesn't matter that it was actually princess Mary who married Charles Brandon and Margaret was shipped to Scotland...

EEK!! I just switched to Dancing with the Stars and there is Barry Manilow- god he frightens me!! He just did something around his eyes- and filled in the holes near his mouth- but it's still frightening!!

I feel they aren't actually telling the whole Anne Boleyn story very well. They don't really explain why he was infatuated by her. They don't show her at court manipulating everyone. They are trying to tell too much...and aren't getting into enough detail. That being said- I love it!!

All the pics that I have seen of this era didn't have men in so many sleeveless outfits as they've been putting on JRM- but I am not complaining- HOT!

They never have Anne in the French Hood- that is what she was famous for.

THey didn't pick the most booming hulking impressive actor for the part. But they did pic the hottest- and for that I'm grateful.

Wow they already killed Henry Fitzroy?! I thought he died at 17...I guess they really want to add drama and show that Henry needs an heir desperately...also he died of consumption- not the sweat. Details...

Monday, October 29, 2007

The Bachelor- 4

Although I am ridiculously sleepy right now I must stay awake for this craziness!! The previews for the hometown dates looked fantastic- I must watch!!

So we start out with Jennie- this should go well since they are so into each other. Let's see if she actually is good- usually people who talk about their passions aren't very good- I've seen a lot of Miss America talent competitions. She really wasn't that great...although to be fair she had no music plus it must have been embarrassing.

This is an odd place to meet her family...I wonder if he will describe the other families as their future inlaws...Oh god who let Grandma out of the basement....put her back!! Oh poor Brad- he has ridiculous pit stains.

At this point I feel that they should just end the show and let Brad and Jenni start dating- the other girls have no chance- or so it appears

Ok time for the date with Sheena- I figure she is the only girl that is competition for Jenni. Wow Mom is really jumping the gun- he's already part of your family?! Well the mom is crazy. I think Mom might be drunk...she's the one...haha! She's crazy!! The mom is killing me- she is insane. We are ready to commit...Brad looks like he wants to run out of there immediately. Let's get the is officially ruining her daughter's relationship.

Deanna I don't think has much of a shot but we'll see. Oh Jenni's Grandma must be having a heartattack seeing the shots getting pounded- I would rather be part of this family. They seem more fun. That isn't a very passionate kiss- that was a I guess I have to kiss you kiss.

This Bettina visit should be interesting- I think there is going to be a lot of this is the most awkward family visit. I really hope he doesn't pick her and then have to watch this and see what they said. Oh and they love the first husband and noone will ever live up to he looks pissed. She should NOT have said that he isn't good on paper- she is so going home.

Bettina?! Seriously!? I thought for sure the craziness of her family would outweigh Sheena's moms craziness. There goes my dark horse.

Well now I think Jenni has this in the bag...time to go get the registry gun...

Dancing with the Stars

While I knw that Sabrina is a good dancer I have to admit I don't enjoy watching her- I don't see grace in her- she is powerful but just not my type of dancer.

Go Kelly Taylor!! Did they do that entire dance in one spot on the dance floor? I don't think that they moved...

Oh no Barry Manilow!! No human scare me as much as Barry Manilow!!

While I am aware that I am watching this crap I can't believe that David Bowie licensed his song for this crap!! Boring dance...also, i didn't realize that Jane Seymour had implants before- but you can totally see them tonight- not a good look!

Cameron is damn hot- damn damn hot. There really is nothing more to say than that. I don't usually like them this beefcakey but the face is just so pretty...he's beautiful. And he is dancing better- there is some hip action

Come on Posh sighting!! Let's see her!! I found that dance incredibly boring- plus there was no Posh sighting- Mel B you have to break out the big guns...

I can't believe that Marie Osmond is still there- I think it is definitely her turn to go home this week.

Helio- Ive said it before and I'll say it again- while I'm sure he's a nice guy the constant perkiness drives me nuts...I mean it was ok but not the best.

I have to say there are few things on earth that annoy me more than people trying to show just how fun and funny they are and that they are "goofy"- and this whole group dance thing is just painful to watch.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

World's Unsexiest Women

Maxim just named the world's unsexiest women and the list is quite interesting:

1) Sarah Jessica Parker
2) Amy Winehouse
3) Sandra Oh
4) Madonna
5) Britney Spears

I agree with most of it. I mean SJP looks like a hag at this point- she is so wrinkled and veiny she looks way older than she is. Amy Winehouse is disgusting with all her sailor tattoos and the dead muskrat on her head. Madonna has turned disgusting- she looks haggard these days- she wants to be thin so badly she just looks awful. And well Britney is such a train wreck this is self explanatory.

The only one I don't understand is Sandra Oh- the others are all complete try hards- they really want to be thought of as sexy...I've never gotten that impression from Sandra Oh.

Posh is Brunette Again

She this is for you- Posh is brunette again. Therefore, the hair was perfect tonight!

Thursday, October 25, 2007


New Scrubs!! New Scrubs!! I totally thought that this was a midseason replacement- I didn't realize it was coming back now!!

I love that Turk smells like eggs- haha!

HAHA- love the reference to Tony Shalhoub- I also don't get why he always wins!!

The Office

I really like what they have done with the Andy character- he kills me he's so random.

I wow these songs rock- I also am loving Daryl this season.

D for Andy- haha! This guys is such a tool it kills me!

Stanley is the prisoner- that's awesome!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

My Favourite Way to Procrastinate

I am obsessed with these quizzes- absolutely obsessed! Figured it's about time to post one of these!

1. What is a question that people always ask you?
How are you?

2. What is the 6th text in your inbox?
You Sure? What's the number for th apt? Sent on July 3rd by Erica- I really don't text often!!

3. Whats the last thing you said to someone & to who?
have a good night- Simal

4. Name something you have to do tomorrow?
Go to work, go to a few meetings, go to the gym

6. Have you ever called 911?

7. Do you own an iPod?
yes, yes i do- my pretty pink mini

8. Do any of your friends have children?

9. What CD is currently in your CD thing?
Becca and Jason's wedding pics- my cd drive is broken

10. Do you prefer regular or chocolate milk?

11. Has anyone told you a secret this week?
not so much a secret but there was some gossip

12. When was the last time you had Starbucks?
I think i've only ever had a hot chocolate at Starbucks- and that was MONTHS ago..oh, and I think I once had a nanaimo bar when I went there with Courtney years ago

13. Can you whistle?
no- and I've been trying for YEARS

14. Are you currently wanting any piercings or tattoos?
no- none. Not my thing

15. Do you get along better with men or women?
Depends on the person- however with my job I tend to be surrounded by women

16. Do you sleep on your side, stomach, or back?

17. What are you listening to?
the stupidity on America's next top model

18. What does the song remind you of?
not a song...pack of dumbass girls trying to sound intelligen

19. Which of your friends lives closest to you?

20. What did you do yesterday?.
Went to work, lunch with people from work, bought my Halloween costume

21. What big concerts are you looking forward to right now?
SPICE GIRLS- tell me what you want what you really really want!!

22. Whats bothering you right now?
lack of motivation to get to the gym

23. Next vacation you're going on?
Weekend in Kingston, then KL for xmas- then somewhere sunny in February or March...I haven't decided where yet- going to do a last minute deal. Anyone interested in joining me!?

24. Last time you had butterflies in your stomach?
2 weeks ago at work

25. What did you dream last night?
meeting Tanya Wojtus and her baby- no idea why

26. Does your phone ring in the middle of the night often?
no- not since OAC when Reina first moved to New Mexico!

27. What gets in your way of your sleeping?
Baxter jumping on me, small bladder, dumbasses upstairs walking back and forth constantly with shoes on- BASTARDS!!

29. What is something you've learned about yourself recently?
not a fan of closed spaces- never minded them before but I truly can't handle the subway in rush hour. I also don't really like big crowds- I only ever was exposed to them occasionally but being in them constantly is making me really irritated

30. Do you like anyone?
not really

31. Do you know anyone who's married?
too many at this point- being left behind in the dust

32. What's your favorite number?

33. Who was the last person to make you cry?
speakers at my uncle's funeral

34. What are you doing?
watching ANTM

35. When was the last time you cried?
about a month ago

36. What is one thing you miss about your past?
sense of security and safety, the bubble that always surrounded me, being around my family

37. Are you jealous of anyone?
probably- there are always things i want

38. Is anyone jealous of you?
doubt it- i'm not terribly exciting

39. Has anyone recently told you that they like you?

40. Who was the last person you drove with?

41. What are you looking forward to?
Halloween- I got a kick ass costume!!

42. How are you today?
tired and a bit down on myself

43. How many things in your past do you regret?
too many to count

44. Do you have a best friend?
I'll quote my famous pyramid theory- everyone has one best best friend at the peak, then more best friends, then the row of good friends, then friends, then acquaintances- as you go down the rows get longer- it makes a pyramid. I swear it's true!

45. Name something you have in common with all your siblings:
blood type

America's Next Top Model

I am just watching the opening credits and I think it looks ridiculous that they imply that Yoanna was the first top model- we all know it was Adrianne. Tyra just looks like a catty bitch for not putting her in the credits. Plus she is one of the few pretty winners!

I find that the new editing trend is to eliminate the first girl they profile in each episode...based on that I am going to predict that Ebony will be eliminated.

I knew it was going to be Tyson Beckford when I saw that it was a black model...what the hell is wrong with Ebony!?

God Chantal's add sounds like a porn add- oh Ebony- a water heaterupper is called a sad...Oh these adds are so pathetic- poor Chantal is just stupid...and I don't know if Bianca can read...very sad

I absolutely despise Salesia's hair- it looks god awful- it is not a good blunt cut- she looked way better before her makeover!!

Ebony needs to learn some communication skills asap- she has no idea how to talk to Mr Jay- she acts like she knows everything and needs no advice...

Jenna looks like a drag queen. That hair is horrid.

Definitely Ambreal and Ebony in the bottom- I would guess Ebony is going but they might do the double elimination since they are not impressed by either.

Ebony does not know how to react at panel at all- she is more awkward than Heather.

Ebony- seriously- you just said you don't want to be there- seriously!? Well Ambreal you really have to work it next week! Oh Ebony- why are you quitting this!? What the hell do you have in your life back home- you are going home to nothing- and I'm pretty sure she doesn't do anything....such a waste...

Another Fantastic Reunion

I just read on Perez that Ace of Base are reuniting- I LOVE Ace of Base- hopefully I'll go to their concert too! I swear if Aqua comes to Toronto it would make it all complete!

UPDATE- OH MY GOD- i just clicked down on Perez's site and he posted that Aqua are reuniting and touring!!! THAT IS WAY TOO WEIRD!! I had some sort of psychic prediction- I have a strong connection with my bubble gum bands!! I must go see them!!

Kelly and Colin!! Kelly and Colin!!

This time shifting package was totally worth it- every night I get 90210 at 7pm- and they are now starting season 6!! Oh how I've missed you 90210!! There were quite a few story lines that I had forgotten from season 5 (Andrea and her affair, Kelly and the cult) but I'm super excited that it kept going. For a while they kept going to the end of season 4 then starting over.

Wait- what the hell is this- Ray Pruitt is in the opening credits?!?! What the hell?! I swear I remember him from like 2 episodes- I didn't realize that he had stuck around from so long- and I totally forgot that he broke Donna's arm...I guess I chose to push that to the back of the brain...

Oh god- Dylan just found out about Tony Marchette- I'm so excited that storyline is this season!!

Lainey Blind Item

Where To Put It
Warning – this is dirty and crass and, for some, not very appetising. So if you are the prudish type, prone to huffing and puffing your sanctimony through your nose…stop reading now. Otherwise, save your indignant emails. You’ve been cautioned.

He is hot and hirsute and horny, has had a varied career spanning television and big budget Hollywood productions but has preferred of late to stick with indie fare. Currently single and while there may be many reasons why – his romantic requests regarding the finger could have something to do with it.

A while back he was seeing a girl, a waitress, of course, not terribly serious but they were booty calling regularly to her delight until he became rather “obsessed” – a direct quote – with where he wanted her to put her finger.

Turns out he enjoys being stimulated in that dark orifice and eventually, although she takes great pleasure in starf&cking, using her digits so creatively became too much for even her to bear. And so she broke things off…which is why he prefers to pay for it now since he knows his particular predilection skews to the kinky side.

I know it’s not ladylike to talk of such things but my gays say it really is the most stimulating thing ever. Yet another reason why homos are that much more evolved.

My Guess: This one is pretty tough. I am guessing Ryan Gosling and I'd really really like to be wrong!! WIth the tv (Breaker High anyone) then big budget (Notebook) and all the indies he he does have the beard now and Lainey thinks he's hot. And we know he's single. But I hope it's someone else- guesses?

UPDATE: Lainey has confirmed that it is NOT RYAN!! Or George Clooney

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Jake and Reese Confirmed

Here is the first official pic of Reese and Jake- I have to admit they look good together

The Other Boleyn Girl

Disappointing news. The Other Boleyn Girl was supposed to be released in December and let me tell you I was pretty excited! Now comes news that it has been postponed until February 2008. That is not a good sign people...this means it is out of the running for Oscar contention- and this was supposed to be a pretty much means the movie sucks. This is the time of year that they release crappy movies.

I didn't really understand how they could go wrong with this movie since the book was so genius...however I heard today that Kaley Cuoco was originally signed on to be Mary. Kaley Cuoco- the extremely annoying blonde from John Ritters last show...I think this shows that the producers have some issues...casting that idiot in that role...I mean they did redeem themselves with Scarlett but something must have went wrong to have the release pushed back like that

The Tudors

So excited for this show today- especially after the news about the Other Boleyn Girl- I need some Tudors in my life to cheer me up...side note- She and I went to see the Golden Age this weekend and it was pretty was visually stunning!!

I don't understand why Katherine is never shown in her hood- she was famous for the Spanish hood that she wore

Ok people there is nothing sexier than Jonathan Rhys Meyers eating a grape...god he's a sexy beast.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Pushing Daisies

People if you are not watching this show yet you really should get on it and start watching- this show is freakin amazing!!

A taxidermy wing for the pigeon...the most random plots's genius. I feel like this show is turning into the new Arrested Development- it's totally creating it's own little world that is so quirky and amazing.

Come on- daddy needs some wool!

And then the singing- put a little birdhouse in your soul..

The Bachelor- 6

And now for the bach...

Oh Bettina gets the first date- she must be excited since she's already in love with him...

Man Kristi is pissed that she didn't get the alone date!! Oh look at the catty bitches going after Bettina now- first Jennie, now her!

I would let him ravish me- HAHA!! I love the bleeping description- haha! Did he not just say he didn't know if there were romantic feelings..then she takes that as having chemistry- no wonder she goes crazy!!

Sheena is young? She looks like she's over 30- I thought she was the oldest one! I love his elbow nudging instead of kissing- oh I guess he does like Deanna. He is so all over Jenni

If I guy breaks up with you because you fell I really don't think he's worth it...I love the balloon floor- it is very cool! I actually love the floor- that would be fantastic!

Oh I think Sheena is going to ruin it with her poem and talking about his moles...she may no longer be in my final two...

Man Bettina is already complaining and upset about her date...oh I love that she is now the bad guy.

So we know that Hillary is going home...I would have Kristi is the other but I'm curious about this poem...oh god she couldn't have written it on better paper? She wrote about his moles and hair on his ears...that is horrible!! He's speechless- does he like that?!! Ok I guess he still likes her

DeAnna is going to stick around for sure...this is the most perfect thing you've ever had?

I don't know if Hillary gets what he is saying...she thinks that they have chemistry- she doesn't get that he is saying they are just friends...oh this is awkward...
I am expecting a lot from this breakdown- it had better live up to the hype!!

Well so far this is predictable- the last one will be Bettina..yup I'm right- bring on the crazy!!! Kristi doesn't even look like she cares...Hillary on the other hand is about to lose it- it looks like the voices in her head are screaming by the way her eyes are rolling around. Maybe she is losing oxygen to her brain- her dress seems to be sinched super they can hear her crazy in the house and he had to go outside- interesting! Man she was wearing a lot of mascara- it is really coming down...that's it?! That wasn't a huge meltdown- we've seen bigger...I can't believe that was blown up like that...I am incredibly disappointed...I don't get it-= how was that a dramatic exit- that was retarded

Pacey on Grey's

Pacey Whitter is coming to save Grey's Anatomy- he is going to be doing a cameo...I don't think that even the lure of Joshua Jackson can save this show...

Zoe Kravitz

I am mainly posting this because I can't believe how old she is!! Remember when Denise Huxtable was shipped off to Africa because Lisa Bonet pissed off Bill Cosby by getting pregnant...well here is the child...god I'm getting old!

Heidi's Video

If you are a Hills fan you have to watch this clip- I posted a few days ago about how Spencer was filming Heidi's video himself...well here is the link to the video clip of him at work...fantastic!! I love the ghetto blaster- it looks like the one my mom got for me at the Hart store!!

Dancing with the Stars

I can't believe that Marie Osmond is still on this's time to go- this whole dance appears to be in slow's quite horrid...Plus don't even get me started on the bad...Ok now I feel bad- Marie Osmond just passed out and I don't think it's a joke....why is her partner always all over her? It's a bit creepy?

Jane Seymour- well lets just start off by saying that I would murder for this woman's body- and she is older than my mother. She looks fantastic. Boring dance- but this is what they do. Did they move around the floor at all or were they in one spot- I can't remember them moving?

Jennifer Lopez is going on Dancing with the Stars?! Seriously? Someone has to fire her husband as her manager and get some better gigs!!

Mark Cuban means nothing to me- I truly don't understand why he's here. Man production is way down on this episode...he isn't really isn't doing anything...this isn't entertaining. Next.

I still have absolutely no idea what a Cheetah Girl is...oh god she hit the tanning bed...stay away from the orange!! I think she might be admitting that she's sleeping with her partner...although I'm still not convinced he likes the ladies....She needs to do something with that hair- she is too short and stumpy to have long hair like that- makes her look like she has no neck..I saw her foot come off the floor...Carrie Ann will not be impressed!

This is quite the Kelly Taylor night- I came home and watched Kelly reject both Dylan and I swee her dance. Well the dress is god awful but she is doing pretty well...except the spin- that was awkward. I wonder if Shannon Doherty is watching this...oh there's Donna Martin!

I don't hate Helio- I just don't care. I mean he seems like a nice guy- and he has way more rhythm than the other males on this show...but the constant perkiness gets to me...There is some serious emoting going on here...I'm expecting Nick Carter to come on the stage and start reaching, followed by Kevin looking like a dirtbag...

Oh Mel B- soon I will see you in concert- have I mentioned that I have Spice Girl tickets!?! Oh I hope they show the rest of the Spice Girls- I know she was in London this week filming their video...oh Ginger- where is Bluebell Madonna!? POSH!!! POSH!! I love that she is in Silver sequins!! And dancing to the Spice Girls- FABULOUS!! I am going to Spice Up my life! Now if only Posh would come onstage and sing!!

Cameron Mathison- while he is extremely hot and I can appreciate the unbuttoned shirt he is quite boring...although i say keep him on America beause he is just so damn pretty!

I have to say I'm intrigued to see JLo tomorrow- I'm curious how she covers up the baby bump...

Left Brained...but with powers...hehe

So Erica just sent me this link to a test to see if you are right or left brained...shockingly I'm left brained (read the description- it makes sense)...however, i kind of looked away and when I looked again it was going clockwise...I have magical powers that make it turn!,21985,22556281-661,00.html

PS. Kaarina- I want to know if you truly are the right brain...

The Lovely Bones

I am very behind on the times- I just read The Lovely Bones a few weeks ago and am just finishing She's Come Undone as we speak...I'm pretty sure these books were popular like 7 years ago but whatever- some times it takes me a little while.

Anyways, I was not the biggest fan of the Lovely Bones. I thought that it started off really promising and that the premise was fantastic. I just thought that it was poorly executed and the ending was lame and a waste of my time.

However, after talking to people I realize how many people absolutely love this book. So just a bit of news- they are making it into a movie right now with Rachel Weisz as the mom and Susan Sarandon as the grandmother. Ryan Gosling was supposed to be Mr. Salmon and was down in Pennsylvania filming but they have just announced that he has dropped out due to creative differences. He is being replaced immediately by Marky Mark.

I think this is a good move for Ryan. Even though he has been gaining weight for a while for this part weight doesn't necessarily make you look 40...he was too young! But I also can't picture Marky mark in this role. Mr Salmon is supposed to be this great dad respectable type- picture Steven Keaton. We'll see if it actually works


I HAVE SPICE GIRLS TICKETS!!! Because Lisa Kenny rocks we have Spice Girls tickets!! YAY!! Me, Lisa Kenny and Mandy May- it's going to rock!!

Thank god for Lisa- my ticketmaster skills suck and I couldn't get 2 seats together!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Hey Paula

And the train wreck continues...

So she acts so out of it because she is in so much pain...from her rheumatoid arthritis...sure...while I understand it is a painful condition and now quite a few people that have it NONE of them act drunk and out of it because of it!

If Paula doesn't like her house why on earth didn't she meet with the designer in the first place?!! It is her own damn fault for not meeting the designer to say what she wanted!!

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Project Runway Canada

I've been looking forward to this all week! I love this show!

I can't believe they have to work with umbrella material- that fabric is so god awful. I don't see how they will make this fashionable.

They are really focusing on Lincoln- my guess is he's going home!

What the hell is MG thinking- it looks like a bad snow white costume...I mean some of these other dresses actually look nice- hers looks like a costume from the Biway.

Heatherette- they are breaking out the big guns. Am I the only one who thinks about Macauley Culkin in Party Monster everytime I see Richie Rich?

I don't really like the style of Michael's but I appreciate it's well made. Same with Sherrett's. I LOVE Carlie's dress- I think it's fabulous. MGs is horrid- the straps look cheap and it's too short. The abdomen of Megan's doesn't look right with the rest of it. Lucian is a bit too arrogant for me- I mean it was ok but not amazing. Kendra's was nice- I actually love the Winners accessories- must get more red accessories. Chantals has a bit too much fabric. I do like Stephen's- it's nice and simple with a nice touch on the side. Lincoln's is horrid- I hate the straps. And the colours don't go together well. Evan's model still can't walk. But the dress is quite punk fabulous.

Oh MG had to stay- even though she has an exemption...I knew they were going to yell at her based on last weeks previews.

Megan you are digging your grave- saying what you meant to do but it didn't work. It's true- Lincoln's dress has a horrible bust. Oh MG don't admit that you didn't try hard- you are just going to piss the judges off. I think Megan will go home stil- although it really could be Lincoln...I don't think they'll take away MGs immunity but I think they'll go after her next week for sure.

Richie Rich I love your commentary- I wish you were here every week!

Kendra deserves to win- it was a good dress- although my favourite was Callie's. Oh MG do not piss off Iman- she gets ver scary. Megan doesn't look like a designer- she is not put together at all. I miss the days of Austin Scarlett when he used to get all glammed up for a judging...Lincoln should go home- his dress was awful..and the fact that he thought it was the best dress shows that he has no taste.

Dumbledore Outed!

JK Rowling was at a book reading and signing for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows and she released this bit of info about Dumbledore. When asked about Dumbledore's love life she said that he was gay and that the love of his life had been Gellert Grindelwald- the dark wizard that was once his best friend whom he later defeated. I did NOT see that one coming.


Grey'[s Anatomy

I was just reading Michael Ausiello and it appears that Shonda Rhimes lied to him at the emmy's- she had said that she was breaking up George and Izzie but he just heard that as of episode 8 they are still together- yuck!!

Friday, October 19, 2007

Repulsive Rumer

This girl is just hideous- to the point where I feel bad for her. The hair is just so wrong- and the outfit...oh god the outfit. She has a very oddly shaped body for an eighteen year old and does not wear clothes that flatter her at all. The top makes her look weirdly saggy...not good!

UPDATE: I just added the pic Linz is referring to- while it does look like a nest she's better brunette

Just Say No to the Collagen

I don't understand why these girls get lip injections- they look horrid! Here is BritBrit yesterday leaving the doctors office..not good people, not good...


Thursday, October 18, 2007

Grey'[s Anatomy

Why on earth am I watching this!? I thought I had stuck the fork in it...but I really want to see Callie's reaction- I want to see her go balls out- kick some ass!! YOU FORGIVE HIM!?! What the fuck- what is wrong with this show?!

And this couple thing with Meredith and McDreamy is retarded...makes no not charming...

And why is Alex such an asshole with Max from Lost Boys- not charming...I am just cringing with annoyance so far... George running around...not amusing...I think I'm going to bed early...I don't want to deal with this...til now- Callie give this girl a smackdown!!

It's nice that in an emergency Izzie can take the time to fix her hair...that's right Richard- kick her ass!

Go Callie- kick her ass- take her out!! Ok- I do like her taking the high road...but Izzie needs to be takin out- and take out Meredith while you're at it!

You tell her Callie- call her a traitorous bitch! As McDreamy says this speech I see the kid from Can't Buy Me Love- not a dreamboat.

Spencer the Director

Oh Heidi- if the only person you can find to direct your debut music video is Spencer I'm pretty sure it's not meant to be..

Ugly Betty

I have missed way too many episodes of this show this season- must get back on track!

Yay Victor Garber! Love you!

Friends don't let friends wear glitter before noon- words to live by

Anna Nicole Smith on the cover- haha!

Note to the writers- stay away from talking stuffed animals!! just don't go there

I was a simple girl with an evil plan...I want her chaise! I love that Wilhemina was Wanda- HAHA!! Even if I wanted to express sympathy I physically can't...

I was conceived during Studio 54- I knew I was born into glamour

I put my blood, sweat and old nose into this place...

Henry's going to dress up as Pythagoras- too cute!! Catch you later calculator

Justin making out with a girl...

Faye quit smoking during her pregnancy...eventually...if that doesn't say love I don't know what does!!

Follow the breadcrumbs Gretel...I want a wall that turns with the click of a remote control!! And a secret room behind a shoe wall! One day...

The Office

I love Michael as the Devil wears Prada.

At the end of my life I'm going to be thinking about my comedy albums...

We make our own mattresses that don't conform to the regular sizes- HAHA

Stalk inn- asparagus farm...this is genius...table making demonstration- this is classic! He is going to sow his oats...his actual oats...

Oh he's a telemarketer- poor Michael

Oh and there is the crazy cousin running beside the car...amazing

We are completely wireless- as soon as I find out where Mose hid the wires we'll have power again.

Bedtime story of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire!! ACH!!! I want to go visit Dwight's farm too- I'd love for someone to read Harry Potter to me before bed!

It sounds like someone is making moose calls...or it's Dwight crying...

Ryan looks so smarmy now...look at Kelly making out with have to make a choice- your daughter or me...haha

Poor Dwight with his recorder by the sad...

I love that Michael is running away on a boxcar. Oh Jim could you be cuter...look at you comforting the sad and pathetic Dwight.

Ode to Uncle Ned

I was home early enough tonight to catch Family Ties on the Christian channel. Oh Family Ties how I love you!! This is one of the few shows from my childhood that truly stand the test of time- in my opinion it's this and Golden Girls.

And I keep getting to catch my favorite episodes! A few weeks a go it was the Alex on speed episode- genius! And's Tom Hanks as crazy drunk Uncle Ned!! This is fantastic! I have always remembered this episode- him trying to find alcohol in the pantry and drinking the vanilla extract is CLASSIC!! I forgot the marachino cherries bit but I mean come on- Michael J Fox and Tom Hanks together on screen...truly nothing is better!

Next I need to see the episode where Alex's friend dies and the whole stage is black...most amazing episode that makes me cry every time...

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Lainey Blind Item

Secrets from the BFF
Old gossip now leaking, courtesy of her BFF – in whose chair she sat after her split, receiving therapy and getting pretty at the same time. That’s what friends are for.

Only lately her BFF is getting tired of her attitude problem – friendship is apparently on her terms and the BFF is treated alternately as servant and confidante. So since the BFF can be as catty as they come, secrets are starting seep, shedding light on several mysteries, including weight, children, and heartbreak, all pointing to one cause.

Male hormones???

According to the BFF, she took male hormones as a way to stay thin. As a result, she miscarried at least once, which is what resulted in the big break – she lost love because she was obsessed with being skinny…so says the BFF. The BFF also confirms that she has since stopped, which is why her body is back to lovely.

Still…her reputation, or her looks for that matter, won’t be lovely for long if BFF keeps yapping. In many ways, in one very critical way, she needs her buddy more than her buddy needs her.

ANSWER: 100% Jennifer Aniston- absolutely no doubt. Jennifer Aniston and Courteney Cox. Courteney famously comforted Jennifer through the break-up...and Aniston is famously obsessed with her weight. Plus Lainey has been commenting recently on Jen's body as gotten better

UPDATE: Lainey just updated her site to say that Ken Paves is not the bff...although I have to say fabulous comment- i would kill to know who wrote it

UPDATE #2: Linz has done some fine gossip research- while we are still certain that it is Aniston- it is likely the BFF is her hairdresser

America's Next Top Model

I love that she is trying to get a group of catty bitches to make a chore list- haha

Poor Heather has to learn not to be so honest- these people will hold it against her. Oh they are now showing Ambreal- I don't think we've ever heard her speak.

Heather is awkward enough on the ground- this girl is not meant to be flying in the air. You would think that Lisa would now how to pose- she is a stripper!

They are really highlighting Janet- I think she's going home. Don't you need some training before you become a pairs figure skater?!?! You need a ton of upper arm strength to keep yourself up in the air- this is craziness! Usually they practice on mats!!

Lloyd Eisler- what the hell is on his chin- that is NASTY!! I think i'd have a heart attack in this challenge. Janet is horrible. Jenna still looks like a drag queen to me. People Heather is not made out for this at all. I despise Salesha's hair. Seriously Ebony- sorry means pouting? Lisa was the winner?! She didn't look all that good...

What the hell is Akademiks?! Oh good this is ghetto...these clothes are horrible!!

Sara is a horrible poser- she thinks she knows what she's doing but she's horrid. Jenna can't pose to save her life- she is not a that Norm on Mr. Jay's shirt?! It's true that Ambreal only ever gives the same face.

Man Sara, Jenna and Bianca are catty bitches.

I think that it'll be Janet and Ambreal in the bottom with Janet going home.

God I'm good.

The End of McGosling

Ryan Gosling confirmed in an interview with GQ that he and Rachel McAdams are over. And I have to say that in my psychotic way I am upset by this- I really liked them. I like them both as actors and I have a bit of an obsession with the Notebook. And he says things like this:

“I mean, God bless The Notebook. It introduced me to one of the great loves of my life. But people do Rachel and me a disservice by assuming we were anything like the people in that movie. Rachel and my love story is a hell of a lot more romantic than that.”

So upsetting...

Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Do you guys remember T.A.T.U from like 5 years ago- they were the girls from Russia who were "lesbians" and would make out in the rain in their videos!? Well turns out they are relevant again to someone who is making the movie with this concept:

“Two teenage girls, Janie who is American and Lana who is Russian, fall in love after meeting at a t.A.T.u concert and are swept into a dangerous world of obsession, drug abuse and murder.”

And they actually got a starlet to star in this- Mischa Barton. This is going to be the best movie ever...all the things she said...

Pushing Daisies

I have to say as much as I love this show I do find Chuck annoying...let them talk alone!

Homeopathic- deeply related to gay people- haha

Yeah the more I watch the more I love every aspect of this show except Chuck- I really despise her actually.

How on earth did the brother get in the freezer!

I love that when Olive runs she grabs her boobs- I do the same thing! Oh and I'm so happy the aunts are back- I love how quirky they are

Monday, October 15, 2007

The Bachelor- 9

Time for the Bach! Yay!!

I love how jealous everyone is with Jenni- these girls are a bit insane. I love the girl who is crying because she is being cheated's the Bachelor- what did you expect?!

During the commercial- Monarchy!! Christ I love this show!!

Is it just me or do all of these brunettes look alike!? I can't tell the difference between a bunch of them!!

Oh it is always awkward when people are trying to be funny...oh god Bettina is embarassing and cringeworthy. I forgot to shave?! Brad I love you? So awkward. I can't believe these girls are begging like dogs- this is so degrading. I am embarassed for all of them. Oh look- now they are all dressed as whores. Oh god Kristy should feel stupid- she is awful. She looks like she has a moustache.

Bettina gets the rose?! I don't get this guy at all. Does he not see that she is psychotic?!

They call Jenni a slut and liar for not bragging about her kiss- HAHA!! Catty bitches!!

Look at these girls saying they would say yes right away to an engagement. Well I'm glad that Bettina is trying to talk some sense about marriage....she's like a used car?! Seriously!? What the hell kind of comparaison is that?!

I think that the rose will go to Jade...even though I don't like her. Oh I'm wrong...I think he made the better choice. Oh please- they are all feeling like it's a game...

Oh he is all over Jenni...definitely McCarten is going home. Sheena is staying?! Really- is she going to be the Estella of this season- because I've never heard of her!

Stephy looks like she's had plastic surgery- her brows look lifted and she looks like she's had botox. McCarten you could see him as the father of your children- you hadn't even had an alone date with him- get over it you freak!!

Side note- Sheena looks scary when she smiles

Scenes from next week- holy information batman...they left no surprises!! I love that she falls down the stairs- that would totally happen to me! But why did they tell us that Hillary is leaving the show- why did they reveal her name!? Wouldn't they normally just say- see the most dramatic exit- without saying the name of the girl? Very odd

Samantha Who

Samantha Who has been getting really good reviews so I figured I should try it. I love Jean Smart- so far she’s the highlight. You might want to switch drinking arms so you don’t bulk up on one side!

I love when she holds up her little dress and says I have a daughter- haha!

What the hell is Sookie doing on this show? I have to say I love the concept of this show- basically she’s a horrible person but has a chance to make it ok. But yet it’s funny.

I love when she’s a bitch her friend says her baby is still in there- haha

I like the bad Sam clips- at least she will get her memory back...

New Horrible Baby Name

Anthony Kiedis from the Red Hot Chili Peppers and his child lover Heather Christie(ok she's 21 but it's still gross since he's 44) just had a son...who they named Everly Bear. That's right- Everly horrible is that?! He's named after the Everly Brothers...gag. Here is his explanation for the name:

“We had a long list of names, but I suppose it came to me by way of the EVERLY BROTHERS, which is one of my favorite bands. The mama came up with Bear. That made sense to me because he’s from me and I feel like I’m part of the bear clan, and I think it’s nice to have a little bit of earth in your name.”

This guy has obviously done too many drugs.


Dancing with the Stars

Mark Cuban- meh. Don't really care.

They have Samantha Harris back- don't people take maternity anymore?! I actually prefer Drew Lachey- I love how much eye makeup he wears

Man they never put this Sabrina in flattering costumes for her body shape- side note- I spinned to this song earlier and the sound of it is literally making my legs cramp up- it's like a Pavlovian experience!! She is good though

Well Dr Quinn is very good- especially for her age- more graceful than me...I still don't know why my parents spent so much on ballet lessons for me...

Floyd is awful- he has no rhythm and looks confused- plus the posture is horrible. Time to go home

Go Scary Spice!! PS- set your Toronto date so I can order my tickets!! Also- when is Posh going to be coming to see you and sit in the audience?! This show needs more posh!

Cameron and Edyta- this girl just doesn't like clothes at all. I actually think this is pretty horrible- he really isn't dancing- he's just sticking out his chest- and while I appreciate that he still isn't dancing.

Marie Osmond just frightens me- time to lay off the plastic surgery!!

Go Jennie Garth!! GO Kelly!! My god none of her children look just like her husband- none look like her. She gets a really odd facial expression on her face when she's like when she was annoyed at Brandon for not approving of her new cult. And she looked terrified while he swung her around. Oh it's Steve!

UPDATE- I'm glad Floyd left- he was horrid.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Hey Paula

I can't stop watching this trainwreck- how she still denies her substance abuse issues I just don't know!

When Paula is talking to the camera it is so incredibly scripted- there is nothing natural about this girl. Why on earth does she have so many assistants- who obviously think she's a crackpot since they are laughing while she is crying and freaking out.

She can hardly walk to her car she's so out of it. Now she's freaking out that she doesn't have someone to direct her during an interview because she has no original is scary how crazy she is

She can't even speak in the car on the way to letterman and her eyes can't stay open- she's stoned off her tree.

Hopefully a Fake Tattoo

I really hope that Rihanna just had a friend draw on her arm and did not actually get this permanently tattooed on her arm. This is HORRIBLE!! It's some sort of weird guitar that looks like a bad!!


Saturday, October 13, 2007

Perez Not so Blind Item

I love Perez's not so blind items- he loves to give clues and make it obvious:

What actor, Mr. X, is having an affair? The file on him is that he’s screwing his (female) tennis instructor. Yup. His actress wife is going to become a Lion when she finds out!

My Guess: David Duchovny. First off Mr. X= X-files. And his wife is Tea Leoni...Leoni...Lion...

Orlando Bloom Car Crash

Orlando Bloom got in a car crash on Friday morning and it doesn't look good. He left a club with some girl and then hit a car. He was supposed to be super drunk according to all the witnesses. Plus it looked like he was going to do a hit and run until threatened by the paps- even when he had injured passengers. Not good...not good at all...

Perez is Coming to Toronto

Perez just posted this on his site:

Friday, October 26th
Ultra Supper Club
Doors Open 10:00pm

Anyone interested?

Project Runway Canada

I am SOOO excited for this show!! I LOVE this show, and I love Iman- I hope she brings her husband!!

I have never heard of Brian Bailey- I hope that he lives up tot he Tim standard.

I love that they have a challenge immediately- that's awesome! This show is truly based on talent which is why I love it.

I think Jaclyn is the worst- it is just a cape. She just threw the fabric over the girls head. I like the guy who is honest and said it's a relief to see someone else go.

I would die if someone stole all of my clothes- I love the guy who said that his clothes were like his children. Why on earth would you pick someone's underwear- nasty!!

I think Megan will be the first one to go home- she said she's hot plus she doesn't know how to sew. My question though- wouldn't you learn how to sew before you came!?! It's like Survivor- before you go on it you make sure that you know how to make a fire!

Oh my god- Megan's dress is horrible. I love that Biddell from Saskatoon- he is Canada's version of Jay.

Arther Mendonca- I've heard of him! God I love this show! I love Carlie's dress- i is very new 40s- I would totally wear that. I also love Stephen's- even though I would never wear it. Michael's dress is also fantastic- love the pockets. I would totally wear that. I don't really like Evan's- his model can't walk. A bit too tight for me- but I like him. I love Shernett's shirt. I hate the shoulders on Lincoln's- makes the model look like a linebacker. Megan's is sooo horrible. I hate the sweatsuit skirt- horrid. Kendra's does not look like something you would wear- it needs a jacket or something. I adore Marie genevieve's- it's great. Lucian's is very different and neat- I wouldn't wear it but it's different. I don't like Sofia's coat. I wish they would show what they used to make their outfits- it would be interesting to see what they transformed.

Megan survived?! Seriously!? Her outfit was HORRIBLE!! Oh the furniture backstage is the white IKEA furniture that I've been eyeing- I've been debating buying the sectional.

Poor little Stephen- no one seems to like him. I'm glad they don't like Darren's- it's horrible. This Darren is a complete freak- you would crucify him by using his clothes!?

I think it's Darren going home. His outfit was horrid- and to admit that you made something unwearable is totally shooting yourself in the foot.

God Iman is fantastic- her posture is amazing. The winner has to be Marie Genevieve- well deserved. The dress was amazing.

Darren had to go- I have no time for him.

The Hills

I am just watching the Hills with Heidi and Spencer's anniversary- I am very behind. For all of my Spencer bashing- does anyone else feel nausious when they have to look at his beard?!- I noticed something clearly. I think he's psychotic. Honestly. The look in his eyes when Heidi had to leave the anniversary dinner- if the cameras weren't there he looked like he would beat her. He seems violent. I mean he's the boy who separates girls from their friends- people- if your friends don't like your boy it's because he's a bad person. Run.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

The Office

Meredith's cast might just be the funniest cast I've ever seen- I love her. She might just be my favorite character since they always get her to do the most random things ever.

I love the ridiculousness of the hostage situation- and where in hell did Andy find an ice sculpture! And I love Kelly rubbing the pizza on the window.

The backsingers on speaker phone and the dance- Andy is starting to rock. I love the rest of the offices reactions.

The Genius of Tina Fey

At first I didnt really like 30 Rock but I have learned that it's amazing

First- making fun of scientology with Will Arnett becoming a practicologist- praying to the eye of zoltan- genius!

Next when Jenna goes to the doctor for her weight and he says that she is in the disgusting range. And that Crystal Meth has proven to be very effective- how do you feel about tooth retention- HAHA

Oh Will Arnett I have missed you...well actually I try to watch Arrested Development daily on reruns but still...I heart you

This boy shows up, tries to kiss me then throws up- HAHA!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

America's Next Top Model

Yay Makeover show!! Yay!!

My mother is so about to call me to say she wants Sarah's cut- I know it. I'm trying to figure out who is going to freak out- probably Salesia. Ebony had that glued to her head- yuck!! I despise the back of Janet's hair- I hate when it is short at the back and a bit long at the back- too mullet like. I think Jenah looks like a tranny with the long blonde hair. Oh it's Bianca that's going to freak! Lisa does look like a poodle- if your hair is that curly it should not be short!!

I'm so glad that I don't have to ever get a weave- looks so painful. Oh Bianca is freaking about her hair- if they are using a wig on Bianca why are they getting rid of her hair?!

Damn Nigel's wife- in my world he's single since he's such a sexy beast.

Victoria is a horrible model- her only expression is deer in the headlights. There is a reason why they are really playing up her wanting to go home- I think her wish will come true.

My predictions- Victoria and Bianca. My god can Victoria ever listen to Twiggy?! She interrupts her every single time!! Jenah is ridiculously scary looking- this girl is NOT a model. Heather looks like a troll- this is not pretty in any way.

I think it's Victoria going home- she's just horrid. God I'm good at this!!

I'm Moving to Stoney Creek!!

I was just saying a few weeks ago that I want to move back to Stoney Creek after I was there for a family funeral. Now this just demonstrates that I made a great choice- look at the candidate for Stoney Creek- it's JODIE from Today's Special!! Now if only Mimi would come to befriend Baxter it would all be complete!!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

The Tudors

God lord everything is sexy about JRM- his voice, everything. I adore his intensity- granted it's probably the heroin but still. Hot. I think I'd rather have the jewelry than a scary pie that has birds flying out of it.

That's right- strip him!! And show him wrestling...oh this is good shit!! It's my new Queer as Folk!

Buckingham was killed for making fun of Henry's virility- not for wanting to kill him. Good lord JRM has amazing eyes.

Oh god are they going to show the beheading??!?! Time to close my eyes!! I thought he was supposed to be blindfolded.

I'm wondering why Katherine never wears a hood...oh she must be at Walsingham praying for a son.

Pushing Daisies

I've been looking forward to tonight all week- Pushing Daisies and the Tudors- yay!

haha- it's a cheesebox!! That is the funniest thing- god this show is random!

I have to say though Chuck is a bit annoying- I don't like her weird helping of the dead.

I love the petal eyelashes on the flower- they are fantastic!! Oh Becca- she is singing!! This is what you have been waiting for! HAHA!! I love that she just jumps right back into song! Oh god if this show keeps having musical numbers it may become my number 1 show. Digby considered how much he liked salt...

Love the titanic hands in the dandelion car. I love that she is all bandaged but she still has the red lipstick. The kiss is ingenious- body bags!! And the knitting obsession is saving their life. Oh I love what he did to the car- so cute

Gossip Girl

Unfortunately I missed this show last week but I feel I can just jump back in!

He looks like Matthew McConaughey in between movies...a loser- HAHA!

My god Blair has the best clothes ever. HAHA- I love Chuck's lines. Making fun of the guy who is against material things but who's hair is full of product. I love the campiness and Cruel Intentions feel of this show- highly recommended!!

Monday, October 8, 2007

Ugly Betty

I JUST watched the season premiere of Ugly Betty on my comp last night- I am SOOO behind on my tv watching. Just a few comments-

I SOOO knew that Santos was dead the whole time. There is no way that Hilda would have broken down at Justin's play last season for just a gunshot- she would have run to the hospital.

I love the twist that Alexis forgot she has become a man- should be good

Judith Licht ROCKS on this show- Hated her as Angela Bower but as Claire Mead she rocks. I'll be a cat- or a nun- I haven't decided!! Then her and Wilhemina turning the tables- amazing...

And that brings me to Mark. Mark and Amanda make this show for me. While I can appreciate Justin as the fashion elf- and leaving camp because the dreamcatchers were amateur and culturally insensitive- HAHAHA- Mark and Amanda always steal the show. Her weight gain is hysterical- and when he tells her to wait to go Flowers on the Attic- YAY!! I love a Flowers in the Attic quote!! When he goes to get the ear hair and says to never send a girl in to do a woman's job- I heart him!!

The Bachelor- 12

I just got home 1/2 an hour ago after almost a 10 hour drive- but I had to watch the Bachelor!! First off- I would HATE to go to a circus on a date...I HATE circuses!!! I can't deal with the animals and the horrible environment for them. And clowns- shudder. I HATE clowns- they are NOT funny!! Creepy old men wearing makeup to lure children!! Jenni is just so simple- he seems to like that. Side note- I can't believe Project Runway Canada is on at the same time!! Luckily that is repeated this week!

I wonder why she'll feel like a million dollars?! Could he be bringing jewelry?! Like ALL the other bachelors?! Wow- this is so shocking.

Who the hell is Sheena? I don't even remember her! Oh god this girl has GOT to stop crying on her one on one- so awkward!! If she starts talking about her need for procreating I might fall over laughing. This girl is a crackpot. Why on earth would he give the hysterical crying girl a rose- can't he see she's ridiculous?!

Alright I was just on the phone during the last section so I only had it on mute- but what the hell is wrong with a Solisa!? Is she hoping to get a job as a stripper after this?!

The twin doesn't even look like him!! Wow- the Sheena girl that I didn't know is the one who realized that it was the twin. Wow Christy got it right away- so did the next blond.

I love that Brad is apprehensive about the people that didn't figure it out. Good- since they didn't look anything alike!! I don't really have a sense right now about who he is going to end up with- right now my money is on Jenni- but there is a good chance he could realize she's a moron and get rid of her.

Well at least he got rid of the 2 girls who had no idea- and the stripper. I was a little more open- I wear those special parts on the outside- I thought he saw them...yes, we ALL saw your special parts. The blond thought that she was going to marry him?!! She hadn't even had a one on one date!! These girls have SERIOUS issues?! Do they have to pass a psych test?!

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Private Practice

Alright I'm trying this one more time. Everyone seems to have liked this last week. So I'm giving it another go. What the hell is Addison even doing at this practice? She doesn't seem to be practising medicine

Guess- the old woman is poisoning them somehow. As for the babies- they will keep the one they took from the hospital. The father switched the babies- and accidently got the sick baby. I mean this show is ok but it is truly nothing spectacular. Not must see tv for me

America's Next Top Model

I'm not a bad friend- I'm just giving her bad tips...haha! I am guessing right now that it is Bianca going home- they seem to really be protraying what a bitch she is. I love when they start talking about their signature walk- like they are Naomi Campbell!

I love how Ebony is laughing during the fight thinking wow- I thought I was going to be the biggest bitch n the house.

Victoria looks constantly like a deear n the headlights- not good!! Lisa looks fantastic when she has another hairdo- she needs a makeover asap. I think Janet will win this competition. Oh I'm wrong- It was Saleisha- she was good too.

Where the hell are the makeovers??!?! Usually they are madeover by this point

I want to be a role model to people with a normal life- shut up and get off this show. The whole point of models is that they are NOT normal!!

I think that it is between Bianca and Kim to go home- and my vote is with Kim

Brooke Hogan- Hopeless

This girl has all the money in the world at her disposal and this is what she leaves the house in!! Granted I have watched their reality show and see that she didn't have much of a style icon to look up to in her mother. But this is unacceptable. She is orange, bleached, and wearing Pebbles' prom dress. And she does not have the body to pull this off- all and all, I say throw a tarp over that shit!!

Wicked Witch of NYC

Who on earth thinks that this looks good?!?! Who looks at this monstrosity and thinks wow fashion icon. Can we say overrated everyone?!? She is OLD, she is a smoker and had wrinkled prematurely, she looks like a horse, she has NASTY veins all over with weird tendons and bones poking out. This is just a mess- she looks like Cruella or the Wicked Witch...but she isn't supposed to be in a costume!!

If you were ever wondering where I came from...

This should explain everything. This is the story that my mother typed up and just sent to all her friends on her birthday. I almost fell over laughing picturing her. Note that she is calling herself princess.

A Debbie Story -
Once upon a time (last night), a princess was sitting on a lazy boy when she looked over at her stepdaughter who was looking kinda weird.
"Uh, princess, she said, I don't want to alarm you but I believe I just saw a mouse!"
The princess, screaming hysterically, yelled, "Oh, My God, Lindsay, can I get up out of the chair". Lindsay, looking around all over, says, "yes, you're fine to get up". The princess gets up, runs to the hallway and parks her butt on a chair, watching T.V. from there. Lindsay, searching hesitantly all over, starts poking around the vicinity. She later informs the princess that when the princess moved from the chair, the mouse was probably under it, but she thought it would not be a good idea to inform the princess about this fact. Probably a very good idea!

The dashing Prince walks in shortly thereafter to the frantic screams of his princess, who yells, "thank God you're home, dashing prince, save me from peril and get rid of said mouse.". The prince and Lindsay resume their search, turning up nothing. Lindsay then decides she has imagined said mouse.

Life resumes as usual, when about a half hour later, the prince says, "Okay, everyone, I just saw it." The princess, yelling hysterically, runs to the garage and parks her butt in her car (a new Jetta, called Joan, which she just got in late August). The prince comes out to get a golf club, thus alarming his princess, who, although terrified, does not want said mouse killed - "Please, dashing prince, do not kill the offending mouse, catch and release it."

All attempts at finding said mouse were futile so the princess made a difficult decision. While her prince kept watch, she quickly (in about 2 seconds) packed a bag, got in her car and drove into town, where she spent the night in a Bed and Breakfast. When informing the owner of said establishment, who assumed the princess was from out of town, not over the bridge in Stratford, the reason why she was wanting to stay in a bed and breakfast, attempted not to laugh hysterically.

Update: Said mice has not been caught despite the dashing prince putting out 4 mouse traps. Therefore, the princess will probably be parking her butt at a friend's (Sandra) until the mouse is caught.


To my most devoted reader- or at least the one that comments the most. I hope you have a fantastic bday and know that I thank you for getting me excited at least once a day to see a comment posted!!

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

The Tudors

The Tudors!! The Tudors!! The Tudors! I don't even know what to do with myself I'm so excited about this- I've been looking forward to this since I first heard it was being made. Tudor England combined with Jonathan Rhys Meyers- truly this might just be the most genius thing that I have EVER seen- someone out there loves me!! I am actually even reading The Constant Princess again right now. Oh god I can hardly sit still....any of you who truly know me know how important this is to me!!

Good lord he is hot there in his chair. Oh Norfolk- I can't wait to see how they portray him..ACH!! It's starting!! Yay!! Television even of my YEAR people!!

I'm always fascinated to see how people recreate Whitehall- it fascinates me. His uncle?! what uncle? I don't remember any other Tudor brothers of Henry IIV and his mother's brothers were the two princes in the tower- they were murdered as children. I need to investigate this at the commercial.

Hampton Court- I love Hampton Court- it's near where my fam is from. Good lord he is a sexy beast. That is what happens when you devote your life to religion- you don't get to have sex with JRM!!

While I LOVE JRM I don't really know if he makes sense as Henry- I mean Henry was tall and strong and redheaded..but I shouldn't complain- I'll take all the JRM that i can get

I've never known Buckingham to be portrayed so angry and so bitter

God I hope they don't show any beheadings...I don't think I can handle watching them. Oh the meeting with the Boleyn's- it's a bit off but I'm trying not to let my nerdiness ruin this story for me. God he has nice arms. Wow they are making quite the villain out of Buckingham. He just stabbed his servant?! Seriously!? Ok this is odd....good lord those eyes are spellbinding...

Pushing Daisies

I have heard nothing but good things about this show- I'm very excited to see it...until now...what the hell- they killed a dog right away?!? We all know I don't deal well with pet deaths!! Plus it looks like Lola!! Oh never mind- he resurrected the dog

Came ready made from the playdoh fun factory of life- fantastic line!!

What a cool concept for a show- he can resurrect the dead but he can only bring them back for 1 minute- or someone else will die. Oh- so cool. If he touches them ever again they will die. I also love the narrators voice. How the hell do i know this actor?! I don't know why I would know him- but i like him already. Dog cantaloupe- HAHA! What a fantastic name for a pet- I will get a cantaloupe and a pamplemousse.

Oh my god Kristin Chenowith is sooo tiny. I love the weird creepy skeletal hand that he pets his dog with. And this show is stunningly beautiful!! Swoozie Kurtz- I love her! This show is so random it's amazing!!

Lainey Blind Item

Although his “art” and therefore his career is entirely predicated upon the fact that he loves love and believes in love, especially love at home, and has made millions off women swooning over every word and note, it seems for him at least love does not go hand in hand with fidelity.

Appears he’s been nailing a new piece in every city – from the Midwest to the Northwest to New York, he is cheating. And he is cheating on a celebrated starlet girlfriend with a career that could eclipse – if it hasn’t already – his own.

Because while he might make more money, she gets more mileage – on magazines, on red carpets, on award show stages. And why not? She’s beautiful and talented – a scene stealer in every way.

Still…he strays. He strays everywhere. And his modus operandi is always the same.

He will meet a girl. They will go somewhere fun – playing pool, bowling, even karaoke. Afterwards he’ll invite her back to his hotel. They get it on but first he makes sure she showers. He insists on it. He almost orders it. Apparently he wants to make sure she’s clean before they get dirty. And then they get dirty.

The camera will come out. He promises privacy. And so far it has indeed been private. But this is what turns him on. If there’s time they’ll watch it back together and go for round 2. Not known what he does with the evidence afterwards though it’s very possible he is now building his own porny tourist video library with entries from at least 3 American cities… that I know of.

ANSWER- I'm thinking Michael Buble. Sounds like he's a singer- and Emily Blunt is a starlet that is getting pretty famous- and she's won a golden globe

Monday, October 1, 2007

The Bachelor- 15

Man I always seem to succomb to peer pressure...I worked overtime tonight and am exhausted but I don't want to disappoint Patti so I'm up and watching the Bachelor!! I am a people pleaser.

Ok this hospital visit had better mean a good injury- none of that stupid Bevan ankle injury crap where she wore HEELS yet showed up THREE months later in a cast...freak

What the hell kind of name is McCarten- does that mean I can name my child McGill? Wow he suddenly became more attractive to me when he gave out gifts of cash...hehe. Actually I'll be honest- I HATE guys who have finely groomed facial hair- I mean I hate facial hair all around. But when it is all groomed it shows he spends way too much time on it- just shave it off!

I was just about to insult the realtor for having such bad highlights then she goes and gets injured. Now I can't point out how awful and eighties her streaks are.

Side note- I am just flipping channels during the commercial and found MONARCHY with David Starkey- the man who established my love of all things British and Royal...which ties into my excitement for tomorrow night and THE TUDORS!! The combo of Jonathan Rhys Meyers- my future husband- and Tudor England makes me almost pass out with excitement. Ok screw the Bachelor- I want to watch this- it's the first one ever about Anglo Saxon England and Ethelred and the Normand conquest (hehe)....I guess I've already seen this about 3 times so should watch the Bachelor...

Ok back to the smut...Monarchy is on TVO for all of you out there. K now I'm really back. I love that the girls are all smiling and giggling when they find out she fell...and they are more so jealous that she has his phone number. Wow McCarten is aggressive- grabs him to kiss him as he's talking...very odd...I love that he said it wasn't good!! Seriously DeAnna- you didn't know that he was going for the rose?! Even Baxter knew that- and he's on the other side of the room sleeping on my suitcase.

I love that big brown pillow on the couch- fabulous!! I love how they act surprised that he shows up- when they are waiting for him to go on a date. Polaroid beach house- I've seen slutty pics of Blohan there. I would think it's odd for him to have 7 girls trying to take his shirt off then cheering when he does. That was a nasty toast- I would not say that in national television when my parents could be watching.

Oh and the girl with the massive implants wants him to do a body shot off her- to truly know what silicone feels like. She showed me everything that she is- literally. Oh god here comes the Christian girl- that was the oddest declaration- she was so vague it was weird. What the hell is wrong with Solina?!? She is going to streak?!

Why on earth did Jenny just kiss his hand? I despise cutesy people. Well- obviously he doesn't. What the hell is up with her heart shaped crystal earrings?! Oh my god I can't believe they are going through Jenny's luggage!! Sarah close your mouth- it is a scaring me. I can't believe this girl just ripped her top off...lovely.

Oh look- Michelle's accident is giving her time with him. Oh god- don't start talking about kids right away when you have time with him! She is ridiculously manly. God the fabrics in these houses are amazing- I'm loving all the drapes and pillows!! Holy Tranny Batman!! Mallory looks like Alexis Arquette- she is a man. Jade's a cow. Maybe Brad is like Patrick Darling from Dirty Sexy Money and likes the trannies...

McCarten?! Really- he picked her after that horrible kiss?! Look at Jade's face when Jennie got the rose- what a cow. He seems to like the blondes. He picked the whore?!!? Seriously?!!? Well we know he doesn't like trannies- but he likes the sluts. Interesting...oh and here comes the crazy. Crying about a guy that you didn't even go on a date with!!

Spice Girls Tickets!!

I'm nervous people- very very nervous!! The London Spice Girls concert sold out in 38 seconds- and I had signed up for tickets and news and never heard anything!! I am going to have to go to Ticketmaster religiously to make sure I don't miss out on tickets because I truly don't think I will be able to emotionally handle it if I don't get tickets!!!

Naomi? What are you Thinking!?

I've always been fascinated with Naomi Campbell- that girl can walk. What the hell is she doing on the Italian version of Dancing with the Stars?! I think she is still wayyy too famous for this- I mean the "supermodel" on the American version was Josie Maran- anyone else ever heard of her?! Exactly! Naomi- you can do better than this!!

Maniston and Orlando?!

These pics were published today of Orlando Bloom and Jennifer Aniston together in Mexico. I think they are a good couple- I feel they are both incredibly overrated and not terribly attractive and have the same level of fame.

Seriously- What the Hell Happened to Her Face?!!?

I am right now addicted to season 5 of 90210- it is bringing me joy like few other things can. And I am looking at Donna with Ray Pruit and thinking- wow, Tori wasn't as ugly back then as I thought. Back in the day ALL we used to do is make fun of how nasty she was. But look at her disturbing. Here she is dancing with the Pussycat Dolls...what the hell happened to her face!!!!?

In comparaison we have my Kelly Taylor- who still looks exactly the same!!

Britney Loses Custody!!

It's official- the trainwreck that is Britney Spears has officially lost custody of her children. How pathetic is that. I mean these kids are 13 months and 2 years old. It has to be pretty severe to take them away from their mother in this day and age. As soon as the media published pics of her out driving them KFeds attorney rushed to the court and she lost custody. The IDIOT has been driving with a suspended license- AFTER she was charged for a hit and run- that was documented by the paps.

SO dumb...