Thursday, August 28, 2008

Big Brother 10

Oh I love double eviction episodes- the drama is amazing!!! So much fun!

Aurevoir Michelle- you are out of there

God just rewatching Dan and his stupid game makes me uncomfortable- it makes no sense! The whole thing was just awkward and uncomfortable

Dan of course there is a target on your back- what the hell are you thinking?

Wow Gerry actually has a good plan- if he does stay quiet it could work.

I do love that they think that Dan is America's player.

Ollie you are a retard screaming that you are HOH- you are such a douche.

Oh good lord Ollie is now bringing up his manhood and embarassment- the whole world has seen him act as a porn star and he doesn't realize it's a game. So he's going to trash the house because Dan played with him?

I hope that the HOH isn't geared towards Ollie- I want him to go sooo badly!

Oh god this HOH is making me stressed out- I don't want Ollie or Gerry to win!!! Yes Keesha won!!!

Well I guess now Ollie can go have lots of sex in the sequester house with April

Ollie is such a tool- he thinks that everyone else cares that Dan "betrayed" him? Idiot

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Please God Make This Happen!!!

Perez is claiming that Luke Perry is in talks to come back to 90210- YAY!!! I guess on the show Kelly is going to have a 4 year old son and the babydaddy is none other than Dylan McKay. Kelly and Dylan forever!!

Dancing with the Stars

They announced the "celebrities" that will be on Dancing with the Stars this year:

Toni Braxton (with Alec Mazo), singer, 40 - As long as she doesn't sing or show her nasty belly button I'll be ok
Lance Bass (with Lacey Schwimmer) singer, 29 - I was hoping they would have him dance with a boy- I didn't realize he was quite this D list yet...
Ted McGinley (with Inna Brayer) Jefferson D'Arcy, 50 - Go JeffersoN!! I hope Al comes to help you!!
Cloris Leachman (with Corky Ballas) Frau Bl├╝cher, 82 - Awesome- I hope she does well!!
Warren Sapp (with Kym Johnson) NFL sports person, 35 - never heard of him- therefore he'll probably win
Rocco DiSpirito (with Karina Smirnoff) flaming chef, 31 - Does nothing for me...
Kim Kardashian (with Mark Ballas) porn star, 27 - God how often will they refer to her ass and do close ups on it? This will be quite annoying
Maurice Green ( with Cheryl Burke) Olympic sports person, 34 - I think he was a runner...don't really remember much about him...
Misty May-Treanor (with Maksim Chmerkovskiy) Olympic sports person, 31 - Who cares about her- my sexy beast Maxim is back!!
Susan Lucci (with Tony Dovolani) Erica Kane, 61 - Just give her the trophy now- they will be referring to her being an Emmy loser often enough people will feel bad for her...
Jeffrey Ross (with Edyta Sliwinska) comedian, 42 - who?
Cody Linley (with Julianne Hough) actor, 18 - again- who? Oh god- please don't tell me this one of the annoying kids from Big Daddy- I can't handle him!!
Brooke Burke, girls gone wild host- I may be psychic here- I think she will dress as slutty as possible

Pic of the Day

What the hell is Kristen wearing??!!? This is what happens when you are eaten by the Freddy snake- you never recover!!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Pic of the Day

This just makes me happy- why don't I ever run into them in Toronto?! I'm a total McGosling!!!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Video of the Day

I've missed all of you- bring back the original cast- make it a soap opera that never ends!! Screw the new people I want David Silver!!


Yuck. It was announced today that Jason Mesnick- aka the most boring guy ever- as the next bachelor. Even better- he has a son. Who he cried over- a lot. Who he had some violin worthy scenes with- yuck. God I hated him

So to make the entire thing even more cringe worthy the host Chris Harrison has said that the son will play a significant role in the show. And it's official- with that I will not be watching the new season!

New Celeb Baby Name

E online is reporting that Gwen Stefani had a caesarian this morning and named it Zuma. ZUMA!! What the hell is that/!? They haven't even released the sex- god I hope they got it wrong! That is such a horrid name- especially when Kingston is so cute.

UPDATE: It just gets worse and worse. has a statement from the publicist saying it's a baby boy named Zuma Nesta Rock- WORST.NAME.EVER. IT"S HORRID!!!!!! It may win my award for worst name of the year

Big Brother 10

Aurevoir April!! While there will no longer be ridiculous amounts of sex in the house once she leaves I won't miss her at all.

I think that April has lost her mind- she thinks that she hasn't done anything?!?! And that she hasn't yelled at anyone?! All she does is make cakes?!? This girl is RETARDED!!

Haha- April is still offering Dan money- she's such a cow!

Come on Dan stick with Memphis- stay with him!!

Man April's sister looks beat- I can't believe these girls age- they look rough!!

April- you are repeating Angie's speech- we've heard this you bloody tool!!

What the hell was up with Dan saying I vote to evict "je" before saying april? that was weird

Oh god April you are repulsive- you don't understand why people turned on you? Well maybe because you are a cow

I think Michelle will win this- she is quite competitive

I love that they are getting slammed into the wall- too funny!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

New Celeb Baby Name

Matt Damon and his wife Luciana just had their third daughter and named her Gia Zavala. Not a fan of the Zavala but it's a middle name so I'm sure it is a family name of some sort. Gia- not bad. Could be worse- could be Diva Muffin

Who's the Daddy/Mommy?

Ricky Martin's publicist has confirmed that Ricky is now the father of twin boys born via gestational surrogate. The publicist also said that Ricky will be taking a year out of the spotlight- I don't think that will be hard since it is no longer 2001 and most of us are no longer leading la vida loca.

The big question though- who is the mommy/daddy or is he a single parent?


Who's the Daddy/Mommy?

Gay New Kid?

Perez is posting that Jon Knight is gay and will be coming out of the closet soon. When you think about it it's not terribly shocking- I mean he was always shy and uncomfortable with all the female attention. I wonder how Tiffany feels?

I had to put this picture up because it looks like Donnie has a glorious mullet


Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Big Brother 10

Oh God Keesha don't say anything bad about Renny- she will turn on her in a heartbeat.

Ok this challenge is pretty cool. I can't believe how scared Ollie is of birds- I mean I don't like them but a stuffed one doesn't scare me.

I can't believe how much work the set designers went to for this challenge- it's impressive. The best way to win this competition is to fold- let other people eliminate themselves.

Yay April was eliminated!! I can't stand her!

That was actually a good move by Gerry folding during the cockroaches...except he might have won! Oh he would have!

Yay Dan!! I'm so glad you won it! I want the nominations to stay and send April home!

I like how Gerry is now taking his comment off the table- he didn't actually say he's sorry. Of course he has to suck up to Dan since he has no other friends

What these people are not considering is that Renny has not guaranteed that she will put Ollie up if Dan uses the veto- I think she would put Memphis up actually since she has issues

I like that April saying she respects Renny for her nominations- she just doesn't want Ollie nominated. Man April definitely thought that she was going to be vetoed.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Video of the Day

This is why Perez rocks my world- I love that he talks about her being finger banged- so inappropriate!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Big Brother 10

Yay Renny- put up April and Ollie!!!!

I think it's funny that Gerry won't leave April and Ollie alone. I also think it's amusing that they think Gerry is the target.

Oh Renny and Keesha's friendship may be in jeopardy- Renny seems to be jealous.

Oh no Renny don't put up Memphis- he's on your side!!! Don't be stupid- get rid of the enemies!! You are an idiot- you keep those close to you for now and get rid of the enemies- what the hell are you thinking?!?!

Look at Dan eating crickets- side note- yesterday there was a chase point where people had to eat crickets. Thank GOD we didn't do that one!!

Ok those pig ears might be the nastiest things I've ever seen- they look like flesh coloured leaches- that's nasty!!

Oh no Renny's thought process is scary. Why on earth would she put up one of her own as a "pawn". They will go home for sure!! Put up to enemies- they are your enemies regardless

Oh god Renny do not listen to Ollie- that makes no sense!! Stick with your bloody alliance!

I agree with Dan- Renny is crazy and hard to read. Oh god April is infuriating- first the ugly bow in her hair and then saying it's not fair that she will be nominated since she is such a nice person- yuck!!

Oh god job Renny!!! She made really good choices in her nominations. I love how pissed they are.

I do agree with April's strategy- get Gerry to blow up and piss them off- these are very emotional players

Friday, August 15, 2008

Video of the Day

Is it just me or should they just get rid of the new characters. All people care about is Kelly and Brenda!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Big Brother 10

Haha- I love Libra more and more. I'm glad that she sees Gerry as he is- as an idiot. Gerry you are a tool.

I love how Dan loves what is happening- haha. He is playing this very very well- use the crazy to your advantage!

April thinks Keesha is coming after her because she is prettier?!?! Has she looked in a mirror!?

Dan is not playing both sides- he never talks to you Ollie and April. This may be the stupidest alliance since the friendship- Ollie, April and Gerry are all complete tools.

I don't think that Dan will turn on Memphis- I think it would be easier to sway Michelle.

Oh no my favourite is gone- well I still like Memphis or Dan

Oh god Renny eliminated April- April the douche is going to say Renny got rid of her because she's prettier.

Renny won- that means April and Ollie are gone!! Note to Michelle and Gerry- note that they are not going around screaming.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Implants on a 14 Year Old

Dina Lohan yet again shows what a wonderful mother is. Ali Lohan suddenly got ginormous breasts on her skinny body- following in the fine Lohan family tradition of getting breast implants while you are a teenager. She is also rumoured to have gotten a nose job- lovely...


Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Big Brother 10

Yup I think I'm on team Libra- she is pretty intuitive.

Who cares if Gerry is playing in the veto- it's not like he is a threat! April is such a cow- she was Libra's best friend and now she is constantly bashing her.

I can't believe that Gerry figured out that Dan is America's player. Well he's not anymore but he was not ver subtle if they all clued into it.

Oh god a challenge with onions- thank god I'm not on this show! First honey now this- it's my nightmare!!

Go Libra!!! I hope she wins!!

HAHA- That prize is AMAZING!!! he worked hard to win an onion necklace!!

There is something weird about Ollie's voice as he announces- he has a slight lisp I think.

Keesha does not have a good game face- she should try not to cry in front of everyone. Oh god I hope it is Libra that wins it and not Gerry...Memphis was actually the most impressive in the house- his weights were huge. Oh god Gerry got it- YUCK!!! I HATE HIM

Gerry did that for Jessie?! Why did he do it for him!? Or did he say that so that he could change Michelle's mind?

Gerry is such an asshole- Dan tries to be sincere and then Gerry shoots him down. He is a HORRIBLE role model.

Oh god Michelle Libra was just joking...these people are retards....

Oh my god Keesha you are a tard if you are listening to this- Libra was joking and all of a sudden they all get idiotic. This is what happens when people are dumb and drunk. Yay I'm glad that Keesha is calling out April in front of Michelle- she should have finished it.

Man Keesha is a drunk fool.

I love how Memphis thinks that Gerry is a tool for the whole Judas crap...the guy is an idiot.

Monday, August 11, 2008

The Mole

It has to be Craig!!!! If not I'm a tool- but I won't be shocked if it is Nicole. I say that and it will be Mark

I can't believe Mark one!! If he won I think Nicole was the mole...

I KNEW IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I thought it was him since week one!! Craig is the mole!!! The most shocking part is that Nicole didn't win- I thought for sure she would win and was on to him.

As much as I like to hear about who was on to the mole and the history what I really want to see are the clues throughout the season

I do remember the kettle and him not finding it. I love that Craig scored a goal on his team and they all thought it was cute. No one picked him til week 7!?

I love that he feels that he was a great mole by failing successfully

I did catch the first clue where he held the sign. Man I would have clued in on the sound clues.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Big Brother 10

While I'm happy Jessie is gone I have to admit I'm going to miss him- he was such a douche that he made me him!

I love how April is taking Jessie's eviction as a personal attack against her- the girls ego is out of control...

What the hell is up with throwing around the term "disrespecting me" all the time?! These people are completely retarded- it's a freakin game!! And Gerry screaming screw you people and hiding behind the cross- this man is a complete idiot.

My god now Michelle and Renny are fighting- they just want to fight. And now Gerry needs to get involved. Man Memphis just sit back and don't say anything...let the idiots make retarded comments. You are sitting pretty

I love that they are saying Dan will "burn" because he did a game! Tools

I love how Michelle is telling Dan that he has to lie cheat and steal in this game but is yelling at him because he didn't do it in the way she wanted....haha! She is such a tool! I do love Dan's little grin- he is playing this well

Well at least after the storm Libra and Michelle were able to talk rationally.

Gerry you are a complete retard- I can't believe you were my favorite. You are such a tool I can't believe it. If you were grandfather I would be mortified- I mean not that my family is perfect but they aren't wishing eternal damnation on me because I have beat them at trivial pursuit in the past. Dude it's a game- deal

And April- slutty mcslut now hates her exbest friend and can't stop bashing her because she didn't vote with her. Michelle- don't you remember that April is the one who nominated your friends? That is the reason they are gone!!

I think Libra might be my favorite player now- I hope she gets the POV and kicks their asses!!

Nice suit looks like what my dad wore to his wedding!!

Oh yuck they brought back bunky- yuck!! Where is my doctor will!?!? And Amy- where the hell is my Marcellas!?!? I do like to see Jun- I like her hair. Of course Janelle is there. Oh yuck Boogie- the pit stains are nasty. And Jen is back- not Evel dick?!!?

Mike Boogie was not the best- where oh where is my Dr. Will?!!? Wow I can't believe that Jen actually knows about gas prices. And old pervy Gerry goes for Janelle- he's so creepy. Haha- yay Janelle- he isn't cute!! He had only been out for 8 hours- haha! Natalie's in the bushes- haha!! Matty that was pretty funny. Except he's a tool trying to talk about a laser. Oh poor Jun is the last one. Wow George is actually a pretty good liar- dumbass April.

My god Michelle it's time to get over Jessie- it's over.

Keesha looked like she was going to cry. Oh my god Gerry you are such a douche- a Judas?! Overdramatic much?!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Video of the Day

Anderson Cooper marry me!!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Big Brother 10

I haven't blogged about this for a while but I have definitely watching. Jessie is still a douche, Keesha is an idiot, Renny is annoying, Gerry is a blowhard, Memphis looks like Ray Pruitt, and April has an overinflated ego.

I can't believe these people are letting Jessie come between their alliance. I love that he was awoken from his 3rd or 4th nap of the day- haha!

Gerry has got to learn how to address people- and now the entire alliance is fighting- and now Memphis is getting involved.

Yay Jessie is the furthest away from the veto- that's awesome!! God that kid has to go...except then Memphis goes and throws the competition...very odd. Yay it's Michelle that's out- I'm glad she didn't get it. I didn't want her to get it and take that little douche off. Yay Jessie is out- woohoo!! He is trying to relate hockey to golf? This guy is a retard

Oh Libra Michelle is going to kick her ass- this girl is going to kill her! Michelle you are showing that you are a complete idiot- she should have her kids taken away because you don't like her?

Video of the Day

Anderson Cooper I love you. Be my best friend-please!!

Monday, August 4, 2008

I'd Like to See the Birth Certificate

This girl is supposed to be 14- look at her!! Dina Lohan you should be so proud- your 14 year old daughter looks like a 35 year old twice divorced cougar on the prowl!! The choker is just unacceptable- well the whole outfit is but the choker is the worse

The Mole

I'm sticking with Craig as the Mole- but I'm sure I'll be wrong

My god I love the show- these games are sooo intricate. Love it! It would definitely take me some time to figure it out

It's interesting that Mark is redoing times that Nicole has already done. Very moley

I am starting to change my mind as I'm watching this- Mark just doesn't seem as intense this time. And why isn't he using his map? That is fishy. It is also fishy that Nicole seems so lax

Interesting that she doesn't take a picture of the flag- she is pretending that she is angry and doesn't want to do it- sketchy!!

What the hell is Nicole doing? She must be the mole- she is doing EVERYTHING wrong but the other two aren't around. Maybe it is her. Craig seems to be doing this well.

Mark taking the briefcase is very interesting- it could show that he is the mole so that he could lose the money- or that he isn't and needed the info for the quiz. I'm thinking that Craig isn't the mole

Ach this show makes me go all over the place!!

Nicole almost just admitted that she was the mole...god I HATE that we probably won't find out who the mole is til next week!

Teen Choice Awards

I am just watching Miley Cyrus lipsinking and had to make a comment- she is an awful lipsyncher. I just hate this girl. These sparkly shorts are so awful. Her pout makes me nauseous- she thinks she's sexy and it's so disturbing. I do love Fergie's dress though...

I hope Katy Perry kicks her ass. This girl can't sing worth shit and is so f'ing arrogant- she is a talking singer- there really is no talent. Just a great marketing team, greedy parents and an over inflated ego.

Brian Austin Green is going to be here!? Teens know who he is!? Oh god I'm old- I haven't heard of a bunch of these people- what the hell is a Clique Girlz? Stop the insanity and bring back proper grammar!!!

Gag- the hottest proclaimed by Miley Cyrus...she's awful...and completely awkward! Those overalls are SOOO atrocious

Oh James Marsden you are a sexy beast- I heart you. I watched Boogie's Diner and Second Noah for you!! I think that the Dark Knight is definitely the action movie of the summer but should young teens be watching it? Yes, yes I am getting pruder as I age...Hancock is the movie of the summer!?!? What?!? I think it might have been Tommy Girl dialing in a thousand times to vote for Will Smith. God I'm getting old- Will Smith's goatee is grey..


Of course Gossip Girl won- they are all there...who the hell is the 3rd girl!?!? I love Leighton's dress- god I love her clothes.

I can't look at Rainn Wilson the same since I read that he was a complete ass at the MMVAs and got in a fight with my Joey Joe Bird McIntyre.

Miley Cyrus is the choice Female Singer?!?!! Seriously!?!? I am very frightened for the next generation if this is their role model. She just thanked the big man Jesus Christ- I hate her so much.

Nice Jeans

This is what an unhealthy combination of Scientology and Tommy Girl does to your sense of style- rolled up jeans!! ROLLED UP JEANS! Not only are her jeans rolled up they are tightly rolled up- she folded them in to get them tight around her ankle! I mean if there was a bike around it might be slightly understandeable- I have ripped one too many pairs of jeans on a bicycle chain. She really should have asked Reina to help her with this though- in grade 7 Reina could get her fold so tight- best roll in school.

Christina Applegate has Breast Cancer

This is just so sad. Christina Applegate has been diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 36. Her people released this statement:

"Christina Applegate was diagnosed with an early form of breast cancer. Benefiting from early detection through a doctor ordered MRI, the cancer is not life threatening. Christina is following the recommended treatment of her doctors and will have a full recovery. No further statement will be issued at this time."

Hopefully it was found early enough and she will make a full recovery. I really like her- I like everyone who was in Dream Date!!

The Jolie-Pitt Twins are Here!!

People has released the pics of Knox and Vivi- and of course of Shiloh with her little sister. Really these kids melt my cold heart- they are gorgeous children. They aren't pruny or red- they are pretty and fair....of course.