Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Pic of the Day

What the hell is wrong with this family?!?!? Who the hell let's their father rub sunscreen on their ass?!?!


Sunday September 21st- NKOTB at the ACC!!!!

Tickets go on sale on May 12th at 11am. Again- who's coming?!!?

Most Beautiful?

This is what happens when your parents have a lot of money and promise some exclusives to People magazine. Tater head Rumer Willis was able to get a spot on Peoples 100 most beautiful list.

Uh huh...

America's Next Top Model

Oh god Fatima is getting way too cocky- I hope she goes home today!!

Wow they are finally showing interviews with Katarzyna- they hardly ever show her!

God Fatima is an awful model- he can't pose at all. Time to get rid of her. What the hell is Dominique doing?!

I love that Fatima looks like she is going to win- the girl is delusional!!

Why the hell is Dominique going on and on about being photographed by Tyra- who cares?!

I have to say Anya is totally winning this- they aren't showing her at all this week- she will slip by til the end

What the hell is Dominique wearing?! For the love of god get rid of the tranny!!

I think that Whitney and Katarzyna will be bottom two with Whitney going home. Although I wish Dominique would go!!!

Oh there goes Katarzyna- what a dumbass move by the judges. What the hell are they thinking? I mean DOMINIQUE?!?!? How the hell would that tranny ever become a judge?!?!?! Katarzyna looks like a model!! I mean these are the people that picked Salecia and Naima- and what the hell have they done?!

Monday, April 28, 2008

The Bachelor

I don't understand the producers of this show at all. A few years ago we really saw these people get to know each other on multiple dates. By the time of the hometown dates there really had been connections. But now they hardly show anything- it's all previews!! I mean this show is only 50 minutes tonight!

Yeah he is really into Shayne. But it is almost too obvious.

I'm intellectual- is that how you say it? Wow he is telling Shayne that he is falling for her too- man he had better pick her...but of course he won't!

If you both have a fear of heights why on earth would you do that for your date?!?

Amanda was surprised that he offered her the fantasy suite?! Has any bachelor ever not done this!??!

Yeah there was definite awkwardness between Matt and Chelsea. It doesn't seem natural at all. Haha- the turtle was closer to him!! Wow Chelsea i now breaking out the lingerie!! We just got quite the slow motion strip tease!! Man someone is getting it on tonight!!

Even though she broke out the sexy lingerie I'm pretty sure Chelsea is going home

Chelsea and not Amanda!?!??! Seriously?!! I am SHOCKED!!! That lingerie really did the trick!! I have to say I love that she is yelling at him- especially if they did sleep together!

I still see nothing with Chelsea- maybe it's just me. But maybe she is the Estella

Oh he TOTALLY proposes to Chelsea- it's her nailpolish!!

Sooooo Disturbing

This might even be more disturbing than the Australian father and daughter who have hooked up and had a child. At least that was by two consenting fucked up individuals. This one is incredibly unbelievable!!

This man imprisoned his daughter in a cellar in the basement for 24 years!!! During that time he fathered 7 children on her!! He and his wife lived upstairs!!! He left a note for his wife saying that the daughter had run away and not to look for her. Then he left 3 of the children on the doorstep for them to take care of with notes from the daughter. 3 of the children have never seen the light of day. they were caught because the oldest locked up daughter had to be taken to the hospital

SOOO WEIRD!! Obviously the woman is incredibly disturbed! I can't understand how the mother didn't suspect anything- how could he not have heard anything?! And how did he keep them down there?!?!

Pic of the Day

Stop the insanity!! Get this boy a razor stat!! First he started covering his beautiful skin with too many tats and now this- make it stop!!

Dancing with the Stars

Marissa-well she isn't annoying this week since she is supposed to be serious. She is actually doing a pretty good job. That was one of her better dances

Cristian- oh god all I can picture right now is Weber and Shane dancing to I'll Make Love to You on the desk grade 11 French during one of Mr. Disano's many breaks- god that was funny!! That was an ok dance...I mean those always bore me but it was good

Kristi- man they are really going for the votes- nice use of the military uniform!! As always though she is fantastic! She is sooo going to win this.

Mario- I am just not a fan of his- he is smarmy. That is a weird outfit on her- one side has way too much fabric and she's almost naked on the other side! Oh she stumbled a way from his hand- I saw that. Not the best dance but not horrid

Shannon- god they were SOOO cocky last week- time to go home!! He had to put their "friendship" aside! Going home alone- haha!This is very very very weird music. This is a good dance for her though because you need to be so stiff...maybe a little too stiff though

Jason- he is so light on his feet for being such a big guy. It really is quite impressive! That was fun- I like him. He's a big sexy beast

Marissa- this outfit is very brave! She is owning it so props to her! These slow dances always bore me...I mean it's pretty and all but I like when they are going the music is painfully bad.

Cristian- I think his time has come. I mean he will just stop during the dance and then stopped- very weird! Ok he is hurt

Kristi- fantastic music election!! I love me the Rihanna! They are really good at dancing exactly to the beat- all of their movements are completely on the beat- which doesn't happen with a lot of the other couples. I mean that again shows her figure skating background

Mario- oh look- his shirt isn't done up. Again. Nasty. Man she has to lie off the tanning- they are the same colour!! He is good at this but he needs better posture.

Shannon- Oh no not another fast dance for Shannon- this is sooo awkward!! She is all limbs and askward! She doesn't know how to make big movements that are graceful

Jason- I do like this dance- it's a good paso. Very precise. Oh that was totally a lift there- her foot came off the floor.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

She's Definitely Getting Some!!

Here is a new pic of Miley Cyrus that will be in Vanity Fair. This girl is not that innocent and I'm sure last night she was saying Oops I did it again. We have all seen the pics of her posing in front of her webcam in her bra and kissing other girls- this is not a girl who is virginal and sweet. I remember being a teenage girl and in my experience there were 2 types of 15 year old girls- the ones who were self conscious and wore tshirts when they went swimming and the ones that were tripping over themselves to be noticed by the cute boys and were willing to give it up. She is definitely in the second group (in my humble opinion).

She and Disney both released statements:

She said, “I took part in a photo shoot that was supposed to be ‘artistic’ and now, seeing the photographs and reading the story, I feel so embarrassed. I never intended for any of this to happen and I apologize to my fans who I care so deeply about.”

Disney said, “Unfortunately, as the article suggests, a situation was created to deliberately manipulate a 15-year-old in order to sell magazines."

Sure...sure it was....yes she was tricked into stripping down...

Big Brother 9 Finale

I really hope that Ryan win this game. He was a great player- he won lots of competitions and was always level-headed. He never got emotional and was one of the few houseguests that wasn't bat shit crazy.

Wow strategically Adam did make a good decision by telling Natalie he voted for her.

I actually am liking Joshuah- he is making the most sense. He is able to vote and think with his head and not emotions.

Man Chelsia is still a cow. He chooses to stay with his girlfriend so that was the wrong answer?! Man this girl is a douche.

HAHA- I love that Joshuah is yelling at Adam for screaming- the scream king himself!!

What the hell is Chelsia wearing?!?! That is horrid!! And why does James have to wear a low v-neck shirt?!!? Ew!!

Yeah so Joshuah totally just voted for Ryan.

Sharon you're a tard- you based a decision on who was loyal!?! That is not the game!!

Oh Chelsia is voting for Adam because he'll give it to charity and she doesn't want any money going to Jen- again, she is such a complete cow. She needs to disappear to the midwest...soon

Matt voted for Adam??! And Natalie?!?! Don't these people realize how great Ryan was?! Good for Joshuah! Sharon voted for Adam!? Well he won because Chelsia voted for him- so did Sharon

Ryan shouldn't have said he would help Jen- I think that hurt him

Dumbass vote made by a group of dumbasses

Why the hell did Jacob run and jump on Adam like that??! He was hardly in the house! That boy is very very odd...

Why the hell does Jen have to stand in front of Ryan?! Step down Jen!!

James won favorite juror?! I'm guessing the miivan majority doesn't know about his porn past!!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

The Bachelor

I have been waiting for this moment for weeks...the anticipation of seeing the international heartthrob himself Lorenzo Lamas!!

LORENZO LAMAS!!! Oh god I love that he is telling Matt that she wanted to be on television and be a star....HAHA!!! He is sooo calling her out!

Does she have a twin? Shayne bought a house for her mom?! Where the hell did she get the money?!

Oh my god that is the most cougarific house ever. O.M.G her mother is scarier than Priscilla Presley!! ACH!!! That woman has been pulled and burnt to within an inch of her life!! SOOO FRIGHTENING!! I need to find a pic of her as my scary ass pic of the day

Look at that budget ass lip job. Seriously- how can people think that that looks nice?!

Oh god here come the home videos! In her bedroom nonetheless!!

I don't think she has eyebrows anymore and her eyes can't even open!! Plus I think she has the most leathery skin I've EVER seen!!

New Celeb Baby Name

This one is painful for me. We all know that I love Cate Blanchette. But seriously- Ignatius Martin Upton?! What the hell kind of name is Ignatius these days?!?! Her previous 2 sons were Roman and Dashielle which aren't the best but not as bad as Ignatius

Monday, April 21, 2008

Kelly Taylor Lives!!

It looks like Jennie Garth will be returning to 90210!! YAY!!! Well it makes sense- the show should revolve around Erin Silver if the writers know anything about the show. I read the list of characters and for some reason he wasn't on it- maybe they are trying to throw me off. I'm telling you if she is now Kelly Taylor-McKay I will be thrilled!!

As long as "gay icon" Donna Martin-Silver doesn't return I'll be happy- my eyes can't deal with her wonky-ass cleavage again!!


Ron Weasley Forever!!

I heart Rupert Grint. He recently gave an interview to The Sun where he said he didn't want to move to Los Angeles because he didn't want to be around girls like Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan. Of Lohan he said:

“I met Lindsay last summer and she talked about herself a lot. She said she was going to win an Oscar before she turns 25. I just kept thinking, ‘But you can’t act’.”


Go Tobias!!

43 year old David Cross was spotted making out with 23 year old Amber Tamblyn. I mean she's no Carl Weathers but good for him!

Dancing with the Stars

Jason- I agree with Len. Edyta did do most of the dancing lat week. I love that Edyta even has cut outs on the sides of her little dancing underwear. That girl just wants to be naked. But I do like the dancing. This boy has tons of natural grace. And I love his arm extensions. I think he might have a hard-on....that would be very embarassing- not a good choice of pant...

Shannon- oh it's the luvahs! Haven't had time to hang out outside the dance studio my ass. And of course he had to be shirtless while practisin on the beach. This is a much better dance for her. She did not do well with the latin. The is more balletic with long lines- she can do this. I despise her dress though- it's god awful. But it's a good Rumba- I normally am bored to tears with the Rumba but I don't mind this. HAHA- I love that Samantha Harris is asking them about a Showmance and trying to get them to admit that they are sleeping together. I also love that she is trying to get her to admit her cougarness!!

Shit I just missed Marlee- I got distracted with my Little People Big World. I will have to see it in the replay

Cristian- still a sexy beast but he is just not funny. He'd be hotter if he didn't speak. The dance is good but he needs to watch Jason to see how arm extensions should be done. I am distracted by her scary pink arms- not a good look! I have to say though I think she is the weakest of the female dancers- her movements never look as crisp

Marissa- I hope that she is not as annoying to me this week- I used to like her and want to go back to that. What the hell is up with this song?!?!! I can't stand the big a grinning during the song- it doesn't make it elegant.

Kristi- god I hate gloves. Hate them hate them hate them. I know they are for the costume but they just cheapen everything. But her dance- wicked!! Really she has no competition. Everything she does is fantastic. And the club foot thing- very impressive that she won an olympic medal knowing that! Plus that will totally win the minivan majority over. Oh Len is going to give her a perfect score for sure!

Mario- ew. Everything about him is skeezy. Oh god button up the shirt- button it up!!! Yeah that was raunchy! Plus they totally did a lift I think

Oh no not Ashlee Simpson tomorrow!! Seriously how did this girl still have a career?! I watched her today show appearance this morning and let me just say Baxter sounds better when he is about to cough up a hairball!!

Not To Brag But...

I was soooo right about Derek Hough and Shannon Elizabeth- the Dancing with the Stars partners are TOTALLY doing it!!! My innocent coworkers thought they just had good chemistry but that the age difference was too large. Whereas this skeptic gossip knew that the two were totally macking- that cougar could not hide the sluttiness. And he was all over tapping that shit.

Chantale- time to admit that I'm awesome- hehe!

Sunday, April 20, 2008


I have been paranoid ALL weekend that the TTC would be on strike tomorrow and I had no idea how I would get to work. Thank you city of Toronto and TTC for making sure I get to work ok!!!

Big Brother 9

Adam you are such a douche!! You had something solid going on with Ryan and you went and ruined it by trying to cover your ass with Natalie.

I love that there are so many conspiracy theories with the preexisting relationship in the house. No one is clueing into the guinea pigs

If I were Ryan I wouldn't nominate Adam even though it's obvious he turned on him with Natalie. He is the most likely person to win HOH next so no use pissing him off.

It's odd to see a final 4 who gets along so well- especially when none of them are sleeping with each other

I love how they ended this episode with Sheila and Adam shackled together- that was awesome!!

I'm Back!!

After a week of no internet I'm back on here- sorry about that people!! Thanks to everyone who asked where I was- it makes me so excited to hear about all of you who are reading this!!

I just spent an amazing weekend with my ladies in Ottawa and am feeling refreshed and ready to get going. Thanks to Lindsay for such a fantastic weekend. I mean how could a weekend filled with the Honest Lawyer, dance dance revolution EXTREME, bubble tea, homemade apple crisp, Rock of Love and the market not be amazing?!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Big Brother 9

Oh god Natalie is still doing her crazy math- when will that end?!?

I think Sharon might have this competition in the bag- she knows she has to get it. And usually people who are in that spot win.

Well never mind that theory- she went out first!! Ok maybe now it is Natalie who has this in the bag. I mean it is designed for a small person- poor Ryan is dripping swear 18 minutes in! Team Christ is still intact?!

I love that Sheila is saying that Natalie is talking smack- Sheila hasn't shut up up there and is laying guilt trips left and right.

Oh Sheila is cutting deals- interesting. I wouldn't trust her Natalie- if you fall she is totally putting you up. Oh god screw being Christian- this is about 500000. Stop it with the damn bible chat.

My god Natalie just shut up! Technically Sheila you had to get people to drop to win...but a win is a win I guess

I feel I need to hold a plucking intervention with Sharon- those eyebrows are just atrocious!!

Sheila I understand the attraction to Dr. Will since I would like to marry him. But Dick- not so much

Well no big shock with the elimination- I mean it is exactly what they planned

Let's just see if Natalie wins the POV- if not it will be Sharon for sure

Friday, April 11, 2008

Battlestar Galactica

Go Starbuck- kick some Roslin ass!!

I read a theory today that the last cylon will be Adama's dead son- I think it's an interesting theory. Especially since they talked about him last time.

Jesus did Roslin just try to shoot Starbuck?! What the hell just happened?

It's nice to see Adama drinking with everyone!

Oh look they just flashed to a picture of his dead son again- whoever came up with that theory is on to something.

I still don't like Baltar's hair- he should cut it like he had it in Bridget Jones' Diary.

Ok Baltar talking about the song is interesting...will he be the one to figure out who the new cylons are?

Ok now I feel bad- I was just thinking that Roslin is too old to have hair that old but then she starts losing it. It's just sad

Time for Apollo and Starbuck to hook up and have some jail sex!!! There we go!! That's what I like to see!!

Oh I love when they do these tributes- they are so moving to me. God this show is fantastic!!

Yay- it is implying that Dee and Lee are separating. Good- I want him with Starbuck. Where the hell is Apollo going?!!?

My god Baltar get a lot of action...I so don't get it

Is starbuck going to take Lee with her to Earth? God I hope so!!

Miss USA

I can't even believe this is on- I am losing my touch! I used to know when these things were on- I'm losing it.

Ok this has Donald Trumps crappy ass trademark over it- such a poor excuse for a pageant. First off the dresses- sooooo bad!!! SOOO BAD!!! The only good thing about the beginning was the use of Rihanna's music because it makes me happy.

DONNY AND MARIE?!?! DONNY AND MARIE?!?! WTF!? How the hell are these two idiots relevant/!? Seriously- Mario Lopez was booked? What the hell are these two doing here?

Why don't they show Miss USA falling on her ass at Miss Universe- that was the highlight of her year for me!

I love what Miss America did this year with the reality show- I knew the contestants before going in and could cheer for them. Right now they are cutting them down to 15 and I have no opinion really. Other than noticing that there are a LOT of fake boobs in this competition.

Why the hell are they all posing sideways like that with the weird arch in their backs?!?!! DId they not get pageant coaches? For the love of god someone hire me as a pageant coach- I have watched enough of these to know what not to do. Do NOT where a dress with a giant bow on the front of your dress!!

Is it just me or have all of these girls had brow lifts??! Their eyes move but their brows stay up there- and they are all a good 1/2 inch higher than their browbone!!

The pictures of them posing with the dangling silver beads makes them all look like hookers. Actually I'm made they are using those because I saw them in a design store and liked them- now these girls are making them cheap...

HEATHER MILLS!?!? HEATHER FUCKING MILLS!??!?! What is that bitch doing there?!?!

Joey Fatone- personality...hahah

Oh Rob Schneider you are better than this. Christian- you are also too good for this. You just won Project Runway- you shouldn't need this yet! Oh Hope is on here again- he always does this!! Since when is she a jewelry and clothing designer?! Ken Paves- wonder all the hair is crap!!

Wow there are a whole lot of implants in this swimwear competition. And the use of fur coats with the swimsuits- classy. Yet again emphasizes that all of these girls look like hookers. They look like russian call girls who show up at your door in fur and are wearing a bathing suit underneath (that scenario is in the book I'm reading now).

Another note- these girls really seem to like the tangerine skin tones- they seem to think it look good. I think they look HORRID

This pageant is all filler and no substance. Bring me Miss America anyday.

I have to admit though- I don't mind the bathing suits- they actually are nice thi year.

I love that Rob Schneider just looked like he was falling asleep- haha!! Oh I just noticed they are giving the scores- dammit I wasn't paying attention before.

They didn't like Indiana as much- not shocking conidering hers are real. Wow I'm shocked- Miss California isn't anorexic are cut. She looks healthy- and oh look, she got a horrible score because of it!

Utah can't pose at all- oh her score reflects that. Ew Florida is NASTY!! An outtie?! And a Fergie-like smushed meth face?! EW! How did she score that high!?!?

Missouri's interests are laughing and organizing?!?! Seriously- those are hobbies?!?!

New Jersey's hobby is suntanning...moron. I can't believe people still tan- idiots.

Texas' hobby is online researching?!!? Does that mean she likes to stalk on facebook? Well I do too but it is not my hobby!!

Florida got through- Fergie Ferg made it through?!?! Seriously- she is an ugly version of Jessica Simpson- she's Jessica after Fergie's meth use

Note that California with the healthy body did not make it further

I don't mind the black dress- but the implants are a bit much!!

Miss Missouri are you a 60 year old socialite? Are you Helen Mirren?! Because if not that dress is WAY too old for you!

New Jersey- you are Julia Roberts in pretty woman- a crappy hooker with no taste trying to dress up. Ugly

Pennsylvania- not horrible but boring. Sheer lace?! Crochetted?! My mom wore this back in 1995- next

Oklahoma- that hair would have been amazing in 2001...not so much now. And the cut outs- not classy- especially the extra side boob cut out- lovely...
Note the extra side boob cut out just gave her a kickass score

Mississippi- HORRIBLY ill fitting!! That dress looks SOOOO bad with her cleavage- it doesn't fit her!! And the slit up the middle always adds a certain elegance

Tennessee- Oh the low cut front, the implants holding up the top boning, the dollar store white satin skirt- man that was classy.

Texas- another dress being held up with implants. Oh and a sheer nude skirt- he took a page from Miss Michigan aka Miss USA and went with the house of Britney Spears style of creassing.

Why on earth does Indiana pose on the side?!? Does she think that a side profile looks nice!?! I think I'm going to call this girl Scarlett Ohara- her dress looks like it weighs a millian pounds and was made from brocade curtains.

Florida is definitely trying to rock the Ken Paves hair to gain some points. I don't hate the colour- but the cut of the dress is SOOOO unflattering!!! SOOOO unflattering!! She looks super hippy and the cutouts don't help!!!

Well I think that all of these girls bought their dresses at the GT boutique- it really is great publicity for Le Tigre!!

Note Heather Mills that daft cow trying to be in Joey Fatone's shot. ACH STOP TALKING TO THAT DOUCHE!! God I hate her!!

New Jersey was asked about going to a waterfall?!!? That sucked!?

Mississippi didn't even talk about her speech impediment- she just said I have confidence since I am talking in public- dumbass answer

I love watching Mississippi and Texas acting like they like each other- I am sure they are muttering death threats to each other right now

Oh they gave it to Texas- the implants worked!! She doesn't even really show emotion- her face can't move very much right now. Maybe after a few weeks the botox will wear off a bit and she'll be able to emote

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Lainey "Blind" Item

Which little Punk Ass…
Was smiley smiley when the cameras were rolling this weekend and sweet as pie in public, with a baby doll voice to match a cute baby doll dress but was an ungrateful little bitch behind the scenes at an awards show?

She turned up at sound check and immediately asked “when can I leave?” Then during her rehearsal she completely screwed up the second half of her set, blaming her poor performance on the keyboards, and the piano, and every other instrument except her voice and the nonsense going on in her head.

She also required the use of a teleprompter. For her own songs!!!

During the telecast, when it became evident she would be going home empty handed, she refused to sit in the audience when her categories were presented, preferring instead to stay backstage even after her performance like a sulky baby. Or maybe she was brushing up on geography. She appears to need a few lessons these days.

ANSWER: Oh how I love me an easy blind item!! Hopefully Avril will watch a bit more television while in Canada and realize what province Montreal is located in!!

Big Brother 9

God I hope Adam realizes that he made a huge ass mistake. What a bonehead move

Ok at least Adam realizes that he made a mistake!!

James is totally going to use the power of veto- why wouldn't he?! Of course he will save Sharon and send home Ryan or Natalie

This is why James has to leave- he just started going on and on about Natalie not being trustworthy- dude you are a weasel

HAHA- Natalie gets eliminated immediately and she says she is the numbers master- sooo bad!!

Please oh please do not let James win

NO!!! James keeps almost leaving but yet he stays- why are these people so stupid?!

YAY!!! JAMES IS ELIMINATED!!! YAY!!! The kid can't multiply 4 by 7- aurevoir!!

Go Ryan!! Still my favourite player by far! Go Ryan!

OMG RYAN- YOU HAVE TO USE THE VETO!!! WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU THINKING!??! Oh thank god Ryan- you are showing that you are still thinking! And that you were just playing James

YAY!! Aurevoir douche...I mean James

Monday, April 7, 2008

Dancing with the Stars

Kristi Yamagushi- well first off love the song...well the original!! Actually the voice was very weird- it was mainly speaking...Actually I didn't like that. It looked like she was thinking too much and it wasn't natural at all. She didn't look right...but maybe that's because really nothing compares to Scary Spices Paso

Priscilla, Marley, Adam- I was on the phone. But I did like Priscilla- although the face freaks me out if I tune that out I like her.

Mario- I am mesmerized by Karina's skirt- I always stare at the shiny things. He wasn't great with that cape and needs to work on his posture- pull that head back. It was better than what I've seen of last week though

Oh god- it's Andy Baldwin and Marla Maples- ew!! I did see the pics of them frolicking. Has she become a professional beard?

Oh god the knight crap is too much- I can't stand these stunts. Jason is good- so much better than most tall guys who come on this how- he has good extensions and line with his arms. Plus he doesn't slouch. My god Edyta is dressed!! I am shocked!!

Ok I was on the phone for Christian's - and while I prefer men to have their shirts done up in public and I hate groomed beards he is still a sexy beast.

Shannon- ok I will admit it. I love this song- love me some Avril. Although this girl is creaching. Drek does look much stiffer than uual. Although she i doing really well- her positions are nice- I loved the twirl. BTW- they are SOOO doing it!!

Marissa- I think they could have chosen funner music- we don't need this weird drama- it doesn't suit her fun personality. Oh I didn't like that. I'm cared she will be voted out. DEBBIE GIBSON!!! DEBBIE GIBSON!!! DEBBIE GIBSON I LOVE YOU!! I feel the power and see the energy!! Actually I didn't there- but i feel it as i sing and dance to electric youth in my chair.

NKOTB's New Song

Here is Click Click Click- the new song from New Kids on the Block. Did any of you watch the Surreal Life when Jordan was on it? Let me tell you- he and Flavor Flav had a much higher budget when they were doing that song. This is a completely budget Jordan production using only his vintage 1987 synthesizer and their hands to clap the beat.

However, I will still scream like mad when they play this at the concert!!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Big Brother 9

I'm happy that Adam is HOH- as long as it's not James. For the love of god get rid of James!! He needs to go- mainly for my sanity!!

Oh god here they go again with team Christ- yes, god does like you better. He is very selective with who he likes in the BB house. Crackpots...

Oh god here comes the whinning from James again!! The kid does not understand that it is just a game- the kid's an idiot

Ok that food competition i disgusting. Absolutely disgusting

Seriously Adam- are you seriously debating keeping James?!?!!? Seriously!?!? ARE YOU INSANE!??!?!

OMG is this douche crying...seriously?! I HATE HIM SO MUCH!!!!! GET RID OF THIS IDIOT!!!! PLEASE!!

Is Adam seriously turning on Ryan and Natalie to be with this Douche?!?! NOOOO!!!! ACH!! What the hell is wrong with him!!?!?

Project Runway

Man it's already down to the final 4- I have missed soooo many episodes of this season- I wish it was scheduled at better times!!

It's almost unbelievable that Christian is a real person and not a cartoon character!! His expressions just kill me...although his ego does get a bit unbearable

This girl who is in the finals I don't really even remember her designs- I need there to be a Project Runway marathon for me to see all the episodes!!

Chris is using human hair?!?!! Seriously?!!? Oh god that is soooo disgusting!!! The clothes look soooo awful with the hair- what the hell is Chris thinking?! I mean I like him but the hair is sooo gross- donate it to cuts for cancer!!

Oh Tim Gunn I love you- you are so positive and upportive! Be my friend!!

Rami's coat is really pretty. Not a fan of the cut of the 2nd dress though- a bit too eighties. Love love love his evening gown though.

Ok Chris' hair just groses me out with the's disturbing!! I mean the clothes are neat but I can't get past the hair. Plus it is all a bit too dynasty

I think that Rami will go on unfortunately- not that I don't like him but I prefer Chris

I love Nina's expression when she found out it was human hair. Oh I like that the skirt was made with safety pin. HAHA- she's in a velvet condom!

Oh poor Chris- he tried!

Be really skinny...don't eat- HAHA!! Words of wisdom from Christian

POSH!!! POSH!!! I LOVE YOU POSH!!! I love how she tries not to smile when she's introduced

Alright we are starting with Jillian:
So far it's ok- nothing I haven't seen before, nothing I would wear. I love the brown boot- but she didn't make those. And I don't like the hats! Hate the gold dres. I do love the brown jacket with the capped leeves. Don't like the winter pieces with the cutouts- not practical. Hate the dress with the plastic on it- not very cute. Nothing so far is very wearable. Here evening gown is ok but I don't like the weird boobs on it.

I don't know why they didn't introduce Nikki Taylor when she is sitting with the judges.

Ok now Rami:
I can appreciate the craftsmanship and the tailoring but it's a bit matronly to start. His red pants are not well cut- very camel toe. Although I do love the red dress. Oh yuck hate the pants that bunch at the hips- what woman wants pants with extra meterial there?!!? Oh I do like the basket weaved dress though- very cute. The gold dress was horrid- the first one. The girl could not walk. I do like the second one- although I would remove the shoulders- they are a bit much. Love love the final black one. He does have to learn how to cut his clothes so the models can wear them better and therefore show them better.

I love how Christian comes out with his little dance:
Love the booties- I still need to get some!! What is with all the plastic material- all 3 designer used it. I love how excited he is to see my Posh- he can appreciate how fierce she is. I do like his nude blouse- very nice. Not a fan of the Henry the 8th shirts that came out next. It's all a bit much. But in a dress it looks very cool. It's like the crepe paper flowers we used to make in grade school!! For the final dress I might not have done sleeves- all thoese feathers are a bit much.

Well I do already know who the winner was but still I think it was a well deserved win. Christian's clothes were far superior in originality and design.

HAHA- if Posh called me major I think that I could die happy. I love her and Christian's interactions

Pic of the Day

I just saw this pic of that sexy beast Paul Rudd and wanted to post it. Josh forever!!

RIP Moses

Charlton Heston passed away yesterday at the age of 84. While I did not agree with his political views and role in the NRA I always loved him in the Ten Commandments- LOVE that movie!!

SOOOO Disgusting!!!

Ok Perez just posted this story about a father and daughter who reunited after 30 years....and are now a couple!! A COUPLE!!! They even have a child together! Ew!!! Ew!!! Ew!!!

Note to Australian officials- take the child away from these nutbars!!

Friday, April 4, 2008

Battlestar Galactica

I AM SOOOO EXCITED FOR THIS!! OMG!!!! I LOVE this show!! Seriously people- give it a chance. I swear it's not a Star Trek- it' a drama that just happens to be in space. You don't have to learn a new language for this show. And there is a reason it was nominated for a ton of writing and directing emmy's- it is the best written show on tv. Nothing gets me so emotionally invested as this show

So this is the start of the final season. Yet another thing I love about the producer- they have a story they want to tell and will finish it properly and on their terms. They won't just drag it out for years and years. Four years and it will be done.

Now that the 4 cylons have been revealed I can't wait to see what happens and who reveals themselves first. My guess- Chief. Or maybe Colonel Ty. But we'll see.

I also am dying to know who the final cylon is!!

Her ship looks different- Michael Ausiello said to look at it and it's true- it doesn't look as beat up as the rest. Is Starbuck the final Cylon? Or is it because she flies the ship that the chief built?

Oh I love the battle scenes- I love how the cylon ships bleed when they are hit- so cool. Living planes- such a cool idea

OMG I really thought Ty just shot Adama- is that what he is programmed to do? Will he have to do it this season?

I love how this season starts with a ginormous fight- they don't hold anything back

Man is Anders going to die this soon? Or did something just get programmed in him? That eye thing was weird! They know he's a cylon

It's like the cylons know that the 4 have been revealed so now they have to do their mission

God is Baltar still on this show?! In my opinion he is the weak point. Get rid of him! He just annoys me!! Is he now just going to have a harem of women?!

6 hours vs. 2 months? Earth must have a different measurement of time...that's fascinating!! Maybe in the end these will be the people who will create civilization on earth! They will be young and time will change...Maybe they are the original Greeks since they pray to the pantheon

Oh so it is a different ship...interesting!! And no navigational record- awesome

Dammit i thought that Baltar would actually die- so upsetting

Ok loved the ending- Starbuck going to kick Roslin's ass for not listening. And it was interesting that she said she would put a bullet in Anders if she found out he was a cylon...

Video of the Day

I don't care how budget that was it brought me tremendous joy and I will be rewatching it a billion times this weekend!! JORDAN!! JORDAN I LOVE YOU!!!

Touring in the Fall- YAY!!! OMG!! SOOOO EXCITED!!!

But on a serious note- Today Show Producers- could you not have built a better stage for them? It was like they were all shoved in a small box!


OMG I'm excited!! Seriously- life is freakin amazing right now!! I mean first Spice Girls now this!??! NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK ARE TOURING!!! NKOTB!!!

My god I am sooo excited I can barely concentrate. So far it will be Erica and I rocking out at this concert with the boys- anyone else?

Again Julie- get your ass down here!

Lainey Blind Item

Why She’s So Cranky
She isn’t eating. She hasn’t been eating for weeks, hellbent on losing what she calls some extra padding but what everyone else calls … nothing. There is nothing to lose. But still she needs to lose it.

Started dieting furiously a couple of months ago but wasn’t seeing results quickly enough so she’s cut back the food and as a result has turned into a total hag, chewing people out during production meetings, yelling at catering staff for daring to bring food near her, and getting into a little shoving match with her own publicist, who has the unfortunate position of having to attend to her as she ramps up promotion, over scheduling.

On the plus side, she is indeed growing ever slimmer. But the thinness is now accompanied by a telltale glassy look in her eyes which isn’t entirely unfamiliar. Being skinny can make you dependent and cranky and weak…

Which is why she hasn’t been able to finish a day’s work all week, always begging off early, complaining of the flu, or a migraine...and now the project is behind schedule, her agent has been called, and a talking-to is in the works. Career not in jeopardy… yet. But probably soon if she doesn’t start eating.

MY GUESS- Ok it has to be someone who is a producer as well as a star. The only one I can think of right now is Jennifer Aniston since she did get a tiny bit bigger and has been known to have glassy eyes

UPDATE- I still think it's Jennifer Aniston- she said today it's not Reese Witherspoon but close sort of- is that a reference to the fact that they were sisters on Friends?

Thursday, April 3, 2008


Just a few random survivor thoughts as I'm only watching during commercial breaks. One- does Parvati have a moustache? Her upper lip is very very shadowed

Next- you go Cirie! You are totally running this game!!

Miss Guided

People this is most definitely the best new show on tv- it kills me!! Kills me!! I mean last week it resurrected the career of Edie McClurg and this week it featured Mrs Potato Head herself Rumer Willis- AWESOME! It's like the new Scrubs and Arrested Development- but with a female protagonist. Amazing

I mean this week she decided to direct the school musical and in the end had to go on Miss Saigon!! So fantastic!! I'm seventeen....oh the memories...I sang that back in the day...sigh. Anyways, back to the show. So she goes on stage then gets molested by a teenager- fantastic! The one liners kill me!

Watch this show!!

PS- Rumer isn't as hideous once she smiles- she needs to pull back the gums to cover the enormous jaw

Video of the Day

This is not how I pictured it during my obsession with Cruel Intentions...

Reason #173 Why I Don't Tan

Ew. Ew. Ew.

This is just nasty- look at his skin!! Look at it!! This is what happens after years of tanning- soooo gross!!!

OMG!! O.M.G!!!

I JUST GOT A SHOUT OUT ON LAINEY!!! A SHOUT OUT ON LAINEY!!! OH MY GOD!!! We all know that I HEART Lainey- I aspire to BE Lainey!!! And I've emailed her a billion times and asked for shout outs for others- but this time it was for me! I"M SO EXCITED!!

Who did it?!! Thanks so much!!! I have my guesses- I"m thinking Linz or Sheila...maybe Erica? If it was someone else- I really really appreciate it!!

UPDATE- It was Sheila!! Yay!!! THANKS SHEILA!!!!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

America's Next Top Model

There is a lot of Claire talk right off the bat- it might be a sign that she is going home!

I like that Lauren doesn't put up with any of the shit from these idiots- granted she might go a bit far but I would go mental living with Fatima and Dominique too

Haha- Lauren doesn't want to offend any of the strangers. I would love it if she aked Shoshanna what it was like dating Jerry Seinfeld!!

See designers don't like them too skinny either- there is a reason they pick size 2! That is the shape they cut their clothes to- I mean models are supposed to be hangers with heads- I don't give a rats ass if they don't represent all body shapes. It is all about the clothes falling well

Dominique doesn't have a model look- because she's a man!! Neither Fatima or Anya can walk to save their lives...nor can Lauren- that second team was very much held back by the fact that only Katarzyna could walk!

I really am surprised that Stacey Ann won the challenge- I don't like her look at all. I don't get it!! Granted amongst those girls she is by far the best...well actually I do like Whitney

I don't get Claire's looks at all- both my mom and my aunt think that she is the prettiest. I think her nose is smushed and I hate the hair. Plus her eyes are super wrinkly. I don't get it.

HAHA- loving the intense Mr. Jay running on the treadmill- he's such a diva!!

I like Katarzyna's new hair- the haircut was a good idea

What the hell is up with Dominique's hair at judging?!?!! Did she use my 1990 hairstyling trick- hold a hairdryer up to your hair with one hand and spray Aquanet like crazy with the other!

For the love of god send Dominique home- send her home!! Ach- am I the only one left with vision?!?! Seriously- look at her!!

Ok it's down to Lauren and Claire- I would like to see Claire go home. While Lauren walks like a Clydesdale she takes better pictures. Plus Claire is way too much of a fruitcake for me.

Yup it was Claire- not shocking!

Further Proof that The World Revolves Around Me

NKOTB 2008 Baby!!! Oh yeah!!! They look almost exactly the same- it's kind of freaky!! It's also good to see that Jordan has slimmed down from the Surreal Life- I like them skinny!! But Jon and Danny- they look the same!! Only Joe looks better looking than before...

I still can't believe that Donnie agreed to this...and that Jon will leave his house for this!!

So they go on the Today show on Friday- so they must be releasing concert dates soon- YAY!!! Ok people this is very important- I must get tickets to this show- that is a given. If you want to come with me let me know ASAP if you want me to get you a ticket- I need to know!!

Also Julie- I expect you to haul ass from KL to come to this!!

Sigh...I am so their Cover Girl...oh oh oh...oh oh oh...

PS- if they come to Toronto while I'm in Greece it may kill me....

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Big Brother 9

Oh god James I am sooooo sick of you!!! This kid is insane!! INSANE!! He is always pissed about people lying- and that's all he ever does!!! The kid is insane...and I've had enough of seeing him in the little briefs!!

Sheila amuses me- I like that she was talking about him!

Oh god James is insane- insane!!! The kid is paranoid and insane- get rid of him!!

I really like how Ryan is playing- he keeps his cool and is very level-headed

What the hell is wrong with this kid? They're all gunning for me..they all hate's a game retard!!! The smart players take this as a compliment- for the love of god get rid of this idiot for my sanity!!

For the love of god Ryan grow a pair- you need to be confident in your answers and take out James!! He can't win!! Shite- another week with this retard- crap!! This sucks...mainly for me!!

Poor Sharon is turning into Natalie- becoming obsessed with her partner.

I love how they showed the change in Josh- how he is now going to fight to stay! I would too- screw these people- you are there for 500000!!! I also love to hear Sharon going on and on about how great he is- and that he is going to walk out with dignity and class...HAHAHA

Man the editors on this show are killing me- this is fantastic!!

I wonder why the house hates this douche- when he brags about how much better he is than everyone god will he SHUT UP!! Just say you are using the veto!!