Monday, March 31, 2008

The Bachelor

Shayne will die without a one on one date- I love this girl!! The acting skills are ridiculously impressive!! Please oh please let there be a cameo by the international heartthrob himself Lorenzo Lamas!!

I love all the bitter bitches freaking out about the cement imprint- too funny!!

I don't know if Holly is going to get a rose...he doesn't seem terribly attracted to Holly...

My god I can't believe that girl brought a spray tanner- that is INSANE!!

What the hell?!? Is Marshana down on her hands and knees because of a split lip?!?

I think these girls think that this is his they not realize that it is also a set?!!? That they won't be living there with him?! Also- do you really think that Matt planned the massages himself? These people are idiots- have they not yet realized what a producer is?!

Don't those girls feel awkward walking up and interrupting their conversation?

Oh Kelly the lush is at it again- I love her drunk confessionals!!

He's looking for romance today and wants it to pay off? Does that mean he expects to get lucky? Because with this girl I don't think that will be much of a problem...

What the hell is going on with the meeping coming out of Amanda?!!? I think I'd strangle her!

She makes him laugh with her anecdotes?! This girl is a top notch tool...he is just incredibly horny!!

Haha- I love that Matt said that Robin already has a rose so he left her- man these girls are going to kill each other!

I'm not surprised about the girls who didn't get roses- especially since I have no idea what their names are. oh the hot dog vendor- I forgot all about her! Amy- again, no idea who she was. Don't remember her at all. As for Kristine- again I just remember her talking to her prior to the rose ceremony- I have no memory of her before that.

So my current frontrunner- Holly.

Dancing with the Stars

Marlee Matlin- I have to say I am incredibly impressed by her- she deserves way more hype than that cow Heather Mills. Even with the jive she is doing well!

Steve guttenberg- what the hell is he doing...ok the dance wasn't horrible but the props aren't funny- this is also very awkward...

Cristian- oh god this sea lion bit is painful- so very very painful!! I can't even concentrate on the dance- all I ever do is stare at her hair and wonder why she always has this horrible cut- her and Paige Davis. They are awful. But his jive is ok- he is enthusiastic and seems to be having a good time.

Mario- honestly didn't pay attention...didn't really care...

Shannon Elizabeth- that is a huge improvement from when she started

Adam- I wish he would stop with the joking because I just do not find him amusing. But he is lucky that he has Julianne as a partner- she makes it look like he's doing something.

Marissa- god this girl reminds of Marni when she is hyper- she's so cute! Well they picked a great song- this song still makes me happy. Ok I really like them- I hope they make it far in the competition- they are just fun!

Oh god poor Jonny Lee Miller looks mortified to have to be there...he is way too cool to be at Dancing with the Stars...this is a man who married Angelina Jolie, a man who is best friends with my Ewan, not a man who has anything to do with this!

Priscilla- I have to stop starring at her face- it is haunting me!! She is really good though- she needs to show some emotion on her face but well..I think that ship sailed once the first needle full of autolube was put into her face.

Jason- still don't really feel anything towards him- but am highly amused that Edyta was able to break out her shredded "dress"- this woman hates clothing more than anyone I've ever seen! Well he isn't doing too bad- for a tall guy he is very light on his feet

Kristi- I could do without the hair pasted on her face- that always grosses me out. But I mean this girl can dance. Although I am bored...not a big fan of the tango. Oh look it's Peggy Fleming

NKOTB Update

Becca just sent me this email and I have to post it:

Looks like the Today show's got the right stuff: All five original New Kids on the Block members – Joey McIntyre, Donnie Wahlberg, Danny Wood and brothers Jordan and Jonathan Knight – will appear together in the morning show's courtyard on April 4, a source tells PEOPLE.

After months of speculation, PEOPLE confirmed in January that the band is reuniting – just in time to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the release of their mega-hit album Hangin' Tough. The group also recently updated its Web site,

The boy band, which made legions of tweens swoon in the early '90s, selling more than 50 million albums, became a worldwide phenomenon before calling it quits in 1994. Since then, the oldest "Kid," Jonathan Knight, 39, retreated back to Boston to become a real estate developer. Former members Wahlberg, 38, and McIntyre, 35, have seen acting success, while Wood, 38, has worked as a music producer and Jordan Knight, 37, has continued to record.

Is it just me who is feeling super old looking at their ages?!

Lainey Blind Item

Sick Week
Which emerging starlet working on a high profile project supposedly did something to her face, particularly her lips, that didn’t go over so well with her directors and producers? This, combined with her sh*tty attitude, has led to a temporary dismissal. She’s been told to get off the set for a week and straighten herself out…and to hopefully come back with her features restored. If it’s possible, that is.

Worse still – a few of her scenes have now been rewritten for her female co-star. So she’s losing respect AND air time. It’s the air time that hurts the most.

My Guess- this is tough- I'm not sure which emergin starlet has been working on their lips recently. Maybe one of the Gossip Girls like Blake Lively?

Ok not Gossip Girls- Lainey just said it wasn't them

New Guess- Ashley Tisdale from High School musical. This girl has started mutilating her face recently and might have done something to her lips. Also- Lainey mentioned her in another post.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

My New 'Do

So I decided to make a big change- I cut over 8 inches off and layered the crap out of my hair- I wanted it to be very is a bit too orphan Annie for my liking right now but I"m hoping it mellows- this always happens when the diffuser comes in contact with my hair- the curls just go out of control!! But I like it- I was ready for a change. I had long hair for most of 20s- time for a positive change to embrace my 30s!!!

PS- if there is chocolate on my face I apologize...a bunny crossed paths with me and well- I won!!

Big Brother 9

I would be embarrassed too if Natalie beat me at a mental competition

Team Christ?!?! Seriously???! I can't even write this shit- i am loving me the crackpots

Oh god her 7 theory is killing me- this girl is nuttier than a fruitcake!!

HAHA- I love that Josh thinks that Natalie is crazy- I have to agree!!

I'm with Adam- I would have chosen food too- screw ths housemates!! This game is about playing for yourself- screw the others!

And Natalie is again showing what a stalker she is- talking to Matts picture and staring at it

HAHA- Joshuah that is too funny- he might have to go into the witness protection program

I love that they tried to create drama with the nominations- we all knew it would be James and Joshuah- she really had no other choice

Pic of the Day

What the hell is this girl wearing?!?!!? What is wrong with her!??!?! She looks like she's on her way to the Rouyn-Noranda bingo- this is NOT what a 21 year old should look like!!!

BTW- this is Lindsay Lohan...people aren't recognizing her since she looks SOOO bad!!

Earth Hour

I didn't make it home in time to start Earth Hour in my apartment so for the first ten minutes I was driving. And let me say- most businesses showed a piss poor attitude towards this. I drove by Yorkdale at exactly 8pm and ALL the lights were still on! The Home Depot across the street turned them off- but Yorkdale even had all the outer lights on. I understand that it was still open- but the outside lights could have been turned off. Then as I drove down Avenue almost everything was on- all the gas stations, blockbuster, No Frills, McDonalds. Even the two high schools- Havergal and the catholic one- had ALL the lights on. The Catholic one- it's call Michael McLugh or something- had ALL the top floor lights on. I mean come on- there are no students there on a Saturday night- Turn off the lights!! Then I looked over at the condo towers at Yonge and Eglinton and they were completely lit up.

There were some honourable mentions. The city obviously had turned off some of the street lights and the ones that were on were dimmed. The first shoppers had their lights off and so did the second cup. But really- that's about it.

And of course it wouldn't have been complete without my douchebag neighbours. That complete retard across the hall had all of his lights on and was having a party- shockng. And the complete idiots upstairs also had all their lights on- and to top it off- were doing LAUNDRY!!! Laundry! Who the hell does that during Earth Hour!!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Big Brother 9

God James is so incredibly repulsive- Chelsia is sitting there visibly upset and he is still doing little dances and showing he has no class. I hope they do get rid of Chelsia though- James needs no supporters

Chelsia what the hell is your problem- why are you destroying all of the eggs?! You are such an idiot- and a vindictive bitch at that

Man even James is admitting that she is a huge raging bitch and he's voting against her

I have to say I do like Adam- I think he's funny!

Wow Chelsia what a great speech...I think she might be insane...that was quite the strategy- insult all of the people who are about to vote...the girl has serious issues

Chelsia- how does Adam not have a backbone?! Because he went after you and your friends and not his own alliance? Moron

Wow Natalie is in position to win this! And she did it- well Josh and James are screwed

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Lainey Blind Item

How He Holds Her
Opportunity knocks but the past also drags. She has much to look forward to, and big shoes to fill, but the work is steady and only getting steadier and being attached to highly anticipated projects never hurts either.

Only slight problem… the man in her life isn’t exactly supportive. Part jealousy, part insecurity, and he knows how to hold her, even though she’d much rather, personally and professionally, be rid of the baggage.

Unfortunately he is unscrupulously forcing her to love him by good old fashioned blackmail. Because somehow she found herself in a delicate situation not too long ago and decided not to join the 08/08/08 sweepstakes. When she took care of it without his blessing, he hit the roof, and threatened to go public. She and her management have placated him for now.

But it’s the kind of scandal that would not sit well with the MiniVan Majority.

And so she’s waiting it out. Waiting for the right time to cut him loose, while he keeps pressing to make their commitment more permanent.

My Guess: I was talking with Sheila about this and I think the best guess is Anne Hathaway. Lainey has said before that her boyfriend is quite sketchy, and he is quite older I think. Also- the whole big shoes thing is maybe a clue since it was said to her by Emily Blunt in the Devil Wears Prada (thanks Laineylurv)

UPDATE: Megan Fox- totally.

Shocking- Auto Lube Injected in Your Face Causes Damage!!

Ok this now makes sense. I have been talking for weeks about Priscilla Presley's face and how terrifying it is. Well now it is coming out that she was going to see some sketchy Argentinian doctor who was injecting her face with what he said was better than botox- silicone that is used in auto lube! Auto lube!! Shockingly it turns out it causes lumps, paralysis and holes

I guess LA women like Larry King's wife Shaun and Lionel Richie's ex Diane would host injecting parties where this doctor would come over and inject all their friends- lovely! What the hell is wrong with these women- why on earth would you put something into your face that wasn't approved by the FDA?

Big Brother 9

I agree with Adam's nominations- he has to stick with his numbers and vote out the other side. I can't believe Natalie is turning out to be an evil mastermind!!

Chelsia do not through the veto for that idiot!! Do not do it! You will not be friends with him later so play for yourself!

Man Ryan must be pissed that Chelsia just one that trip! He did all the math and got nothing!! That is slightly ridiculous

I do hope that Sheila or Adam win- I need to see James go home- I can't stand that guy

Oh Evil Dick you're back- I love you!! Oh and he's going to do the pots and pans thing- classic!!

I can't believe that Natalie predicted the return of evil dick- she is truly showing herself to be the mastermind

I really do like the names of the drinks- it's cute.

Josh is such a pompous ass- giving up with his stupid glasses. At least Chelsia is showing that she wants it..although I think that Adam can win this....although James is determined too

HAHA- loving evil dick calling Chelsia pathetic!

Go Sheila- get the veto!! I love that Chelsia is even hoping that James doesn't win

Yuck James one- yuck yuck yuck!! I say put Josh up and send Chelsia home- get rid of James' partner

HAHA!! Josh's quote about Sharon- that's awesome!! Best thing about Sharon is how much she loves Joshuah!

Oh god I am puking in my mouth- did James really need to wear those short shorts!? And I can't believe he told Chelsia that she's going home- god he's charming!

So Disgusting...

I copied these quotes from Dlisted. Demi Moore was on Letterman and talked about the therapy that helps her stay young looking:

Demi said, "I was in Austria doing a cleanse and part of the treatment was leech therapy. These aren't just swamp leeches though - we are talking about highly trained medical leeches. These are not some low level scavengers - we're talking high level blood suckers."

She said you get your body ready for the leeches by shaving and bathing in turpentine. "They have a little enzyme that when they are biting down in you it gets released in your blood and generally you bleed for quite a bit - and your health is optimized. It detoxifies your blood - I'm feeling very detoxified right now. I did it in some woman's house laying on her bed. We did a little sampler first, which is in the belly button. It crawls in and you feel it bite down on you and you want to go, 'You bastard.' Then you relax and work on your Lemaze breathing just to kind of relax. You watch it swell up on your blood, watching it get fatter and fatter - then when its super drunk on your blood it just kind of rolls over like it is stumbling out of the bar."

Seriously- highly trained leeches?!?! Obviously you would want to use EDUCATED leeches for your beauty regimen- you can't have ones that didn't pass the training program

This might just be the grossest thing I've ever heard in my entire life

Monday, March 24, 2008

The Bachelor

Ok I'm excited for this episode- I need to start figuring out who these women are and who are the true crackpots

Is it just me or is this fashion show very very very odd? Posing for him...strutting just for him- very odd...

Wow that was quite the song...someone is definitely putting it out there that she is a sure thing!!

I've been staring at your lips...another girl trying to get it on...

My god Ashlee- time to act like a good sport...I can't believe she just danced in front of the bachelor!

I would like to see some of these girls birth certificates...they are saying they are 24 and 25...and they don't look a day younger than 35!

HAHA- yes Kelly- you most definitely are showing how well you handle your alcohol...I love the lushes!

What the hell is wrong with Shayne?!? Does she not know what this show is about?! Or is she trying to create drama so she can show all the talent agents her skills?

I'm a bit surprised he picked Chelsea for the rose- I thought it would be Robin. Oh here comes Shayne's drama again- someone wants to show what a great actress she is!!

Kelly might be my favourite- she is such a drunk bitch. She belongs on Rock of Love!!

Oh Jesus- make the singing stop!! You sing opera- so you are singing Porgy and Bess?!?! I HATE that song!! God that was awkward!

Oh he ended up picking Shayne- they always pick the dumb hos

Oh look- the girl who frightened us all with her Summertime didn't get picked- note to self- do not sing an awkward song in a guys face the second time I talk to him!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Pic of the Day

Someone get Spike a vat of bleach and some black eyeliner stat!! While I still love me some James Marsters it really is all about the character for me!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

America's Next Top Model

Well Fatima is the first one they profiled..does this mean she's going home? Or will they finally send home Dominique the tranny?

Ok calling Whitney Anna Nicole is not nice...not nice...

What the hell is Dominique talking about? How the hell is Whitney racist??! My god Dominique is a complete tool

I adore Katarzyna's white boots- I need some!!

HAHA- even Marvita is calling Dominique a tranny...and at least she admits that she is freeloading...maybe she is better than I thought

Just as I seem to like her Marvita is looking like she's going home.

Ok I think that Fatima and Marvita will be the bottom two. Oh my god look at the underarm hair on gross!! SOO GROSS!! I thought that it looked hairy during the shott but this confirms it

I have to say I'm really liking Paulina as a judge- she is much more interesting than Twiggy ever was- at least she gives comments

Oh there goes Marvita- I still can't believe she made it as far as she did but I have to admit I liked her commentary this episode

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Miss Guided

This show is hysterically funny!!! I was not expecting much and was sitting her lazily after dancing with the stars and it came on and soon I was snorting I was laughing so hard. First off I love Judy Greer- I mean who doesn't love Kitty? Say goodbye to these!

Anyways, when they show her high school club and her Milli Vanilli club was awesome

Oh god a dance routine to Push it- oh god this is killing me!! And the flashbacks- I am loving this show!

They offered the janitor the spanish teachers job but he didn't want them looking at his hard drive- haha!! God this show is hysterical!

Do not be discouraged by all of the advertising promoting as being produced by Ashton Kutcher- it's actually hysterical.

Oh look at the boy defending Becky- so nice!! Love that she thinks people should be weird and compares a young 15 boy's awkwardness to the Von Trapps- any Sound of Music reference makes me feel happy

This show is Highly Recommended

Dancing with the Stars

Man I can't believe how many clothes Shannon Elizabeth is wearing- she isn't horrible but she needs to become a bit less stiff- she needs to sink into her knees. She seems to be mainly walking- time to dance around the floor. She can dance on the spot- just not while travelling

Where on earth do the costume designers go to find the fabric for these dresses/!!? My god Monica Seles's dress is horrible!!! What an awful shad of pink! Poor girl has no rhythm- you would thing she would have some rhythm but no- she is lke a limp's quite bad...

Well this is a much better show for Marissa Jaret Winoker as compared to that god awful Pamela Anderson show Stacked. I don't know if I like the song choice- really this entire routine is just her shaking- she's not really dancing- she's shimmying and shaking her hips. I do like her- she is just so likeable. Tracy Turnblad forever!! My god it's the original Tracy Turnblad too- go Ricki Lake!!

Man Priscilla was fantatic- look at her getting throne around on the ground at her age. The rest of her body moves great- I mean her face is frozen and melting off but the rest of her body is good. She was great!! Scary looking but great! And she brought Lisa Marie- she will be getting tons of Elvis votes!!

Kristi Yamaguchi- this looks like a proper dance- they are travelling around the cance floor which is nice. And obviously as a figure skater she has great musicality and performance skills- I think she most definitely will go far. I just pray that this doesn't inspire Tara Lipinski to do this next season- I can't stand her! That was a good performance- I bet the entire time she as dancing she was thinking what would Brian Boitano do...I know I do when I compete!

Marlee Matlin- this will just be odd...especially since she can't hear the music and needs an interpreter during the lesson. She's pretty good- it's impressive she's doing those moves from memory and not to the sound of the music. I don't think that she is going anywhere

Big Brother 9

I would LOVE to see these crackpots go on a quest for the arc of the covenant- and if they have 40 million they would find the mythical object- HAHA

I really hope that Ryan wins the veto- again he is my favorite player right now. My god this competition is going to take FOREVER!! I think this competition is designed for Chelsia to win- Ryan is too big- I don't think he stands a chance. Maybe Sheila will get a win- she really is concentrating quite hard...or not

I love that Sheila is saying that she isn't throwing Adam under the bus- but yet she's sitting there bashing him to James. Who by the way is driving me absolutely NUTS!! NUTS!!! This whole lying thing is driving me NUTS- the fact that he keeps going on and on about it- get over it. It's a freakin game- just get over it. I wish they hadn't brought this loser back in- he's driving me nuts

Ok Sharon's eyebrows are really bothering me- they are less than an inch long. Less than an inch long! Stop the insanity- stop the plucking!!

You hypocritical idiot- if you put Matt up for lying you are going against your word to Natalie...which shows that you are a liar!! moron!! God I hate hypocritical retards like this guy

I mean I don't really care about Matt- this doesn't bother me...but this James has got to go since he's such an ass

I love that God is going to avenge Natalie against James- if there is a god I think he should since I hate that guy!!

American Idol

I haven't watched this in weeks- lets see who I like

Amanda Overmyer- I'm not the biggest fan of her voice but it's not horrid. The song is almost too big for her

Kristy-Lee Cooke- she picked a song based on the title!?!!? She didn't know any Beatles songs!?! God this girl is awful- she is so boring- and it's a horrible rendition of the song

David Archeluta- I wish he'd keep his eyes open when he sings! But he's good obviously- although that was actually a bit boring for me- he could have picked a better song

David Johns- Great song choice- he isn't great at hitting the big notes- his voice keeps cutting out. Not fantastic but not horrible

Brooke White- I do like her voice- but the perkiness is going to wear thin soon...ok there it's worn away- god I hate people who are perky. Man she dances like Paris Hilton..not a lot of rhythm! Luckily though she can sing

David Cook- I actually liked it- but I always like the rockers

New Celeb Baby Name

Halle Berry and her hot hot Canadian model beau had a baby girl on Sunday in LA. It has just been confirmed by People that the name is Nahla Ariela Aubry. Not horrible, not great..

Just Say No

Look at this face...LOOK AT IT!!! This right here is why I do not do drugs!!

New Celeb Baby Name

Punky Brewster just had her second baby and let me tell you- MUCH better name this time. Soleil had a boy named Jagger Joseph Blue Goldberg- Jagger isn't horrible. Better than his poor sister Poet Sienna Rose Goldberg.

Monday, March 17, 2008

The Bachelor

Oh how I've been looking forward to this!! A cocky brit- my favorite!! Oh an international banker- man this guy will probably be a complete ass- I will love him!!

He's only 27?! My god I'm old...

A place holder ring?! That is such an odd thing to say! My god Rebecca time to hold back on the blush...that was quite scary!! One girl is a hot dog vendor- awesome! Where on earth do these girls shop?!!? There are some very odd dresses- they all seem to enjoy baring as much cleavage as possible

Oh god the girl with the horrible blush is now doing a horrible dance- time to back off!

Wow that girl just wrote the stalker theme song- very odd...

She brought her clarinet!!??! Seriously?!!? Next time I meet a guy I will bring my kazoo...or maybe the tuba...god this is embarassing...She looks like she's trying to be Kenny G

Man what the hell is wrong with Stacy- is she on drugs? Has she been anally probed by Tom Cruise and Xenu? Oh god this underwear thing is very embarassing!! She has read one too many don't do that with a stranger!!
Haha- love that they are making fun of her tramp stamp...and now she passed out!

Shayne's family is famous? She is Lorenzo Lamas' daughter?! INTERNATIONAL HEARTTHROB LORENZO LAMAS?!!? That's awesome!!!

I love that the girl who got the first impression rose didn't have to make a total ass of herself- a bit reassuring...

Well I'm not surprised he didn't pick the blush girl, or the slutty underwear girl- love that she is a grad student. Oh god the cocktail waitress is crying- you didn't even know him!!

Ok I am loving this guy- Love love love the dancing!!

Dancing with the Stars

Priscilla put down the needle!! Put down the needle!! You are this season's ventriloquist doll- only your eyeballs move!!! SO SCARY!!!

Penn Jillette- time to do up the buttons on your shirt!! Well I wasn't expecting a lot more- I have to admit I wasn't really paying attention I was on the phone...but now I'm all over it

I have never heard of this football guy- shocking i know. He was ok- nothing special

LOVING Cristian- he's a sexy beast! And he will be good at this- he has natural rhythm...loving the hips!!

Adam wasn't as bad as i thought he would be..i mean he wasn't great but he was ok. Plus he will get votes just for being Julianne's partner. Did he just call CarrieAnn a bitch? Time to send him home- he is super annoyinng...

This kid Mario drives me nuts- shave off the pube stash already!!! He always has that damn pube stash- nasty!! But I have to admit he's a good dancer- just has to work on his posture- time to pull back the shoulders!

Steve Guttenberg- I loved him as the mayor on Veronica Mars..oh how I miss you Veronica Mars. Anyways, the dance was boring and simple- he really didn't have to do much dancing- it was mainly walking slowly- but he wasn't horrible.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Big Brother 9

I bet James is going to win- he definitely has the determination and the anger to kick some ass at this competition

Haha- I love Adam referring to his fat ass and not being able to hold on. Oh there goes Joshuah- I'm pretty sure that Sharon or James will take this.

Man Natalie just went to town for her and Matt- and we'll see if James actually sticks to his word...

Side note- I just booked my flight to Greece- WOOHOO!!

God James is SUCH a sore loser- does he not remember that he voted to evict Ryan before...yet when it happens to him he becomes quite a whinny bitch. Well he did honour his word to Natalie.

Ok Sheila and Ryan are nominated- not surprising.

Ok James is ridiculous- he keeps going ON AND ON about being backdoored- he was not backdoored!! I don't think he understands what backdooring is!! Backdooring is when you are the target from day one- when everyone guns for you to not get the veto so you can be put and taken out of the house and there is nothing that you can do about it. He was voted out because Chelsia took herself out...god he's an idiot!

America's Next Top Model

I missed this on Wednesday so now I have to catch up.

Miss J doing his strip tease for the fire fighters was fantastic! I'm glad Miss J doesn't like Fatima- send her home!!

Man some of these girls can't walk to save their lives- Anya and Amis were horrible.

Ok the meat photoshoot is pretty gross- that place must smell nasty!

Well after that horrible performance I'm pretty sure that Amis will be going home- especially with that outfit she's wearing it's a done deal...god this girl has no clue

Oh god Tyra stop singing...just STOP.SINGING.

Yup it was definitely Amis- good...this girl did NOT look like a model! I loved loved loved seeing Fatima in the bottom two- hopefully she leaves next week

It is baffling though that Dominique is still there...baffling...

Thursday, March 13, 2008


I just read on Perez that the CW is fast tracking the development of a 90210 spinoff...a BEVERLY HILLS 90210 SPINOFF!!! Oh my god I can't breathe...first New Kids, now this...I really am starting to believe the world revolves around me!!!!

And which makes it even better is that the pilot may be written by Rob Thomas- creator of my dearly beloved Veronica Mars! PLEASE GOD let the be the story of Dylan and Kelly!! Dylan and Kelly forever!!!

Now This Sounds Like A Good Adaptation

Warner Brothers announced today that they will divide the book Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows into 2 movies because there is too much in the book which can't be cut. Agreed!!! Keep the content- I'll go see both!!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Big Brother 9

I love that Josh's plan was thwarted yesterday- I really am starting to like Ryan more and more. He is a good player- nice and level headed.

While Sheila once again proved she's crazy- calling Ryan selfish for taking 10000 from her....because her being angry and expecting everyone to give her the money isn't selfish...

Oh no Natalie is now going to go off the deep end- she found out about Matt and Sharon...she is totally going to kill one of them!! Oh Sharon you just shot yourself in the foot- now the vengeful jealous girl if out to get you

My god are Alex and Amanda sunbathing with coconut oil?!!? They need to use sunscreen!!

I think that it will be Jen going back in the house because of Ryan...or maybe parker will get another chance...I just hope it's not Allison or Amanda- I can't handle either of them! Oh it's Alex- I didn't think he was that popular! If he goes in the men will totally dominate.

I would like to see James evicted..but I think it'll be Sharon...oh I'm wrong! Why didn't the other ones get up to say goodbye?!?! Did I miss something?!

Oh it looks like it will be the mystery houseguest...I wouldn't bring back someone who I just pissed off...or not- now James seems to be getting the votes...oh it is James! Not a good move for Ryan and the boys...

Man James is pissed- he will totally win HOH this week

Movie Review- The Other Boleyn Girl

Last night I went with my movie club (Sheila) to see the Other Boleyn Girl. Let me start out by saying I love love love this book- some may say I am obsessed with it. I have analyzed it to death in both of my bookclubs. I am also obsessed with Tudor England in general. So when the Tudors came on television I was thrilled because I wanted to see their interpretation. Even with all of the historical inaccuracies I loved it. For weeks I've been excited to see this movie...and now I have and...


If you haven't read the movie and like a historical movie then by all means go see this. It is well acted, the scenery is gorgeous and the costumes are amazing. However, and this is a big however, do NOT take this is fact. And do NOT think that this represents Philippa Gregory's amazing novel.

Because it does not.

The writer was handed this amazing book with intrigue, drama, sex, beheading, royalty- all of those fantastic elements which make a book for me. And instead- they watered it all down to appeal to a 21st century minivan majority sentimentality. And I am not the minivan majority.

Yes, I know the book was not completely historically accurate- you never know exact conversations obviously. But Philippa Gregory is a historian who weaves her story into the historical record. And the writers here crapped all over it and disregarded all of the wonderful elements she included in her book. I will now discuss why I disliked the movie- if you don't want me to "ruin" the movie for you stop reading. However, it is a movie based on Anne Boleyn and if you don't know the story- please do not play on my trivia team in the future.

First- the Boleyn's were NOT country folk. They were courtiers- fact. Mary and Anne were raised in the French court- not the countryside. Their parents were schemers- they did not raise them. The aristocracy did not raise their children- the ridiculous caring mother in this movie was unbearable. Rumor has it the mother was also a mistress of Henry the eighth- not some moral figurehead. And the father being portrayed as a bumblind idiot- again, this man was a courtier. He was conniving and manipulative- like the rest of them! That was their job!!

Next- ALL historical records portray Catherine of Aragon as a classy pious woman- she would not have called anyone a whore

And George...the beautiful flamboyant George. Where was he?!!? All we got was some whinny side character who didn't want to sleep with his sister- where was my closet gay having wild orgies with the other men of the court?! Where was my incest?!?! This was supposed to be history told through porn!!

Then there was the editing- we had to endure about 20 minutes of Mary's pregnancy and how awful confinement was and how hard her labour was....but then they spent less than 10 seconds covering the 6 year trial to end Henry's marriage to Catherine and for him to create the church of was all completely glossed over- we hardly saw any of it!! And the influence of Anne during this is one of the most historically significant parts!!

The story was supposed to be told through the eyes of Mary- instead it went back and forth- it was like the director didn't know who to focus on. Anne became the main character- which is all fine and good except the title of the story is the Other Boleyn Girl- meaning Mary.

And finally- William Stafford. My beautiful William Stafford- where the hell was he?!?! The proud manly man who save Mary?!?! They cast some snivelling weasly guy who ALWAYS plays the weak character (see the Tudors, Elizabeth). They didn't show their story at all- it was not explained and explored. ACH!!!

SO in the end- if you have not read the book or are not completely anal go see this. Natalie Portman was actually fantastic. But if you loved the book they ruined it- it was all changed. I really want to see the BBC miniseries because I hear that is truer to the book.

So disappointing.

Team Swastika

Here is an article that was in my local newspaper today. Once again people are questioning the name Swastika for a town...and to that I say there are bigger problems in the world. This does not matter! Plus it is a great opening line for me to say I'm from Swastika

If any of you want to see pics of Swas- mainly because it rocks- here is the website for the reunion

God I'm excited for this summer!!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Lainey Blind Item

Leftover Blow
It’s either diva bitches or cokeheads these days, don’t ask me why…

Many assumed she’d chilled out on the hardcore life, taking a more low key approach, curbing several vices, focusing on career and love.

Apparently not so.

In fact, she raging even harder these days. Makes it more fun when there’s a partner. And while recreational use is generally accepted in Hollywood, powdering your nose on the job, all day long, day after day… suffice to say, when you can surprise the industry, you might be going overboard on the consumption.

Currently working on a new project, she often has to head for the ladies almost every 10 minutes. Glassy eyed and wired all day long, it’s now her only way to get through the long hours. Sniffling and bumbling at the start, bouncing off the walls in no time, so far it hasn’t been a problem because she’s stayed on top of her game.

But the other day, when rushed for a scene by the crew, she decided to hoover a thick line on a mirror on the table in the makeup trailer while the stylists had stepped out, laying out so much that what was left over on both sides could have been divided themselves to yield another two lines and so on and so on. Like the cocaine version of cellular division.

All hell then broke loose when the leftover blow was discovered as there are children who visit the set rather frequently and so the star was given a stern, uncomfortable talking to, after which she did sweetly apologise to everyone around and treat the crew to snacks and goodies on her but is now being watched closely in the hopes she can control herself enough to see the shoot through on time.

Not Uma Thurman.

MY GUESS: Sienna Miller. They say she used to be a hardcore partier but that she had settled down with Rhys Ifans- but recently Lainey has been hinting that Sienna is back to her old ways

Monday, March 10, 2008

The Bachelor

Oh we are catching up with bachelors- I'm dying to hear what happened with Byron and Mary after she beat him up!

Oh Brad refused to be a part of this show...interesting....I guess he doesn't want to have to answer why he didn't pick these girls!

Jenni is engaged?! Wasn't that season just a couple of months ago?! Man she moved fast!! 2 boys and then one girl...lovely...because it always happens that way..

I still can't believe that DeAnna is the next bachelorette- there is nothing appealing with this girl. She isn't charming or funny...I don't know why they are having her..

Dammit all my phone rang- I missed most of this!! I watched on mute though and saw that almost all of the psychos (aka Trish) are engaged or married- give me hope!

The worst bachelor was Lorenzo!? While he wasn't attractive at least he was funny. Andy was the best bachelor!? Am I the only one who could sense the maybe gaybe? I mean that's fine and all- but he definitely was not into the women..

A cocky british man as the bachelor- oh I'm intrigued!! I hope he's a funny sarcastic prick- that is what I like! I don't want to see some dumbass cry as a girl sings a tone deaf Star Spangled banner- I can't handle that again!!

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Big Brother 9

I predict that Natalie is going to become a huge stalker- the poor girl cannot admit that Matt does not like her!

Joshuah is such such a catty bitch!! I love that he prays out loud for a better stomach- haha! And what the hell is he doing insulting Ryan- I actually like him

God Matt is such a perv- hitting on Ryan's sister through the tv screen...charming...

Good move Chelsia- separate yourself from James! I love that she is pushing him away.

Oh no a spelling challenge- these people are definitely in trouble!!

I'm loving Josh's little dance to the bathroom- someone want to go out clubbing

Oh Sharon and Chelsia are nominated...I would have nominated Sheila for sure

Project Runway

I haven't watched this show in ages- I've missed it!! It is just on at such random times I never seem to catch it.

I'm curious what they can do with denim...when I think high fashion I just don't think denim.

Ok Christian is a bitch- a catty catty bitch.

A denim wedding dress?! lovely...

I love Chris- he is so cute talking to his garment- I hope he does well. Everything else he designed in the back was a bit too pageanty. Chris no- don't disregard Tim Gunn! Always always listen to Tim Gunn!!

Oh god Sweet Pea's is hideous- hideous!! Victoria's jacket looks like a jean dress I had when I was a kid....

I do like Chris' dress- the side pockets aren't necessary like Tim said but it's nice.

I hate hate hate Ricky's- that skirt is Paris Hilton 3 years ago

Sweet Peas actually looks a bit better than I thought- but I hate light denim

Victorya's again looks like a dress that I wore when I was ...and it should have been dark denim.

Rami's was nice- I like the collar- and the skirt isn't as bad as Ricky's.

Christian's is nice- the jacket is very different- but I don't know if it's as great as Christian thinks it is.

Julie's is boring and plain- and looks too much like Victorya's- but not as finished.

I'm surprised that Sweet Pea's came out so well and they love it so much.

Victoria's is too simple if she took a jacket. Yup she's out- not surprising

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Bitch is the New Black II

I am watching Saturday Night Live and it is rocking my world! The first skit where Obama has to call Hillary all the time because he doesn't know what the hell he's doing- genius!! Because will happen....It is all well and good for someone to have new ideas- but they should have the experience to actually implement them. American's- you will regret this decision unfortunately if Obama wins. I have to say- if Obama gets the nomination for the first time in history I will support a Republican candidate- McCain would make a much better president.

Anyways, I'm off to watch Amy Adams now- yay she's singing!! God I hope they do some Enchanted skits!!

Blatant Self Promotion

I am now an official Stampin' Up! demonstrator- yay!! I just love stamping and am really excited about this new position! I will be hosting parties in the GTA and surrounding area and can sell Stampin' Up! products. You only need 6 people to host a party- just let me know what type of cards you would like to make and I will get everything ready. For more information please see the links on the side of the page.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Pic of the Day

I can't believe this is a real person!! Right Jermaine might be scarier looking than Michael..and that says a lot...

Thursday, March 6, 2008

My Future Favourite Show

Posh is in talks to host her own reality show on Fox called Fashion Nightmares where she will travel around America and help out fashion victims.

For the love of god someone send her a bad picture of me stat!!


America's Next Top Model

Well Tyra must be friends with Nelly and got a deal on his apple bottom jeans.

What the hell is wrong with fatima?!? Seriously the girl has no social skills- who the hell tells someone else they are big?!!? Although I am not a fan of Allison- I don't think she has a great look- she has dead eyes. There is nothing there.

I don't feel bad for all...all she does is insult others.

MAKEOVERS!!! MY FAVOURITE!! Oh god she now has a Tyra vision thing!?!? Oh god- not another medium that allows her to act!!

I hate Anya's- it drowns her out. And I hate Whitney's too- she looks REALLY tough!! And I don't enjoy the bangs. Oh god what is with the bangs- I also hate Aimee's- although I love her hair. A horse mane?!!? Oh no- who is allowing Tyra to invent hair styles?! This does not Marvita look more feminine- she looks like a man. Ok I like Lauren's hair and the colour- much much better. First one I like. Miss J- hehe- you kill me!!

I also like Katarzyna's dark hair- looks nice. Oh god they are shaving Claire's head more?!!? EW!! I mean the hair was horrible before and I didn't think that it could be worse..but it turns out it could be...

Oh I hate Llison with the red hair- I like the colour but I think with her dead eyes it doesn't look great. Let's see if they can make Dominique look like a woman? Oh god cutting it off just made her MORE manly- what the hell were they thinking?!

Stacey-Ann- her face looks too round to be short...and i'm's HORRIBLE!!! Horrible!! Again- what the hell?!

Amis' hair just looks like a wig- and they've made her look tranny!!

As much as I hate Fatima I have to admit she looks fantastic with the new hair.

Oh they are going to work with Elle Macpherson- that has to be the body- that is her nickname. God I'm good!! I can't believe none of them clued into that- don't they know anything about fashion!? God she looks fantastic- she is 45!! 45!!

Claire now looks scary..Lauren looks good with the hair but she just doesn't know what to do- why on earth doesn't she look at a magazine?! Allison has been practising...well it won't help because she has dead eyes- no expression!! She is TOTALLY going home

Dominique's neck veins are going to give me nightmares tonight!! Although I do have to prase her for being able to hide the penis in those underwear. The girl is HIDEOUS!!

I think that Dominique and Allison will be in the bottom 2. I love that the photographer said that he thought Dominique was a mom- haha!!

Oh it was Allison- that's ok with me- she isn't great!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Team Hillary

Even though I am obviously Canadian I am 100% on Team Hillary. Go Hillary!! She won 3 of the 4 primaries and is STILL IN IT!! GO HILLARY!! Come on Americans- vote for experience and knowledge and ability- not trendiness!! You do NOT have to do what Oprah tells you to do!! Bitch is the new black as Tina Fey says- embrace the bitch!


Good Luck Patrick!!

Patrick Swayze has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and has been receiving treatment for one month. He is only 55 years old...that's just awful- I hate hearing about things like this...especially when the men are close in age to my father...

His rep released the following statement:

Patrick Swayze has been diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer and is currently undergoing treatment. Patrick's physician Dr. George Fisher states, 'Patrick has a very limited amount of disease and he appears to be responding well to treatment thus far. All of the reports stating the timeframe of his prognosis and his physical side effects are absolutely untrue. We are considerably more optimistic.' Patrick is continuing his normal schedule during this time, which includes working on upcoming projects. The outpouring of support and concern he has already received from the public is deeply appreciated by Patrick and his family."


Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Lainey's Other Blind Item

She posted two yesterday- here is the second one:

Boys Are Bitches too!
And not just the gay ones.

He is happily attached but his entire persona pre-commitment was based on the fact that he was just a dude. An immature funloving dude. An un-Hollywood dude who routinely pointed out the Hollywood hypocrisy of many other Hollywood dudes and douchebags.

Now he’s a big star in an A List relationship. Which of course gives him the right to act like a self important little big twat. But how f&cking spiritual is this?

Photo shoot this weekend for a gadget company he endorses. He too pulls out the primadonna moves:

Shows up 3 hours late. And again – don’t look at me, don’t talk to me, don’t even sneeze in my direction, and yes… it was made clear that he preferred to be alone with the photographer between frames, necessitating a run and gun scramble from the crew, meaning the photographer would have to holler for help in a different room every time an adjustment needed to be made.

Can you imagine? Can you imagine verbalising that order? Don’t look at me and don’t talk to me? When did that become ok?

Word is this is not unusual. It’s actually standard procedure where he’s concerned. On another occasion, he was particularly demanding when it came to his favourite tea, steeped for exactly 6 minutes, always needs to be piping hot even if he doesn’t touch it, can’t be microwaved, and he doesn’t like boiled tap water either. He wanted boiled bottled water. A special brand.
It never, ever stops. And it’s even worse when he’s with her. Apparently her makeup brushes have to be cleaned in special water too.

My Guess: Again, hard. I can't really think of anyone who was against the hypocrisy and is in an A list relationship...thoughts?

UPDATE- Ashton Kutcher- Lainey has practically confirmed it's him. And the special water is a hint- Kabballah water

Lainey Blind Item

The Wrong Colour, the Wrong Number
It’s officially an epidemic – celebrities walking around intoxicated by their own ridiculous sense of entitlement, unleashing a steady stream of bad behaviour for which my Chinese squawking chicken mother would have me flogged if I ever dared to emulate.

For some people however fame excuses the need for good manners. For this girl who is NOT the “no looking” one from last week, fame excuses the need to be appreciative and grateful and shameful.

So she’s promoting a new project, is making the rounds. Gets picked up in a very very high end luxury car. Like super luxury. It pulls up to pick her up and she refuses to get in because “she doesn’t like the colour”. It’s too bright. She doesn’t “do that colour”.

After half an hour she’s finally coaxed inside. Then she throws another fit because there are 5 water bottles inside the car. Odd numbers. She doesn’t like odd numbers. She specifically requested even numbers. Near meltdown ensues.

Next stop – her dressing room on a show where she’s scheduled to perform. Her people apparently requested “skinny mirrors’. Skinny mirrors were not ordered. Regular mirrors were ordered. She takes one look at herself and threatens to walk. She is placated by the promise of a one week resort stay in the Caribbean. And I haven’t even bothered to share the details of her catering complaints: not enough sashimi, not enough champagne, sandwiches were too soggy, and on and on and on.

Someone needs to invent The Slapper. The Slapper needs to slap this bitch hard.

MY GUESS: This one is really hard because Lainey already said it's not a lot of the big guns: Mimi, Whitney, Janet, Madonna, or Lopez. So I have to go younger- and I'm trying to figure out who is out promoting...My guess is Christina Aguilera- mainly because I can't think of anyone else out promoting! I need more clues!

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Big Brother 9

I hope that I never have to hear the term operation condor ever again.

I am pretty sure that Joshuah and Sharon will nominate Allison and Ryan and Matt and Natalie- I think it's obvious. God Josh is a catty bitch- he just goes after people.

What exactly has Allison had to put up with?!? She was handed a 4 person alliance that could have carried her and the retard made a stupid big deal about it and ruined it. Allison has been a raging idiot- and she shouldn't have lied about being gay. Allison- why on earth would they be intimidated by you!?

Now Allison is pissed at people who weren't even there?!?! The girl is completely psychotic!!

Poor Natalie- the girl is such a doormat to Matt- poor thing!

The girls have to dress like asparagus and the guys just have overalls?!?! Mmmm asparagus!! I hope all that doesn't go to waste. I would definitely rather eat asparagus then slop!!

Sheila weighs in at a whooping 131??!?!? A whooping 131- Joshuah fuck off!!! He is going to get a smack down Shauna style!!


Natalie is painting with nail polish- the girl is such a crackpot!! But she is actually not bad!

And there goes Allison being completely insane- why would she just start yelling out of the blue. Then she wants him to talk to her after she attacks him!? I feel really bad for Ryan- he is in such a bad place because she is psychotic. I have started liking him- he seems like a decent nice guy. At first I thought he was an ogre but now he just seems like a nice guy who is a bit quiet. But there is nothing wrong with him

It's funny that Adam and Sheila are now flying under the radar- they are just coasting to the end!

When it comes to mentally wise...haha Matt- yes you obviously have the superior mind...

Josh should have nominated Sheila and Adam- especially since Sheila was the other member of the lie.