Tuesday, February 17, 2009

American Idol

I am starting blog after the first 4 singers so I may not remember all of their names but here is what I thought

Jackie- This first girl is awful- what a horrible song! Why do people pick such awful songs that no one knows!!? I agree Simon- she won't get through

Ricky- This second guy may have a good voice but I HATE all the falsetto stuff. I've said it once and I'll say it again- unless your name is Jordan and you rocked a rat tail in my dreams then you shouldn't even try. It won't work

Alexis- This girl does nothing for me- I am not a fan of the song. They seem to love her and I agree she has a good voice but I don't like the genre

Brent- The country guy. I agree with Simon that the song is forgettable- it is generic. I mean his story is touching but not a great song


Stevie: oh god she can't sing this song at all!! She is really nervous and this is really awkward. It is like bad karaoke- she can't hit any of the notes. Oh god this is just awful- someone make it stop. I agree Simon- it was terrible

Side note- Paula's eyes are getting slittier and slittier....I think the vicodin is hitting her and she's getting sleepy

Haha Simon is right- America does listen to him. The other judges have to know it is all about him.

Anoop: what a god awful song!!! I HATE THIS SONG! And he's a boy- this is awful! He should have done my prerogative again- that was MUCH better! He can't sing this- it is too big for him- and it's not even that big. I hate this shit. I liked him but he won't go through with this. Oh god Paula sit down- I hate when she stands up

Casey Carlson- Oh god speaking of sharp- this is painful!!! What a weird song choice..and odd mini Wino beehive. This song doesn't suit her at all- she can't hit any of the notes- this is awful!! I agree Simon- she should have not been allowed to sing the song.

I do NOT like this whole time with the parents thing- waste of my time.

Michael- Oh I REALLY want him to do well!! I really like him- I love the blue collar workers! Please do well! Oh I love this song. A bit too much shaking and the song might be a bit too big for him- but I still really like him. I hope he goes through- yes Simon tell America to vote for him!

Ann Marie- yuck!! I hate this song and they do it every year. This is doing nothing for me- she is forgettable to me. Next.

Stephen- this just isn't my type of music. When he sings the word "rock" in "I'm going to rock with you" I am just cringing. This is doing nothing with you- holy sharp- these people really aren't that great.

Tatiana- I can't emotionally handle her. God I hope she goes- I don't want to see her anymore!! Oh no- she actually sounds good!! She picked a good song- dammit! I don't want her to go through!

Danny- I do usually like this guy until he starts throwing in all the retard runs. If he just sings he has a good voice- I'd like to see him move on. I have to admit- I've always liked this song. And he is doing a good job with it. Ok he's doing a really great job- I want him to move through!!

So my top three are Danny, and...well I guess blond/pink haired girl if I need a third. I wasn't that impressed with many others. Oh maybe the country guy.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

I Heart Phil Keoghan

I unfortunately didn't have time tonight to live blog to the Amazing Race but I just have to say Phil I love you. When he signed at the end my heart just melted- love him!!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

The Grammy's- Thoughts

I didn't have time tonight to live blog tonight to this but I thought I'd put down some thoughts from tonight.

First off- Jennifer Hudson is marrying Punk from I love New York 2?!?!? Seriously?! Jennifer- he used to "date" New York- you can do better

I liked Carrie Underwood's dress- it was bedazzled to within an inch of it's life but I still liked it

OMG what the hell is going on with Chris Brown?!!? He is under investigation for beating down a girl who called the police and had visible markings on her. Then Rihanna doesn't show up to the awards tonight- did he beat down Riri!?!?! What the hell!??! I thought he was some cute young guy- what the hell!?

Love me some Coldplay- I can't believe I didn't see them in concert this tour!!

Thom Yorke I heart you. I love you. You rock my world. I have got to see Radiohead in concert again- they are spectacular

Paul McCsrtney you just make me happy!!

What the hell is Katy Perry doing with all these fruit?!? I am not a big fan of this rendition

Ok MIA that outfit is just wrong- but I mean I wouldn't be able to do what you are doing on my due date so I can't really talk

Miley Cyrus I hate you. That's all.

The Radiohead guitarist is a sexy beast- I really should learn his name. Or not- all I need to know is he's a sexy beast.

Slumdog Millionaire

I went to see this yesterday with Chantale and let me tell you- it was amazing. I've been thinking about if for the last day and just think it was fantastic. I think that everyone should see this movie- especially teenagers. Teenagers from Kirkland. It may put their lives in perspective- there are people out there who have it MUCH worse than we do. There are some incredibly graphic scenes that were disturbing to me- I'm not going to lie, I had to close my eyes at parts. But what was most disturbing is that these things do happen. Chantale just went to India in October and I had a roommate in University that spent months there in undergrad- this is what they saw and described to me.

I have heard about the controversy that is starting to surround this movie. That various groups are offended by the portrayal of the slums and of India. That it perpetuates stereotypes. That this was too unrealistic. And to that I say- it's a movie. Of course it's unrealistic. They ALL are!! As for the rest- the truth hurts. If you don't want people to see this- fix it. Put money into your citizens and not just into the country's infrastructure. Deal with the insane poverty- do not ignore it.

In the end- go see it. It is eye opening. And deserving of Best Picture