Monday, June 29, 2009

The Bachelorette

Watching this show now just makes me squirm- she is just so awkward with Wes! Why doesn't she see what a huge douche he is!!

I do like Reid but I still think that he is the one who will have some erectile dysfunction issues! I actually think that Reid is a bit too normal for Jillian- she likes the issues

Ok I don't think it's appropriate for Jillian to do so much PDA in front of his family- no one wants to do that in front of their parents! Especially when there are 4 other guys

I just don't think Mike is going to happen- she won't pick the Jesse. He is just too young and odd..but yet she is odd too so maybe she will like it.

That twin switch was not terribly difficult- even I could tell the difference and I'm not a big fan

I definitely think that Kipton is a front runner. His mom is a bit intense but she wasn't thrown off

Jesse- oh I do like him. He has been a favorite of mine for a while. The family band session was a bit odd

Wes- oh god this is so awkward. He is soooo gross!! I knew right away when I first saw this show that he was a douche- the nasty groomed facial hair was a dead give away.

Oh Jillian I can't believe how excited you are- so awkward! Why don't you get it!! I can't even imagine how embarrassed she is watching this right now

OH GOD NOT THIS SONG AGAIN!!! MAKE IT STOP!!!!!!!!! And now kissing- ew! Wes isn't a good liar...uh huh...I swear this guy thinks he's going to get an oscar from this

Jake I love you- but I can't handle the tucked in shirt into the high waisted pants. Other than that I love him

Oh she's in a hotel- I think this will be the scene where we see the guy get emotional over the railing- obviously Jillian is not going to believe him.

God Jake just say it- you are so socially awkward! Oh it's not the throwing over the railing scene- I was looking forward to that. Why didn't Jake tell her about him talking about his air time? That was also a douchebag sign

Oh no there is my railing scene- he really is way too emotional. So hot yet so me

Is his family going to play into this? Or did he get some friends to act like his family?

I am looking at these people trying to figure out if they look like him...they also aren't doing any interviews with them...I am very suspicious right now

Now Ed is back?!!? WHAT THE HELL!? They actually kept a surprise on the bachelorette- I was not expecting him

Listening to Jillian's logic about believing Wes is just so ridiculous- this girl is just turning out to be super annoying.

Oh and Wes gets a Rose- interesting. I hope the last one goes to Jesse but I'm sure it'll be Wes just to piss me off.

Well let's see how Wes weasels his way out of this.

Thursday, June 25, 2009


I go to a movie and Michael Jackson dies?!?! I miss one of the biggest gossip stories ever only to read about it on Facebook!? He was only 50- what the hell?!!? I mean he has always looked frail and has wreaked absolute hell on his body but how the hell did he die??! He was training with the incredible hulk for his concerts- did that do something?

For the record I've never really been a Michael Jackson fan. Thriller terrified me- I much preferred Boy George. But I did like a few of his songs- Man in the Mirror was great. And the Jackson 5 was great. I don't want to kick a man down but he was creepy.

I feel so bad for his children- what the hell is going to happen to them? Will they go to their mother? Will they get to stop wearing masks? Do they have to pay his debts?

I actually feel bad for Farrah Fawcett- this may sound awful but she will totally be overshadowed.


My friend Michelle had a free ticket to go see the movie Sharkwater tonight at Square One tonight. I can't turn down a free ticket! And I am really glad I went- it was a fantastic documentary. Incredibly disturbing yet quite informative. It was all about the illegal poaching and long line catching of sharks.

I have always enjoyed watching shows about sharks- my dad and I always used to watch Shark Week. This movie was so depressing- it just showed how ignorant people are. And it made me hate people more than I already do- and that is saying something.

The shark population is down 90% and many species are on the verge of extinction. And why is that? So some asian cultures can enjoy shark fin soup. A soup that is "made" with shark fins. Shark fins have absolutely no flavour. They do nothing but add status to you. They pull these sharks up, cut off their fins then throw them back in the water unable to swim. It is HORRIFIC- and it is happening all over the world. I am sooo disturbed- again, I hate people. These are the same people who kill bears just for their paws and gall bladders and leave the rest.

Now don't get me wrong- I am not against fishing or hunting. Obviously. But only under controlled situations. And not involving endangered species...or threatening the populations. And I believe in using the whole product. And in quick painless kills. If you are going to fish sharks eat the whole goddamn thing. Assholes.

I highly recommend this documentary- but it is rather graphic. Don't be like the dumbass mother who brought a 2 year old to see this. We all had to listen to the child's screams as she was traumatized

RIP Farrah Fawcett

I just read on Dlisted that Farrah Fawcett died- it's just so sad! She was only 62. I watched the documentary she filmed a few weeks ago and was hysterical crying- she was just so young. Plus I loved Small Sacrifices when I was a kid- I watched that like a million times! After I Know My First Name is Steven it was my favorite dramatic made for tv movie!

Anyways- I hope this raises awareness and gets people to go out and get a colonoscopy...I mean it was a preventable cancer...people have to get over the retarded stereotype and just do it.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Freaky Facebook Continued

OK I just got home and got totally freaked out- Facebook how do you know so much about me!?!!?!?!? The person in the add a friend corner was a girl who I met in Europe 8 years ago....and she is from Canberra Australia!! AUSTRALIA! We have no friends in common and I knew her for 6 days- soooo scary! How the hell does facebook know that?!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Jon Minus Kate- Confirmed

Well it's confirmed...they filed for legal separation today. The whole thing is just sad- they really did sell themselves to the devil. Kate has lost her family, her husband- was the money worth it>?

Don't get me wrong- they are both to blame. When the show first started it just seemed like a normal family trying to make a go of it. Of course Jody has now revealed that everything was staged from the beginning and Kate just wanted to get everything paid for. But in the past two years it has been all about staged scenarios- there is nothing remotely authentic.

At the end of last season you saw that Jon wanted to work outside the home and not do the show anymore- Kate of course wanted to keep going. They now had a multimillion dollar home and she wanted money. He agreed to stay- he bought into it too. Instead of retreating to work on their relationship they kept going...and there went the relationship

Now Jon has been seen apartment hunting in NYC- what the hell!? You should live in the same place as your children even if you aren't in the same house. And I"m concerned about those two dogs- Kate hates them. I hope they don't just get rid of them.

I actually feel bad watching this show now. I used to love it- now I feel I'm just participating in the breakdown of a family.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Freaky Facebook

Now I love me some facebook- it was heartbreaking that it was banned at my work this week! I liked to get to work early and get caught up. And now it's banned!

But facebook is starting to totally freak me out. On the top right corner it suggests people that you should add as a friend. I've always assumed that it will suggest people who I share many friends with- and that is common. Usually it is someone from KL who I know but who I'm not necessarily friends with. But lately it is FREAKING ME OUT!!! It keeps suggesting ex's to me- and these are people who I share one or two friends with. And they keep popping up- I mean there must be queens people that I many of my friends have on their lists but they aren't coming up. Then today a girl popped up who I tutored back in PEI who lives in Labrador- we share NO friends and I forgot she exists. How on earth does facebook know that I tutored in 2004?! Freaky!!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Pushing Daisies

This is so depressing- watching the last new Pushing Daisies episode. I can't believe another channel didn't pick up this show- it's so bloody amazing. I really hope there is singing!!

This show is just visually amazing- there is nothing like it! Yes, yes I am getting upset that it's the last episode.

HAHA the aquadolls- it's Nina from Just shoot me!

I love them practicing their synchronicity- too funny.

IT"S RICKY!! Ricky from my so called life!!! He instilled one of my life long dreams in me- a gay best friend. I have always wanted to be a hag...have someone to go shopping with, help me be fabulous...

I love that Lily's list of demands is a vodka fountain- haha!

I never drink and dive- haha!

I can't believe how brave these women are for getting into bathing suits.

HAHA- the intrepid cow!! What a fantastic restaurant!

Ok I love that they are ending everyone's storyline even if it rushed. And I don't really care that we don't find out how Chuck and Ned end up- it doesn't really matter to me. I like that Emerson's daughter finds him.

And it all ended with Digby running in the flowers! Digby! We haven't seen him in ages- god I loved him!

Celebrity Divorce

For some reason this just upsets me- I thought they were two of the "normal" ones. I guess it's normal these days to get divorced so it shouldn't be terribly shocking. I just say on E that Bradley Whitford and Jane Kaczmarek have filed for divorce after 16 years of marriage. I adore her from Malcolm in the Middle- loved that show (well the first few years). And he always seemed like a nice guy on talk shows and what not. And they ran a fantastic charity together called Clothes off our Back where they would get celebrities to donate their outfits from award shows and red carpet events and auction them off for children's charities.

So sad.

Monday, June 15, 2009

The Bachelorette

Even though she and Michael seem to have fun together he is a bit too goofy....I say that though knowing that DeAnna chose Jesse when I never thought that would happen.

Oh god Wes you are so FREAKIN nasty- you are the quintessential douchebag. You had to bring up your CD that is coming out soon? And this would be good publicity? Well maybe not- your song SUCKS!

Wow Kipton is a genius- he could tell she was upset! What tipped him off- the fact that she said she was upset, or that she stormed off? I hate the hat- I hate hats

I would have a heartattack if I had to go up in a small plane to land on a glacier. For safety reasons shouldn't she be in her own seat? Safety first people!!

My ADD would not allow me sit at the top of a glacier- what the hell is there to do there? I'd rather be sitting in the hot springs in Banff looking at the mountains

I don't like that Jesse doesn't really make eye contact with her- it's kind of weird

That Ed situation was a bit odd...I mean I understand not being able to leave your job- trust me! But don't you think you would have had that all organized prior to going on the show?

Why the hell is Jillian in a gondola? Is this just to film her being upset?

This girl is so weird- she really wants a damaged guy. She doesn't like Jake because he is perfect? Send him over!

Interesting she doesn't want a cocktail party- isn't it best to spend as much time with them as possible? Especially since you are trying o find someone in a very short amount of time

What the hell is up with her dresses- she wears dresses that look like they come from Laura's or fairweather. It just looks so stiff- you would think she would have a bigger budget to get some amazing dresses

Tanner is super awkward and a bit spastic- every just accepting the rose he was all jumpy

Oh god keep Mark- he's hot!! NO!!! NOT WES!! HE'S NOT HOT!! The trimmed facial hair- EW!!! EW!!! The bad singing- EW!! EW!!

Goodbye Mark I'll miss you

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Video of the Day!!! AMAZING!!

Mark Paul Gosselaar I heart you...and my god you look fantastic! You still look exactly the same! This whole skit was freakin genius- Kelly moved to another zip code, Stacy Korosi, the Zack attack! AMAZING!!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Tony Awards

That had to be one of the best opening numbers in award show history!! I mean the talent on the stage was amazing. First of all- POISON!? What the hell is Poison doing there- I must see this Rock of Ages show! I don't understand why Brett had to lipsynch but it was still great. Next- West Side Story- I have some fond memories of the trainwreck KL production that I was in. Then Dolly Parton- I LOVE DOLLY PARTON! She is campy goodness through and through! I have always wanted to go to Dollywood! And Liza- again, campy goodness. My inner gay man was just thrilled. Then to end it with Hair- my favorite musical of all time. With Elton, Niles Crane, was amazing! I would have KILLED to have been on that stage!

And now Doogie is on the stage- this show just keeps getting better and better! Who would have ever thought he would grow up to be so hot- his suit is fantastic.

Jane Fonda- I used to love you too. I remember being 8 and doing the Jane Fonda workout with my mom!

A bit too much of this Shrek song with the squeaky voices- this doesn't look terribly appealing to me

After seeing the movie I really really want to see Mamma Mia on stage

Susan Sarandon looks fantastic- I mean i'm sure she's had a little bit of nipping and tucking here and there but her eyebrows still move

Oh yuck I did really want to see Rock of Ages until Constantine Maroulis showed up- what gutter did they drag him out of?! Ok them going after Liza has made me want to see the show again. Oh and don't stop believing- I HAVE TO SEE THIS SHOW!!!

Liza! That's all

Carrie Fisher- my god you can hardly walk! That is so sad

Well Jessica Lange's face seems to be settling in- it's not as frightening...but still not great...

Oh god- now i'm crying during the in memoriam- TWO GOLDEN GIRLS!!! TWO!!!! God I loved them!

Ok I always love me some Hair- it's my favorite. But I'm a purist- I didn't love that performance- not enough belting- too much running around and joking around- I need it to be more of a power ballad

Oh those three boys from Billy Elliott are too cute for words- and my god they are talented. I am SOOO jealous of Becca and Simmie that they are going to see it

I had to put the video of Neil Patrick Harris doing the closing number here- it was FREAKIN fantastic! I love this guy!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Canada's Next Top Model

MAKEOVER DAY!! MY most favorite of all days!!

Linsay- Ok when they said Linda Evangelista I was like what the hell- this girl looks like a man and not LE. But let me say she does look way better with the makeover

Maryam- not a huge difference but she looks really pretty

Meaghan- I do like her hair- but it really isn't that big of a change. The bangs suit her

Nikita- BABY BANGS?!?!? WHAT THE HELL!?!?! No one has ever looked good with baby bangs- NO ONE!!! The are HORRIBLE!! This looks awful on her. She looks sooo harsh and manly- they needed to soften her

Ebony- she would not have been able to pull off a Halle Berry cut. The cut is super boring

Rebecca- She doesn't look like the same person. I hate that they didn't lightenn her eyebrows. She looks harsh

Rebecca- really a small change but she looks nice

Jill- they left the big black roots?!?! What the hell!?

Tara- there was NO change!! She looks exactly the same

In general there were very few changes all around

Nikita does look awful- I don't blame her for being upset. That is a HORRIBLE haircut

Oh H&M!! I heart that store! I have never seen it so empty!

My god the product placement on this show is just ridiculous- you never see it like this on the American one

I hate the makeup in this photoshoot- most of them look super rough.

In the picture Nikita does look good but the hair isn't good for every day life!


I think that Jill will be going home for sure. I am shocked that Rebecca is in the bottom two- I would have thought they would have liked that she did a modern Twiggy