Thursday, August 27, 2009

Big Brother

I don't even know if I want to keep watching after seeing Jeff make one of the dumbest moves in big brother history. What the hell is wrong with these people?!? If they have a solid alliance til the final four...TAKE IT!! Realize that people will say anything!

Jeff has gotten WAY too arrogant and made a completely idiotic move

Why has Jordan turned on Michelle too? I mean the girl is a raging idiot but I thought she was a nice person

Russell actually put a really nice offer before Kevin- he really should consider it.

Instead of exploding Russell needed to really play up that Jeff was a liar who backed out of his deals and he is untrustworthy. And he should say that in a calm matter

WHAT THE HELL IS UP WITH THOSE PANTS!??!!??! Who the hell wears red spandex with stars?!?!

I had my highs and my downs!? Natalie is an idiot

Obviously Russell won't do it but he should have kept Russell- Natalie is freakin useless

I will definitely miss Russell- I didn't enjoy him at the beginning but he is definitely one of my favorites

And look how he went out- he was really gracious and said it was a game and hugged them all. Jordan was still a retard

I think that Michelle and Kevin have the best chance with this. Natalie is too impatient and Jordan is a tool

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Big Brother

I am surprised to see Chima in the opening credits- I thought for sure they would get rid of all traces of that retard.

Speaking of retards- what the hell is up with Natalie's headband!?!!? Why is she wearing it like that?!? I have a ton of those too- they are to hold your hair back when you are exercising- not to go across your forehead in a budget Karate Kid way

Lydia you would like to feel safe?! Then don't act like a complete asshole- maybe they won't put you up if you weren't a complete ass.

HAHA! Now they are going to show Lydia and Jessie hooking up! HAHA! I can't believe that Natalie didn't know they had hooked up. And now they are turning against Jessie- HAHA! These girls are crazy!

Oh god Jeff are you seriously listening to Kevin?!!? What the hell!? You have to be smarter than this

Natalie wants a call from her boyfriend!? I don't think he'll be pleased having seen her cuddling with Jessie!

Yay! The veto is down to Jordan or Michelle- amazing! Aurevoir hopefully Lydia- can't handle you!

Wow Jordan won a competition involving memory- congrats Jordan! God I hope Jeff didn't listen to Kevin! OMG! Why is he in a room with Kevin!? What the hell is he thinking?! Is he seriously going to get rid of Russell!?!?! Oh god this is troubling!

YAY!! She didn't use it! EXCELLENT! Thank GOD!

And Lydia leaves like the complete cow that she is. There is nothing amusing about her- she's horrid

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Big Brother!

Ding dong the witch is dead! Chima you are an ungrateful cow who is worthless- I despise when useless pieces of shit act like divas. Aurevoir! Thank god we never have to see her again!

Lydia what the hell is wrong with you!?!? Evil prevails?! They took you off the block my dear- Jessie evicted you honey! You are sooo ungrateful!

Be a puppet?!!? I can't believe I first liked Lydia- she is a completely horrid gross person with incredibly low self esteem. Kevin- really- you can do better!

I find nothing amusing about Lydia- she is just repulsive and annoying to me now. You can make as many Pretty in Pink references as you'd like- you will still be dead to me

Natalie also repulses me- she looked like Shrek. The way her mouth moves when she talks just grosses me out- plus the fact that she is a raging idiot altogether just makes her disgusting.

Kevin- time to switch sides

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Video of the Day

Ok this totally just MADE MY DAY!! Look at the video that Nas found- not only does it feature the best birthday song EVER it is a tribute to one smoking hot Mr. Jordan Knight! Happy Birthday to me!!

Seriously- he was sooooo attractive! Someone hide his food- I like him gaunt

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Big Brother

Ok Jeff you have to use the coup d'etat!!! USE IT! Don't waste the power! Put up Jessie and Natalie!

Ok Jessie I had stopped hating you as much until you going into the room right now- god you are such an arrogant prick!!!

Oh god Chima's laugh is grating on my last nerve! LAST NERVE! I can't emotionally handle her! She is a raging idiot

YES JEFF IS STANDING!!!!!! USE IT USE IT!!! I love Jessie's face!! GO JEFF!!! Oh no- I didn't realize that Chima could now compete- boo!

YES NATALIE!! YES!! YES!!! AMAZING!!! HOLY SHIT!! Why the hell did he take off his shirt?!!? AMAZING!!

Jessie is sooo bad when he has to speak spontaneously

Aurevoir Jessie- I actually can't believe that he lasted this long!

What the hell!? Why was he so rude to Kevin?! He is such a closeted horrible little man!

Chima you are such a horrid little person- horrid. There is nothing redeeming about you

Ugh Kevin why the hell are you listening to She-man Chima?!

Oh yuck Michelle or Kevin- they will follow what Chima wants. Yuck

She will put Russell and Jeff up

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Posh on Idol!!

I was just driving to Burlington and heard the best news- Posh has replaced Paula on American Idol!! That is amazing!! I LOATHED Paula Abdul. She was quite simply a retard. A simpleton. Nothing that she said was insightful. She wasn't helpful, she didn't add to the show. And I HATED her banter with Simon- I despised when she interrupted him. And god help us when she tried to be funny. The only time is was funny was when she was so stoned off her tree that she could hardly talk.

When I heard she was off the show because they wouldn't pay her what she was demanding I died laughing. What a retard- know your worth. You can't go from 2 million a year to 20 million- you so aren't worth it. You were marginally talented as a dancer and a mediocre to average singer at best. Don't get me wrong- for 2 years I did love to dance to her songs for a few years. But anyone could have done her songs. I couldn't believe that people were upset that she was leaving and threatened to boycott- god I hate people. Supporting mediocrity at best.

But now- now we have my Posh! POSH!! As most of you I worship at the Posh altar. When I went to the Spice Girls I completely lost my shit. And she is FUNNY- anyone who watched her reality shows/documentaries can tell you that. If you haven't I highly recommend them- she's amazing. And I cannot WAIT to see what she'll wear. Go POSH!

Team Posh Forever