Wednesday, April 29, 2009

America's Next Top Model

They are really profiling Felicia and Celia- I think they will be in the bottom two

Celia you should be running into the building- she is just wonder she was late.

Of course they are travelling by helicopter- I heard that is one of the main modes of conversation for the rich in Brazil now due to kidnapping fears. My god that city is HUGE!

Teyona is the winner?! I don't get it- I don't like her look at all

Alison actually looks really good in this shot- the huge amount of black eye makeup reduces her eyes. Celia is super super stiff in this shoot- usually she used to know how to pose. What on earth is she doing. Even I know more bathing suit poses than her!

I think Celia is out of here.

I'm glad Felicia is gone- I can't handle anyone who calls herself Fo. And she should grow out her hair- I don't like it at all

Saturday, April 25, 2009

So Sad.

RIP Bea Arthur. I can't explain why this makes me so sad- it's another person from my childhood who I loved who died. I mean Dorothy Zbornak was amazing! It is one of the few shows that I loved from my childhood that has stood the test of time. I can still watch the Golden Girls and laugh out loud- it's fantastic! Just googling to find a picture of her I can remember most of the episodes that she was wearing those clothes in. She died today at age 86 so she had a nice long life. RIP Bea- loved you

Thursday, April 23, 2009

America's Next Top Model

Oh my god this woman Fernando has HORRIBLE eyebrows!! They are painfully bad!!

Ok this girl from Ipanema segment is just weird and awkward- of course you would never imagine meeting the girl who inspired the song...i mean who cares?!

Wow Fo is definitely a bit spiteful...I mean she's pissed she wasn't picked!? The girl is a tool

Celia looks exactly like Martha Plimpton- I can't believe that I have never seen it before

Well I would hope that Sao Paolo is the fashion capital of Brazil- why else would they be there!?

Oh god Natalie don't lie to the judges- what a tool

They are all saying they wish that there was the spark of Carmen Miranda but I don't think that any of them knew who she was

They think that Allison looks alive?! I always think that her eyes look dead

I love Fo's face after hearing that Teyona did well- hehe

I think that Natalie and Aminat will be the bottom two and Natalie will go home

Yup it was Aminat- that was not shocking

Monday, April 20, 2009

Video of the Day

This gives me chills. I am right now rereading this book and cannot wait to see this movie!!

Dancing With The Stars

Melissa- this is a good dance for her because it is very stiff and precise- good for someone with a ballet background. I find though that it is going a bit slow and there is really not a lot of movement around the floor- they just really stuck in one place. And was a lift like that allowed? Ok I guess it was allowed

Lawrence- Well he must have picked her outfit since she is almost completely covered. This is a good dance for him because it is nice and slow and he can just walk around

Lil Kim- oh god with her makeup she is looking very Michael's actually frightning. As always they were good but that dance does nothing for me. I have noticed though that all women who do the rumba seem to wear this outfit

Chuck- He is getting much better every week. I don't understand the Hef outfit but he is better than in the past. He still looks like an awkward white guy dancing though- he doesn't really have natural rhythm

Ty- that was a much better dance this week for him- he can do the slow stuff. It helps his awkwardness having a dance that is so stiff

Shawn- I am just not dazzled by her. I mean she's good but I find her still a bit stiff

Gilles- he picked that dress with that horrid fabric?! Ok that is a nice waltz though- at least there is some speed to it- everyone else was very slow. He is by far the most natural dancer in the competition.

In the bottom- Lawrence and Ty. Lawrence will go home

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Amazing Race

Well I think that Mark and Michael really don't stand a chance at this point- they are just way too behind. Their only hope is someone really messes up

Ok Victor and Tammy will definitely have an advantage since they speak the language and she has been there

Wow Kisha and Jen's flight is getting there first- the others are going to be sooo pissed!!

They haven't even shown Mark and Micheal- they must not even be in it anymore!

Haha I love that they are all walking right beside the clue box. I think that Jen just got excited and jumped on him- she wasn't being malicious. But him elbowing her was uncalled for...I would have called him a bitch too

Oh that cormoran task would be a bitch- I have seen those birds attack my dog in PEI- they are vicious. Poor little things on the string leash

Well that hair challenge really should take long- they don't have a lot of hair

I would definitely do the dancing task- I think that would be way easier.

I hate the redheads but like their hair colour- I think it may be time for a change

I would be awful at the caligraphy task- there is a reason I'm a stamper! I am an awful artist and my handwriting is atrocious

I love that they will not let the cheerleaders go- it is just too funny!

Ok Margie and Luke are ridiculous- they don't care that he is deaf they just don't like him. They aren't putting him down but these two are ridiculous. And saying it's like they are black and get put down- I really don't like Margie and Luke constantly playing the victim card

Friday, April 17, 2009

Pic of the Day

What the hell did he do to his face/!? Seriously- WHAT THE HELL DID HE DO TO HIS FACE?!!!!?

Rupert Everett used to be charming, dashing, funny. Yes, he hasn't done much recently but he was still very attractive. Aren't men supposed to grow old gracefully?!!? WHAT THE HELL DID HE DO TO HIS FACE?!

He doesn't look like the same person! I would not have known who he was! His eyes are different, his mouth is different...this is going to haunt my dreams...

Thursday, April 16, 2009

America's Next Top Model

God they are even criticizing Aminah about her speech and dialect- she truly is the new Danielle

Ok it's official- London is batshit fecking crazy. She street preaches and believes that the holy spirit takes over and Jesus speaks through her? I thought I hated her solely because of her brows but this is much worse

They really are showing much of Felicia (I refuse to type Fo). I think she's totally flying under the radar

Urban Chic is a dumbass headband?! Again- I hate London

Celia does look old in this seventeen magazine shoot- she definitely didn't look like a teen

They are really focusing on Allison- she could be going home

London doesn't really look that huge- I mean she's definitely gained weight in her legs but her stomach isn't's not like Tyra was ever smaller than this

The problem with Allison is she never knows what to do with her mouth- it just always looks awkward

It needs to be said- Nighel Barker you are just a sexy, sexy beast

Could it be a Brazil nut?! Wow what a reveal! When the hell are they going to actually go back to a fashion capitol?!

Well I think Aminah and London will be in the bottom two and Aminah will go home

I don't get the Teyona hype- I don't like her look at all

I think Felicia is going to win the whole thing

I don't get what they see in London- I don't think she is pretty at all...well I will no longer be tortured by her she's off

Video of the Day

You must must must click HERE and watch this! This is by far the best video I have seen in ages. I mean this woman was just so talented and fantastic and deserved the praise. She was ridiculed for being frumpy and having horrid brows yet she sang and blew them away. It's nice to see talent winning out. Plus this just proves why I love Simon Cowell

Pic of the Day

His belly button frightens me to the core. I mean his skin probably has the texture of leather by now so has no elasticity but still- it takes up his whole stomach!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

American Idol

Quentin Tarantino? This is a very odd gues judge choice! But it could be funny- I hope he's funny

Alison- god I hate this song. Oh this was not a good song choice- she's completely off key and just going off in these weird tangents. She's flat and just off...yet dumbass Abdul is clapping away

I'm not going to like this only 2 judges thing- they should have realized they had no time for this when they put in the 4th judge

To save time they could just get rid of some of Ryan Seacrest's banter

Anoop- Everything I do? Really? I feel this is going to be painful. I mean I used to LOVE this song! It almost defines the first half of my grade 7 year to me. I sang this in front of the school- the school bought a little microphone and speaker for me to sing this- good times! Oh god don't draw out the words- stop changing it. The song is perfect! I even wrote a song to Bryan Adams that he was my inspiration after this song- hehe. This guy is not doing it justice. And the Jessican Simpson faces are not helping me.

Adam Lambert- oh I heart him. Love the hair like this- much better than slicked back. He is such a great singer- I'd love to see him do some Queen. He would kick ass at Bohemian Rhapsody. And the boy can perform like no ones business. I want him to get a full judging since he didn't get one last week.

Matt- and why are doing this opening interview with him and then we also have to see a video? Why are they profiling him? I really don't enjoy this song..and I don't like him. This is when I love my PVR- next

Danny- Lionel Richie?! Really? This is just too cheezy for me. I love him but this is a bit rough for

Kris- shockingly he picked a slow boring song. I can't handle the moustache. Ok this song isn't in a good key for him- it just went too low for him. Actually it is a pretty song- I don't know it.

Lil- the rose? This is my Auntie Cathie's karaoke song. As soon as she gets drunk you know this is going to come out. Oh she looks so much better with the long weave. Oh god I hate what she's doing- she is completely changing the phrasing and timing. Not good. I just think she always goes of key. Oh- and why are her lips two toned?!!? I HATE seeing the liner marks

Well they went over because of the dumb interview with Matt....I mean they didn't do it with anyone else so I don't know why that was necessary

Bottom- Anoop and Lil. Lil will go home

Video of the Day

Kudos for doing this Lindsay- I am very amused

Monday, April 13, 2009

Dancing With The Stars

Ty- oh god they just had to break out the American flag didn't they?! That wasn't great- he is stiff but it wasn't as bad as it could be

Shaun- oh they are SOOO getting it on! I mean she is totally his type- short and boxy like that Cheetah girl. I've never really liked this dance- it always so slow and I can't tell if they are doing it well or not

Lawrence- again, he's still here? It's time to go home. Ok he is moving a bit more during this dance and is doing some footwork.

Melissa- Or course she is doing this dance well- the girl has great extension and can break out cheerleader tricks. Is that a weird rhinestone tramp stamp on her back? Again- that isn't my favorite dance but it appears she did it well

Lil Kim- oh the jailhouse rock! hehe! She is just so funny- even her stomach doesn't look real. She looks a bit confused during this dance though and is definitely looking at him for cues

Steve-O- this girl definitely has lost a ton of weight since last season- I think she took Maxim's comments to heart when he soke of how big the girls were on the show. Now she can go out in her pyjamas and dance. Well he is not the best dancer but he seems to be trying- he is extending

Side note- god I miss Maxim

Gilles- Again- I HATE cheryl burke's hair! I wonder if Dlisted is completely controlling my thoughts because I think I may hate her too. Ok this guy is just naturally talented as a dancer. His moves are just so sharp and crips- it's impressive- rarely does a man have so many solos. I love seeing Bruno in the background keeping time- he's a little gay metrinome!

Chuck- oh god we have to see where they had their first date and first kiss??! What the hell does this have to do with dancing?!!? Oh god now they are dancing on a pier!?!?! Are you kidding me with this shit?! Well her feet came off the floor when he was dragging her- they will probably be punished. Ok I feel dirty watching this- it's like watching them in their boudoir. I guess it's better though than watching her dance dirty with her brother

I think that Steve-O and Lawrence will be in the bottom two

Video of the Day

I just can't get enough of those crazy Christians the Duggars!! And now that Josh and Anna have been allowed "marital relations" they quickly went and got knocked up! Now there will be a whole new generation of crazy- so exciting!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Amazing Race

God I hope those two dumb cow redheads get eliminated- I hate them. Yes yell at the locals- you dumb cow. I HATE THEM!!! They are great examples of why Americans are hated worldwide

Ok this roadblock would be hell on earth!! I can assemble things but it takes me a LONG time and a lot of trial and error. I definitely did not inherit any mechanically inclined genes from my dad who can build/fix anything

HAHA Love that the girls are struggling with the task. And they again were bitches to the locals- charming

Why aren't the other teams going to get their bags? They just saw the girls do it

These sisters are complete morons- who the hell leaves their passport on a strange doc?!!?

Yup it's a detour- they don't go back to the original place- those two teams are going to lose a lot of time

OMG The teeth challenge is so disgusting- I want to vomit just watching the explanationa of the task. But I think I would have to do this task as it is the quickest one

EW she is walking around with no shoes- that cannot be good!

We are chinese we have to do karaoke- HAHA!

Oh my god this denture one is so disgusting- it may be one of the most repulsive tasks I've ever seen

Ok the singing task looks amazing- it looks like what we had to do for a city chase task!

Well Luke was useless on that task- Margie is definitely the stronger player

OMG What is up with these guys and penalties? I didn't realize that you couldn't use your own personal possessions to settle bills. Two two hour penalties? They are completely screwed!

I am surprised that this is a non-elimination leg- usually that isn't until the final 4. But I don't think they can come back from this unless there is a flight that makes all the teams wait

America's Next Top Model

Oh Clay- what happened to your record career? I mean he seems to have lost a bit of weight- maybe he's ready for a comeback

Oh Thalia that is super aweful acting- almost embarrassingly bad!

I've said it once and I'll say it again- I can't handle London's eyebrows!

Oh god they are STILL calling her McKey!?!? She's not allowed to use Britney yet? Ok she is still super stiff and not very good at saying her cover girl lines. Her hair looks much better now that it is growing out though

Thalia is awful because she has no confidence and is awkward yet Natalie is awkward because she has so much confidence. I definitely think the two of them will be in the bottom two

I think Celia's hair in the commercial really aged her

Natalie has dead eyes- she just looks permanently dead eyed- there is no expression there

Well it was time for Thalia to go home- she wasn't getting any better

Friday, April 10, 2009

Killer Power Ranger

I had not heard this story before- the red power ranger is a psychotic murderer!! I remember watching that with Shane back in the day and I remember thinking one of them was attractive but can't remember which one- probably this one as time and time again it's a proven fact that I have horrible taste.

Anyways, this complete douche pretended that he was interested in buying a yacht from a couple and asked them to take it out for a test cruise. He then tied them to an anchor and threw them overboard. So disturbing! Then he and his wife- another win- cleaned the deck to try to get rid of the evidence. Luckily he has now been sentenced to death...and to that I say good! Good riddance- why pay the jail fees for this douche. Yes, yes I do believe in the death penalty.

Buffy is Pregnant

I just heard that Sarah Michelle Gellar is pregnant- I hope it comes out with platinum hair and a thurst for blood and Days of Our Lives- then we will know who the real father is...

Note to self- I may watch season 3 this weekend as it has been way too long!!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Dancing With The Stars

Yes I realize I'm a few days late but I was in Montreal so I avoided all the spoilers on this

Chuck- ok Julianne has always struck me as a bit of aditz and I have to say that she is a moron. She announced that she is leaving the show to pursue her singing career. Has she not learned from David Caruso, Eric LaSalle, etc...You never leave a hit show! Make as much money as you can now! It will not last!! Ok back to the dance. Ok well Julianne did something right- she was right telling Chuck to do very exaggerated movement- his extension was great. It was a pretty waltz

Ew Heather Mills- who let her crawl out of the gutter?

Lawrence- this guy is still here? He is incredibly unremarkable to me- I think it's time for him to go home. Actually this dance isn't bad for him since he is so stiff

Shawn- I find her slightly overrated. Plus what the hell kind of name is Shawn for a girl- it is perfectly fine as a nickname (hehe obviously!) but it should have an A for girls!! Ok the spin was nice- but in general this is boring me- nothing too excited

Melissa- wow this girl is much riding out her 15 minutes- I think she may go til the end. I don't like that her serious face involves a serious overbite- blose your mouth. But it was a good dance- they are by far some of the best

David- She has the big red feather things like the spice girls did- but I prefer this when they did it. That was ok- in general these slow dances just bore me

Gilles- if this guy cries again that is just it for me. He will be dead. Ach Cheryl Burke's hair- sooo bad!! Oh god they have just ditched the shirt all together- Ranuka must have loved this. Habenera?! Seriously- could they not have gotten a trained singer to do this?!

Steve-O- is the joke done yet? Why is he still there. Well he's not bad but not great- I don't think he has much time left

Ty- well the rodeo guy should make the most of this dance. But it seems a bit too dramatic for this guy. He seems a bit lost and not exactly feeling the music. He is literally just walking around- it is awkward

Lil Kim- still my choice- the girl is just too funny for words. Am loving the Elvira Mistress of the dark weave. Ok I didn't really watch the dance- i just have the slow ones


Ok I think it is between Steve-O and Lawrence...or maybe Ty

Well it's David and Kim- which isn't really surprising...I don't really see him having a fan base with the people who watch this show

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

American Idol

Danny- I can't believe the oldest contestant is still 2 years younger than me! This might just be the worst version of Stand By Me that I've ever heard- and I am including my rousing version "Sit by Me" that I did in Grade 4. This is so lounge lizard- not my thing

Kris- this guy is way too good times for me. Even the girls surrounding him are falling asleep and are not excited by his cheese. Next. And the pube stache is just repulsive

Lil- oh god yet another lounge singer performance. I can't stand this girl- she just screams her way through all her songs and she goes flat

Anoop- oh god True Colours...I love this song! He sounds sleepy. Ok when he gets to the chorus he isn't horrid- a bit too much R&B thrown in for my liking but this could be much worse. Oh god now it has gone uptempo and R&B- urg

Scott- I don't know this song. Oh god it is super ass cheesy- not my thing!! But yet again he is still a nice guy

Alison- ok she sounds very good doing this song. Ok I don't love the chorus as much as the verse.

Matt- oh god this guy is still here. Oh god there's a hat! Ok I have to fastforward through this- it is not good for my sanity

Adam- oh Adam I heart you. OMG I missed it- I pushed the wrong button on my PVR and skipped over it- DAMMIT! Ok I'll have to Youtube it but even without seeing it I know he was the best

UPDATE- I just watched Adam on Youtube- I heart him. Just give him the title- no one else even comes close

Saturday, April 4, 2009

New Baby Name

I couldn't add the word "celeb" to the title of this post because well, are they still relevant?! I guess I'm talking about them now but only because they made up a name for their daughter. Anyone who knows me knows I hate Trista and Ryan- I hate them as individuals and as a couple. Yes, yes I watched the show and their wedding even though they infuriated me. Her with her grating baby voices and him with his idiotic lame ass poetry. They had a baby boy and named him Max- nice and normal. But now they have named their daughter Blakesley Grace...Blakesley!?!?! What the hell is that?! I mean Blake I get- but why did they add the "sley"? Idiots.

New Celeb Baby Name

Ok this is just too crackpot for my liking. British chef Jamie Oliver and his wife just had their third baby, and while normally I wouldn't care about a chef this name was just awful. They named their little girl Petal Blossom...Petal Blossom!! I mean I used to watch the show too and thought about buying hats but never wanted to name my child after her! I agree with Michael from Dlisted- that is a My Little Pony name. And that's not the worst of it- her older sisters are Poppy Honey and Daisy Boo! DAISY BOO!! These are all nicknames- not real names!! It's like they are being set up to be porn stars! I mean I've always liked the name Poppy but for my future Labrador Retriever!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

American Idol Results

Oh god I am so scared that Adam is in the bottom group since he is with those two girls! I thought for sure Megan and Lil would be the bottom two.

Side note- I don't particularly like his music but I really like Scott. He just seems so happy and pleased to be there

Ok Megan officially is dead to me- what the hell is up with the weird bird thing. That was AWFUL!!! I hate people who embarass me while I watch them and make me feel awkward

Lil is safe!?!? Oh god my Adam is going to be in the bottom- America usually has no taste...Oh thank god maybe they do have taste- he's ok

Hopefully it is Anoop in the bottom since Scott just seems so nice and I don't want to see him crushed

Ok I think Alison is the most talented- the other two can go

Megan is retardedly obnoxious- she reminds me of someone I went to high school with who was super pretty but acted all weird.

I don't blame Simon for saying no when she said she didn't care. Well this song is weird- it was time to go.

America's Next Top Model

Celia you are such a cow- and this will come back to bite you in your ass

Oh god here goes Sandra causing shit.

HAHA! Ok Alison I actually may like you know- it's a bit too chicken soup for the teenage soul- HAHA!!

I still think that Natalie looks like a tranny

The cover of Hamptoms magazine- wow that is prestigious...hehe! Well she is super skinny and pretty.

God I HATE London's eyebrows- why on earth weren't they waxed?!

They really aren't doing well with this challenge

Is it just me or does Celia look a bit like Ralph Fiennes as Voldemort? It's something about the eyes

My god Aminah looks just like Danielle from a few seasons ago

I think that Celia is going on a bit too much- I doubt it will be her

Oh god rules for releasing your inner fierceness?!?! Who the hell let her be a producer so she could say this shit?!

I think that Sandra and Allison will be in the bottom two and Sondra will go home

Well Celia that did come back to bite you in the ass but you survived...and ding dong the witch is dead! ! there goes Sondra- I can't believe they are even hugging her. She was ugly and the hair colour is nasty