Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Pushing Daisies

God I'm soooo excited that this show is back!! Best.show.ever!!

I love how much of a background they gave at the beginning- anyone could get into this show. Wow those are quite the hives on the dead girl.

Yup I still love emerson and hate chuck.

Oh my god Olive goes and becomes Maria- this show is bloody genius!! When the poor take her stuff I almost fell over laughing.

Also loved the special effects with the bees- I've said it once and I'll say it again- this show is magical! Best show on tv hands down!

What the Hell?!?!?!?

I'm so baffled I'm practically speechless. My most favourite sexy beast of a dancer is now dating the horrible haired newly big boned Cheryl Burke?!!?! I mean yes it does bring hope to the big girls that this sexy beast might date one; however, I still hope that he was just leading her because she was drunk

Lainey Blind Item

Because he ignores her
Another week, another riddle involving a coke fiend. Everyone does it, but it's not the doing that's intriguing, it's the who's doing that's intriguing. Especially since her reputation is supposed to be so civilised and enlightened: a doting mother, a successful business, an artist (debatable), and an icon to many a MiniVan member. ironic as it may seem considering the original spirit of the inspiration.

The situation is actually even more shocking considering her past. Having had that kind of experience with addiction though, perhaps there are only 2 roads: to shun drugs fiercely or, as it is in this case, to embrace them dangerously in her time of need.

It's not just genes that keep her so thin.

Turns out it's a habit that's making her very sick. Friends and family are becoming concerned. They're saying "she's not doing well", observing that her use has dramatically escalated, that she is becoming increasingly anti-social and withdrawn, removed out of embarrassment from her usual circle, and when forced out in public, looking awkward and seemingly unable to cope in social settings where she was once comfortable.

The reason?

It's not those laughable rumours of infidelity. It's actually because he ignores her. Never the child, but always her. Not deliberately but because she has no part in his life. It used to be he'd show up for the professional events, at the very least. Now she has to beg. And then it's only a maybe. He's not spiteful about it, he just doesn't care. Even on the forced holiday he could barely bother to acknowledge her and when they came home, he couldn't wait to get away.

So she retreats and she escapes and he still doesn't notice. When confronted about it by close confidantes, he insists there's not a problem. And he probably truly believes that, completely oblivious is he to her problems.

As such, her team is desperately trying to get her some new work, something else to focus on instead of moping around at home weighed down by disappointment.

Artistically though, it may be bad news. Forcing a project on the heels of something already forced is probably just going to lead to more sh*t.

Having said that, if it saves her, in the end, I guess that's what friends would do.

ANSWER: This one is just too easy. OF COURSE it's Sarah Jessica Parker!! Her business- the clothes and perfume. An icon as Carrie Bradshaw. The laughable infidelity rumours that Matthew cheated. The recent vacation in Ireland. Even the "project on the heels"...a nice shoe reference. I love when they are this easy! I mean the woman used to live with Robert Downey Junior- she knows her way around a mound of blow...

Monday, September 29, 2008

Dancing with the Stars

Toni- while I admit she's a good dancer I wish she would cover up that belly button!! Her partner is a sexy beast- I've never noticed him before...I mean he's not as hot as Max but he's still good looking. Oh he's married to Edyta- who knew?!

Brooke- I feel like they are starting to reuse costumes- I swear I've seen this dress before. She does seem a bit wooden here...I think that she is thinking too much about being serious. She needs to loosen up a bit for this- maybe she needs scary spice's whip

Rocco- oh god this guy is too much for me...I'm all for the cheese but he's too much- he's nauseating. Oh and look he is pretending to season the dance floor...nice... What the hell is up with her wig? I agree with Bruno- he was hardly moving. She did everything.

Lance- you should go traditional if you want to stay in this! Lance bass is dancing to I kissed a girl?!!? HAHA!! That is actually quite cute! He does have the intensity but not the woodeness. He does have to work on his posture- they will definitely say somthing about that...haha he did kiss a girl- very cute!! Oh look Jay from Queer Eye is there!

Kim- it is hard for someone who has absolutely no personality and is vapid to be sexy in my opinion. Wow that costume is incredibly unflattering. Nope that was not great in my opinion- very boring. Exactly- she is completely distant and cold- there is nothing going on there...she's laughing because she just doesn't understand anything

Misty- Oh Max you are a sexy beast. But you have to be a bit more of a supportive teacher. Again I feel that the costumes are being recycled- this looks like one of his outfits with Scary. Great song btw. She is still very stiff- this girl needs some major yoga classes. It looks like 2 men out on the dance floor!

HAHA- love that Tom Bergeron said he liked it better when Mel B did it- HAHA!! Exactly!!

Maurice- he really doesn't do much for me. I also don't like her so it doesn't help. Her hair does look better though- she should consider just wearing the wig. I can't stand the rumba- it alsway sbores me. I guess he is moving more than some of the other men who did tis dance so that's good.

Cloris- I don't think that she is going anywhere...I think the audience will keep them around. She is actually doing pretty well tonight. I think the wig helps mask her hair and age. It's a good slow dramatic dance for her which suits her. At the end it got a bit more sloppy but still her best dance.

Susan- boring. next.

Warren- again I am amazed by how light this big guy is on his feet. Ok the end was a bit rough and all over the place but overall I think he did a good job

Cody- I still can't get past his eyebrows. I do like this dance though- I think they are doing a really good job. And I don't normally like the rumba but this is good

I think Maurice will go home- or if the gods are listening it will be Kim

This is Why I Love Her

Who else could walk in these?! Thigh high heel-less boots....god I worship her!!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Amazing Race

Yay!!! I'm so excited this show is back on- love it!!

Tony and Dallas- mother and son teams never really do well on this show. He does look athletic and they don't seem to argue so maybe they are ok

Nick and Star- siblings- they will be gone in the middle probably

Ken and Tina- separated couple?!!? He cheated?!?! Oh god these two are going to fight like mad!!

Aja and Ty- oh god a long distance couple- they will be a train wreck too!!

Marissa and Brooke- oh god another blonde team...they will just annoy me

Andrew and Dan- fraternity brothers...they aren't even terribly attractive!!

Anthony and Stephany- oh god the marriage pressure...these two will self destruct immediately

Anita and Arthur- oh god what do I say??!?! Beekeeper hippies?!?! Look at their hair!!! Oh god!?!? First team gone

Kelly and Kristi- Kristi looks familiar- has she been on another reality show??

Terence and Sara- newly dating?!! Again- this seems like the trainwreck couple season!

Mark and Bill- comic book geeks!? Ok these guys might compete with the hippies as the first couple eliminated- I don't seem them being physically capable

I can't believe they don't have an athletic goodlooking all guy team- that is rare...I guess it gets too predictable since they always win

Wow the comic book geeks are first- maybe they will pleasantly surprise me!

Oh god Terence seems needy and jealous Sarah- run away, run fast!!

I would not be good climbing down that net- thank god I didn't have to do that in city chase!

Wow Star and Nick were first- all these teams are surprising me!

Well I think those frat brothers are definitely going home

Ok I feel bad making fun of the gray hippies- they seem like they are very very nice people. They just desperately need a haircut!!

Quote of the Day

“Canada was a warm-up — a good place to get the kinks out. Our hometown is here, in the Northeast. These are the fans who help take the show to another level.”

- Joey McIntyre talking about the concert in New Jersey

And to that I say- excuse me!??! You used us as a warm-up?!? We screamed our asses of- I do believe we took your show to another level- you don't need them!


ScarJo Wedding!

Ryan Reynolds and Scarlett Johansson got married on Saturday night in Canada- I now have to look to see if they got married in Vancouver while I was there...if so why oh why didn't I stalk them!?!?

Ok it was just outside Vancouver- maybe we saw the resort on our airplane tour and didn't realize it!


New Celeb DUI

Heather Locklear?! Seriously- who knew Heather Locklear was a drunk!?!? Poor little Ava Sambora- she has two parents in and out of rehab, getting duis, poor thing!!! Perez said rumour has it Heather Locklear was not only in rehab for anxiety and depression but also for alcohol and pills.

I mean are these people retarded?!?!? Why would you drive under the influence when you have that much money!?!??! Hire a driver!!

Video of the Day


America's Next Top Model

I'm just back from Vancouver and catching up on my tv

Oh my god Hannah what the hell do you think you are doing?! This girl is just too stupid for words

Oh god Hannah did not do well...she is god awful. I also didn't like McKey- for the love of god give her her name back!!

Of course it had to be Hannah going home- of course no one else was as horrid as she was!

I think Isis is totally going to go home soon- she is way too nervous- I mean the bottom of her bathing suit was never going to be photographed anyway

Lauren Brie is going to win this competition- she is under the radar and going to go to the end.

I think that Jocelyn and Elina will be in the bottom two.

Man I was not paying close enough attention to this episode obviously- I was completely off with the bottom two.

Oh Isis is gone- I knew she would go soon just not yet necessarily this week

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Man the news just gets more and more shocking.....Lindsay Lohan has confirmed that she is dating Samantha Ronson...shocking...


Pic of the Day


Monday, September 22, 2008

Dancing with the Stars

Oh it's a new season of Dancing with the Stars- this is all we will be talking about tomorrow at lunch. Go Jefferson Darcy!!

Oh yuck a Hannah Montana star...oh god he beatboxes?!!?!! I HATE BEATBOXING!! Are there enough young kids to vote for this kid? He's actually an ok little dancer- he has rhythm and confidence pretty soon. Oh I actually thought they did better than 6- he wasn't that bad.

Rocco- I'm not expecting much. Especially if Karina is injured and he is a chef. How is she injured exactly? That was ok- didn't do much for me.

Oh god Toni Braxton- her belly button terrifies me!! THey actually aren't bad dancers- but popstars are usually good at this. It's not very surprising

I am aware that I am not in peak physical condition- but it shocks me how much weight Cheryl Burke gains season after season- it's just weird to see in a dancer. And got I hate her hair! That was an ok dance- I never have as much fun watching the ballroom dances.

Brooke Burke- hyperextended legs are an asset!! I work hard to keep mine in check because it leads to knee problems!! This is actually pretty good. she needs to do a bit more footwork but they had good rhythm.

Go Jefferson Darcy!! He actually did a pretty good job!

Lance Bass just introduced himself as a singer with Nsync...mmmm they aren't a group anymore! Oh Lance is a bit stiff. But not horrid. Oh there's Joey in the audience- I wonder if he can get Justin?

Go Cloris Leachman! I mean she is 82- you go girl! Her legs look quite good- she's spunky too! Ok that was just cute. She obviously won't last long but good for her for trying! Why the hell is her leg on the desk

Jeff Ross- I have seen him as a comic and he was ok. Edyta- you are known for trying to get as nude as possible on stage. I like his attitude! I mean he's horrible yet charming and endearing all at the same time

Please Kim Kardashian you are best known for your ginormous ass and porn career. This girl has no effin personality- just listening to her speak shows that there is nothing there! No wonder you have such horrible balance- those ass implants are pulling you backwards!! This pains me to admit- but she's not horrid....I think she will last another week- yuck. How can there be emotion and chemistry when this girl has absolutely no personality! I love her partner Mark though- he seems like a really nice cute boy- he's so polite

It really doesn't matter how Susan Lucci does- she isn't going anywhere. She has enough of a minivan majority fanbase to make it through. Susan Lucci it's a family show- behave!

Misty May Treanor- I can't believe they were able to get someone who just won a gold medal- she's still a big name. MAXSIM!! My sexy ballroom beast is back!! God I love him! Listen to Max..he's a sexy beast and knows all

Well the football player usually does well but this Warren is pretty big. He actually is pretty light on his feet- I think he will definitely stick around. he mean it is a bit awkward but he looks like he's having fun.

Well although he's funny I definitely think that Jeffrey Ross will be going home

New Kids on The Block Concert!!

By popular demand here is my New Kids on the Block review!!

First off let me tell you I've been looking forward to seeing them again for the past 20 years since the first time I saw them!! Just buying the tickets I was sweating and shaking I was so excited.

So the night started with us sitting in the marche singing and dancing and making the Joe doll move- thank you Mandy May for bring her Joey Joe Bird McIntyre doll- that was amazing!

So just walking to the ACC I was getting pretty ridiculous and hyper- I don't think that I've ever been as excited for any other concert in my life.

When we went in we went straight to the merchandise- unfortunately I don't have any of my original New Kids wear so I of course needed to fit in and wear NKOTB wear. I kid you not about 80-90% of the audience was wearing something NKOTB that night- it was like a lovely lovely cult! I have never seen a merchandise booth so packed full of people in my life- it was insane!! But Mandy and I persevered and got our glittering pink Cover Girl tank tops- that's right- I rocked that shirt with pride!!

So we finally went into the concert and discovered that our seats were quite fantastic- down in the 100s I knew I would get some amazing views of my boys!

Natasha Bedingfield was singing...saw her sing Unwritten...that was enough for me. I mean I have nothing against her but really I was there for the 5 bad brothers from Beantown land.

The anticipation of them coming on was overwhelming- I was SOOOO worked up!! When the lights went down I started screaching and stomping my feet- I quite literally lost my mind!! I'm telling you I have never ever been to a concert that was that loud and deafening. I mean I don't think it's possible to explain the insanity of the evening. Last night was the first concert that went on sale- it was the concert that had all the hardcore fans going crazy. All of the 10 year old girls are now 30 and trying to recreate their youth- it was insane!

They come up on a platform in a V formation and did their single song. Then they launched into My favorite girl. I kid you not- and I'm not just talking as a crazy fan- they were amazing!! They sounded great, they were incredibly enthusiastic and amazing performers and their dancing was fabulous! They really were great on stage.

I can't remember the song order because it was all just a blur of me screaming and losing my shit but essentially they played all the hits...and then some! When they did the Right Stuff I went mad- and when they did the right stuff dance I couldn't contain myself.

They danced on the mainstage then they came to this circular rotating stage with a piano on it that was right in front of us- it was fantastic!! We were soooo close!!

Individually they each did some stuff. Donnie was definitely the most interactive member of the group with the audience. He was very chatty and was getting the audience to scream more and more. He got so moved after Jordan's I'll be Loving You Forever that he cried- CRIED!! It was quite moving- he was so moved by the audience...because again- everyone was stark raving mad! He also did a solo "rock" version of Cover Girl that made me go mental- that was always my favorite song! (hence the tank top!)

I remember there was a long time when I wouldn't admit my love of the New Kids or my other cheesy fans because I didn't want to be made fun of. Well screw it- I'm too old for that shit. I'm going to keep wearing my shirt loud and proud in the future!!

Anyways, Danny did a bit of solo stuff. He had a little breakdance routine that he did and he came out with Jon with a camera and they put on Lady Gaga and were video'ing the audience- I'm not sure if it was for a video but I danced like no one was watching- hell I did that for the whole concert.

Jon didn't really do much- he had a solo line in my favorite girl...and that was about it. He did seem quite happy and didn't look like he wanted to run backstage- it looks like he conquered the anxiety stage fright and did well!

As for Joey Joe Bird he was definitely having fun! He was dancing his way off the stage and really got into his song. He was PASSIONATE! During Please Don't Go Girl he got down on his knees to emote...he was feeling it!! As was I! He also did a solo song that he got to emote in. He asked the audience if they were doing ok after 15 years- and they truly were! He was great- he sounded amazing and was surprisingly attractive- all he has to do to be truly hot is shave the pube stash he had going.

And then there's Jordan...love of my life...admittedly he sort of lost me a few years back when I watched the Surreal Life and he was such a prick it turned me off of him. But sitting there his voice brought out all the 11 year girl love that I had for him...I saw the rat tail and again he was main man! LOVE HIM!! He sounded soooo good! Granted he lipsynched his way through his solo song I'll give it to you but he was still great. He can still sing those high notes- and sadly it still made me squeal!! LOVE HIM!!! The best part though- he comes up at one point with a white blouse on (that's right, a blouse) that was unbuttoned and sang in front of a wind machine that blew his shirt around....amazing! Admittedly I peed myself laughing at it but it was a great moment. His body was fantastic actually- very toned and little- just how I like it!! He really did sound fantastic. He didn't really interact with the audience though- he left that to Joe and Donnie.

The did all the big hits then came out and did Step by Step as the first encore- I went nuts. Then the finally was Hangin Tough- by this time I was pretty much ready to be institutionalized I was so excited! They were soooo good! They sounded amazing and were so genuinely pleased to be there and excited that the audience was so into it.

So to sum up they were amazing, I was insane, and good times were had by all!!

Quote of the Day

"The public adore me… I haven't got a bad word to say about Paul… men are falling over themselves to ask me out… my only interest in life is helping others."

-Heather Mills....seriously....the girl is retarded say nothing of delusional

Update- this is a NEW interview


Ok that bit was annoying- I mean Howie Mandel is retarded! Just going on and on about having nothing to say is not amusing! And why the hell did they just take off Heidi's clothes?!? How on earth is that amusing?!

Yuck Jeremy Piven is completely overrated! I mean let's be honest- Drama makes that show!! Ok I do agree with him that the opening sucked

Oh Elaine- do the dance! Best supporting actress- it has to be Vanessa Williams!! Or Amy Poehler! Jean Smart!? What!? I mean I do like the show but come on- Wilhemina deserves this! Mark run on stage and get that for Willie!

All right for best supporting actor in a drama I have to go with Sam Malone or Ben- as long as it's not Shatner.

Oh Ricky Gervais you rock my world- you are too cute!! No one wants to hear from a producer- haha! Don't cry it's just an award! I love when they gave the award to Steve Carell and they all jumped around- too cute!! I made you what you are- haha!!

First Ricky Gervais then Conan O'Brien....love them! These are the people who should be hosting! Katherine Heigl told him his material wasn't emmy worthy- HAHAHA!! Love you! My god Boston Public still gets nominated- how is that show relivant?!?! Ok I want Dianne Wiest to win simply because I love her- yay Parenthood! If not then I want Bailey to win.

Steve Martin I love you!! We need to see more of you! I'm picking out a thermos for you...

Oh god I'm embarassed for Josh Brolin...well he does get to do a duet with Animal- that is a bit cool. Oh god he's doing South Park- this is just odd. he's like a bad lounge singer on a cruise.

I really like Laura Linney- she is just really well spoken.

Not to sound horribly young but this laugh-in is just not current- this is just awkward...

Oh god that Red and Pink Dress is hideous!! I hope that was designed by Lauren and not Christian!!

Pushing Daisies won best directing!! YAY PUSHING DAISIES!! That really was one of the most beautiful pilots I've ever seen- it was gorgeous!!

Oh god Lauren Conrad is horrid- I can't believe she said it was her line!! Just go with the flow!!! Poor David Boreanaz having to present with her!

Sandra Oh grew up in Small Town Canada!?!?!?! She grew up in Ottawa!!! How on earth is that small town canada!! Come up to Swastika- I'll show you small town Canada and what it produces!!

Wow Kathy Griffin sure has a lot of hair tonight!! Look at the power she has getting people to stand up! Lauren Conrad is probably asking who he is?

Outstanding reality show has to be the Amazing Race- it always wins!! Mainly because it is amazing!

I see what Lainey was talking about- it does look like Tom Hanks is wearing a piece...god I hope he isn't going down the same path as Travolta!

My god Don Rickles just won another Emmy- talk about sympathy vote...

Alec Baldwin- very well deserved. I will say I would have prefered Lee Pace but his time will come!

Look at that posture on Vanessa Williams! you can totally tell that she was a beauty queen

As for leading actress I don't really watch these shows- but I'm going to go with Glenn Close simply because I like her. Oh look I'm right!

They cut off Glenn Close but let Howie Mandel keep going? Yuck!

Oh best actor has to be Michael C Hall- my sexy sexy beast. Oh it's Bryan Cranston!! Go Malcolm's dad! They said he was the dark horse. I love a dark horse!

As for lead actress in a comedy go Tina Fey!!! Yay her! Man Amy Poehler is pregnant!

Time to end all of this reality host stuff- this is just painful- even Jimmy Kimmel can't handle this! Oh look Probst won!! I wanted it to be him or Tom Bergeron so that's good. As long as it's not Howie Mandel I"m ok

Wow Mary Tyler Moore needs to eat something- her arms are absolutely terrifying! Her muscles are jutting out and scary! Oh Betty White I love you!!!

How on earth is Two and a Half men even considered in the same category as 30 rock is retarded. Yay 30 rock- god that show is funny!

Tom Selleck is their big name to end the show? Seriously?! They couldn't get someone bigger? I really should watch this madmen- it is supposed to be really good

Emmy Red Carpet

Yes I know I'm a day late but I was at NKOTB last night (yay!!!) so I am doing this now. First off I would like to say thank you to my newly acquired PVR- god I love you!!

Oh god I hate Howie Mandel- how does he have a career?!?!! I wish he would shut up!

As much as I do like Project Runway I don't think that Heidi Klum is a very talented host- she looks very awkward with these guys. I mean come on- Tim Gunn is the real star of that show!!

Sandra Oh's dress is ok...I mean it isn't spectacular but it's ok

Alyssa?!?! What the hell are you turying to wear!?!? Mermaid is never a good look!!

I really like Olivia Wilde's dress...the only thing is that I would consider that to be a wedding dress

Oh Lisa Edelstein's hair looks awful!! It makes her head look even bigger!

Oh Jim you are soooo cute! Screw Pam- come find me!!

Vanessa Williams actually looks quite nice- usually she looks awful on the red carpet but I like this.

Oh I don't like Marcia Cross's dress- she looks like mother nature..and not in a good way! Wow her forehead does not move at all!! She is quite quite frozen! There is no movement of those eyebrows!

I feel bad for Steve Carell trying to banter with Ryan Seacrest- Seacrest just cn't keep up.

Neil Patrick Harris you have turned into quite the sexy beast!! I just picture him singing Rent and it makes me happy

Oh Dexter there you are you sexy sexy beast!!!! GOD I LOVE YOU!!!

Although I hate her hair I just love Lisa Edelstein's dress- it looks fantastic!

Jeremy Piven is an ass- David Boreanaz was actually quite cute and he insults that he talked too much. Anyone with that many messy plugs should not be insulting others.

Oh god Eva Longoria's hair looks SO bad- it's like she took a tube of brilcream and just smoothed it down

I think I need Sarah Polson's hair- it looks much more fun and pouffy that mine- I need it!

Lee Pace!!!! I want you to win SOOOO badly!! I cannot WAIT for Pushing Daisies to come back! Ned the piemaker rocks!

Oh God I love Michael C Hall- sexy.sexy.beast!!

Look how cute Christian Siriano is- he's so little!!

Yay Christina Applegate!! You go and dress up and kick some ass!!

Oh God my eyes!! I mean I know we all age but Holly Hunter's neck is absolutely terrifying!!! She is obviously botoxing- she should so something about those muscles in her neck!!

Bryan Cranston you are soooo bloody funny!! you slept your way to the middle in Hollywood- haha!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Travis Barker and DJ AM in Plane Crash

It seems really odd that this would be what I post about after such a long break from regular blogging what with moving and what not but it made me upset. Any time I hear about plane crashes it makes me upset- especially when I will be flying out this week to Vancouver!

Anyways, Travis Barker and DJ AM taking off from Columbia, South Carolina when their plane went off the runway and caught fire. The other 4 people on the plane- the pilots, Travis' assistant and his bodyguard- all died. Travis and DJ AM both are in critical condition in Augusta, Georgia with severe burns.

That is just so so sad. I mean I'm not even the bigest fan of these people but it is scary to hear about

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

America's Next Top Model

Oh god yet another opportunity to act...yuck...

Oh the makeover show!! The best night of television ever! I have to say Mr. Jay looked fabulous with the makeup and the different hairstyle- I wish he would change his plastic hair!!

OH NO MAKE IT STOP!!! Tyra with an accent?!!? NO!!!

Oh I like Marjorie with the different hair- she needs the darker hair. Oh and Joslyn looks much better also

Oh Sam also looks much better- my mom will love that. I hate Hannah's- but I hate that banged look

Oh I don't like Clark with the dark hair- I don't think it looks right- it washes her out

Oh I'm very interested in seeing what they do to Elina since she is so nervous. Ok that hair is awful- and will be SOOOOO hard to maintain!! I actually feel bad for her since it will be hard to manage.

Oh god McKey looks awful- it makes her look even more manly. It's like what they did to Jada.

Oh Isis looks good- and so does Britney- they can pull off the long hair

Oh it's Nigel's wife- I didn't realize that she was american...and pregnant! God I'm jealous that she is married to that sexy beast!

Oh gosh jolly jee...I can't handle Hannah! She's got that downhome thing going on like Miley Cyrus that I despise!!

How hard is it to do a little spot? Haha Marjorie called at Walgreens! hehe!
Hannah won?!!? WHAT?!?! That girl is horrid!!

They are really profiling Britney and Annaleigh- they must be the bottom two.

Oh god Elina is a horrid little thing- she hates her mom and says she doesn't love her because she doesn't let her express her emotions- she doesn't anyway. I think the girl has serious serious issues!

I thought that Analeigh was an early frontrunner but now I'm thinking she may go home. Oh god Hannah looks like a complete psycho

Oh god Elina has all those tattoos of sayings- I just don't get those...do you really need a catchphrase or proverb tattood on your body!?

Marjorie looks so much better with the dark hair- she looks much less harsh

Ok now I think it will be Isis and Britney in the bottom two- Britney will go home

Oh I was right the first time around with Analeigh- but it was Britney that went

Sunday, September 7, 2008


Was that a comeback?!!? Is my BritBrit back?! She looked healthy and sane- very nice! And the dress was definitely a throwback to better times!! The Jonah Hill skit wasn't funny at all but it was nice seeing her

Ok Rihanna we all know I love you but the mullet- not a good look! Also the boots cut her at a bad angle and it makes her look like she has big thighs...which obviously she does not.

HAHAHA!! You Americans are forward thinking- why else would you have let that retarded cowboy be president for 8 years...elect Barack Obama! Use a condom or become Republican! HAHA!! This Russell Brand guy rocks!! And I love how he keeps going after the Jonas Brothers- awesome! This guy has balls!

Am I the only one who caught when Jamie Fox said to give it up for the ladies they panned to Zac Efron- hehe!! He is such a little queen in the making- he spends more time getting ready than any girl I know

BritBrit wins!!! It should have been Katie Perry but still. Nice speech- short and sweet. Oh Brit you're back!!

Oh god get these douches off my screen- why are Spencer and Heidi there? I do think it's funny that they are outside during their bit- were they not allowed in the building?

I actually like both the Pink and the Christina Aguilera songs. Christina is lipsynching so obviously- hehe!

BritBrit stay away from Paris!! Congrats- but stay away from her!!

BRITBRIT!!! VIDEO OF THE YEAR!! Britney is back bitches!!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Lainey Blind Item

Anger Management
It's not just Russell Crowe who has anger issues...only he was stupid enough to beat down a dude who didn't have to survive in the business.

This ferocious lady who in these circles has always been known to be a difficult bitch keeps her attacks, with a few exceptions (like if you make the mistake of not getting out of her way quickly enough at the airport), restricted to those who have to work around her. Like PAs and caterers, makeup artists. Whichever minion catches her in a bad mood and depending on the crime, it could result in an open hand slap to the face, throwing coffee all over someone's pants, and most recently, when craft services wasn't up to her exacting standards, stalking up to an unsuspecting staffer, ripping the phone out of his ear, and screeching to the person on the other line: "you've been talking to a retard who can't do his job."

Apparently her episodes have been getting more and more violent, so much so that the director and producer on her current project have had to call in reinforcements: her husband is now travelling with her to calm her now legendary temper but also to look after the little one, who has been exposed on more than a few occasions to her viotriolic outbursts. So far...it's working. Everyone is relieved but also extra, extra cautious. Calm before the storm.

MY GUESS: Jessica Alba- she has been rumoured to be a bitch for years. I mean her child is still pretty little and I don't know if she's working but I can't think of anyone else...maybe Elizabeth Hurley?

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Big Brother 10

I will be sad to see Renny go- obviously I would have much rather seen Gerry leave

Memphis used to be damn hot- if he could get rid of a lot of his big muscle bulk that would be great!

Wow April is still completely delusional and talking about Keesha- saying that she left with her respect and pride? This girl is a complete retard

Oh god Renny just makes the worst speeches ever- she's nuttier than a fruitcake

I hope Keesha wins this HOH- I would like to see her go all the way.

Well Dan will obviously nominate Keesha and Gerry but this week is really all about the POV

Lainey Blind Item

Banning Bottles
If motherhood is so rewarding, and what she’s been waiting for her entire life, why is it that there is no evidence of motherhood in her home? Particularly accessories. Pottery Barn doesn’t sell baby bottles.

Which could be why she insists on banning them from the house?

How does she feed her child when there are no bottles in the house?

Well… it’s because she doesn’t feed her child. It’s because the nannies feed her child. The nannies do everything for the child all days of the week. The nannies nanny morning and night while she works morning and night.

Perhaps that’s how she can justify her mandates: no bottles in the house, only bottles in the nanny trailers. She’s the modern mom?

MY GUESS: Nicole Kidman. Although the Pottery Barn reference is throwing me- I don't think she would shop there...which makes me think it's someone who is courting the minivan majority...but that still may be her...

UPDATE: Thanks Sheila for that- Jaime Pressly is a good guess- there has been talk for a while that she goes out a lot and not with her child

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

America's Next Top Model

So exciting- god I love this show!! I'm also watching this with my mom and she is super excited!

Oh god look at the J's hair- Mr. Jay looks awful

Oh god Isis can't walk to save her life

My mom loves the top model institute of technology- she thinks this is amazing...she doesn't get out much- hehe!

System overload because Tyra is in there?! Of course...I need a vanity project like this!! Oh god she's acting....sooooo bad!!

Oh the tranny tranny! I didn't even clue in that it was Isis- I didn't spot her right away. I would have thought she would have been able to walk better- holy stereotype batman.

The girl from Alaska is a complete tool...oh god it's time for me to teach these people how to do their moose calls!

A vegan who likes everyone...lovely...

The Harvard girl is super nervous and looks like a tool- and like Tyra knows more about english literature than she does

Elina wants to be there for personal activism? Animal libertarian? I hate her already

What the hell is up with the striped makeup

Oh god Clark- you're a tool. You see yourself as exceptional?!

Stop saying Tyrabot!! For the love of god stop calling her Tyra bot!!

Ok the panty things is nasty...nasty!

Of course Isis got through- Tyra asked her to come back

I hate that she asks them to change their names- that's completely ridiculous.

Clark's a cow

Oh god magicians always make me feel so awkward! So very very awkward...

Nigel you are fierce...you sexy sexy beast!!

Sharaun- you win the award for being completely ignorant and a bitch. But you come off looking like a tool.

Samantha is awful- she is so awkward.

Hannah is yet another tool- she doesn't know what she feels about nuclear weapons?

I think that the bottom two will be Clark and Hannah and Hannah will go home

Oh I'm wrong...it's Sharaun and Nikeshya- I hope it's Sharaun since she's been such a cow with Isis

Oh good- I won't miss her

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


SOOOO Excited for this!!! So so so very excited!!

Ok this brother and sister is interacial...not only that they have a different accent....lovely.

Love that they used Coldplay to start out

Lucille Bluth doing what she does best- drinking! Oh Lucille I love you!

Oh the requisite parking lot at west beverly shot- amazing!

Love that they are already showing blow jobs 5 minutes into the show- excellent

Hannah Zuckerman-Vasquez- amazing!!! At least they are tying in some history- I didn't realize that Andrea had moved back

Kelly Taylor!!! Kelly Taylor!!! I don't remember this guy- like he dated my Kelly


Erin Silver- Kelly and David sisters!! of course she is hip- I don't get why she is a brunette- she was a blonde forever.

Nat still has the peach pit- well a suped up version of it.

Is it just me or do all the girls have matching teeth?

Lacrosse is the trendy sport?!

Ok this sentimental moment with father and son bonding over Lacrosse is not needed-
back to the catty bitches

Ok she was just cast in the play immediately- of course. Oh god she gets Jessica Simpson face when she sings- lovely.

Oh she got to go the party even though she cheated on the paper. And why is Erin there if she hates Naomi?

Man these girls need to eat something asap!

Oh Ethan is definitely the new Dylan- look at him and that surf board!

Kelly as a mommy- very weird...

How is Naomi's ponytail wavy when she had her hair straightened?

Did Shannon Doherty always have teeth like that?! Oh a reference to Brandon- bring back the old cast!

I love that she jets off to San Fran- very nice

Ok not enough Kelly and Brenda...definitely not enough...

Does Kelly live in David's old house?