Friday, February 29, 2008

Rock of Love

Time for week 2 of my new smutty show- Marina if you are reading this I am ALL over this shit!!

HAHA- I love that he feels that he has 16 of the most beautiful women in the world...he really doesn't have high standards!

Sluts vs bitches- what a breakdown! Oh my god I would kill that girl if all of a sudden she pulled me into the pool- what the hell is wrong with that girl?

I love that Tiffany feels she has to get drunk to get inspired- this girl is such an alcoholic...

why is Bret wearing pink and black flannel pyjamas?!?! He is NOT hugh hefner..oh my god...oh my god...this is so awkward....they are measuring blood flow to Bret's penis so they can see who turns him on awkward...oh my god this is porn!! And the girls are wearing lingerie for phone sex....ew....

I like that he actually hung up on the girl who was singing...

Oh god just send home the trainwreck that is Tiffany! God these are the most awkward conversations- who talks about their erections like this- sooo smutty!!

Who the hell talks about killing all pets?! What the hell is wrong with the girl who says animal are only good for fur?!!? What the hell is wrong with this person?

Ok while the girl shouldn't have made fun of the scars- but on the other hand that dumb ass Brandi was definitely provoking her and being a total bitch. And scars are not a disability...

Good god was Rodeo just having an orgasm in the studio?! Classy yet god I feel dirty just typing this...I don't know if I can blog to this again because it is essentially porn!!

I love that he thinks Tamara is dumb as a box of rocks and no connection but she's hot so he's keeping her.

Pic of the Day

Rihanna what the hell were you thinking- this is NOT good!! NOT GOOD AT ALL!!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Lainey Blind Item

She put up 2 on the same day. Here's the second:

No Looking, No Talking, No Breathing
Diva antics are rather pedestrian these days so it takes a super bitch and her ass attitude to really push the envelope.

A photo shoot with a major artist. Much is riding on her new project. Everyone is busting their balls to make her look good. But it’s hard with these instructions:

Don’t talk to her, don’t look at her, and … don’t even breathe in her direction.

Don’t breathe in her direction!

Worse still – not sure if you know what it’s like at a photo shoot but the lighting, the set, the hair, the makeup, the equipment, it can all get pretty technical, especially for someone this important. Unfortunately, she couldn’t pose with people standing around. Girl has filled stadiums and she can’t have her photo taken with a room full of staff? Please.

So after lining up every shot, everyone but the photographer had to leave the room. Needless to say, things need tweaking from minute to minute. Literally, he would take one frame and have to call out to bring someone back in for an adjustment before moving on. Imagine – every move required another callback to have someone else run in to make a quick fix only to dash back out.

Needless to say, this extended the shoot time exponentially. And under those conditions, people are not going to be inspired to put out their best work.

Why is this such a mystery anyway? The nicer you are, the nicer you get back! Is it so hard? Is is physically difficult to be nice?

And seriously…who is she anymore anyway? She needs it more than they do. The way she’s acting though, she’ll be staring another failure straight in the face.

MY GUESS: Janet Jackson- she really hasn't had much success recently. Either her or Mariah Carey since she is a known bitch, although I think her last album might have done well

Lainey Blind Item

Eggs in Public
At an Oscar party on Sunday night, he's been drinking, she's been nagging. Turns into a huge, embarrassingly loud argument about the most personal of matters: she wants babies, he doesn't, and they proceed to yell at each other about it in front of a large audience.

MY GUESS: I am thinking this one is slamdunk based on Lainey's comment today when she was talking about the Jimmy Kimmel video:
Harrison Ford was a nice touch too. Why have babies when you can dick around with Jimmy and Ben?
So I think it is Harrison Ford and Calista Flockhart. Harrison dump her skinny whinny ass- you can do SOOO much better!

Monday, February 25, 2008

Video of the Day

Here is Jimmy Kimmel's answer to Sarah Silverman's infamous I'm fucking Matt Damon video. It is cute- not as hysterically funny as Sarah's but he is definitely trumping her with star power. Love love love that Harrison Ford did this!! And Brad! And Don Cheadle always brings me joy. Plus Ben is looking hot- the tight fitting tee is quite nice.

Pic of the Day

I am sick sick sick right now and this is helping. I strongly dislike Miley Cyrus- probably for unreasonable reasons. I just don't get it. And this pic just amuses me.

Sunday, February 24, 2008


I don't really like this opening sequence with all the movie characters- it is kind of disturbing- it looks like it would be better if I was wearing 3D glasses- right now it's just odd

Oh they had better fix the sound- it's not working! You can't hear the announcer!!

Daniel Day Lewis is so quirky- I enjoy him.

Highlights from Jon Stewart's monologue: Thank god for Teen Pregnancy- hehe! Even Norbit got a nomination- too often the Academy ignores movies that aren't good! HAHA!!

Costume Design- Atonement had beautiful clothes- but it has to go to Elizabeth- that movie was gorgeous!! Yup I was right!

For best animated my guess was ratatouille- man I"m on a role! I really do have to see that movie

Red is definitely the colour of the night- and I love Katherine Heigl's dress- the hair is just inexcusable.

Makeup- my guess is Pirates of the Caribbean- they can't seriously give an Oscar to Norbit. Oh it's La Vie en Rose

Amy Adams is singing the working song!! I think you need to see the vermin cleaning to truly appreciate the genius of the song! I would love if she had worn her big puffy gisele dress- this dress is not a very Gisely dress.

Visual effects- I can't believe Harry Potter wasn't nominated- the fight scene in the ministry was brilliant!! My guess is Pirates- I cannot fathom transformers winning an oscar- i am too snobby for that

Go Cate Blanchette- loving the deep purple!! Ok for Art Direction my guess is Sweeney Todd since Tim Burton's movies usually look fantastic- I need to see this movie!! Oh I was right!! Oh Johnny I wish you hadn't worn the glasses- I mean I still love you but you are so pretty without them!

Oh Jennifer Hudson what the hell were you thinking with that dress- her boobs look so weird.

Ok best supporting actor- it is Javier Bardem's to lose. Although they might give it to Hal Holbrook since the academy has a history of giving this award to oldtimers. Yup it was Javier.

Keri Russell- I hate the sculpted bodice- just hate it!

Owen Wilson- nice to see him up and about! I guess this is him saying that he is ok.

As for Live Action Short I think I picked the Argentini one...oh I was wrong! I find these categories hard to guess since I never know what they are!

I would like to see Cate Blanchette take this- I hope it doesn't go to Ruby Dee- she was only onscreen for 5 minutes and it would be a sentimental award. Was it really that amazing of a performance? no I don't think it was...Tilda Swinton- wow that came out of right field! She got really good reviews but hasn't really been talked about. She is very quirky- loved her speech about George Clooney!

Look at my James McAvoy doing a little dance- god he's cute!! Best screenplay- I think my guess was for the Coen brothers. Yup got it! Figured they'd have to get something for it.

I don't know why they got Kristin Chenoweth to sing this- this should have been Amy Adams- she gets a whole number- I want to see Gisele singing this! Don't get me wrong- I love seeing Pimento Digby- but it should be Amy Adams- it's her part.

They could have used Jonah Hill and Seth Rogan better- remember the Will Farrell song last year- that rocked!! I need another song!!

They are doing best actress already?! Doesn't it seem early for that? It will be Julie Christie- although I would love to see Ellen Page of course. It could also go to Marion Cotillard. Oh it was Marion Cotillard- she took it. I still don' like the mermaid dress- i kow it's different but not my thing! She thanked life and love?!

I feel I need to do a quick rant about the dresses. These women had no globes- this is their big moment of the season- and they all came out in black!! And in variations of the same black dress- one the penelope cruz has already worn. I'm bored- maybe Marion's dress will grow on me since I'm so terribly bored by the clothing.

Renee Zellweger- OPEN YOUR EYES!! Bridget Jones didn't constantly squit- and stop pouting your lips after you speak- drives me nuts!!

NICOLE- WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU WEARING!??! What the hell is up with the necklace?!!? I expect more of you!! So disappointing- I'm scared the botox is seeping into your brain and affecting your fashion sense!! only the eyeballs are moving- the forehead is completely stiff- it is frightening!!!

Penelope Cruz- I don't love the dress- but I feel I have to give it props simply because there is nothing else to praise!

The versatile and handsome Patrick Dempsey?! Seriously!? I haven't heard an introduction like that since International Heartthrob Lorenzo Lamas. And versatile?! When has he ever shown range?! I mean the most extreme that he has ever been onscreen is when he showcased his dancing with the African Anteater ritual.

Why wasn't the song from Juno nominated?! That song was better than all of them except the Happy song and That's how you know- love that one!!

Oh John of course you are excited to be introducing this- you just love to shake your gay gay!! Note to John- When you spray on your hair watch the hairline!! It is a bit round around your face right now!

What?!!? Enchanted didn't win?!!/ That is crazy- did they see the movie?! Who are these people?! What is this movie?! Well congrats to these people- they are very excited!!

So far I'm finding this Oscars is really boring- Jon Stewart is funny but not terribly memorable. And all the montages are boring. And the dresses aren't great- we only have 1/2 an hour left- time to spice it up!!

Cameron Diaz- you really should have put on some makeup- she looks very washed out.

All the dresses are black and fishtailed- blah blah...god I know I've said this a thousand times now but I was expecting more!

I definitely think that the score from Atonement should win- that movie was all about the score. It was a huge part of the movie. Yup it won- well deserved.

I would love to see Juno win original screenplay!!! Go Diablo Cody!!! Go Juno!! She won it! From exotic dancer to Oscar Winner- that is awesome!!

Best actor- I think that Daniel Day Lewis has this in the bag. There you go Helen- that's how you do it! Look how awesome she looks- she looks like an Academy Award winner! I would pretty much kill to have Johnny Depp win- it would rock my world!! He is very quirky and attractive in a weird way.

Best Director- I would love love love to see Jason Reitman get this- go Canada!! But it will probably be Julian Schnabel since he's been winning everything else. Oh that was an upset- the Coen's won again! I wonder if they'll sweep and get best picture

I swear for the last award it's always one of a few people presenting- it's a Tom, Denzel or Harrison. This year it's Denzel. GO JUNO!!! GO JUNO!!! I would love to see it win...although I think it will be No Country from Old Men. Yup they got it.

Big Brother 9

I didn't realize that I would have a half hour break now- I feel let down- I need the show to start!! I was all pumped but now I am getting let down- I don't remember a half hour break in the past!! This sucks!!

I guess I'll watch BB9 until it starts again.

I like that James and Chelsia admitted they would be shady.

Joshuah is a tool- I can't believe these people think that Sheila and Allison are lesbians. They are all morons.

For the love of god James stop making the condor noises- what a retard.

Amanda is going out of her way to forgive him for being so horrible- shouldn't he be going to her?

Man Matt is very odd- he will let Natalie give him blowjobs but he doesn't want a relationship. Charming.

What is wrong with James' tattoo that it has to be blurred?

MY EYES!!! MY EYES!! EWWW!!! James and Chelsia?! Seriously!?

Alex- I'm not looking to blame anyone but it's Amanda's stupid!!

Why would you promise Nat and Matt that they weren't going to nominate them- you can't say i'm nominating you because you can win the POV- you are just going to piss them off!

Oscar Red Carpet

I AM SO HAPPY THESE ARE ON!!! I would have been sooo upset if this show hadn't went on!!

Ok I am torn- for the first time there is Canadian red carpet coverage- I feel I hould watch it since it is Canadian...I will try this and hopefully they get the big stars. I will switch between the two during commercials though- so I should be covered!!

What the hell is Heidi Klum doing there?! I don't really love the hair or the is a bit much..

They just said that Miley Cyrus was going to be there- why the hell was she invited?!

I read on Lainey that Brad and Angelina weren't going to be there tonight- I wish they were. But I love that they revealed the pregnancy last night and that news will trump anything else that happens here tonight!!

I love Tom Wilkinson- I think he's just great. And he used to live in Canada- of course he did!!

Oh there is Jason Bateman- he is making me think sexy beast- I just love him!!

Haha- love George Clooney joking about his hair- anyone who pokes fun at themselves brings me joy.

Oh there is the crazy eyes girl from Atonement Saoirse Ronan- her staring still haunts me. But she was really good in the film- she made me hate the character!

Ok I love Jason Reitman- he is just too cute!! I hope Juno wins- I love the Canadian connection!

Anne Hathaway I love love love the dress!! I don't know if I love that it is roses but I love the style of it- I adore the draping on the bottom and over the arm.

Amy Adams is performing live?!!? Seriously!? Ok I think that will make my night!! I heart Enchanted!!

James McAvoy- oh you sexy beast!! I heart you!! I'm telling you- see Atonement just for him!! Oh he's really cute- he has such a great sense of humor

Yuck Jessica Alba...I just don't get it!! The girl is BORING!!! BORING!! There is no spark- she has no real expressions- I guess people like the body- but that is changing...she really does not have it..she can't act and is incredibly unappealing.

Oh there's Travolta- I hope that they do a close-up of his head so we can see the spray painted hair- hehe!!

Gary Busey is slightly crazy- I love him!! He is grabbing all the women and kissed Jennifer Garner's neck!! Then Ryan Seacrest pased him off!

I have to say- at this point no dresses are really sticking out to me- there seems to be a lot of black strapless dresses with jewels- so far I'm only loving Anne Hathaway- where are the big stars?!

Keri Russell- I hate the dress. Love her- hate the dress- I hate the stiff top.

Marion Cotillard- a mermaid dress!? Seriously?! Does that really have scales painted on it?! Really!?

Cameron Diaz- I have never really been a fan of blush colored dresses- although the cut is amazing. The girl needs a bit more makeup though- her mouth looks very weird right now- is it just me or do they look plumper? Her mouth has always been wide but the lips are plump- and the pupils are PINNED!!!

Why on earth is Ryan Seacrest asking Jessica Alba if she is going to breastfeed!?! God that was awkward!!

Jennifer Hudson I am not feeling the is not flattering for a big chest- does not look grecian is a bit done...

I"m really liking the dresses that have details around the bodice- I think I like Hillary Swank's- I need to see more of it. No it's good- I don't like the side boob but the rest is good.

Colin Farrell- he really could have gotten a haircut but I guess he is genuine. A lot of people seem to like the hairy guys- just not me

I Love that Summer Phoenix doesn't give a rat's ass about meeting Ryan Seacrest. She just looks annoyed by him.

Oh I see Penelope Cruz- I wonder if she will be sitting with Javier Bardem- they are supposedly dating.

Go Sarah Polley- go Canadian! I love that she says that the Oscars are really ridiculous but fun!

Go Juno! Go Ellen Page!! I love her necklace- the dress is nice but simple

Oh Cate Blanchette I love you!! Be my best friend!!! She looks stunning!

Oh thank god Etalk just went to commercial- they started to show Renee Zellweger posing- and I do NOT want to bring up my dinner. That girl is just nauseating- stop with the weird pouting- just let your face relax!!!

Katherine Heigl what the hell is up with your hair?!?!! Anyone who knew me in grade 7- does that not look like what I used to do with it!?!? I used to put the hairdryer to the side of my head and spray, the put it to my bangs and spray. THAT is what it looked like- why on earth is she doing the big bangs!?!?! So horrible!!!

Ok end of the carpet- THE DRESSES WERE UNDERWHELMING!!! UNDERWHELMING!!!! Where was Nicole Kidman?!?! I can't even do a best dressed list yet- I need to wait til the end of the show to see if I like any!!

Calista Flockhart what the hell did you do to your hair?!

Video of the Day

Tina Fey rocks my world- she is my idol!!!! Last night she was on Saturday Night Live and she did a segment on Women's news. It started with her making fun of Lindsay Lohan's new topless photo shoot as Marilyn Monroe and she congratulated Lindsay on finding a new way to look old- HAHA!! Then she laughed at Kirstie Alley denying that she's gained weight back, asking if Kirstie knows that we can see her- hehe!!! Then she discussed Hillary's campaign- I highly recommend watching this clip- especially if you are American. She is so witty and well spoken- and questions why on earth people wouldn't vote for Hillary.

Tina please be my friend- I'm a bitch too!!

Sexy Beast of the Day

I watched Dexter for the first time last night and let me tell you- it was fantastic. I normally avoid anything involving serial killers and gore but I have heard nothing but rave reviews about this show so decided to see what it was all about. It is just a fascinating premise. The show is about a man named Dexter who is a blood splattering analyst with the Miami police department- and his father is the police captain and his siter is a police officer. He is also a serial killer- but he kills the bad guys. He kills people who are harming others in society and getting away with it- he doesn't kill innocent people. It is simply fascinating. Granted I changed the channel when the gruesome scenes were about to occur- I still couldn't handle that.

Then there is Michael C Hall- the man is a sexy beast. There really is nothing else to say. He narrates the show and is simply mesmorizing. I now heart him. I used to watch Six Feet Under regularly and never thought much about him- probably because David was such a whiner. Now as Dexter he is loin quivering.

I Wonder if She's Pregnant...

Enough said. Just waiting for the official confirmation tonight at the Oscars.

Independent Spirit Awards

I got home late last night so only caught the last hour of this show- hopefully it is reaired. I always like this awards show- mainly because it is so laid back and you get to see everyone joking around. I LOVED that Juno won a best picture and Ellen Page won best actress- GO JUNO!!! That movie is just so amazing

The next funny part- the obsession with Javier Bardem. First host Dwight Schrute introduces him by saying I want to F*#& Javier Bardem hard- hehe!! Then Javier says you're on- love that he is a good sport. Then it was all topped by Dustin Hoffman coming out and saying he did f#&* Javier Bardem- too funny!! I just love when people make crude jokes and everyone is in on it!! Javier Bardem is not necessarily for me- a bit too manly- but I can see why people love him. I mean Julian Schnabel thanked him when he won just for being Javier Bardem.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Rock of Love

Rock and Roll is an insatiable bitch goddess- Bret Michaels

I am sooo excited to watch this show- I've been waiting for this for months!! I love Bret Michaels!! I have love Poison for almost 20 years now- and I remember talking with my auntie Cathie when I was 12 about how hot he is!! He is a fantastic singer- I mean he has definitely been plumped up in certain areas of the face- but he's still fantastic!! I just saw him in concert last summer and he rocked- absolutely rocked!! He knew his audience and went to town!

Every thorn has it's rose was a beautiful song- moron!! Note to girls- if you are going to meet the singer of Poison learn the names of the songs!!

Unlike the bachelor this show is definitely not going for young girls- they are almost all older- and almost all tangerine!! Stop it with the tanning ladies- you look horrid!!

They decided to be best friends because they are both blonde so have a lot in common...charming...

I didn't know that it was possible to find a group of trashier ladies as compared to flavor of love- but here it is!! With such classy names as Rodeo and Kristia

And the first girl makes out with him in front of does the second girl- classy!! And it just keeps getting classier by the second- this show is essentially porn.

Ok I like that Bret is ignoring the baby voiced moron blonde who was throwing a fit- man these girls are weirdly odd! And that Tiffany won't go away- she is weirdly drunk and won't leave him odd...yet he was turned on...this is so dirty

While nothing is grosser than the flavor of love where the girl pooed on the floor this show is making me feel quite dirty!!

Oh god he picked Brandi C- he just admitted that she is super annoying- I love how he says how attractive the other girls are and then the camera focuses on each of them and they look like hatchetface from CryBaby.

Seriously- he decided to keep Tiffany- someone wants the drama to keep going! At least he admits he kept her because she was entertaining.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Boob Tattoo...Seriously!?

When did Christina Ricci become a dirtbag?!!? First there was the godawful lion tattoo on her back- now she seems to have gotten a bird on her boob- and both were done in dirtbag bad!!! So very bad!!

Nicole Put DOWN the Needle!!

Once upon a time there was a girl named Shauna...and Shauna loved Nicole Kidman's style and poise and fashion sense. Now that girl is so disheartened and upset- LOOK AT HER FACE!!! Look at what Nicole has done to herself- look at those nasty ass lips!!! Why oh why is she mutilating herself like this?!

Nicole- you can inject and inject and inject some more into your face- but the hands will always give you away!! Those zombie hands will age you every time

Perfect People

Two Beverly Hills plastic surgeons put together what they say are the perfect male and female faces based on most requested parts. Here are the

Man: Daniel Craig's eyes, Leonardo DiCaprio's nose, Matt Damon's lips, Christian Bale's jaw and John Stamos' hair.

Chick Dbag: Katie Holmes' eyes, Katherine Heigl's nose, Keira Knightleys cheeks, Jessica Simpson's hair and Angelina Jolie's lips.

The girl looks like Nikki Ziering or Jessica Simpson and doesn't look horrid. But the guy just looks odd- though he does look somewhat familiar- he looks like Danny Romalotti



Why go to the beach when you can live in the village- at least there is food and shelter!!

Kate- is she pregnant?!! I hate that she doesn't trust Sawyer- especially since he has given her no reason not to...she is just a complete idiot.

Is it just me or does Sun look skinnier than usual.

That's right Locke- tell Kate off. I love that he has such a calm voice through everything- I think he should shoot her thought.

You are not using my son?!!? My son!?!? She has Sawyer's son?!!?

Why is Jack testifying for Kate on this- ok as a character witness. ONLY 8 OF US SURVIVED THE CRASH!?!?!!?! She helped us out- she tried to save the other two??!!!? SO are they protecting those on the island so that they can stay on the island/! Or are they all dead?!

Do you love her no not anymore- oh god are they going to rehash their incredibly boring relationship!?

Hehe Xanadu!!

Oh some Kate and Sawyer action- fantastic!!! This is the only thing that she is good for!

Oooooh the helicopter is missing- I have heard a lot of theories that the island is in another time continuum so maybe this has to do with it

I wonder who's going to be driving the taxi- will it be Ben!?

Oh god are they hinting that the baby is Jack's!?!? When Kate said he's waiting at the end of the season last year was she referring to her son and not to a man at home!? I have to say- god I hope the baby is Sawyer's!!! Man I can't believe how much info we are getting this season- it's great!! Or did Kate take Aaron?! SHE DID!!!! SHE TOOK AARON!!!!! Oh that is EXPLOSIVE!!!!


I just got home and am watching all the fighting and everyone arguing about who should get voted out. I'm really really scared that it will be Yeoman- I love him!! And Cirie- why are you making yourself such a target so soon- I thought your game was to lay low- not so much!!

Oh I"m glad to see the Cirie vote- hopefully the six stayed together- shit!! Not Yeoman!! Cirie that was a retarded move- absolutely retarded. You should have alligned with him from the beginning- no couples will side with you- no one else will go with you. He is a smart older player- he would have played with you!!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Big Brother 9

Before this show starts I have to say that I think it will be Parker and Jen that will be evicted- everyone hates Jen and Alex hates Parker's relationship with Allison.

Ok I don't care how annoying Jen is- Joshuah went way to far. The use of the c word is never justifiable...and to say to give her a noose to hang herself like her father is unforgivable- I don't care if anyone is gossiping about you- you can't say that kind of thing to another person. If I were him I would be very very embarrassed and ashamed.

Jen- are you seriously badmouthing your boyfriend and calling him a racist...god I hate that now she's lying too...she is obviously trying to get him evicted.

Sheila you are such a tard- why bring up to Ryan that things are being said about him if she won't tell him- this woman is retarded.

God Jen why are you still talking about this- if I were Parker I would get so completely pissed off because she is going to get them evicted. I'm glad that Ryan is pissed at her and not letting her get away with this shit.

Jen- don't make assumptions about how America feels about you!! You are not that popular!

Thank you all for being smokin hot so we could be in this house together?!!? Because you are so hot the others have to be too!?! Jen that was a horrible speech!!

Does Chelsia have a full back tattoo?

I can't believe that Jen was so shocked- that is weird- it was so predictable- granted ths was the girl that was certain she would win. Poor Parker- he didn't deserve that. I love how Julie is calling out Jen for being so stupid for telling the secret of the relationship. They should have kept it a secret- or realized that they could have been a powerful foursome and alliance- what idiots!!!

Parker looks soooo pissed- he keeps blowing out like he's going to explode!!! Those were the only two goodbye messages?!

Seriously- what is wrong with this house?!?! Why would you rather have no hot water rather than no hot food?!!? Seriously- you can have a salad!!! Why on earth would you pick that/!? They are also encouraging the sluttiness- the girls have to wear a bathing suit?!? And they would rather have a margarita party than a bbq?!?! Seriously- these people are douches. Oh my god they had better say workout equipment!!! THEY WOULD RATHER HAVE WORKOUT EQUIPMENT THAN LAUNDRY!??!! WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH THESE PEOPLE?!?! THis is the biggest group of douches that I have ever seen!!!!

Allison is so now going to be hitting on Ryan- they will be hooking up eventually!!

America's Next Top Model

So excited!! God I've missed this show!! My mom feels that this season will have to be spectacular because she feels that the producers got so much hate mail for selecting Salecia that they will redeem themselves.

Marvit still frightens me- and she looks like a man. Not a model- well maybe a male model

Oh I like that they are taking this back to New York- it makes more sense there- I mean it is an actual fashion capital.

What the hell are the twins doing there as cheerleaders?! They have no coordination!!

Oh look- Tyra has made herself a queen...she looks like a drag queen but a queen nonetheless. Also love that she gets to show off her "acting skills"

I love that the Hawaiian girl says that she has fire in her eyes- best saying ever!

Wow they have really found quite the crop of idiots this rond.!

What the hell is wrong with the girl who wants to show people her pubic hair?! I love that J started calling her cuckoo

My god Dominique is tangerine...with ginormous fake boobs...but she is pretty much glowing she's so fluorescent!!

Man fatima looks just like Iman with horrible hair- but I don't think it's smart to call another girl ghetto...while it's true she should not say anything...oh and she has a ridiculous ego...

Why on earth didn't Lauren practice wearing heels?! Why didn't she practice posing?!!? What a retard

This girl was married at 17- lovely...

Bank teller- people who are dumb are also down to earth...

Oh my god I take back what I said about Fatima- now I feel really really bad for her..that is awful that she had t be circumsized...but she has to realize to not be such a bitch!

What the hell is this girls problem talking about the impala- does she think that she sounds remotely intelligent?

Why the hell is this girl drinking her own milk- what the hell is wrong with her!?!? I mean yes you can pump, but why on earth would you drink it yourself?!?! God I just don't understand why there are so many crackpots on this earth

They kept the tangerine girl and the one who couldn't walk?!

FOr the love of god don't keep the Hawaiian girl- I don't think that I can listen to her!!

Even though I feel bad for Fatima obviously I can't handle the ego of this girl!

Seriously?! Marvita?! Christ and Lauren too- am I the only person with eyesight?! Seriously- are they blind?!

And Tyra decided to add the tangerine girl?!! Who also looks like a tranny!!?!

Lainey Blind Item

Heterosexually attached for a long, long time, he recently faced his inner gay and admitted the truth. His partner apparently took it well. As well as any woman can under the circumstances. She felt much better when she found out how much of the bank account she was entitled to. And given that he was the one walking, and he is the one who’s famous, he’s also the one who has to pay. A lot.

So now he’s broke – relatively speaking. In Hollywood terms, I mean. Lost his job, no work on the horizon, he seriously considered coming out as a way of “reinventing his image”, not for gay rights but because he needs the money. Only problem is, he was told over and over again that “no one will care if you’re gay”.

On the flipside, a fake Hollywood romance with a famewhore like Denise Richards for example won’t fly either since the ex will flip her sh*t and out her himself, preferring to be passed over for a mo over another woman. Me too!

He was encouraged to do Dancing with the Stars but pride got in the way. If things don’t turn around, it’ll be a last resort next season.

My Guess: Matt Leblanc..there have been gay rumors about him for years and he was with Melissa McKnight for a really long time

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Big Brother

I really don't think that Jen and Ryan's relationship will last very long...I mean they are both willing to turn on each other in a heartbeat!!

It's interesting watching Amanda and Parker- especially after watching the blow up on the video

Man they really glossed over the Joshuah/Neil incident- supposedly he was freaking and screaming...they made it all seem so I wish they would say what the emergency was that Neil had to leave.

I don't know how much longer I can handle Amanda- that voice is beyond irritating!!

Haha- it is showing Ryan and Jen having sex in the toilet...too funny!

I can't believe that Alison and Sheila think that people care...that is so people are going to believe them...oh wait I'm taking this back..these tools belive it! Oh god James' rubik cube theory is killing me!! Killing me- this guy is such a retard!!

My god these people cannot stop fighting- what the hell is wrong with these people?

Amanda you don't want Alex!! He's pissed at you because he has feelings for you but you don't have them back?! Then he keeps calling you a slut- charming!!

I have heard talk on the internet that Natalie reminded people of Cheri Oteri- and now that i'm watching it I totally see it!

Amanda why did you throw the competition- what a retarded stragegy- everyone could see that- what a dumbass move.

Jen yelling at Parker is not a good strategy- what an idiot.

This Alex guy is a weird control freak...he's scary...he is so goddamn creepy watching her in the kitchen...especially with the night vision...

I highly doubt that the veto will be used- they won't want to piss anyone off yet...Jen you are thanking them for the power to speak- idiot that is just part of the veto ceremony- they didn't make that decision!!

No more miss nice Jen?! When the hell did we see Miss Nice Jen?!?!

American Idol

Oh I didn't realize that this we were this far along- I thought there may be more Hollywood auditions...ok time to figure out who I like and strongly dislike!

David- yes he can sing. And he is a bit of a boring performer- but he can definitely sing

Chikezie- hate the amused that he is wearing a burnt orange suit- reminds me of my outfits in grade 6!! He is a good singer- but again- hated the song

Sheila just told me there is a 60s theme tonight- I didn't realize wonder I am hating the songs...stop with this crappy music and bring on the Beatles!!

David Cook- loving the song choice! He isn't the greatest singer but I like him...he is doing this well and has made it modern- nicely done!! By far the best so far

Jason- god I hate this song- horrible song choice...he is not a strong enough singer for it anyway. He is sharp and awful- i like how he pulled out the son card though to try to get some votes...not a fan...

Robbie- am I the only one who is getting Bo Bice flashbacks with this guy?! THe performing, the hairiness, the chest hair...I don't hate him but I don't love him. Like the song choices- but he is fairly generic- the voice is nothing spectacular. But I'll take these songs over R&B crap any day

David Archelletto- this kid can definitely sing! I really like him- he's cute favorite so far!

Danny- wrong song choice!!! This is a little mod boy- not a machismo guy who can pull off is an odd song choice...

Luke- ok I think he's incredibly attractive. And his voice is ok- the song choice is ok..but he's nothing fantastic...although he seems like a nice good looking guy...I'm going to vote yes!

Jason - I can't stand the nasty dreadlocks- his face is to pretty for them. I do like the song and he has a good voice- he's a bit too goodtimes for me but he's still good.

Michael- by far my favorite. Love the the hair...LOVE that he's rocking the scarf- and great song choice!!

Pic of the Day

Here is the "cat" lady Jocelyn Wildenstein- for those of you who haven't heard of her she actually had surgeries to try to make herself look like a cat.


Dancing with the Stars Lineup

Here is the new lineup for Dancing with the Stars:

Cristian de la Fuente - Telenovela star
Mario - Singer
Steve Guttenberg - The greatest actor in the world
Kristi Yamaguchi - Figure skater
Monica Seles - Tennis player
Jason Taylor - Football player
Shannon Elizabeth - Tramp
Adam Carolla - Radio and TV personality
Marissa Jaret Winokur - Broadway star
Marlee Matlin - Actress
Priscilla Presley- Object of my Nightmares!! LOOK AT HER FACE!!!!!!!!!!

Now here comes the politically incorrect moment of the blog- Marlee Matlin?! She is deaf- how will she hear the music? How will be emote the music when she can't hear it- I apologize if I sound awful but I don't get it.

Kristi Yamaguchi- seriously!? You still have your skating specials- do you need this?! And well Shannon Elizabeth- she is probably incredibly excited to start competing against Edyta to see who can dress the sluttiest

Video of the Day

Here is a clip from the Spice Girls show yesterday where they brought their kids on stage during Mama...look at Cruz go!! The kid is a dancing machine- and he can even spin on his head!!

I also had to post this for a few other reasons. First- I just want to be able to look at clips from their concert as a reminder of the fantasticness. And also- you can tell from this that they weren't lipsyncing- the song is chopped because they were all amused by Cruz

Viva Forever Spice Girls!

Monday, February 18, 2008

Video of the Day

Here is an absolutely crazy ass clip from the Big Brother livefeeds. It is nuts!! These people have only been in this house for just over a week and this is what happens!! Josh and Amanda get into a huge ass fight and most of the house becomes involved!!


Sunday, February 17, 2008

Book Review- Something Borrowed/Something Blue

I had noticed these books in various bookstores for awhile now but hadn't had a chance to read them. Now that I have that I have here is my final opinion- meh. Not great- not even by mindless chick lit standards.

The basic premise- there are two 30 year old New York women who have been best friends for over 25 years. One is beautiful and successful and popular, the other is nerdy and reliable and boring. The beautiful one has a boyfriend of 7 years who she is to marry- until the best friend starts an affair with him. I am giving nothing away- this is on the back of the book.

The one who is cheated on is no victim though- she also does horrible things. So in the end I disliked all of the characters in the first book. By the middle of the second they started to redeem themselves in my eyes...but it still didn't make it all worth it.

I do not recommend these- if you want to do chick lit read Marian Keyes. Far superior books!!

Movie Review- Atonement

On Friday I went to see another Oscar nominated movie- Atonement. First off- I hadn't read the book so I was exactly sure what to expect. I knew it was an epic British movie that had some war scenes- that is about all I knew.

Immediately I realized that James McAvoy is a sexy beast. A short sexy beast- but a sexy beast nonetheless. At the beginning he had this amazing floppy hair- loved him!! I had never really noticed him before- the only other thing I've seen him in was Narnia and he was the annoying centaur with disgusting facial hair so I was definitely not attracted to him then. But that has all changed- I must must watch Becoming Jane next!

Next- the young girl who plays Briony was incredibly freaky looking. They kept focusing on her staring- and she was ridiculously creepy. She is going to be playing Susie in the Lovely Bones movie so they'll probably show her doing her creepy staring again.

Keira Knightly did not deserve a Best Actress Golden Globe nomination for this- she really is not the star. She is a supporting character if anything. And she is RIDICULOUSLY skinny in this- like bones jutting out everywhere was pretty gross. The only good thing about her character was her wardrobe- the clothes were amazing. She wore this green dress that was absolutely spectacular.

The movie itself was a bit long winded- I won't lie. The director and cinematographer really wanted to focus on landscapes and beautiful long moments with a beautiful score- but i mean the actual story could have been told in a much shorter way. But it was visually spectacular- I just like things to move along a bit more.

In the end- it was a great movie- very much reminded me of the English Patient. Great movie that is good to see once- but I don't know if I will go out of my way to see it again. I do recommend it because it is entertaining and has a good story- plus it was unpredictable which I liked. And the ending has a good twist that I was not expecting.

Was it the best picture of the year? Nope- my vote still goes to Juno

Big Brother

Man I am sooo excited for this episode!! From what I've read about the feeds there is sex going on all over this house!! A bunch of people have hooked up- plus it has come out that Jacob and Sheila have a history in porn....this episode should be full of smutty goodness!!

Is it just me or does Amanda remind you of Janelle? She is the brunette Janelle.

What the hell is Jason wearing?! God lord Allison is retarded- she is jealous about their relationship?! He should be with her!? She's so loyal it's sickening- she's a retard...why is she bashing his girlfriend to her?! Why the hell is she freaking out- how hard is it to just shutup!? It puts her in a better position to be in an alliance- but unfortunately the girl is such a tool she can't see that!

Now Sheila is complaining because Adam is uncircumcised- very very weird! And now he is showing people?

Wow we have a new dynamic duo of bobos- Allison and Sheila have joined forces to become a giant douchebag team! And none of these people care about this lie...even after the whole swearing on the bible ridiculousness

Well Sheila again has shown that she's stark raving mad...Wow Sheila and Adam are safe- so obviously the nominated couples will be Ryan and Allison and Jen and Parker.

They didn't show any of the sex!! Supposedly Natalie and Matt got it on and Ryan and Jen have been getting it on around the house. Plus Jason has been running around naked...and they didn't show Neil weird!!

Oh well- just builds up anticipation for Tuesday!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Heath's Last Movie

So filming was not finished on Heath Ledger's last movie, The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus, at the time of his death. The director wasn't exactly sure what to do to finish the movie but a really great solution was reached. In the movie his character steps into a mirror three times into different worlds- so now three different actors will take over the character for these scenes. And they were able to get three big time actors- Johnny Depp, Jude Law and Colin Farrell. And the best part- they are all going to donate their salaries to a charity in Heath's name. How awesome is that?!

Movie Review- Juno

I went to see this a few weeks ago and meant to blog but it kept slipping my mind. I figure with the oscars next weekend I should put up a quick review just in case you were thinking of going to see it.

So overall- FANTASTIC!! I love love love this movie! It's cute, quirky, heartwarming and charming! It is unpredictable and doesn't just follow the standard crappy Hollywood formula. Ellen Page is fantastic, then we have my Michael Cera is just amazing as her quirky boyfriend. Granted I already love him since he is my George Michael but he was great in this role. I think the hidden gems of the movie though are the two parents- they have the best lines and are so caring and great.

I also loved how Canadian the movie felt- and I don't mean crappy colouring and quality like most Canadian tv. I mean when they went to the mall you saw the Body Shop, Garage and Peoples- awesome!

So overall- best movie of the year. Period. I mean it even made me cry- and I was not expecting that!


This is why I hate the legal system at times- Heather Mills has been given 55 million pounds in her divorce settlement- that is $108,049,573.27 Canadian!! That is absolutely crazy!! How on earth does that golddigging bitch deserve that much money!! I don't care what anyone says- you do NOT deserve money just because you married someone. Did you earn it? Did she write any songs? Stella must be steaming- and deservedly so!!

Heather will get 20 million pounds upfront and then 2.5 million pounds every year until Beatrice is 18 years old.

Man Denise Richards must be making notes right now...


Friday, February 15, 2008

Video of the Day

Ben Lee from on Vimeo.

This is super cute- it's Australian Ben Lee spoofing 80s television in his new video- there are some pretty funny little moments...I especially like the Baxter lookalike climbing out of the pot to get away from the evil "ralf". Also, nice to see Tiffany Amber Thiesson doing something!! I always wondered what Claire Danes found attractive about him and now I see it- he's quirky cute.

Thanks Linz for sending this to me!

Perez Blind Item

Not So Blind Item

What star, who just spent some time in the hospital, has been a permanent fixture at 25 Degrees lounge at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel the past few days, boozing it up???? Time to go to rehab! And get some "sleep."

Answer: Obviously Justin Chambers. This boy has got to go home and get some rest...I mean he has FIVE children- what the hell is he doing at the club? And why on earth did he have to go to the hospital in the first place?! He claims he checked in for exhaustion...but as Lainey pointed out there was a writer's strike...he wasn't exactly working!

Thursday, February 14, 2008


I'm excited for this episode- we find out another member of the Oceanic 6. My guess is that it will by Sayid.

I was write- he is one of the Oceanic 6!! I just figured when he was the first one they showed this episode that it would be a Sayid-centric episode! What the hel just happened?! Why did Sayid just kill that guy?! Was the man affiliated with the others or is Sayid now a paid assasin? God all this show every does is make me ask more questions- nothing is ever resolved! Maybe that's why I love it...

Oh interesting- Sawyer doesn't want to leave either. It does seem like a cushy life- everything is there that they need and they can live on an island.

My guess about who Ben's spy is on the boat- Michael.

Ok now Elsa turns out to be a bad guy- and they are playing each other...interesting!! Oh look at her bracelet- it's the same as Naomi's! Interesting...

So Sayid is leaving...either the pain doesn't get up or he comes back- how else will he become a member of the oceanic 6?

Oh Ben is off the island?! And he's Sayid's boss?! AWESOME!!!

Big Brother News

This was posted by someone who has the live feeds about the gay coupe Neil and Joshuah:

"It turns out that one of the guys, I can't remember who, reveals to other houseguests that Joshuah and Neil had their FIRST KISS in the kitchen earlier last night. Then sometime later Neil gets called into the Diary Room and is apparently told something, no one knows for sure. He NEVER comes back into the house. Joshuah is then called into the Diary Room and is told that his partner Neil is no longer part of the game. Allison Grodner, Big Brother 9's Executive Producer, apparently told Joshuah that he now has to pick between eliminated houseguests Jacob or Sharon to be his new partner. Joshuah makes his pick and then leaves the Diary Room. The houseguests are gathered in the living room and are told that Neil is no longer part of the game. No one is talking about the reason but Neil is OUT. They then tell the houseguests that a replacement player will enter the house. Everyone at this point apparently shouted out with happiness except Joshuah, being highly emotional, is fucking livid that everyone has quickly forgotten about Neil. So in walks Joshuah's replacement... Sharon! Joshuah escapes to the bedroom where he and Neil slept together for the game and starts packing Neil's personal belongings, as instructed. Later in the night we find out from Joshuah that when he walked into the Diary Room that Neil's cup and microphone was left on the couch. Joshuah is upset that he didn't even get to say goodbye to Neil. Joshuah also reveals he was crying for about 20 minutes while the BB people were asking for Joshuah to make a decision as to who he wanted to be his new partner. Around dinner time Joshuah is still so emotional that he can not eat with his houseguests so he goes into the Sauna room to eat by himself, of course later he is joined by one of his alliance members, Chelsia. At one Chelsia tells Joshuah... "God I hope everything is okay with him... It's going to be so weird, everyone was sitting there and Neil was like 'Oh Hey!' in his Gay Little Voice!" BITCH! Joshuah doesn't take the comment personally because he's just this huge emotional trainwreck."

That sucks- I like them as a couple! Plus they would have been smutty goodness- my guess is Neil received bad news about a friend or family member and had to leave. It's good for Sharon though- the poor girl needs a break!


I Might Have Been Right

Star Magazine is claiming that Nelly Furtado is pregnant- that's what I speculated during my grammy blogging! I mean the source isn't terribly reliable but there is a chance I was right- we shall see!

Publicity Stunt

So Bai Ling- idiot that she is- got arrested Wednesday for shoplifting $16 worth of items at a gift shop at LAX- 2 magazines and some batteries. She was then escorted crying from the building.

Can we say publicity stunt?!

Just Banish Him Already

So OJ Simpson's girlfriend was hospitalized with head injuries and was completely battered and might now need brain surgery. OJ is claiming she got drunk and anyone going to believe this asshole!?!? I mean the man is pretty much a known murderer- and we are going to doubt that he did this!? Why she would date a man who murdered his exwife is baffling- but she doesn't deserve this!


My god Ozzy that is a ginormous clam! Nasty!!

Ok the fan tribe is totally going to self-destruct- I can't believe that this early in the game there is such a division in the tribe- for someone to go so far as say you aren't allowed to sleep here is huge! I mean they have got to play together!

HAHA- I love Cirie- talking about the junge love! I have to say Ozzy does look better with his hair cut but I stil don't know if I would hook up with him while lying in a shelter with other people.

Oh poor Chet- man is not a strong swimmer- which is never good in survivor! I don't think that he wil be on the island for long!

Oh poor Cirie- she doesn't deserve to go to exile island!! And poor move on the favourites part- they didn't send a strong player- they sent the crackpot

Someone's career is ice cream scooper? That's a career?!

Man this whole fan tribe is imploding- they've hardly been here and they are all scheming against each other

Oh they did vote out Mary- I think that was a piss poor move- I mean Chet was a weak player and this early in the game you get rid of weak links.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Pic of the Day

For the love of god Jim Carrey get a haircut- this is just not good!! Not good at all!!

Big Brother

I hope Adam and Sheila are evicted- they are just too damn annoying

I love that already noone in the alliance trusts each other and they are jealous of each other- too funny!

God that Sheila really is a cow- she is very annoying. I can't believe I thought she was the victim yesterday!

Oh it was Jacob and Sharon that were evicted- well he deserves it- I mean what an idiot insulting Jen's partner to her...and so early in the game! Poor poor Sharon though- the girl gets stuck with the exboyfriend who cheated on her then he gets her evicted. They now won't get time to reconnect.

Couple that found love? Is it Eric and Jessica? It is! Oh I love her dress- and she looks way better than she did on the show!

I adore the gay couple- they are super cute!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Big Brother!!

I swear this is the only good thing to come of the writers strike- a winter big brother! And not only is this a new big brother I am almost positive this will be the smuttiest BB ever!! They are all single and will be paired up with their "soulmate". They will have to share a bed with their partner and compete with them- let the smut begin!!

I heard that they were all strangers except for a couple will go in- they were outed as a couple by people looking them up on myspace. Oh god the poor girl just broke up with a guy after 12 years and they are going to be in the house together- oh the drama! Oh no he cheated and they have to live together- horrible! Oh they did say Jen and Ian knew each other. Oh they will be outed within a few days- this guy looks like a total ogre. They will not be able to keep this a secret.

Man there are some beefcakes amongst the men...they either look super young or super beefcakey..god I hope one ends up being attractive!

What the hell is a bikini barrista?! Oh wait Neil is attractive- and one of these guys has Perez Hilton hair.

Biking around the world on $100- ok the boy is a crackpot. ChelseA- what the hell is a ChelseAH- she doesn't know how to say her own name!! My god Matt seems to want to hook up with the whole house!

Oh Parker is the TMZ papparazo- I heard about him

Oh god I wonder if the exes will be told that they are soulmates- that i a freakin nightmare!!

Oh the boyfriend and girlfriend are not partners= that is awkward. It will also be awkward for the broken up couple- yet if they make up

Ok I mised a bunch of the episode but even on mute I feel so bad for Sheila- Adam looks like a complete douche. What an ass- that poor woman didn't ask for that

Sharon has very odd eyebrows- it' like half of each is shaved off. Oh my good Adam is such a jackass- I can't believe he just told her her breath stinks- god I hate guys like him. Beefcake jackasses- me represents every kl guy i hate. Go Sheila- get away from that prick. I love me the gay couple- they are so much fun! This competition is definitely starting on a smutty note! Poor Allison- I think I'd puke if someone sweated all over me like that. I can't believe the kid with the ribbon tattoo and pink hair isn't gay- just goes to show you can't judge a book..

Wait James just seemed like a violent fuck getting all pissed and violent with the pillow...

Jen and Parker are the power couple- time to get rid of Sheila and Adam- poor Sheila doesn't deserve being around this superdouche

UPDATE: Ok during the time I was on the phone I missed where Sheila was a complete bitch to Adam- Lisa Kenny updated me and told me that she was in fact absolutely horrible to him and then that's when he retaliated...must watch tonight to get a better read on the situation

American Idol

I've been waiting for this episode- I was getting sick of the auditions! Bring on Hollywood- I always like the drama. And when it turns out they let through people who are in fact tone deaf.

Is it just me or is Ryan Seacrest wearing more makeup than normal?

I do like that they can play instruments- although some are obviously struggling trying to do both.

I don't know how I feel about this whole second chance thing- just get rid of them- waste of everyone's time. It's all or nothing!

Oh god the guy on the drums is way too good times for me- not my thing.

Seriously- what the hell is this Fez sounding guy doing here- he is completely tone deaf- just because he has an accent it doesn't mean that he can sing. Make him stop- make it stop- save the Everything I do!! He is massacring it!!

Ok Josiah- I appreciate the Mika. I love that you chose a different song- but I don't like that you made Grace Kelly so emo and sad and slow- it's supposed to be perky and happy. But still well done compared to all the other crappy songs I have to hear

Oh there's my little nerdy politician- I hope he does well. What the hell is he singing?! What the hell was that?!

Oh my Jeffrey went through- I love that guy! He is so much fun!

Is the year of the Bryan Adams songbook!? It seems that is all they are singing!

Cosby Kids on Oprah

They even recreated the set! SO excited!

What the hell is Raven Simone doing walking down the stairs- she was NOT a Cosby kid/! What the hell is Denise?! DENISE!! I guess Lisa Bonet wanted nothing to do with this- I love that Theo is trying to say that the whole cast loved each other- well if that were true wouldn't Denise be there?!

I Can't Believe How Old She Is!!

This people is Frances Bean- can you believe it?! I remember when she was born!! Unfortunately it seems like i am saying that all the time!


Put Down the Knife David Cassidy!!

Ok David Cassidy- I think it might be even more disturbing when a man is this addicted to plastic surgery. Look at him- he's so pulled and tight his face looks like it might snap at any second!

Time for a New Hair Stylist

Good lord Katherine Heigl what the hell are you doing to your hair? You need a new stylist- you should call Jonathan from Blow Out- I think you'll have a lot in common since the two of you love yourselves more

Rick and Kathy Hilton- You Must be So Proud!!

Well the third Hilton child, Barron, was arrested this morning and charged with DUI. Oh mom and dad Hilton you guys have just done a fine job parenting. One bad seed- not the parents fault. Two sluts- well maybe the boys will be better. Now 3/4 have proven to be worthless- you must be sooo so proud! Can't wait to see how Conrad turns out!

So anyways, 18 year old Barron was driving a country where the legal drinking age is 21. Man isn't it nice knowing that these retards feel so privileged that they don't need to worry about other drivers. I think Lainey said it best when she said that these people were cut out of the will and can no longer afford driver.

I say just banish the whole family- worthless douches

Good For You Gary Coleman!

Poor little guy has had a rough time recently- from getting no respect from Vanilla Ice on the Surreal Life to having to sell gap clothes on ebay he needs some love. Now it looks like he's found some. Turns out the little guy has been married to 5'7"
Shannon Price since August 2007...good luck to them!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Blatant Self Promotion

So I decided to start a blog for my cardmaking- my latest obsession! If you are interested the link is on the side of the page under favorite procrastination tools and my cards.

Lainey Blind Item

Take Coke for the Pain
Love hurts. Her pride hurts. Betrayed and humiliated, she’s taking a break from her relationship woes and has decided to dash off on holiday with friends.

Fun in the sun and a boozy vacay – perhaps what she needs to put things in perspective. But upon arrival, she decided alcohol was apparently not enough. And neither is marijuana. This kind of heartache requires the hard stuff.

Cocaine is the magic solution. Which is why she’s been blowing the pain away through her nose, a side of her that’s anathema to the squeaky clean, anti-drug image that’s been played out in the papers.

My Guess- I'm going with Hilary Duff. First off- the girl was humiliated when she was dumped by Joel Madden and he impregnated Nicole Richie immediately. Plus the whole squeaky lean thing...

Lainey Blind Item

Here is a continuation from a previous blind item:

Trailer Visits… With His Trainer
Remember him? Click here for a refresher

Looks like his trailer activities have not stopped, although now, instead of a revolving door of visitors, it’s just one on the regular – his trainer with whom he has been spending an inordinate amount of time while working on location for an ongoing project, locked alone behind closed doors for hours. Not training. Not even dressed for training.

Curiously enough, he’s taken to entertaining his trainer not in his own trailer but in his co-star’s trailer, foolishly believing their long sessions would go unnoticed.

Not unnoticed. And actually rather shocking for crew members who until now totally believed his fraud.

My Guess: I still think it's Will Smith. She never ruled him out- and I did email her.

UPDATE: Lainey pretty much confirmed this today with a line in a post about Mike Myers:

Interesting he chose Will Smith to write a joke about. In a motor home. Just sayin’…

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Best Dresed at the Grammy's

Here are my top five pics for best dressed at the Grammys this year:

1- Fergie...this pains me since I nearly always hate her style but tonight she looked fantastic

2- Natasha Bedingfield- love the purple

3- Rihanna- love the blue and length- appropriate for the grammys

4- Cyndi Lauper- just for being all around fabulous

5- Mika- I just love him and how he rocks the scarf....also- I cannot find a single other female that i like! The selection was actually piss poor this year! I almost put Carrie Underwood because I like the cut of her dress but hate the print. And then there's Alicia Keyes- but the hair ruined it for me. So instead I chose Mika- because he makes me feel beautiful- go Mika!!

Grammy Awards

Oh Yuck!! They are starting the grammy awards with Alicia Keyes singing with Frank Sinatra- god I hate when people sing with dead stars- it is all awkward and let's not forget- Frank Sinatra while a legend could not sing...even the Godfather knew that! I alo strongly dislike Alicia Keyes weird mohawk updo- one day she'll get it all right and have a good dress and hair! Actually I liked her red carpet dress beter than this one- I don't like the cutout

Carrie Underwood- I might listen to a bit of this- my dad says he likes the lyrics to this song. Ok Carrie- time to have a bit more emotion when you sing- she hasn't changed her face- ok now she' relaxing...she is probably just nervous.

Oh Prince you kill me- i love his swagger when he walks on stage! I also love the small pube stash. Fantasia is nominated for an award?! Seriously? Man American Idol is representing this year!

Go Rihanna! I love this song- it just makes me happy! Plus I really want one of thoe leopard and pink umbrellas- very cute! I don't necessarily love the hair and outfit- I prefer her red carpet ensemble. Oh please don't stop the music- I just see the drag queen with implants shaking it- god I loved going to the drag club- o much fun! I need to go dancing more! I'm even tempted to unretire from the KL bar scene so I can go dancing! Anyways- this song is so fun!

Seriously- have the Beatles never been honoured by the Grammys before?! If not that is insane! People should be clapping more- it's the freakin Beatles!!! At least Ringo is there- where is Paul!? As much as I love the Beatles I don't know if I can handle watching Cirque de Soleil..few things annoy me more...

Cindy Lauper and Miley Cyrus- please!! Miley isn't fit to lick that woman's shoes! Go Feist- I don't really like the song to be honest but she is Canadian...although I do like Amy Winehouse's music...ok I"m glad she won...Rehab wa a great ong!

Jason Bateman!!! Michael Bluth!!! I love you!!! I swear he is getting better looking with age- I heart him!! From Led Zeppelin for the morons- HAHA!! Oh Jason I love you! While I love J.B. this audience interactive part is a waste of time

I love Kanye West's ego- I mean the man doesn't feel that he needs an introduction and he just stands there with his black light day glo outfit...awesome! Actually the performance is quite cool- and this is probably his best song. I don't think he has as strong a voice when he just tries to sing...he is better as a rapper or hiphop guy- the boy doesn't have a strong enough voice to sing. What the hell does it say on his head? Ok this whole mama song is just awkward- it really isn't a nice song but the poor guy did lose his mother...

Oh god Fergie this song sucks- and your red carpet look was much nicer. Why do these people feel they need to belt a song- I hate this kind of music...I'd rather hear a fun dancing song!

Yay Beatles! You deserve anything you get!!

CHER!! CHER!!! (Please picture me hysterically screaming right now) CHER I LOVE YOU!! I thought they weren't supposed to lipsync at the grammys...but Beyonce is very obviously lipsynching during this weird introduction...Go Tina Turner!! You deserve the stage all to yourself- you look freakin fabulous! What other late 60s woman would wear a lycra silver outfit!? I need a pic of her to show how plastic surgery can make you look fabulous without looking scary! See when Beyonce goes out with Tina and she talks it's all breathy- she was totally lipsynching before! Tina show her how it's done! I would have liked to see Tina do this alone...I just don't feel Beyonce is powerful enough to do this without screaming...

Ok I don't mean to go on bump watch but is it just me or does it look like Nelly Furtado has a bit of a bump? I know it's hard to look away from anything but the god awful blonde hair but could just be the cut of the dress though

Song of the year...ok let's see what they have- Hey there Delilah! I love that song! Rehab- fantastic song! Umbrella- love that one!! I have to say that both Hey there delilah and umbrella were among my favourite songs of the year- oh they gave it to Winehouse! She should have it- it doesn't sound like anything else.

Solange?! Seriously- the girl has a career?! And enough of a career to not need a last name!? I mean did Beyonce put it in her contract that her sister had to be allowed on stage too? And she is most definitely wearing a Tina Knowles creation- so bad! Wait a minute- I just saw Usher with a prime spot up front- he is still considered relevant?! I didn't realize that!

Oh god Kanye- you need to get the ego in check- getting them to turn down the music so you could talk more...the ego is amazing...

Oh Feist- nice to see Canada on stage- although this song bores me to death. I don't really know any of her other music but I would listen to it- I hope that she is not the female Jack Johnson- aka a singer that will put me to sleep everytime.

I have absolutely no idea who this woman is with kid rock- time to change the channel for a bit...

Best Rock Album- well I don't find Daughtry but they remind me a bit too much of Creed- whom I hate. Oh Foo Fighters- I love them. I have no idea who wilco is...I say foo fighter! Yay Foo Fighters!

Yuck- I hate when they have the singer sing more than once- we already saw Alicia they not have anyone else who could perform?! Although I love the straight hair...

HAHA Vince Gill- love the dig at Kanye- but it probably just went over his head- he probably thinks that he is bigger than the Beatles!

Go Rihanna and Jayz! I love Umbrella!

Oh here is the winehouse. I wonder if she will actually finish a performance- she has been running off stage recently- but she looks happy...and she is wearing her wedding ring- and a song about Blake...charming. I have to say I wish she had song Rehab...and everytime I look at her I can't believe that she is only 24- she looks so much older! Oh she is doing Rehab- good! I appreciate that the girl does really sing when she performs- I just wish for her sake in 20 years that she stops it with the sailor tattoos! I love her little dances- it looks she is doing the mashed potato from the first Hairspray movie! Also note to Winehouse- I appreciate that you got the new tooth- vast improvement! Is she going to talk? I don't think I've ever heard her talk...

Ok record of the year- go Foo Fighters! Go Umbrella! And Rehab- go Winehouse!! Wow it is her night! Time to say something Winehouse! Oh her poor mom- the woman needs some joy after the past year with her daughter!

Don't get me wrong- I love Andrea Bocelli and Josh Groban- but seriously- do they always have to sing The Prayer?!!? I've heard them each sing this multiple times- it wasn't new for this year. Don't get me wrong- love listening to them- but it would be nice to hear a new song...

Wow Jerry Lee Lewis does not look like he does in my head anymore- everytime I hear his name I picture Dennis Quaid from the movie...

This Will I Am song is a complete waste of time- there is no need for filler at this point- the show has already been damn long

Ok Album of the Year- I wonder if Winehouse will get it- I don't know if the whole album was great. Oh god look at Kanye praying- god he annoys me! I hope he doesn't storm the stage if he loses!! Herbie Hancock- what the hell is that?! Sometimes they like to salute the old guard- and here they obviously did

Grammy Red Carpet

Yay another red carpet!! I always have to remind myelf when I watch this that it isn't supposed to be as glamorous as the Oscars- it can be fun. I tend to like the red carpet more for this show because I never usually with the grammys. I'm not even really sure who is nominated but normally it the people that I listen to are not recognized. And I cannot handle Mary J Blige...but we'll see what happens tonight!

Oh god fantasia I didn't think that your style could get worse...and then you go and skunk your hair- horrible!!!

I love Alicia Keys Armani dress, love the earring, love the red croc purse...but hate the hair!!! I always hate her hair!!

Ok Miley Cyrus- this girl is so popular it baffles me...I know very little about her- I pretty much see the pics Perez puts up of her and that's it. She really seems to enjoy the eye makeup. Jesus, my dad and brothers- barf!! She just made me nauseous...

Haha- I love Seal! I love that he asked her to ask him some music questions so it's not a waste of time...hehe

Giuliani you're an idiot- Seal did not bring up Tony Bennett's name to collaborate with- she did! Idiot.

MIKA!!! MIKA!!! Mika I heart you!!!! Oh he's nominated- ok I finally like a nominee!! Why the hell wasn't big girls nominated for more- that song was the song of the year for me!! I love him!

Rihanna I do love you- but I'm not feeling the lee press on nails! and the dress...I'm not sure how I feel about it...I have to admit I love her music- I love me the umbrella! And Please don't stop the music reminds me of the fabulous time I had at Sheila's bachelorette at the drag club! Ok I do like the dress- it's fun and cute. Plus I like the colour on her. It's good.

It's Rex the twin from Days!! I haven't seen him in ages- where's Cassie?!

Natasha Bedingfield I love the dress- love the aubergine!

Yuck Nelly Furtado is still blonde- I jut hate it! Her hair colour and skin colour is the is very weird! I do like that she is wearing all Canadian designers and love the blue- I am just loving the bright jewel tones of the dresses.

This pains me...pains me...but Fergie might be one of my best dressed. I love the yellow- it is a beautiful colour and the cut of the dress i i love the clutch...and the hair is nice. I do love the whole ensemble. Giuliana stop bringing up your wedding- I'm reminded of Star Jones on the carpet! Anyways, her face is also looking less is not as harsh.

Oh yuck people are still wearing grills...why oh why can't that fad be over?!

Oh Josh Groban is going to sing...this makes me nervous...I tend to cry everytime he starts singing Raise me Up...

Cindy Lauper!! Cindy I love you!! You look fantastic!!

Wow Beyonce is super blond with short hair...loving the hair...not sure about the dress- have to see more of it

Oh god I hate Chris Brown's outfit- red and white suit!? All I can think is 76 trombones led the big parade...

Ok I've seen Beyonce's dress...and I hate it!! It is looking VERY Tina Knowles- the weird bodice is odd!

Writers Guild Sign Tentative Deal

So the writers voted yesterday on the latest deal and it is being reviewed today. But all and all it looks like this strike is finally over- YAY!! Thank god!!

UPDATE: It's over!! It's done!! The writers go back to work on Wednesday!! The Oscars are ON!!!

Project Runway

Oh the poor guy has to leave...I don't really remember his clothes but if he is HIV positive he really does have to put his health first.

Oh Chris is back- I really like him!! I hope he can stay in this week!

Oh I am definitely worried about Steve- it is never good when someone needs to be glued in and two other designers have to help you!

Sweet pea- well the dress is a bit boring and dowdy- there is no sparkle. The red dress was cute but she will be penalized for not using the fabric. I do like the brown tunic quite a bit- although it is sea through. Chris I despise the cut of the shirt and the choker...but the skirt is ok. Christian I love the jacket- that is super cute. Oh god Victoria that is a HIDEOUS dress- the sleeve length is horrid and the other green looks odd on top of it. I don't think that Elise did a lot- she just cut a bit of the wasn't very exciting. Kit I do like the dress but I agree- it's not fashion forward...but most of these dresses aren't! I do like the canary shirt- it is cute! Oh steven this dress is hideous! It needed WAY more white and the collar is soooo old lady and the sleeves are hideous. The little dress at the end was ok but it doesn't necessarily look that well made.

Overall I am not terribly impressed with this week- I only really liked Christian's- a few others were ok but not mind blowing. Christians was neat- that's about it.

Oh yay Chris- I'm glad you get another week!! I would actually like to see Elisa in because overall I like his designs more- even though his was horrid this week.

Oh poor Steve- I did like him but the dress was awful...he should have listened to Tim- he said use more white. Note to designers- you always listen to Tim!!!

Friday, February 8, 2008

Stephany Tanner Now

This is so traumatic- I mean I can't believe that Stephany Tanner is old enough to be pregnant. I guess he is 25 and married and off the meth- but it is still weird!

Paradise Hotel

I cannot believe that they brought back Paradise Hotel...I also can't believe who they cast...these people are horribly unattractive!! I mean I am all for smutty tv but at least make them attractive!! The guys are illiterate and not cute, and then wmen look like they first auditioned for Flavor of Love but got this show instead.

Quote of the Day

"I like Hillary. I think she’d make the best president. I think [Barack]'s a good man. I think he’s altruistic. I think he’s smart. I think at some point he can be a great leader. I just don’t think it’s now.”

- Cher

Common American's- listen to what Cher says!! Cher is all knowing and wise!! Follow the Cher!

So Sad

Do I really have to say anything...I mean I think it's pretty self pathetic and needy...poor guy needs to find another job and realize the acting thing will probably never happen again.

I think he should just move back to Marni's building so I can stalk him.

All Donations Welcome!!

For the love of god I need to go to this event!! It's a Buffy reunion!! Buffy!!! Almost all of the cast will be there and so will Joss Whedon. Here's who's going:

In Person: Amber Benson, "Tara Maclay"
Nicholas Brendon, "Xander Harris"
Emma Caulfield, "Anya"
Eliza Dushku, "Faith"
Sarah Michelle Gellar, "Buffy Summers"
Seth Green, "Oz"
James Marsters, "Spike"
Michelle Trachtenberg, "Dawn Summers"
Joss Whedon, Creator

Anya!! Faith!! Oz!! And most important SPIKE!!! SPIKE!!! I LOVE YOU SPIKE!! God this could be my one shot with Spike!! If only Giles were there- then it would be complete.

I.must.go! I'm pretty much willing to sell my soul...any buyers?

Stop Selling this Girl Animals!!

Paris Hilton is such a useless piece of shit. I am watching her on Ellen and she says that she has 17 dogs- 17 DOGS!! And why you ask does she have that many- because they keep having puppies with each other- because she's such a total douche who doesn't fix her pets. I HATE HER!!! Take those poor animals away from her!! Ellen just told her she had to spay and neuter her pets- at which point she LIED and said she had just done that- and Ellen said you're lying...and she was! Lovely!

God she is such a retard- I wish she was just banned...she has no redeeming qualities!!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Celebrity Apprentice

What the hell am I still doing watching this?!

Throughout the whole task Stephen was kissing his ass- then he feels he needs to make a big show and quit too- what an effing loser!!

GEORGE IS BACK!! GEORGE!!! I love George!! I have missed him! Vera Wang!! My future BFF- she and I will become so close when she designs my dress!!

I've said it once and I'll say it again- Nely is the most frightening woman I've ever seen!!!

No No NO!!!

Rosie I love you but nothing can justify this outfit!! You go to an event that will be filled with celebs and sponsored by Gucci, you dress up...but then wear pink crocs?!!? I understand people wanting to be comfortable and doing their own thing but there is NO Excuse for wearing crocs to an event. It is just wrong!!

#1 Reason To Go To Vegas

Yes I want to go for my dirty thirty and to have fun...but mainly I want to see Bette Midler! I love her!!! Here is an article about her upcoming gig in Vegas- I heart her.

I Wonder If They Gave it a Wonky Eye

Here is the worst toy any little girl can get- a Paris Hilton doll! ew!! Who the hell would buy this for their child?!


I'm excited just to see how the all stars do!

Oh I love Cirie- she was always fun! And Ozzie- he was a great athlete. Oh Amy- I disliked her! She was annoying!! Yuck Jonathan was gross!! Ew Eliza- i HATED HER!! God I hope she was less annoying! And James- he doesn't deserve to be an allstar- he didn't use the idols!! Moron! Parvati?! What the hell is she doing as an all star?! YUCK!! Yay Yeoman!!!! I LOVE YEOMAN!!! He rocks!! I hope they don't kick him out since he's so smart and fantastic- I want to keep seeing him!! Amanda- again what the hell is she doing there?! Overrated- she didn't really do anything exciting!! Jonny Fairplay- why is he there- I mean the grandmother thing was infamous but he was on Ruperts season and Rupert was on the last all stars! Oh wait- i might like the rapport between him and Jeff...they HATE each other!! At the Vanuatu after party Jonny got really drunk and was hitting on Eliza inappropriately so Jeff had him kicked out and he hasn't been at an afterparty since. So it might be a good dynamic- it'll make for interesting tv!

I like what Chet said- they have an advantage because they know how the all stars play and they don't. Oh god the gay chat is very awkward...she has a somewhat mullet..oh god the implants talk is so awkward- but they are ugly and noticeable...

They should not be the favourites- they should be the the allstars...I don't think that half of these people would be there if the fans actually voted...i really don't like the title of favourites as they are only who the producers liked...where is Ian? And Earl? There are way better people who should be here...I guess I should just be grateful that Stephanie isn't back!!

Oh Parvati and James will be hooking up! Whoever is smart will be making an alliance with Yeoman- I would like to see him and Cirie make an alliance because they are both smart.

Oh look at Parvati and James in bed already cuddling...and Amanda and Ozzy- a smutty season- YAY!!

Yeoman what the hell are you thinking- that is such a bad alliance?! You could have gotten way better people!!

Fairplay what the hell are you thinking?! Playing the groups against everyone- they are going to talk and then they will talk and kick him out

Oh the allstars lost...I hope they get well of Eliza- please keep Cirie!! I love her!! Yeoman join her!! Oh I would like to see Parvati leave too- as long as one of those girls are gone that's good! Jonny Fairplay why the hell are you asking to go home- that is suck a waste...why go all the way home right away? Why even go!?

Jonny Fairplay you are a complete went out of your way to travel there and got kicked out first!? What a complete waste of time