Friday, June 27, 2008

Video of the Day

I just like it when Letterman bashes Spencer- as for MK I really don't care all that much about her...

Lainey Blind Item

Two Boys in the City
First fellow has been the subject of gay speculation for years. He’s had the luxury of hiding behind those with a higher profile and then later in obscurity while others have dominated the smutty landscape. Not that it would matter either way but it’s been decided for the greater good by committee that he remain vague about the fact that he likes boys better than girls.

Vague is better than fraud. And picking up in Gaytown is much better than doing it 70s style in the forest like George Michael. Now that he’s single, having broken up with a longterm boyfriend, with whom he was living openly back home, he was seen at 2am very recently in an area where the homos hang, propositioning a male acquaintance to join him back at the hotel. Unfortunately he had his signals crossed. The object of his sleepover was not interested.

Second fellow is a full on fraud, and it would appear that his now defunct relationship was an attempt to cover a close friendship that was tingling all our smutty senses. The man who made him has since leaked several stories to make sure his female fanbase doesn’t defect. Which is why, the next night across town at the afterparties, he felt secure enough to make out hard and wet, boogie and get down, with a boy rather light on his feet, in more ways than one, but much less famous. Now he and Britney have something in common.

MY GUESSES: This one is super super hard. As for the first one- my guess is Matt Leblanc. He was always in the shadow of the other friends when it came to the paps and now he's in obscurity- who the hell has seen him recently?

As for the other one- I have no idea. It's hard- I'm guessing he was macking with a backup dancer. Which makes me think it's a singer...I'm just not sure who...UPDATE- Enrique Iglesias- he just admitted that he and Anna Kournikova were married but are now divorced

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Pic of the Day

Anthony Kiedis is a tool. I always liked his music but nothing justifies strapping your child to you and going out driving!! There is no difference between this and Britney- you can say it's like a golf cart but he was out on the roads. Dangerous and reckless.

PS- I'm fully prepared for the crazy ass granolas who will be coming after me for saying this!


Heidi's New Song

God good stop the insanity!! Stop letting this girl release music! I mean first the New Kids and now this- what is it with the 1987 synthesizer being used for your main accompaniement?!?!? SOOOO BAD!!!

Monday, June 23, 2008

The Mole

They gave the exception to Clay?! How on earth did he deserve that? Ok that made me feel that Victoria might be the mole- she was also saying Clay...and not Kristen- she gave the exception to the suspicious player...

I have to say the mole may be Kristen though- she is going so hardcore in the challenges it doesn't make anyone think it's her.

Interesting that Craig missed the fire burning so he gets to keep the journal...although it's not like the mole needs a journal...

I think that Mark will be going home- he is way too emotional. Either him or Nicole because they are focusing on her.

Nope it's Victoria- I guess they did show more of her this episode than any other...

I'm stil going with Craig as the mole

The Bachelorette

Oh Jesse you are just too cute. I mean I'm pretty sure he is the next one to go but he is just so cute. And I do like them together. And his parents are nice

Oh god here comes Jeremy- he is just skeezy for me. Look at him being all manly on his bike. Ok the loss of their mothers is something that bonds them- it's definitely something that she feels gives them with a bond. I have to admit that I still don't really Jeremy- he does nothing for me.

She has never heard of the Space Needle!?!? What the hell is wrong with her? Man the reunion music is quite something- and of course Deanna is crying. It's quite the moment...His family loves her? This is just weird...I guess they are trying to woo her- I mean he's a hard sell with the kid...My god the whole family is crying that he is leaving his son!? This just seems incredibly melodramatic to me...where the hell is the mother?

I still say that Graham is the frontrunner. She totally has the hots for him. Oh god I love the nerdy high school Graham...I so think he is going to win. Oh Graham you are losing her- she is slipping away. First the mother was not the biggest advocate and he didn't completely open up. But let's be honest girls- we like the chase. He will stick around I think again- she wants the romantic date I think.

Who's going...I say Jesse. Maybe Graham though after that...Oh she kept Jesse!!! I wonder if she feels like her and Jeremy are just friends...nope- he's in. Ok I think it will be Graham...Yup it's Graham- and she's going to cry that she got rid of him!

Wow this might just be the longest goodbye ever!! I wonder why there is still 15 minutes though...

Sunday, June 22, 2008

The Two Coreys

Yay Season Two!!! Yay!! I didn't even know this was starting! So exciting- I need a daily shot of Corey Haim to keep me happy!

Oh god I love the beginning!! I LOVE LOVE that they are trying to create all this drama- like they haven't talked in 6 months since the "fight". Dude- we saw the press tour. We know they were together! But if they want drama for the show that's fine. I also love that they are saying Corey Haim "retreated" to first show was filmed there!

Oh look Corey Feldman has a new house again- man the "money" this guy has! I wonder if they will show the son- oh they will!

Oh the reunion is intense- when you get a couple of gangsta's like these it's going to be intense! Haha!! Nice glasses and hoodies and bluetooths- HAHA!!

HAHA- Corey Feldman has security detail- HAHA! I love that they are trying to film this now like Intervention- it's so badass!

The drama on this might just be the best comedy i've seen in a while- it's so gritty and hardcore!

I wonder if Michael Jackson was one of their abusers...

Nelson! It's one of the Nelson twins at the party! I hope it's Gunner

Another Reason Why I want to be Posh

She got to date the dreamboat that is Corey Haim! And not even a Corey Haim in his prime- a crackpot mid 90s Corey Haim! This clip is actually classic- I would kill for him to give me his sniper eyes!!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Award Winning Card

I went to a demonstrator night on Monday where we each had to bring one card for everyone to make. The criteria were that the card had to be demonstratable to clients and contain at least one WOW factor. I asked some friends which of my cards I should make and they suggested this one. And I WON!!! Best card for being most demonstratable...and pretty! I won a wheel and a case for my wheels- so exciting!!

Video of the Day

This is why I adore David Letterman! He has no time for a douche like Spencer

Hillbilly Baby Name

This is probably a bit late but I am a behind on my gossip this week. Jamie Lynn Spears had her baby and named it Maddie Briann Aldridge. I HATE that- I hate when people name their child a nickname!! I mean obviously you can call them by their nickname but give them a proper name.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Further Proof We are Best Friends...

Lainey is yet again discussing the question that I asked her- confirming that Gwyneth and Chris are staying together

God I really want to be her best friends...sorry current ones but it's true!!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Smut Soiree!

Sheila and I went to the smut soiree last night and let me tell you- I had the best time ever!! It will be hard for me to write this post without constantly gushing but I'll try.

It was held at a mansion in Yorkville that was beyond spectacular- I've never been in a house like it. It was ginormous and gorgeous and the decor was fabulous. The whole evening was designed so that we would feel like celebrities and be treated as such. It was labelled as a pool party at a Hollywood Hills mansion. When we arrived we got out of our cab and the paparazzi were there to take our picture. They kept saying things like "Oh my god they're here!"- haha! Then they started encouraging me to do a supermodel walk and wouldn't you know my inner Tyra was released and I was FIERCE!! I was strutting like no ones business- I'm sure I look like a total tool in the pics but it was sooo fun! Then someone ran up and asked for my autograph- haha! As you are walking in they are also on a headset letting people know you've arrived- HAHA

Once inside there were people inside holding silver trays with champagne flutes. I'm not a fan of champagne or redbull but let me tell you when the two are combined it is fabulous!! Right inside Lainey and Dan Levy were talking to people- I of course got intimidated and ran away!

We went into a dining room and there were Christian Dior makeup stations set up. You could get your makeup done - which of course we did. People were also walking around with hors d'oeuvres trays- so fancy! We just kind of wandered and chatted. I then discovered the pink martini that made my night- it was made with raspberries, x-rated liqueur, pink lemonade and skyy vodka- AMAZING!!! I might have one too many because it was like candy!!

Then the question and answer period started- we went into the pool house for the best view. Lainey and Dan Levy were answering questions from the audience and let me tell you a TON of questions were answered. For example:

1- For the blind item the other day it is not a president or someone who played a president that is having the affair- she said we are on the wrong track. But she didn't say it wasn't Shannon Doherty...

2- LC and Audrina are not getting along, are not talking, and it's NOT scripted

3- Steven Page from the Barenaked Ladies is the do-gooder singer who left his wife and children for someone from the internet

4- Nicole Kidman is the biggest fraud in Hollywood

5- Both Lainey and Dan confirmed that Katie Holmes is frightening in person since she is hypnotized- and Lainey believes both she and Nicole definitely had a contract with Tom

6- Angelina and Brad definitely in love

7- George Clooney has had a vasectomy. Sarah Larson went too far thinking she could trap him with a pregnancy- she should know her place in life- on her back. She overreached

8- Katherine Heigl is a total cow who is trying to get out of her Grey's contract. After her emmy stunt last week were she released that retarded statement saying she is taking her name out of the running because she didn't feel she had good material to work with (like she would have been nominated anyways) the producers had a meeting and Shonda Rimes said she would NOT release her from her contract. She will give her even crappier material and make the bitch pay- HAHA!! A couple of years ago when she was renegociating her contract she tried to make ABC pay the mortgage on her new house because it had really good security and they should pay that for her- they told her to shove it. This girl's ego is out of control!

They were passing the mike through the crowd and anyone could ask a question. It got near the end and you know I just had to- I asked a question!!! And Lainey answered!! People- IT MADE MY LIFE!! Here it is:

Hi Lainey!! I am here with one of my really good friends and have a question about a pair of best friends and their marriages. Like you I love Gwyneth and want to know- did Chris cheat? Also- Madonna and Guy- will they be getting divorced?

She said- yes she heard Chris cheated. But they worked it out. She also heard from a girl she met from Cannes who is Gwyneth's friend and lives in her basement that Gwyneth is kind and lovely and a great mother. As for Madonna- yup here comes the divorce. But she also commented on all of Madonna's suspicious injuries over the years and that she is attracted to brutes (remember this is a woman who married Sean Penn).

It was fantastic!! The question session ended and we went and stood by her so we could talk with her and get a picture. I admit I felt like a big stalker- I mean we were hovering over this woman! But in our defense so was everyone! Eventually we did get to chat with her for quite a while actually! I just said thank you and I've been reading for a long time and it makes my day! I told her that at my old job the girls I worked with and I would send in our guesses to the blind items and it made our day. She was soooo nice! She asked for our names and shook our hands. And she was very very humble and gracious and kind. In person she is exactly how you would picture her to be. She speaks like she does on the blog and she is funny and nice. She thanked us and said the event was for the fans as a thank you. She said she is grateful that people read our blog and support her career. She was fantastic. Her husband was right near us and she told us about how she is up every morning at 4:30 to start blogging so people in Toronto will be able to read it when we get to work. Her husband gets up with her at 5 so he can help with pictures- how cute is that? She was also very funny about her arm- she kept lifting it up and saying damn you Mischa Barton- haha!

Sheila and I did get a picture with her which will be posted here soon- yay!! Lainey was just too cute- she's very tiny and well dressed- obviously! She was wearing a scarf around her elbow like Cate Blanchette told her to do- and it was Alexander McQueen- fabulous!! I just loved her!! Yes, I admit it- Stalker!!

There were also other Canadian celebrities there for the record- and I went nuts. Dan Levy is super cute in person, tall and well dressed. Devon from Much was there- very skinny. Tanya Kim was there- very pretty. And I recognized a bunch of other tv people from much and CTV and MTV but don't know their names...Oh and a Designer Guy was there- Alan!! I went mental!! He was beautiful- tall, well dressed and handsome...I love him!!

Oh the best news of the night- Lainey is in talks to get her own show next year! She was telling us that it will probably be filmed in Toronto!

Unfortunately the night had to come to an end but there was a fun part that was still to come- the SWAG bag!!! SOOO AMAZING!! We waited til we got back to my place to open them and we got some great stuff that included:
-a tshirt for the olympics
-a Dior bag with J'adore Dior perfume, mascara and lipstick
-a candle
-a scarf
-PUMA wrist bands
-A smut book- and the best part- by my favourite historical romance smut author Johanna Lindsay!! It's like they knew I was coming!
-a Fashion magazine
-a bunch of really great coupons

I can't remember what else there was but it was amazing!!!! Best.night.ever.

Thanks Lainey!!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Lainey Blind Item

Not that she was destined to become the next Angelina Jolie – not even close – but since B List and reality stars are all the rage these days, who’s to say she would not have had a career revival as the matriarch for a new generation? Or a movie of the week once every few weeks?

The problem is her love life. She is in love with a man who has a wife. A man who comes from a legendary family. A man who is supposed to be a bastion of fidelity, with strong values and a wholesome image. This is not the man who should be carrying on an affair with an actress, hidden away in hotels, picked up on the sly by his security team, given a code name by his people. Her birthday is noted in his assistant’s organiser, it’s as official as it gets, only it’s also the best kept secret, and he intends to keep it that way which is why she’s only allowed to work sparingly. Which means guest appearances only and no long standing commitments, lest she reappear on the radar and invite a little curiosity, potentially blowing their cover.

She lives by his rules because she thinks what they have is real and forever but not surprisingly, he has his eye on someone else. Almost her doppelganger. Some say she will be replaced. Is cheating hereditary?

My Guess: This is super, super, super hard!! I have no idea at all who this might be- any guesses? I'll be thinking about this all day!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Pic of the Day

This just makes me happy....if Sophia was there it would be perfect! I especially love that Bea Arthur still dresses like Dorothy Zbornak!! Long live the Golden Girls!!

Video of the Day

Here is the new NKOTB video for their song Summertime....I heart it already! Seriously- it just makes me smile and makes me happy! I mean they sound exactly the same....and I love the cheesy beach scenes!!

Just a few things though- someone get Joey a razor stat. The pubestach just makes him look dirty and gross. And what the hell is up with all of Danny's tats?! I love that Jon is in like a couple of scenes- he was probably rocking in the corner of his trailer- this is a lot of pressure for the poor guy! I love love love the vogueing at the end...and oh god the white suits! The white suits!! Amazing! And now they are waving their arms...GOD I LOVE THEM!!

The Mole Episode 2

Bobby used to be in a traveling soccer team- yet he couldn't run at all last week....interesting...

If Craig is the Mole he's quite obvious- kicking the ball in his own goal?

My god that Bobby is a complete useless tool- I'd kill him if I was there!!

This week I think the obvious choice for the mole is Craig- although Ali is quiet and it might be her...

The Mole

I just finished watching the first episode of the Mole and all I have to say is- YAY THE MOLE IS BACK!! I've always loved this show!! While I miss Anderson Cooper I actually like Jon Kelley- he's a sexy beast! I really really love his voice!

As for the contestants- it is full of the usual group of tools. People trying to pretend to be the mole to throw people off kill me- they are so bloody obvious. In the past the mole has never ever been obvious. Like that Bobby acting like he's having a heart attack the whole time. And oh god Nicole- I hate her already. I despise women who feel that they are "divas" and "beautiful" and my favourite- "smart".

And the Robinson Crusoe challenge...seriously? A victrola? A camera? In 1704- my god they are tools!! Even the history teacher- denim jeans!?

So my guess right now for who is the mole- Craig

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Greece Pics Are Up!

And it only took me a week! Don't blame me- blame the idiots who I steal internet from- they had a cable unplugged!! That's right- it's their fault...and not mine for being too cheap to get the internet...

Anyways I digress....I put a bunch of pics on my facebook and have put some up on here- enjoy!

Sex and The City- The Movie

So I went to see this tonight with Ranuka, Katrina and Rachel and I have to admit...I wasn't sure if I would like it. I mean usually when they do something like this they completely ruin it and it doesn't have the feel or character of the original. Thankfully I was completely wrong! It was fantastic- totally felt like the show. It did run a bit long at times but all and all incredibly enjoyable. And the clothes...the clothes!! Carrie's green dress at the end- superb! And her black bootie shoes- I covet thee!! I love you!! And in my opinion the best wedding dress- the Oscar de la Renta...oh how I want you!!

The Bachelorette

Why on earth did they have to write a song?! What a stupid challenge for a bunch of guys- it would make me feel sooo awkward!

Natasha Bedingfield? I actually like her- they really are pulling out all the stops this season- they really want to get their ratings up. First Ellen now Natasha Bedingfield

I think that Deanna might have a stalker with Shawn...he really really seems to be obsessed with her...

Well Graham just shot himself in the foot- I'm pretty sure he's going home because of this...

My good everything breaks this girls heart- that's all she talks about

Oh at the barbecue her heart is breaking again...that is all that ever happens for this girl.

Ok Graham is pretty hot- I just wish that he would shave.

Ew Robert do up the eyes!

It is not shocking that Robert is not getting the rose- the guy is completely skeezy- I mean that open shirt is totally giving me the heebee jeebees!! He's destroyed!? He hardly knew her!!

I don't think she's going to give the rose to Fred either...yup she's rejecting him. This girl is not a good actress- you can see what she's thinking at all times!

Graham had better put out asap at the cocktail party to save his ass- if not he is totally going home

I don't see what she sees in Jeremy- he is horribly boring with completely no expression in his eyes- he's got dead eyes. Plus again- super super boring. He looks like the male Minnie Driver

Ok I am changing my mind a bit about Graham- when he's wearing clothes he looks like he lives in Whoville...and who's just aren't attractive to me...

If only one is going home I think it will be Twilley or Brian

Oh if Twilley's staying then it's Brian going- or she's still pissed with Graham and it's him...although I think she'll keep him since she thinks he's hot

Why is she revealing all so fast? Why is it happening so fast?

The Bachelorette

I can't believe that I missed three episodes of this! I mean I love travelling and had an amazing time but I hate how much tv I missed!

Man all of these guys look alike to me- how on earth will I differentiate them! I also don't know if I believe some of the ages- they look much older than I do- granted I admit that I'm in complete denial about my age

Is Richard Canadian? He said he had a picnic on lake Ontario...nope from the NY side...Ok Richard is actually creeping me out with his staring...not my thing...

I'm pretty sure that is Cinderella's carriage- I mean Disney does own ABC so they were probably able to borrow it

Her trick is retarded- pretending to be hurt to see who will come to her rescue- barf...

I think Ron will totally get the boot- Deanna is not good with hiding her feelings and she blatantly looks annoyed with him

This Ron guy has issues- there is a level of tact missing from Jeremy!? Granted I missed the first few episodes but he seems to be the one with no tact- "calling" someone else out

I'm sure she will say the kid is not a big deal- although I would think it is. Especially since it took him this long to say something!

I love when they say that they have arranged the dates...sure they wasn't the producers or anything...

If I was looking through the telescope I would want a guide there to explain to me what exactly I was looking at but it is still pretty cool

Brian is going home since he doesn't really talk. Twilly I didn't know existed- he will go home.

Ok no- it will be Ron and Twilly I think. Ron has to go home. Oh never mind- maybe Brian then. God Ron is pretentious- I hate public speakers

Monday, June 9, 2008

Lainey Blind Item

Post Partum Flirtation
Had a baby not too long ago, supposedly a happy family. But there’s been a little blip. And it’s not just the late nights. Seems she’s been a little bored with domesticity and has had a naughty flirtation. Saucy text messages and heated exchanges, some suggestive touching and closed door petting were spicing up her life but the subject of her giddy infatuation was not the father of her child. They didn’t seal the deal but it came very, very close.

Even worse, he was a friend and a business associate of her significant other who found out about the illicit activity and shut it down quickly, sending angry missives back to the betrayer to “stay the f&ck away” from her. As a result, the dude is out of a job. And, finding himself unemployed, he has saved the email evidence and is threatening to go public, sell them off to one of the rags. Word is they are in the process of paying him off.

She meanwhile is repentant and has redevoted herself to her relationship after groveling successfully for forgiveness.

Crisis temporarily averted…but for how long?

MY GUESS: Nicole Ritchie- I would have said Christina but she never says husband

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Day 13- Crete

Hi everyone- today was yet another lazy day by the pool then we went into Chania. It is pretty down by the harbour with the old buildings but it is busy and more touristy than most places we've been to. We got a portrait done of us by a lady down by the water and then we went to dinner at the skeeziest place- they lied about the food and the prices. But it was right on the water so at least the view was nice! We then did some last minute shopping in the town. Tomorrow we are off to Iraklio and Knossos then we fly to Athens. I can't believe this trip is almost over and I have to work on Thursday!