Saturday, May 31, 2008

Day 12- Crete

Hey everyone- not much to tell today. We have just been lounging around our resort eating a lot of ice cream. I swear my mother is going to miss the scandal and nirvana ice cream more than anything. We just relaxed and swam in the pool- tomorrow we will head into Chania to see more of that city. Can someone please tell me the temperature in Toronto- we are curious what it will be when we get off the plane

Friday, May 30, 2008

Day 11- Crete cont'd

Hey everyone- I know I don't usually write twice in one day but this is when I usually write to give a synopsis of the day. Our resort is absolutely breathtaking. It is just outside of Chania in Kalamaki and is right on the ocean. There are two pools and the beach is right there- it's stunning. Plus there is a fantastic poolside bar which makes a great Pina Colada. We went into town today to walk around and see the harbour and I have to say...I don't get it. I just don't. Everyone said Crete was a must and how spectacular it is and we just don't see it. It is just a busy dirty commercial European city. I mean there are some nice Venetian elements granted but I just don't see anything spectacular. I much prefered the greek villages on the other islands. But our resort has great food so we will just relax out here before we have to go home. And we will tour Knossos on Monday and I'm very excited about that. Oh and did I mention this place has satellite television- English television oh how I've missed you!! We watched Whos the Boss- spectacular!!

Day 11- Crete

Greetings from Crete! We arrived after a very very long trip. Yesterday we just wandered around the village of Firostefani and layed by our pool before we had to leave Santorini. We then took the terrifying trip down the cliff back to the port to our ferry. The port we sailed into in Crete was Iraklio- which is not very nice. Just looks like a big city. We found the bus station and had to wait an hour to get to Chania. Our bus then took 2 1/2 hours- we didn't get into Chania until after 11:30pm. Then being the organized travellers that we are we had nothing booked. We met a nice couple on the bus and we ended up sharing a cab with them and following them to their hotel. It's just on the outskirts of Chania in a beach town- our resort is gorgeous. But the rest of the island to date has been less than spectacular- mom thinks it looks like Cuba. Albeit a much richer Cuba in my opinion. Everyone went on and on about how gorgeous this place is- I hope I see it soon!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Day 9- Santorini

We have just gotten back from our 10 hour excursion and I think we are both about ready to die. I know this might sound shocking since we are such adventurous mountain women but all the climbing today has rendered us useless (more so than usual). We started with a bus tour all over the island which was nice- we got to see most of the major towns. Then we went down the cliffs on the bus to the port- these drivers are insane. The road is about 4 feet wide swirling down the cliff and these drivers are passing each other. It was very very scary. Then we got on our wooden sail boat and sailed across the caldera to the volcanic island. The last eruption was in 1950 so not long ago. We climbed all the way to the top and took was sooo hot!! We didn't see lava or anything but it was smoking and smelled like sulphur. Plus there is a heat wave that has come over from Africa so it was very very hot. We then sailed to the other volcanic island and swam over to the hot springs. We had to jump off the boat and swim over- I don't think mom was terribly impressed since the water was quite cold before you got the hot springs and the ground was all rocks and covered in slimy crap- we think they were fish eggs because those kept floating to the top. Then we went over to another island for lunch- that wasn't terribly exciting. But the next part will make a lot of your days- it was officially donkey day as Cathie said! That's right- we rode donkeys!! On the boat over to Oia the guide told us it was a 270 step steep climb up the cliff to the town from the port- and by this time we were dying. And it was only 4:45 so still ridiculously hot. A girl on the boat had done it before so convinced mom that it was ok. It was so traumatic!! The guys kept yelling at us to hurry but I did manage to get a pic of Debra Ann McGill need Wilberforce riding a donkey- I will sell the pics to the highest bidder. Anyways, the donkeys start going up these steps and are veering VERY close to the edge- and there was only like a 1 foot ledge on the side before the drop off. Then behind the two of us there was a man SCREAMING at the donkeys to go faster- my god it was scary! Near the end my donkey started bucking but I got off. Then moms turned around to go back down and went near the ledge. So she most people would throw themselves forward to grad the donkey. She threw herself backwards/sideways to get away from the cliff and looked like she was going to fall off. Top notch instincts as always. Regardless we were both really really traumatized- I had a beer to heal. But now it is kind of funny. Mom hopes that poor Francis didn't get yelled at for turning around- the men were quite mean

We then saw the gorgeous sunset at Oia- amazing! Tomorrow we are off to Crete

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Day 8- Santorini

Today was a very relaxed day- we just walked up and down this cobblestone pathway that they have that leads around the caldera. We went up the hill for lunch and then down to Fira for dinner. We also spent quite a bit of time relaxing around our pool- I think it's going to be very hard leaving Santorini and the pool with the caldera views. Tomorrow we are going on a tour of the island that will take us to all the islands. We will be going to hot springs and climbing a volcano- imagine! Then we will have to ride donkeys up a hill- although we'll see if that happens since I do feel bad for the poor donkeys!

PS- Thanks for all the comments and emails- keep them coming! We love them!

Monday, May 26, 2008

Day 7- Santorini

Greetings from Santorini! We are sitting in an internet overlooking the caldera right now- it's quite spectacular! We had a bit of drama today- we took the highspeed ferry from Paros and of course had nothing booked. So we got to Santorini and the when we got off on the port mom thought it looked like we were in a mine pit- it's right at the bottom of the cliffs. A man lured us to his hotel promising it was in Fira- the main town. So we went with this strange man in his van to his hotel- which turned out to be in the middle of nowhere on the other side of the island of the caldera. It was also in what I considered to be the hood of Santorini- it didn't look at all like the image I had in my head. It was a good 15 minutes out of Fira- which isn't even the nicest town. So we left our stuff at the hotel- which was clean although in a sketchy area. We had lunch over the caldera and decided we needed to stay in a place with Caldera views. So we walked back to the hotel on the sketchy road and went back to the hotel to get our stuff. The owner wasn't there so we just took our stuff and mom wrote a nicely worded note saying thanks but no thanks...we then ran out and got a cab to our current hotel. It's GORGEOUS!!! Right on the caldera with a pool and a beautiful room. I am still expecting to see fugitive posters with our faces on them since we didn't pay the guy and he did drive us from the port but hopefully it all works out! We got to see the sunset over the caldera and had a great meal. We are now off for our standard dessert of gelato- of course!! Tomorrow we will just be wandering around Santorini

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Day 6- Paros

Hello everyone- we missed a day because our hotel doesn't have internet but we just heard from people that they actually miss our updates so we found an internet cafe. Yesterday we made it to Delos- it was absolutely breathtaking and amazing. It is an uninhabited island that is just full of antiquities- one of the most important sites in the world. I was trying to absorb it all and just marvel in the thought it looked like the french rocks. She was busy scoping for Chuckie V the whole time. We then went back to Mykonos where we found out that the ferry to Naxos was broken down. Being the adventurous women that we are (hehe) we went on another ferry and came to Paros instead. We are staying in a tiny fishing village on the north coast called Naoussa- it's truly breathtaking. It's much more authentic and rural as compared to the commercialism and busy Mykonos. And it's much cheaper. Again we got to the docks and got into some strange man's van (seriously). He brought us to his hotel which is on the beach and has a pool- and it was separate rooms for us to sleep in which is nice. We both caught a cold from the nasty German man who coughed and spewed all over me on the plane. So we were able to really rest last night. Today mom didn't feel well so she stayed in the room while I went to the beach. And of course due to my albinoism I'm slightly burnt (thanks dad for the skin). But tonight we have been wandering through the town and went for the neatest dinner- they were having a celebration in the restaurant for a child's first birthday. They had a band and dancers and ouzo and were throwing plates- sooo cool!! We are now off for gelato- I am gathering research to write a book on gelatos of the world (thanks for the idea Lindsay!). Tomorrow we are putting on our travelling pants and heading to Santorini.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Day 4- Mykonos

So I now have to go cold turkey off the ativan- i didn't feel very well yesterday so took some again last night...and missed Delos today!! DAMMIT!!! We are going to go tomorrow morning instead right before we catch our ferry to Naxos. Luckily it still fits into the itinerary but still- I was not pleased. It did give us a chance to explore the main town Hora and eat by the port there- sooo pretty! There is a ginormous pelican named Pedros who is like a mascot here- I love him!! I may have taken 3000 pics of him...again- I love him. We did a bit of shopping but mainly just got lost- the town was designed as a labyrinth to evade pirates..and apparently McGills!! Mom isn't feeling great today so she stayed up in the room while I went down to the beach for the afternoon. I did go swimming but it was bloody cold!! I just got back from eating dinner by myself- god I'm an independent woman. So tomorrow hopefully we will make it to Delos!!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Day 3- Mykonos

We have left the mainland and are down in the islands. The 5:15 wake-up call was not terribly pleasant but we actually made it to the ferry with plenty of time to spare. Imagine- us being on time! The highspeed ferry was great- it only took 3 hours to get down here and we got to stop at a few islands on the way. We are staying outside of the main town at the beach- sooo nice!! We have had pina coladas and daiquiris on the beach and eaten amazing greek food. All and all a very relaxing day. Tomorrow we are off to Delos to explore the island. I'm excited to see the temples and all of the religious antiquities- Mom wants to see Cleopatra's house. I did make the mistake though of letting her read the part in the lonely planet about snakes...she isn't terribly impressed. She's convinced we'll see them everywhere.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Day 2- Walked all Over Athens

We accidently slept in this morning so had to cram a lot of sightseeing into 5 hours. Last night I was introduced to a fine Wilberforce tradition- Atavan. I therefore slept til after 11 and then had a heart attack. We went to the museum where mom tried to barter for a very large amphora for her backyard. It was only from 5300 BCE- she promised she would take care of it and it would make a fantastic fountain. Unfortunately they didn't budge.

We then hiked up the acropolis- soooo amazing!!! I took about a billion pics and was going nuts. Mom didn't seem to think the doric vs. ionic columns were the most interesting things ever- she was more intrigued with the amphora being used as flower pots (be afraid Ken).

We just had dinner and went to our gelato place- we're already regulars. We are now heading to bed to get a good nights sleep before we head down to the islands tomorrow

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

We've Arrived!

We just spent our first evening in Athens- yay!! After an eventful trip filled with practically no sleep on the airplane, getting ill on the plane (me), leaving things on the plane (mom) we made it!! The weather is GORGEOUS- it was 32 today! And I saw the Acropolis!!! SO EXCITING!! After crashing this afternoon we spent the evening wandering around the Plaka and ate at this outdoor restaurant beside the Agora. It's amazing so far!! Hopefully I'll be near a comp a memory card slot soon so I can post the pics...and hopefully my mom will learn how to use the camera so I can be in the pics!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Rock of Love 2

Rock of Love 2 is already starting?!?! SO EXCITED!!! A whole new set of incredibly dumb and slutty girls to laugh at- awesome

Wait why do I recognize Megan? She looks familiar to me...ok I googled her and she's from Beauty and the Geek. Someone loves the reality tv!

Bret- seriously, those are your vips?! Daisy is FRIGHTENING!! The lips and boobs are terrifying- i'm scared to look directly at an eclipse...I might be eclipse of the whore...

And he's already macking it with all of them in front of the other girls- classy!!

Man Megan does not like him to talk- she just kisses him. It seems to be a good strategy

Well the one fan is a bit crazy- let's see if he takes away Destiney's pass

I love the girl who says she's not aggressive who jumps all over him in her bathing suit.

Aubrey is terrifying looking- she is so anorexic with rotten teeth

Oh god Angelique might be the new scariest person I've ever seen- she's like a skinny hatchet face....but with less sex appeal....seriously...

Video of the Day

Here is the New Kids performance from the Today show this morning. Ok yes- they are completely tone deaf. Yes, Jordan creeps me out with the unbuttoned shirt and "sexxay" eyes. Yes, they are wearing Rachelle Gagne's vests from 1992. But I still LOVE THEM and am SOOO excited!! This concert is going to rock!!

I am just going to close my eyes and picture the Jordan of yore with his duck tail...

Put Down the Knife Nikki Cox!!

Now I have never exactly been a fan of this girl but I mean she was MUCH better before! She went and pulled a Hunter Tylo- she completely mutilated her face beyond recognition!! And she's the exact same age as me!

Here is the before and after- SOOO BAD!!!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

America's Next Top Model

I still think that Anya has this in the bag- and if she does win she will be the best winner in a while. Yes her voice is annoying but she looks like a model.

Oh god the brought Saleisha out of the gutter for this. God she was such an awful winner- she's done absolutely nothing.

I hate Whitney during her commercial- she doesn't know how to be natural at all. But she's better that Fatima and her robotic nature

I think that Fatima will go home before Whitney- I think they want to have a plus size girl in the finale.

They are walking in a Versace show?!?! Ok maybe it won't be Whitney- I don't know unfortunately if she can fit into the clothes

Oh it was Whitney- that's what I thought!

Ok yes Anya so has this in the bag!

Whitney is doing a really good job. She is walking much better than Anya did- she is going too fast and not model walking. They only had two looks? I guess this is better than last seasons Chinese runway. Anya's arms looked awful while she walked.

Whitney most definitely kicked ass at that challenge- although I still think that Anya has it in the bag.

Haha- I love that Paulina broke out a tiara for the final judging. Oh here goes Tyra talking about herself instead of Whitney.

WHITNEY!?!?! They did a plus size one- I'm pretty sure to prove a point. I still think it should have been Anya- but Whitney did a better job on the runway.

This Is Why I Love Her

Look at Cate Blanchette on the red carpet at Cannes!! She is showing all those dumbass starlets how you work the Croisette...She Rocks!! Plus she just gave birth 4 weeks ago!! Love her!!

The New 90210

Here is the first pic of the new 90210 cast- it truly is a photoshop masterpiece. Look at how ridiculously skinny they all are!!! And where the hell is Kelly Taylor?! I'm mainly looking forward to seeing Lucille Bluth- I've missed her!!! If they can get her back together with Liza it will be amazing!!

I do appreciate that they included a black guy this time- nice to see them trying to satisfy all the demographics

Pic of the Day

Can you believe this is Colin Farrell?! He has become totally manorexic for a role in a new movie called Triage. This is just gross!! So nasty!! Especially since I've never found him to be terribly attractive anyway

Little Pitt Twins Confirmed

Jack Black let the cat out of the bag today during an interview today that he was doing with Angelina Jolie for Access Hollywood. She then confirmed it

Twins!! Man Jennifer Aniston is going to have to let the paps get a candid of her topless or release a sex tape with her and John Mayer to compete with this!!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Sex and The City Pic

Here is a pic from the Sex and the City premiere in London. How odd is it that Cynthia Nixon looks the best- I mean normally Miranda is the most dowdy. But that goes to Charlotte this time. Kim Cattrall has to learn how to dress more age appropriately- it just ages her. And while I like the dress and shoes, and understand that in Britain hats are quite the mod, I can't handle the thing on SJPs head!

The Bachelor

I think that Shayne has this in the bag...however, it they might be setting me up for failure. So maybe Chelsea will get the ring. God these home visits are sooo short!!! They edit everything down so much

What?!!? The bachelorette starts next week!?!? I'm going to miss 3 weeks of it!! That's like the whole season!

What was up with that blatant Hilton advertising?

Chelsea doesn't have a surprise this time? She isn't dressing up in see-through lingerie this time? Oh Matt just told her he's falling in love with her. He's now said that to 2 girls- very skeezy!!

We are hearing a lot of Shayne professing her love for Matt and not so much from him. And now they are just cuddling- there isn't a lot of making out. He almost treats her like a child. OH GOD THE BABY TALK!!! Not since Trista have I cringed like this. The whinging...ach!

Ok I change my mind. Chelsea has this in the bag. I thought that from the beginning with the ads and the nailpolish but I changed my mind 2 weeks ago. Now I'm back to thinking that.

Oh a Tacori ring! I always think of my friend Courtney when I hear about Tacori rings- if she is watching this she is probably very impressed!

Oh Chelsea is first...interesting.. Man that is quite the slit up the front of her dress- especially at the windy beach!! I think she is trying to remind him of her see-through lingerie!! Ok I don't think that she would be first if he was proposing to her tonight..I mean they will draw out this proposal since they haven't done one in a while. Oh wait the speech looks genuine and he is smiling...maybe it is her...oh he's thanking her...maybe not...i'm all over the place...Oh it is Shayne!! Man he was throwing me!

I bet she is now regretting wearing the trashy dress for him

Oh his father in law will be international heartthrob Lorenzo Lamas!!

Man there is quite the height differential between the two of them. I always find it weird when people are that far apart in height and together. It looks like father and child almost.

As he looks into her big brown eyes he is probably just praying she doesn't inherit her mothers addiction to plastic surgery- because no one wants to wake up to that!!

I do like her reaction how shocked she is. Monkey!? Seriously this a moment for first names and not nicknames!!!

Why can't she look at him when she says I love you- it's kind of weird! Now the countdown is on until the breakup. He really has to be careful because if he hurts her Renegade will come beat him down

Video of the Day

I might have just watched this 12 times- and will watch it daily to keep me pumped up. SO EXCITING!! Come on people admit it- they still rock!!!

Step by step...oh baby!!!

For the Love of God Maker Her Wear Turtlenecks!!

Yuck!! Yuck!! Yuck!!!

Donna Martin is returning to 90210. And to that I ask why?!!? Why?!? I mean Kelly of course, but Donna Martin!! I don't think I can handle seeing her cleavage on a weekly basis!!

But seriously- why on earth are they even introducing us to new characters!? Why don't they just bring back the ones we know and love- I mean I'm sure they are all free!!

Sunday, May 11, 2008


I haven't watched the entire season but I've been catching it every now and then and watching during Ugly Betty commercials. I really really hope Cirie wins- I mean her gameplay has been mighty impressive. She can't win anything and actually holds back the team physically yet no one ever mentions voting her off. All the others have been targets but not her- she has manipulated almost all of the vote-off. It's just impressive. She's a leader just by the power of her words. Plus the woman was smart enough to befriend Yeoman at the beginning- although I'm still bitter that she got rid of him.

I just hope to god it's not Parvati. I've never liked her

I love how the producers always try to flip it around and make us thing the other person is being voted out. It was pretty obvious they would keep Cirie.

Why on earth is Amanda arguing with Cirie about how she feels that she's in the bottom two? How is this complicated? The girl is a tool

Well Parvati is out of the immunity challenge but I don't think it matters- each one will probably take her to the end because they know they can beat her

Parvati what the hell is wrong with you telling Amanda that she would have won against Cirie?! I mean to win she should take Parvati- but I hope she takes Cirie since I like her. But I think it's in the bag for her to take Parvati.

Oh Amanda got rid of Cirie- it really was the best move for her to win. I think she has it in the bag.

HAHA I love how pissed off Ozzy looks the whole time. Parvati doesn't stand a chance with his vote.

Strong woman- yuck. I hate people who call themselves that. Yuck. Natalie- those were the worst questions ever.

Why the hell did Parvati answer James' question like that? She's such a tool. I love that he said Amanda has this in the bag.

Amanda- why on earth did you answer Cirie that way? Why not suck up to her? You are losing her vote!!

Ozzy- you really are one of the biggest idiots. You should have used the idol!! Wow Ozzy is saying he loves Amanda- that is something!!

What the hell is up with Parvati's lips at the live reveal?!!? Someone got a ton of collagen!! And Amanda might have gotten some boobs!

I am in total total shock. I can't believe that Parvati just won. I can't believe she won

God Amanda's hair is bad- what the hell is up with the curled bangs?!?!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Kelly Taylor is Officially Back!

Jennie Garth has officially signed on to the new 90210!! She won't be a series regular but she will be on it as the guidance counselor. Now it's time to bring Dylan back- she had better be Kelly Taylor-McKay!!

Friday, May 9, 2008

What the Kids Are Wearing...

THIS is what the House of Dereon- aka tacky ass Tina Knowles and Beyonce- designed for children. The appliques, the heels, the ghetto gold...What the hell is wrong with this people!? No seriously- who on earth thinks that these clothes are even remotely appropriate or fashionable?!?!

Pic of the Day

Here is Latoya Jackson in all of her classy natural glory

Nick Hogan Going to Jail

Nick Hogan was sentenced to 8 months in jail for his car crash where he severely injured the passenger in his car. Not only was this dumbass speeding he also had liquor in his system. The victim will have to spend his life in a home and is permanently brain damaged.

He deserved SOOOOO much more!!! This guy was a complete self entitled douche who did whatever he wanted. He should be locked away for much much longer as this wasn't his first offense

Side note- look at what his retard sister is wearing. The glasses don't make you look sophisticated....especially when your dress has the shoulders cut out!!

Oh and Hulk- we know you're bald! Lose the bandana!!

Thursday, May 8, 2008


If you want to come to NKOTB I need to know TODAY!!! The presale is tomorrow and I am buying my tickets. They are 39/55/75 and the show is Sunday, September 21st. Please let me know if you want me to get you one!!! I'm thinking 39 dollar tickets since if we get presale ones they may not be horrible- but i'm waiting to hear what the general consensus is

Monday, May 5, 2008

The Bachelor- Girls Tell All

Man I hardly know who any of these girls are!! I used to know them so much better- they just never show anyone anymore!!! This show has just gone down the tubes- yet I keep watching...

Oh Stacey- you were the underwear girl!! I completely forgot about you!! I love her- she was so high quality!!

I love how Robin is trying to defend herself and they are all just staring her down like they still despise her

I have to say that I prefer Matt with hair on his head and not on his face

Man this seems to be the Marshana show

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Pic of the Day

Here is my former heartthrob Corey Haim on the set of his new movie. That's right- he was hired for a movie!! I can just imagine how high quality it must be!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Why I Heart Perez

LOOK HOW CUTE HE IS!!! He makes these videos all the time but this one was pretty amazing. I love love love his dancing- I admire anyone who doesn't give a rats ass and just has fun- very very very few people do that! I soooo want to be his friend!

Lainey Blind Item

Keeping it Legal
I love how often the self righteous, artistic ones are always end up being the douchiest and the perviest.

The backstory:

Several years ago, while dating a high profile, fiery actress, he was on location shooting a movie and found himself one night at a local bar. A young hot thing approached, they flirted, they made the call, and pretty soon she was telling her friends she was heading home with the star, protected by both his bodyguards and a personal driver.

So they get back to his place, start making out, she services him with her mouth, and tries to get him to return the favour, at which point he balks and then, no longer blinded by arousal, finally gets around to asking her:

"Are you really 19?"

Well of course she wasn’t 19. She was actually only 16. And when her guilty face confirmed it for him, he quickly called her a cab and sent her home, not offering to pay for her cab. He did however offer to pay for the silence.

His security detail and the chauffeur, all of whom were witnesses to his tryst with the teen, were compensated handsomely for their discretion. They were so trustworthy that he wanted to use their services again when he returned to town for a new project recently. Unfortunately the same team wasn’t entirely intact.

So instead, now single, he went to great lengths to secure a very capable staff to make sure he didn’t find himself in the kind of icky underage situation as last time. Was like having a personal assistant for the express purpose of getting him head and occasionally laid. Only he was strict about wanting it from “real” girls and not from professionals. Every few days or so, his people had to scour the city looking a girl he could spend a short time with. They’d all start off at a group dinner, and by the end of the night, he’d end up sated at place. A few girls were lucky enough for repeats but effort on his part was never forthcoming.

Still… at the very least… he kept it legal.

MY GUESS: Wilder Valderama. We know he uses bodyguards. And the fiery actress reference made me think of Lindsay Lohan- I can't really think of another redhead. Plus his fanbase would be rather young. But does he still have the money to employ people?