Saturday, May 30, 2009

Jesus Camp

Holy f'ing Jesus this is TERRIFYING!! Who's scarier- a young muslim in Afghanistan going to a Taliban school or a Pentecostal child from Kansas?! Truly- it's a toss-up.

I am watching a Pentecostal Children's minister praising George W. Bush for being a man of god. And encouraging young children to speak in tongues. Oh god this is just soooo scary!!

I mean this woman seems like a nice woman- she's just bag shit crazy. These are evangelical's that believe you are only "saved" if you are "born-again". They just interviewed a young 12 year old boy with a mullet talking about getting saved at scary

Oh and now they are showing the propaganda they show young children to teach them creationism and dispel science. Oh god now the mullet boy's mother is home schooling him that global warming doesn't exist. Let's just keep breeding ignorance

"Science doesn't prove anything"

75% of homeschooled children are homeschooled...Question- what qualifies these parents to be teachers!?

Prayer got taken out of school and the schools fell apart...uh huh...

There are two kinds of people in the world...people who love jesus and people who don't...

These quotes are just killing me....soooo bone scary...

I like this Christian radio guy who thinks evangelicals are just crazy...moderate Christians will probably listen to him over an atheist like me...but I agree with him

Watching the young girl pray over her bowling ball for Jesus to help her- it reminds me of me as a young Catholic girl. I used to always pray that I would land on Free Parking

OH GOD! They just showed this crackpot young girl saying god spoke to her and asked her to go speak to a woman and say that god wants to save her....She wants to be a manicurist so she can talk to people about the lord

I pledge allegiance to the Christian flag?!!?!? What the hell is the Christian flag?! They have some sort of weird flag...oh god!

Seriously Kirk Cameron- this is what you've become too?!

And now the pastor is doing tongues over the powerpoint presentation so Satan doesn't stop her from spreading the word...holy crazy batman

I have to remind myself that the Duggars are batshit crazy like this and I love I could love these people too

Ok now it's time for me to throw down with these people- they have started the Harry Potter bashing and hysteria. My god these people are moronic and ignorant. Warlocks are the enemies of god? Does it say that in the bible? Or is it just propaganda going back to the witchtrials? Ignorance breeds hatred. Let's just stifle all brilliance and creativity shall we?

Oh now there is the crazy the little girl who knows what types of churchs god likes- he only likes the kind she goes to. She knows. Note to her parents- this child needs extreme counseling because she is a nutbar

Oh and mullet boy feels he is a mouthpiece for the holy spirit...this is one of the craziest documentaries I've ever seen

This is making me love the Catholic religion for it's sanity....let me tell you that takes a lot! The Catholics are nice and pretty- they aren't shaking and crying like these wack jobs

There is a little boy just shaking and crying because he doesn't always feel the spirit and doesn't feel god but everyone around him is making him feel inadequate. He is a sane little boy who fels he needs to become crazy like the rest of them

Oh and now they are declaring war against the government- charming

Oh now they are praying and doing tongues to a cardboard cutout of George W Bush...let's keep training a child army of crazies. These people must be freaking out over Barack

I love how they all speak with god and god speaks to them exclusively- these people really are quite lucky as they are the chosen ones

Oh and here comes the pro-life propaganda. Yay let's overturn abortion! yay! more children in foster care! Yay! Lives being ruined! Women dying in back alleys! Yay!

Oh yay now they are showing Ted Haggard! The gay druggie! LOVE HIM!! Oh he's preaching against homosexuality- hehe!! He talked to President Bush every week- AMAZING!! Love who that whack job had advising him- America nice choice for president.

Lovely- these children think the idea of dying for god and becoming a martyr is great. Again- what is the difference between these people and islamic extremists?! Are they not all SCARY!

Pushing Daisies

I am watching one of the last episodes of the show that they are just playing off...why oh why is good taste dead?! Why oh why is this show dead!? It is sooooo good!! By far the best written and most visually appealing show of the year

I heart Olive Snook and Digby...long live Pimento Digby!

And she's singing!! Hello....let me tell you. It takes a lot for someone to make me enjoy Lionel Richie.

I love the disguises- his wig and separate sideburns were awesome

I can't believe that we will never hear Audrey sing Suddenly Seymour. ABC- why are your executives such tools?? Why can't they see how absolutely amazing this show is! And it's a show that actually makes sense lost

Oh Olive is going to find love! She is going to end up with David Arquette- yay that is too cute!! She deserves happiness....Ned should realize that she is way better than Chuck- I mean Digby see it too...he is a superb judge of character!

Oh Ned's jealous!! Awesome!! Fight over Olive- I think it should be solved by a dance off

Keep At It Susan Boyle

Ok my Susan Boyle did not win Britain's got Talent- she just got second to some young dance troup who obviously got the young vote. I hope the poor lady is able to get a career out of this- she really is talented

About the dance troup- diversity. Really!? I sooooo soooo don't get it!! I don't see how that could possibly beat Susan Boyle....that was soooo not impressive to was bad actually- highly highly overrated

Friday, May 29, 2009

Hailey Duff Surgery

I actually don't blame her for getting plastic surgery- her before looked like the kitchen witch that used to hang in our kitchen. But with the shaved down chin and nose she looks like Daisy de la Hoya from Rock of Love....and who the hell wants to look like that?!!!?! She needed a better surgeon


Damn You PC!!!

Damn you PC!! You come off as being cheap and reasonable but oh no- you trap me in your web and gauge at my wallet!

I have loved PC ice cream for years...Chocolate fudge chocolate crackle has always been sweet goodness to me. And it has had a similar container for YEARS. And a few years ago it was only $3.99 which is amazing...then it went up a bit..and up a bit more..and I still bought it because it was just so good.

Tonight I went for groceries and they have renamed and repackaged the ice cream. And it's up to $6.69- damn you PC!!! It's so expensive now!!

Ferris Bueller House

Julie wanted me to post about this- a home from one of my childhood classics is for sale. I guess Cameron Frye has gone to Egyptland because his house is up for sale. I always thought it was a cool house in the woods...I mean it would be a great buy. You can live outside Chicago which is a great city and live in the house. But I would ask that there be a red Ferrari included in the purchase.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Canada's Next Top Model

They found a top model in Rebecca? Really? I haven't seen her do anything!
Tara- seriously a girl from Quebec speaks like that?! Really!? Someone has to work on her vocabulary

Nigel! Nigel you sexy beast! God I love you!!

Oh god I think that is a black rat snake that Tara is modelling with- the snake that haunts my dreams that I was always scared to run into in Kingston

Oh that poor little bobcat- poor baby with the missing eye.

Alex is a bit odd looking and the pain thing is a bit sketchy.

Where is Andrea from Cycle 1 in the condo? They are treating her like Adrianne from the American show- they don't seem to love cycle 1 winners

They took them to PEI?!

Linsay looks like she is 40 years old

Why the hell oar the calling her is the weirdest pronunciation I've ever seen.

Well it wasn't shocking that Tiffany is going home- they set her up that way

Monday, May 25, 2009

Video of the Day

Simply amazing. God I love 30Rock! When Elvis Costello says that you know it's serious because they are talking in the middle of the song. It reminds me of Shane and making fun of Boyz to Men in Grade 12 French Class...good times!!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Adam Lambert and Queen?

Who knew that Brian May read my blog? Someone followed my advice and is wanting Adam to be the new frontman for Queen. That would be amazing!!

Video of the Day

Susan Boyle I just adore you. Good for you!! To come out and do Memory- fantastic! Now I know it was rough at first and she really didn't feel comfortable until the middle but then she definitely found her grove. And her ending was superb and flawless.

The amount of pressure on this woman is just unimaginable- 100 million people watched her on Youtube. Everyone is watching and she had to pick just the right song. And she had to top I Dreamed a Dream which was almost flawless- and that is so hard. She is not a professional and this is usual for her- I can't even imagine the pressure she was under. At the end Simon acknowledges this- I hope people see this and vote for her. She did not get up and sing a dumbass pop song...Memory is a hard song! It takes talent to sing it- not like the crap everyone else sings.

And on a superficial note- look how much an eyebrow wax helps! It's always all about the eyebrows!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

American Idol Results

If Adam doesn't win this it just shows that people have no taste or concept of what an American Idol is.

Ok why the hell are they wearing white?!?! I hate men in white. Oh it's for a painful musical number...and oh is this painful!

Why did Lil get a duet with Queen Latifah?! She really wasn't that great

Jason Mraz- really? Isn't this a bit hoaky?

Fergie isn't paying any attention to those girls. I don't blame her- Megan is so goddamn annoying. THe voice, the godawful sleeve, everything. I may not be the biggest Fergie fan but the girl can perform and sing. She is quite good.

I did like Kris' song with Keith Allen- it really did suit him.

Ok I am not enjoying this duet with Alison and Cyndi Lauper...Alison should not be allowed to sing this song. Her voice is way too harsh and not pretty enough. Cyndi Lauper should just be alone- she rocks

Oh suit Jesus- is Lionel Richie going to come out and sing with Danny Gokey!?!? If yes this proves what I've said from the beginning- corny cheesy ass singer! Ok what the hell goddamn song is this?!?! And what's with the mom jeans on him?!? With the tucked in shirt?!?!?! This guy is a loser...oh my god a medley!??!!? Seriously!?!? What did I do to deserve this...oh yeah- I'm watching this live and

Look at that jacket on Adam!! He is like a young little Ziggy Stardust! I swear to god I would pass out if David Bowie walked out. Oh he's going to sing with Kiss- Ok this is going to be interesting. Ok this is pretty cool- other than the flashes to Gene Simmons and his tongue. Truly I don't need that. Ok that was pretty cool- really Kris just doesn't compare.

Oh god Carlos Santana- I can't stand this guy. Too much guitar

STEVE MARTIN!!! One day I am going to pick out a thermos for you, not an ordinary thermos for you. I LOVE YOU STEVE MARTIN- but seriously, what the hell are you doing here. Is he going to sing too?

Is Rod Stewart drunk? He is kind of stumbling around...

YAY Adam is doing Queen! Ok he's doing it with Kris- but I'll take it. HOLY SHIT IT"S QUEEN!! This is just ridiculous! A bit too much smoke. If I were Brian May I would be trying to recruit Adam as soon as they get backstage.

WHAT THE HELL!?!?!?!?!?!? Kris Allen just won!?!???!?! WHAT THE HELL!?!? Are these people on crack?!?!?! That guy is going to be in the gutter next year. He doesn't even think that he should have won! America- you suck. The Christian average guy over the gay superstar?!?

Again Brian May- go scoop up Adam right now. I will go to your concert.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

American Idol


Adam- actually Mad World was not one of my favorite performances of his- I mean it proves how versatile and talented he is. It's a great interpretation. But I like when he is really performing and moving around. I would kill to hear him do Bohemian Rhapsody again.

I really like Kara- I don't understand why people are bashing her. She's fantastic- and actually knows what she is talking about.

Did I just see Simon's navel when he bent over?! Do up your shirt!

What the hell is Anthony Hopkins doing there!?

Matt- the annoying JT wannabe- doesn't seem to be a big fan of Adam's. Both this week and last week they have caught him on camera not clapping. Well he must be jealous since he has pretty much no talent and Adam is a freakin genius

Kris- wrong song choice. He should have done Heartless or the song from the movie that he did that was amazing. His face just looks like he is constipated. And the pubestashe and now beard- it's just too much!!

Paula looks like she fell asleep in the tanning bed

Adam- well I don't like me the change music but boy can sing

I love how Paula always just repeats what the others say- she has no thoughts of her own

Why the hell does Katie Holmes have Suri there!?!? The poor little thing is blocking her ears- it's probably super loud in there

Kris- again, not my kind of music. I don't really like the strumming

Adam- ok for the first time he hit some notes that were a bit sketchy...I mean the song is a bit odd. And he is screaming it a bit too much...ok by the end it has settled and sounds much better. But this sound was definitely written for Adam- I'm not sure how Kris will do with this- I mean we all know he is not a belter

Kris- like I said this song was not written for him. It really doesn't suit him at all. Oh he is cutting out- not good. The song kind of isn't fair- it was definitely done with Adam and Danny in mind. Oh the big climactic part is just painful. I mean he's trying but it's bad.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Farrah's Story

I set my PVR to tape this on Friday night and I just watched it. First- I'm still crying. They played Melissa Etheridge's song "I Run" at the end and that song always gets me.

Next- good for her. Good for her for documenting her treatments and allowing the camera to film her at her worst- that was incredibly brave of her. For someone who is famous for their beauty that was fantastic showing what cancer does to you. And allowing them to show her bald- that was amazing. Good for you!

All and all it was a fantastic piece- anything that brings attention to the reality of cancer and it's effects gets my thumbs up. To show such personal moments in your life and open yourself up to scrutiny- not easy.

The poor woman obviously doesn't have long- she should be proud she did this and brought awareness to anal cancer. God I hope more people go and get colonoscopy's- if you are over 50 go!!! Yes dad that means you!!

The Bachelorette

Ok Jillian time to make Canada proud- please don't turn into a vapid bitch! Or a skank. And pick a better guy than that douche- I never liked him.

I look good, I smell good, I make love good...charming...

Oh god the greasy model with the cheesy beard- can't handle that

Oh I don't like Jillian's makeup tonight- it is aging her...and the old lady clip-on earrings are a bit much

I love that the latin music started when Juan came out

So far these guys have been very good looking- a lot of long and lean boys

Ok except this short stocky Scott guy. I've been married 5 people- great grammar

Ok I like that one guy called her a sassy little minx- I love that title!

Ok the foot guy is super freaky...really really freaky

Well she gave it to the guy who froze- interesting...

Dancing With The Stars

Oh who wins? Antonio Banderas, the nobody or the boxy little person?! Oh god I guess I would say Melissa based on ability

Shawn- She seems a bit off and stiff. She is off with her timing.

Did Melissa and Tony steal Scary Spice and Maxim's outfits from the whip dance? She also seems really tight in this dance. It's like she doesn't want to move her legs.

Gilles- tight white pants? Really!? His posture though is really good in this. He wins this round for sure.

I thought Shawn said she wasn't going to do any gymnastics...this thing is full of them! And what the hell is up with those dumb ass masks. Oh god are they supposed to be dolls!? This is bad. That lift was awkward...and they are definitely not in sync during those spins. Again- shock full of gymnastics

OMG What the hell did Leeza Gibbons do to her face!?!? She looks completely pulled...and asian!

Melissa- She just seems to be shaking her boobs a lot- I guess she is going for the male vote. But I just can't seem to find the words to describe his plastic's something...

Gilles- Flashdance? Nice strategically placed rips in his shirt. Ok Bruno giggling watching him dance just made the routine. Again- he was the best

Ok based on tonight give the trophy to Antonio Banderas. All I ask is he receives it naked with water pouring down on him so I'm reminded how hot he was in Sex and the City

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Jon Minus Kate

OH NO!!! More proof that Jon and Kate are over. Kevin and Jodi are now saying it's over- and we all know them from the show!! We haven't seen them for a while and this could be why- they don't sound like they are on board with that show anymore!

Thank god my Duggars are going strong

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Ok I"m blogging at the end when they are deciding on who is going to win.

First of all, it really wasn't shocking that they got rid of Aminah first- I mean she was way too much like Danielle.

Oh god they brought back "McKey" or as she is known by everyone- Britney! I mean why don't they use her name now!??! God she was pathetic- she still can't speak. And oh god her walk- she is such a bruiser. She looks like a bull in a china shop!!

WHAT THE HELL KIND OF GODDAMN FASHION SHOW IS THIS?!!?!? Seriously- I realize they have few places left to go in the world. But Brazil? For a swimsuit show!? It isn't as pathetic as the China show but still pretty bad. Time to head back to Paris.

And are they trying to make them strippers?!?!? What the hell are they doing on the ground in mud!?!?!? Oh my god this is soooo pathetic!!! This is just weird to watch!!!

And they have to go to judging in bikinis?!?!!?!? What the hell is going on?!?!?

Teyona is top model!? Ok it isn't terribly shocking since Alison was so weird looking. But Teyona?! She has the worst face shape- it's horrid!! So bad...yet another top model with no potential

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

American Idol

Danny- he really is screaming his way through the song. He never just sings- it is all just loud and a bit much for me. Oh god the sing off with the saxophone is awkward and painful

Kris- you are in the final 3. You can't shave the pubestash?! I do like this song. He needs to make it bigger- he is making it a bit too goodtimes.
Not big enough...that won't be able to stand up with whatever my Adam is about to unleash on us

Adam- this song makes me think of Julie- she must be loving this! I love how quiet he is right now- his range is amazing! Oh god I don't really like this gospel part- not my thing....I like his quiet parts

Danny- ew. I HATE THIS SONG!! And to be sung in such a hoaky Goaky way is too much. He is not good unless he screams- he has no middle. He is whispering or screaming- he can't just sing

Kris- ok this song is starting out much better than his last song. I think I would prefer it acappella- I don't like the cheesy ass strumming. But this song is much much better. He should be in the finale with Adam

Adam- I need him to teach me how to apply my eyemakeup- he looks fierce!! I keep thinking Alicia Silverstone is going to run out on stage to revive her career. Ok we don't need the backup singer- shut her up! We just need him- he's amazing!! THere has never ever been anyone this good. I mean he is Axl/Freddie Mercury good....and that takes a LOT for me to say!


Sunday, May 10, 2009

Amazing Race

I really want Tammy and Victor to win- they are by far my favorite of the remaining teams

Oh god that pig challenge would be super hard- that is bloody heavy

I don't know why the other teams aren't putting it on their shoulders like Margie and Luke- they can see that they are successful with it

No Jamie you are not stronger than Tammy- you suck. As a person in every way

Oh a swimming challenge isn't great for Tammy- it will take her a while to swim to the jet ski

I think that Tammy and Victor will have an advantage at this surfboard challenge- they are attorneys after all

Actually Luke seems to be doing well on the task- it's good that he prepared for this.

I love that Jamie and Cara got a cab driver- karma is a bitch

Is it wrong that I am happy that Luke is messing up- I really want Tammy and Victor to catch up. Luke is going to get really frustrated and won't be able to do it

Well of course you haven't seen one of them- they are trying to confuse you you tard.

I knew that Victor would be able to finish that quickly- I hope that their taxi doesn't mess them up

Well it is nice for her to have shown him what he messed up

They are all giving up even though the taxi could still mess someone up

They are really setting it up for Tammy and Victor to win- and they do! Well deserved

Video of the Day

Seriously this video made my night last night. Actually the whole episode was amazing- Justin TImberlake should really be a regular on SNL. He's fantastic on this show

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Best News of the Week

Roxette is reuniting!! So.exciting.!!! I HEART THEM!! Must.go.

American Idol

I keep hearing that Kara is leaving the show- I actually like her. She is MUCH better than Paula- she actually knows what she is talking about.

OMG Adam looks so glam god- I LOVE HIM!

Oh Slash I heart you!!! God I wish GNR would do a proper reunion- I would murder to see them

I love that this is Adam's favorite week- it makes me love him more that he appreciates the rock. Ok this is amazing! He was made to do Zeppelin...and Queen! I want to hear him do more Queen! No one can touch this guy- he is spectacular- the boy can perform. And OMG he should do some GNR- he is one of the few that could do it

Alison- well obviously she is doing Joplin. But I would have liked to hear her sing Piece of my Heart. But she is doing a good job- I have a version of this by Joss Stone and she is doing much better.

Danny and Kris- I have to admit at the beginning I was a huge Danny fan but he is slippping for me- he just screams a lot. All of his songs sound the same. But I am liking Kris more and more every week. I thought he was the breakout in this song

Kris- oh this is a dangerous song to pick. I mean it's classic and needs to be perfect....He actually did a good choice. That was a good choice for him as he needed something a bit more mellow

Danny- oh god this opening is painful- he is completely off key. It is completely off key- he really only gets great when he can scream- he can't really do the calm bits.

Alison and Adam- ok this is interesting. She should be commended for being brave enough to go toe to toe with adam.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Amazing Race

While Kisha and Jen really annoyed me last week with all the crying bullshit I am still rooting for them. I hate Jamie and Cara SOOO much and hope they leave

Those electric bikes are just too funny- I love that they can't be bothered with pedalling

Chinese waiter was made for Victor and Tammy- it should be super easy for them. Oh the squid is throwing them off

As I've said before Luke is useless. He just has to paint with a model- who cares if he's not a girl.

I love how Victor says he'll let Tammy say everything but he is saying it at the same time

I would NOT be able to handle that roadblock- I think I would completely hurl! Ok I don't think that frying it would help...

Tammy and Victor have got this in the bag!

I hope that Kisha and Jen get there well ahead of Jamie and cara so they are not completely out of the loop

Kisha and Jen this shouldn't be hard- just write it out phonetically- ok it does rely on how they say it again

Oh god let Jamie and Cara won't figure it out- douches. They can't figure it out because they are horrible. Did they not realize they would go to foreign countries?!

Jennifer is completely useless and is totally holding Kisha back. SHe has to hurry up

These girls are not very enthusiastic- they have to hurry up

SHE WENT TO THE BATHROOM!?!?! She isn't at the pitstop and she went to the bathroom!?!? THEY ARE RETARDED!! They do not deserve to be in the finals! They aren't rushing!!!!!

And Jamie and Cara beat them because they sucked so bad! Ok they deserve to be eliminated- stopping to go to the bathroom?!!? And then not running?!?!!? They suck