Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Pushing Daisies

This is by far my favorite show on tv. As soon as I see that it is on tv I just get so excited!

God this show is so clever- love the soybean betting!! Poker with food- amazing!

Oh go Emerson! I love that he is getting some lovin!!

America's Next Top Model

Wow Sheena is yet again proving that Americans are completely uneducated about other countries- she though it was seedy!? Yay for stereotypes!

A lesbian bath scene- HAHA!! The va-jay-jay shaving party!? HAHA!!

For the love of god someone work on Sheena's speech and vocabulary- I can't handle it!!

Oh Elina you are totally going to be in the bottom two because of your attitude and ignoring Mr. Jay.

I don't mind what Samantha is wearing- it looks fine to me

I think that Sheena and Elina will be in the bottom 2 and Elina will go home

Ok it was Sheena- not shocking since this girl is not a model in any way.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Dancing with the Stars

Maurice- you can still tell the Cheryl hates this guy- she is horrible to him. I'm glad he shaved off his nasty moustache- but I'm still not a fan. That dance did nothing to him.

Lance- I don't think this girl is the best choreographer. I mean yes they did say highlight Lance's dancing but he din't need a big long solo at the beginning. Although the dance itself is pretty good- I didn't love the weird somersault in the middle but the rest is good.

Susan- time for her to go home. Bruno is right- her timing is off. She's not a good dancer

Brooke- I still think she is going to win this- as long as she can get the fans. Well it's good this is a slower dance she doesn't have to jump on the foot.

Cloris- as much as I liked her at first I am finding that her stick is starting to get a bit old. But it still impressive to see her dancing- look at her out there in those heels- I mean her legs look better than mine! She is trying and if the public keeps her then she'll keep going. There are obviously better dancers than her but this is not a true dance competition- it was designed as a popularity contest and that is how it will stay. Carrie Ann that was uncalled for- I mean Toni was boring. And you will have to redesign your entire program.

Cody- this kid still bothers me. Now it's the slicked back hair- yuck!! I mean he's not a horrible dancer but not for me

Warren- I do like him- he's fun. I mean the serious dance doesn't do much for me but I still like him.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

What the Hell Happened to Her Face?!?

I didn't even know who this was!! Lara Flynn Boyle was a very beautiful woman- what the hell did she do this for?!!? She is totally suffering from Hunter Tylo syndrome. I had to add a before picture because it just shocks me

New Celeb Baby Name

Amy Poehler has finally popped and had a baby boy with my Gob Will Arnett. I mean while I am impressed that she was able to move around and rap just a week before giving birth on SNL it just can't justify the horrible baby name that gave her son. Archie Arnett! Archie??!? I truly didn't know that people still used that name

Friday, October 24, 2008

Lainey Blind Item

Besties in Bed
A bonus blind riddle for this week. Short and smutty.

They’re best friends and they say best friends only…

But they sleep in the same bed when they’re on holiday.

Duana and I have been sharing a king bed during our European travels but that’s because we’re poor. If we could afford it?


We’d both be in junior suites yelling at each other from across our balconies.

These two however don’t have to rough it. And when they do rough it, it’s because the cameras are rolling.

A junior suite for them is like a homeless shelter. So when they can book out an entire floor, why would they choose instead to share one bed?

ANSWER: Right now I am thinking Chase Crawford and Ed Westwick

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

America's Next Top Model

Oh god stop with the European thing-I know a lot of Europeans...and you guys have been here since you were children!

My god Elina is completly retarded- how is what she said hurtful? These girls are retards

I actually agree with Samantha for once- the two are drama queens

Oh James St James! I love the movie Party Monster!

They are definitely focusing on Elina being a drama queen- I like she will go home

Elina has a horrible walk

Mckey is way too awkward and choppy

Analeigh's weird arms out is odd

Samantha is doing too much

Why do they all keep sticking out their arms?!

Oh good Josclyn looked like a stipper- don't change the outfit on the designer

Oh god Sheena stop moving- just stand still

Oh god Marjorie is way too hunched and awkward- she needs to stand up tall!

I don't think that Samantha looks like a model at all- she will go soon

Elina is one of those people who just can't express any emotions- I don't think it's control. I just think she's vapid. I mean I grew up with girls like that- girls that just drew flowers instead of anything else. There is nothing there

Oh god I can't handle McKey- I find her horribly awkward

I think Analeigh is by far the best at this- she is one of the most natural people I've seen on this show

Oh god Marjorie is just horrible- there is no connection. Oh god here comes the crying- let me guess she's European so she won't be able to do this. They don't know how to act after all. Luckily for her she is a pretty girl who could probably model and no one will ask her to eat

Sheena was actually quite good at this

I don't know why they aren't harassing Joslyn about her horrible accent- she sounds like Danielle did and all they did were harass her about her accent. I guess they don't think this girl has the potential to win so they aren't concerned

I think Sheena is safe this week- she really worked the clogs. Samantha just looks like a tool who isn't trying- she will be in the bottom two

Amsterdam!?!? How on earth is Amsterdam a fashion capital?!?! I only know of Victor and Rolf from Holland- I don't know any other dutch designers.

I think Samantha and Elina will be in the bottom two and Elina will go home- she hasn't improved

Ok I was wrong it was Joslyn- she could go- she won't last very much longer

Monday, October 20, 2008

Dancing with the Stars

Lance- well he is definitely playing up the sympathy vote by saying he had no confidence and was the worst dancer in NSYNC. Ok now I do have a lot of expectations if she is the world champion in this. I think this dance needs to move around a bit more. And I don't find that he is really doing much dancing in this- she is doing most of it. Oh and he went and slipped and fell- at least he didn't take her out. I agree with the judges- he really didn't do anything

Toni- while I am really enjoying Alec ad his chest it is a bit much. I'm also not a big fan of the white socks with black shoes. Him lifting her in the air and and swinging her around- is that not considered a lift? As was the lift at the end. I don't really get this west coast swing dance

Susan- of course she fractured her foot- yet another thing for the sympathy vote. I love that she gets an MRI- I didn't get anything like that when I hurt my foot! I had to push it around to get it xrayed! I still don't believe that she has any rhythm and she doesn't really remember routines- she has to look at him for prompts. So are they allowed lifts with the new dances?

Warren- there is something about him that I just enjoy- he is just having fun and trying hard. He isn't arrogant or obnoxious- I like him. Oh I totally think they have a chance to win- I mean he by no means has the technique but he has the charm.

Cloris- I think now that Cloris was revealed to be in the bottom two more people will vote for her. I don't think that she is going anywhere. I mean the lady is spunky. She is 10 years older than my grandmother and I can never picture my grandmother doing any of this! And to her credit she is moving quicker that she used to- and the lady can spin! Man her and her partner are constantly attached at the pelvis- I think they are probably quite familiar with each others nether regions...

Cheryl- see I could tell that she didn't like him. She has never looked thrilled with him- and she is not being terribly nice right now. I wonder why they are doing all these dances on here if it is not ballroom and the professionals aren't comfortable with them- that is weird. I'm not really a big fan of his weird orange satin outfit but I don't mind his dancing. And then Carrie-Ann had to molest him...

Brooke- she really is far superior to the other dancers. Her technique is superb. And for a non-athlete or performer she is doing great. I mean everything was good about that except for his hair- that was horrible

Cody- Alright I might be biased because the combination of his god awful name, the eyebrows and the Miley Cyrus association just make me dislike him. However that wasn't a bad dance- he definitely tried

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Pushing Daisies

Oh Digby how I love you! I mean it may be because you look like my Lola but also because you are just so damn smart!!

Ok now I love Pigby too- I understand the desperate desire to get to your favourite food

Line of the night- she was busy having an affair with Chef Boyardee- haha!

Lainey Blind Item

Body or Baby?
A couple of years ago, I was the first to write about the celebrity IV diet – many of them would admit themselves to hospital under the care of a proper physician for 10 days, 2 weeks or so, eliminating food in favour of an IV drip chock full of essentials to keep one alive while starving. Click here for a refresher.

Mainstream outlets only picked up on this last month.

Needless to say, the IV diet presents some major health issues. It’s also not that convenient. How many weeks on end can you disappear in a given year without arousing suspicion, to say nothing of the limitations on actually having a real life – who wants to spend weeks at a time away from home?

This is why she chose something, for her anyway, that was more … flexible. In more ways than one.

She was always super thin before baby. But after baby it’s been hard to lose the last 10. And to her credit, she did try hard. But nothing was working. And drastic measures had to be taken. Which is why she’s had one of those “lap band” things installed. Like gastric bypass (stomach stapling) only much less invasive.

But it’s typically for the morbidly obese. Not for an already slender women wanting to be more slender who is carrying around an extra few pounds.

Whatever. This is Hollywood. And this is a woman who needs to keep up.

So the weight came off. She’s stick thin again. And all’s good, right?

Well… the problem is that they’ve always wanted to add to their family. And it’s apparently recommended that the device be deflated or however they render it ineffective when a couple is trying to conceive. So he’s been like – ok, you’re done, you’re back to where you wanted to be so let’s get going!

But she’s too scared to stop the band thing, she’s addicted to the skinny, and her body over baby choice is now threatening her marriage.

MY GUESS: Well it has to be someone who had the baby a little while ago- I don't think it's a recent mom. My guess is Debra Messing

Madonna and Guy Divorcing

This time it is not just rumours- it was confirmed by her publicist Liz Rosenberg. They released a press release confirming that after 7 1/2 years together they are divorcing. Not exactly shocking now is it...

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

America's Next Top Model

Well they are setting it up for Analeigh or Lauren Brie going home this week

Lauren Brie is not posing well at all- I thought for sure she would be the winner but they are setting her up to go home

God I hate Marjorie with her Hunching it's horrid.

I can't believe that they are surprised that it was a challenge- it is always a challenge!

God Marjorie and her incessant whining is just getting to be too much!! Just stop!! You are pretty and can win if only you weren't so neurotic!

Ok the Elena crying thing was completely annoying

Oh Lauren Brie didn't do well- maybe she willl go home.

I can't stand McKey's mouth- I find it very annoying

I love that Tyra needs to promote her fiercies with this show

I think it will be Samantha and Lauren Brie in the bottom two and I would like to see Samantha go

Marjorie did have the best shot- with makeup the girl is just stunning

Ok I was wrong with the bottom two- I didn't predict Sheena. I think with these two it will be Lauren Brie going home. Although I think she has more modelling potential then all of them- she looks like models now. I don't get why they get rid of these people- I mean the people they pick don't make it.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Dancing with the Stars

I would like to thank the producers for allowing Max to dance his jive and shake his booty profusely- thanks so much!! Much appreciated!!

Haha I love that Cloris made it through again- she is not going anywhere- dancing ability be damned!

For the love of god send home Rocco- all his bloody cooking references are getting tiresome

Cheryl just looks angry everytime she's around Maurice- i don't think she's a big fan of his

Ok I find it awkward when Julianne and her brother dance together...I mean she is all scantily clad and they are all sexy dancing and wiggling their hips- it's just odd!! Their hip thrusts in each other's direction is disturbing beyond belief

Love Jennifer Hudson's dress- love the colour and the cut looks great on her

Of course it would have been Rocco- he's awful! Send him home!

Pushing Daisies

I have been looking forward all day to spend time with the pie-maker tonight!

I hope this shows how dangerous and scary clowns really are!!

God I hope they break into song in this episode- it always makes my life!

Haha a clown car filled with dead clowns- god I love this show!! It just makes my life

Oh look acrobats are scary too- I don't trust anyone who can contort their body like that!!

Lainey Blind Item

It’s easy but it’s not hard
Caution right off the top – if you’re the prudey type, some details here are not for you. Click away or hold your peace. Don’t be emailing me with a lewd complaint since you were given ample warning.

Celebrities are surrounded all the time by beautiful women. Especially him. He boasts an impressive track record, minus one infection, and so you would think, for a regular, non famous girl, even a really, really beautiful non famous girl, it would be an insurmountable obstacle to catch his eye…right?

Not so.

But just because it’s easy to attract him doesn’t mean it’s easy to … pleasure him. Turns out his libido doesn’t quite match up to the legend. And his prowess isn’t exactly the smoothest either. SO disappointing.

She and her girlfriends found him at a club in Vegas recently. Danced in front of his booth and eventually caught his eye. He sent over the bodyguard, they were invited to join, and soon everyone ended up in his suite, even though he’s supposed to have a sexy steady. On this night however he was playing single.

First he asked his evening’s target to give him a massage. She obliged. Eventually they ended up alone in his room. Making out turned to sex. He used a condom and went through the conventional motions. Highly unimaginative and even a little… gross?

Apparently our superstar superstud releases the most unpleasant sound effects. Grunts and groans and straight up no rhythm pounding, making it clear that without a cinematographer and a world class director, he isn’t exactly the undercover loverboy we all believed he was.

Like, no moves whatsoever.

Needless to say, his lame technique wasn’t getting him anywhere, so in relief he asked her to fondle his boys instead. By boys I mean balls. A gorgeous, willing girl in his bed, game for anything… and in the end he could only finish in his own hand in front of her.

Too much champagne, I guess. But still… dude… if this is how you stray, you might need to work on your alcohol to erection ratio. This kind of thing is an embarrassment.

MY GUESS: It is someone who has hooked up with Paris Hilton (the infection). My first guess was Adrian Grenier- but I don't think he is considered a superstar. Maybe Leonardo Dicaprio? I mean she seems disappointed...but I don't think he ever hooked up with Paris...Oh maybe Colin Farrell?

UPDATE- ANSWER: It is Leo for sure. First, he did hook up with Paris years ago. And today Lainey confirmed it pretty much by saying that hopefully Bar will raise the bar for him

Monday, October 6, 2008

Dancing with the Stars

Susan- there is something about her that just creeps me out. I swear she thinks that she is still in her 20s. I mean I know it's a jive but I swear there is a way for it to be age appropriate. The hair and the fake boobs are just odd agains the neck and arms. She looks like she keeps forgetting parts of the dance and has to look at him. I can acknowledge though that she is in way better shape than me and is a better dancer

At least Kim isn't back this week- I was scared they would bring her back to replace Misty

Lance- it is time to dance ballroom on the ballroom show!!! Ok they are going to listen and try to score better- I mean if they want to stay on the show they have to. I think he is a bit tight- he has to loosed up. He needs to pretend she's a dude and get some chemistry.

Maurice- I am not a big fan of his. It wouldn't bother me if he went home this week. I mean that wasn't horrid but I'm still not necessarily a big fan....I also don't really like Cheryl Burke so I may be biased

Rocco- ok I take back the last statement. I would rather see Rocco go home since he is just awful. He calls his parents old foggies?! This guy is a total loser. This waltz really isn't very graceful. I mean yes he can lift her and spin her but he's not a good dancer.

Warren- I do like him- I hope he doesn't get too corny. I like him right now. He is just so light on his feet for a big guy- remember how big and clunky and awful Master P was? This guy looks like a guy who would be comfortable in a skirt and pair of heels- he has embrassed his feminine side. His posture is bad and he needs to point his toes more but I like him

Cody- this guy does nothing for me- maybe it's the brows but I just can't handle him. Oh god Miley Cyrus!!! I HATE HER!! THIS IS MAKING ME HATE HIM MORE!! I can't handle her- her mouth just infuriates me!! Then the god awful voice that comes out of it just makes me even angrier! This guy is just the worst- he thinks he's funny but he's horribly awkward- he's like a bad standup comic. At least he cut his har but still- not a fan. For the love of god stop the air guitar on her leg!! Ok he can go home too

Ok Cloris going after Cody is pretty amusing...I do like her- the quintessential cougar!!

Toni- I find the costumes to be rather odd- I mean I don't know why she has the wig and he doesn't...the historical facts are horrid- but I guess at least it is covering up her belly button. I think I would rather the music just stay constant- I don't like the "rock" elements. The dance was good though- she is good at this. I do love her partner though- because he is a sexy beast. he is just beautiful- I will have to look at him since my original sexy beast Max is gone

Cloris- I do like her...I think she is pretty funny. I mean yes she is not acting age appropriate- but she's funny about it and not taking herself seriosly. I truly think Susan Lucci thinks she can pass for 20 and that creeps me out.

Brooke- she is by far the best dancer- as long as people vote for her she has this in the bag.

Well it's nice to see Misty May but where is my sexy beast Max!? Oh there he is! And he's rocking the cheesy leather tie- love him!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Amazing Race

Wow I think Terrence totally has abusive boyfriend potential- the whole only talk to me thing is scary. I mean the guy has serious serious issues- look at him whining about his head!!

Oh god now he's saying he was an ass because he bumped his head?!!? What the hell is wrong with this guy?

Oh they are all on the same plane- that gets rid of any lead any one had

Anthony is yet another complete jackass- I mean he is insulting the cars constantly in front of the cabbie!!

Oh god the blondes are idiots- they are excited because they might get a tan on the dunebuggy?

I really like the comic geeks- I definitely think that I am rooting for them

The frat boys have to go- they suck.

I don't mind Sarah but I'm rooting against her team just because her boyfriend.

Oh god the divorcees are tards- why the hell are they digging?!?!!? I can't believe that they don't realize it refers to the other detour!

Man the divorcees are completely ridiculous- you always ask your taxi to stay!

Go geeks go!! Oh I wanted them to get first! Is it just me or does Tina remind you of a prettier faced Linda Hogan?

Wow Nick has to show a bit of patience when he asks for help!!

Dude- the blondes are retards. Brazil is portuguese!

And look Nick isn't going back to help him- the kid needs to show a bit more patience and has to be better with the other teams

Oh god the divorcees are useless- they won't be there for long

Oh I guess Stephanie won't be proposed to at the finish line. Anthony is thankful for his looks?! Douche

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Stampin Up Newsletter

I've decided to use my blog to get out some stamping news so I will be putting these up here from now on- I need to spread the joy of stamping any way I can!!

Hi everyone,

I hope that you are all enjoying the last bits of summer that we have and getting ready for a hopefully beautiful fall. There are quite a few promotions coming up this coming month that I wanted you to know about.

First off, you only have one day left to get 15% off some of the new stamp sets in the never before seen promotion. In my world it's all about Upsy Daisy- love that set!

The $119 starter kit promotion is still on until October 11th. This is perfect if you've been thinking of becoming a demonstrator but didn't have the money to spend on the normal starter kit. Remember you will have 30% off your first order as a demonstrator then 20% off all future orders- this is great for your Christmas supplies or if you are selling your cards. Remember- most Stampin Up demonstrators are hobby demonstrators because they want the discounts on the great products. If you do want to sign up please go to my website and enter the code demo2008- as always I am offering a promotion to anyone who signs up through me. I will give you a pack of cardstock and the matching ink in either gold or silver- your choice.

If you prefer to sign up and get the full demonstrator kit there is a promotion on that until October 11th. If you want all the supplies- and they are amazing and useful- you can sign up and get a free stamp set up to a $50 value- hello alphabet set!!

Big news- there is a new mini occasions coming out on October 1st! The Holiday Mini-occasions is just great! I love love the decorative elements for gifts and also all the ribbons. It also contains all the information on the Big Shot and of course some fantastic stamp sets!

There is a birthday promotion going on in the month of October. If you spend $20 you can get 20% any of the birthday sets listed. As most of you know I'm crazy for cupcakes so I think this is great!

There is also a promotion on the aquapainter- you can get the large tip aquapainter for $8.50. This is a great deal that I'm super excited about- I will definitely be doing some watercolouring and bleaching in future classes.

If you want free product the best way to do it is to host a party!! I started off stamping by hosting a party and let me tell you it set me up! You only need 5 friends and yourself and I'll come over and we'll do 3 really fun cards. If you host between now and November 30th you have the potential of getting one free stamp set from the catalogue sampler in addition to all the regular hostess benefits and free product. This is a great time of year to do this- everyone needs cards during the Christmas season!

Time to start thinking of Christmas! Please email me and I will send you a Christmas wish list to this email with the instructions. Fill it out with all of the items you've been wanting from the catalogues and send it back to me. Then tell your friends and family to get in touch with me and I'll help them order the items you want for Christmas. Or you can give me their email addresses and I will send them the list- they can then order the items themselves through online ordering. If you send your wish list back to me I will enter your name into a draw for a free stamp set. I will also enter your name again for every order that is placed by one of your friends/family from your list. I can't wait to see what you guys put on your list! (I'm all about the crop o dile right now)

There are quite a few new decor elements that have been created and some old ones in new colours. I just ordered the Baroque ones and can't wait to put them up once I paint my room- love love love them!

And of course never forget about the dormant list- these are stamp sets that are still for sale but are not in the current catalogue

Also please remember that I will be having Christmas stamp a stacks in both Kirkland Lake and Toronto this month- please let me know if you are interested

For those of you who have read through this whole thing I have some big news- my own big October surprise. For every $50 that you spend in the month of October- either by ordering through me or online- your name will be entered into a draw. At the end of the month I will draw one name and this lucky person will win a Deer Friends stamp set! As you all know this is a Level 2 Hostess set that happens to be my favorite Christmas set!

Stay tuned for some class dates- I will be doing one on bags and boxes for Christmas and also one on all the fun things you can do with reinkers.

As always if you have any questions please let me know

Thanks for everything everyone,

Stampin! Up Demonstrator

My Stamping and Card Site

America's Next Top Model

Marjorie will definitely be in the bottom today- they are really profiling her.

Yes Clark that's the best way to go about this competition- think of pleasing your grandmother...idiot...

Holy headcase Batman- I think that Marjorie is a bit loopy

God McKey's hair makes her look so bad!

Marjorie actually looks really good at her shoot- she doesn't even look like the same person. She needs to change her attitude because she really have a future in this.

Oh Clark is pretty arrogant- that could mean she is in the bottom 2

I don't like McKey's shot- she just looks like she flopped

I think the bottom two will be Joslyn and Clark and Joslyn will go home

I've got my ANTM mojo back- I predicted the bottom two! Oh but I was wrong it's Clark going home- good!! I love how shocked Elina is- she's upset she's losing a potential lover in her mind