Tuesday, May 4, 2010

American Idol

Yet another week with music I hate- god I despise crooning. Frank Sinatra is the worst- dude was tone deaf!!! I know it sounds like I don't like any music- I swear my tastes are quite diverse. They just keep picking crap

I also don't enjoy Harry Connick Jr.'s music but I can acknowledge that he is talented

Aaron- I think this song is way too old for him. Thi sis awkward. Kid can't smile or exude charm.

Casey- I wish he would get rid of the gross ponytail. He seems a bit awkward without the guitar- he doesn't know what to do with himself. And the song is too big for him- he is a bit flat.

Crystal- I hate this and I'm completely bored but that's not her fault since the song is horrid. She is completely amazing though vocally as always. And I like her eye makeup

Mike- I am over this guy. There is something about him that really irritates me. It could be the tongue and licking the lips- that grosses me out. Seriously- I can't watch this guy it's so disgusting. He is way too good times for me

Lee- and he's screaming. This is the worst night ever.

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