Monday, August 9, 2010

Bachelor Pad

I haven't blogged in ages but I am inspired with the Bachelor Pad to start again as it looks like smutty goodness!\

Oh god Tenley- I can't believe I have to put up with your voice again! It is just sooo painful!! And why the hell is she wearing a diaper?!??!!? Seriously- that outfit is sooo bad!!

Jesse from Ali's season!? Wasn't he kicked off at the beginning!? How is he that popular- he wore an all jean outfit!

Natalie- who the hell is that?!?! I can't remember her at all!!! And she made Tenley scream- I hate her already.

Oh god David- they are truly scraping the bottom of the barrel. David is psychotic. And he's not attractive- I hate groomed facial hair. Anyone who takes that much time to do that is odd.

Gwen- Jesus blast from the blast! There is a LOT of plastic surgery that has happened here!!! That is not a real nose!

And Jesse- she was hardly on her show!! The extensions make her look better

Oh god weatherman- what a loser. I'm sure they brought him back just for drama with Craig

Nikki- still don't really remember her even though Mel described her to me.

Oh she dated Juan- awesome! And now they are both here! Juan was gross! He looks like Peewee Herman

And Wes- if I have to hear that goddamn song again I'm going to hurt someone. What the hell is he doing here!?!? What is different between him and Rated R?

Krisily- Jesus Christ! I couldn't deal with her! And I wouldn't have recognized her if they didn't say her name.

Elizabeth- I can't stan her mouth. Something about it really annoys me. And god I hope she doesn't write a poem

Jesse is so good looking- and he's with Elizabeth?! Ew! I really liked him in his season

Oh Kiptyn I really liked him- I can't believe he is a part of this smut fest!

QUick someone punch out Tenley- I can't handle her!

Ashley- don't remember her

Peyton- don't remember her

Michelle- oh god she was psycho!!!

Gia- another one with a mouth I hate

Craig- oh god! I love that he tried to hook up with Mel!! Too funny! He is so nasty! Look at that bloody Ace Ventura hair

OH NO!! Is the cohost Melissa?!? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hate her so much!!! Why does she keep popping her off!!!!!!!!

Yeah like the weatherman has a chance of hooking up with anyone...he fits in their pocket!!

Jesus why isn't that Natalie wearing underwear?!?!

And of course it is twister- this show is definitely smutty goodness! They just keep zooming in on the girls crotches

Tenley doesn't Right and Left- HAHAHA!!! Christ she is a retard!!

What the hell is wrong with Elizabeth- the girl is a tool

Christ Elizabeth is a nightmare- she is batshit crazy

I love that people are making out the first night in a room with everyone else

Craig is only 34?! He looks really old!

Gwen's face is scaring the bejesus out of me!

Why the hell is she posing on the rocks!? Does she think she might get a modelling contract?!

Oh god is she doing the do you want to kiss me thing again!?!?

The Greek Theater- it reminds me of Kelly's birthday on 90210!

I actually don't blame Jesse for being annoyed- Elizabeth is a complete nutbar. She feels love?!!? I doesn't want to be exclusive!

Tenley is such a retard the mentality and emotions of a 7 year old.

Oh look another close up of a pair of boobs- this is so smutty!

Elizabeth is in love with Jesse!? She was hitting on Craig the day before!! Why would the other girls get upset- they are all retards! It's a bad strategy for him- meaning you are forcing him to date you

Act like you care about me to stick around- this girl is PSYCHO!! She is just trying to get him to say what she needs to hear! This is sooo weird! Is Jesse so dumb that he will listen to her!?!? This is soooo weird and awkward to watch

Elizaboth looks like she ran into a wall- her face is all smushed. She claims she wants him to stay and then she is convincing them all to go. These girls are all retarded.

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